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AAA Community Finance Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: AAA Community Finance
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 844-688-1687
Overall average rating of 4.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 73 %
Interest rates through the roof. Horrible offers
Thanks again
Very good experience with AAA Community Finance. Would use them again and recommend them! Mark McNamara Maryland Heights, MO
They are very helpful and willing to work with you. The staff is very pleasant and helpful.
I appreciate the help n hope in the future u could help me more thank u
They were great and got me the money I needed fast!
I am a new customer so far AAA service seems to be fine.
super fast,polite&very helpful...thank you!
Thanks for the loan I needed... I really do appreciate that you guys gave me a loan.. thank you.
Quick and easy to pay back
The process was quick fast and easy. The rep was very helpful and even urges you to pay off early or pay more than minimum in order to incur less interest.
The process is way to long and tedious00
They have quick and accurate service!
AAA Community Finance, was here when I needed. Fast and friendly. Thank you for everything.
My customer service rep was amazing
Erica, was very helpful, patient, and explained in detail
Good customer service. Very helpful! Show concern with my needs. Complications with your online system. Talking to your customers representative helped.
They were very helpful and patient, I would highly reccommend
I came to your company to get a loan and prior to me getting the money, your company took 1.00 from my account without my knowledge and have yet to put it back. I’ve had payday loans in the past, but this is the first time that a company took money before I borrowed it
Customer Service is great. Fast and reliable. Could use some work on your website because I can't ever get that to work. Payments come out o. Time so they don't mess up your account
High interest garbage
Wonderful service thank you
Fast service! Definitely recommend this company to others!
I applied for a loan for a certain amount then it got lowered down. Then I was told it would be in my account as tomorrow. I just happened to look on there website and said it was actually denied. I didn't receive a call, text, email nothing. Basically it was denied along. Where as I could of been finding other options on to pay my bill that's do.
I am a returning customer for a reason. The customer service represent I've, Megan, was so nice and patient with me. Everything was explained before I signed. Thank you.
I'm not able to complain about anything. CSR were fantastic.
I needed some extra cash to fix my car. I applied the rep was fast all I needed was my Walmart card and direct deposit and I was good to go. I will definitely use AAA again for Emergencies or just need some cash.
They were great and very helping
This has been a great experience so far. Reps are friendly.
Agent made a mistake on my account number and told me I had to wait to they received funds again and then reapply. I was on deadline and had to cancel a trip out of country I paid thousands for. There was little to no true empathy for their mistake.
I think my specialist was beyond helpful, she came thru when I needed her
They we're willing to work with me an help ne
They helped in time of need
The lady who took care of me was awesome
Laurie not sure of her last name was very polite and helpful and very thorough in explaining everything
Very helpful and quick!! Thanks!
I was pleased with your services that I received. I will recommend this company to people. I also feel that you are honest. Thanks
Very accommodating and polite phone representatives.
I would recommend this company. The representatives were polite and assisted me through the application process to get me approved for a loan. Thank you
Very virtuous and helpful
I needed cash to pay some bills it was quick an easy an I had my money the next business day
Great services can i get another loan.
I had a good experience and recommend you to my family and friends.
Application process was a lil bit long...but that probably more my then theirs....but they came thru! Much love
They were very helpful and got everything finalized very quickly.
Deceiving advertising with the approval amount. Difficult paperwork process for small amount. Rude personnel. Felt like a begger for a loan.
Erica was such a great help !
I'm a new customer so, I really know how good or bad the company is.
Interest rate is ridiculously high
The customer care person I spoke with on the phone was extremely friendly and kind. She did not make me feel as though I was being judged about my finances. She was personable witch made me feel comfortable
I had just moved into my studio apartment and didn't have money for food I called AAA Community Finiace and got approved right away
Would love to keep my service with them they are a honest legit website
Professional and easy to deal with.
Courteous & Knowledgeable representative. Timely disbursement of funds.
Great customer service. Will definitely use again for assistance.
Horrible service!!! when asked if they would work with me after I already paid them back double amount they wouldn't work anything out. Other companies have looked at my history and agreed that I was good and paid on it in good faith on my loan and said that I was now paid in full.
I have done business with AAA Community Finance before but there is most definitely room for improvement. I have had a few misunderstandings regarding the process as it seems to change with each loan. The process once the loan is obtained is pretty simple. They make a courtesy call 3 days before the loan is due for payment and you have the opportunity to change the amount you want to pay at each payment 3-4 days prior to it being due. They offer you promotions when you are in good standings and for the most part are pretty hassle free after the loan has been processed. If the process to obtain the loan could be a little more streamlined and upfront things would go a lot smoother. Overall I am a satisfied customer.
Everyone was professional and helped me speak with the representative that could help with the loan amount I needed. Again Thank You so much for all your help and I would definteily recommend this company.
I would recommend!!!
666.4 % that's high 4 300 hundred dollars
I can't thank you guys at AAA enough. You were there too help me with funds when I desperately needed it. Not to mention that the process was fast and easy and my money was there in less than 24hrs. Couldn't believe it. Thank you a million times over.
Didn't take long to do or receive the funds very easy to get.
Fast and easy and let's not forget the customer service reps are really nice!
Amount wasn’t the same (lower) than what I was told but the woman I worked with was really nice. The interest is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.
Took way to long to apply, to many questions
Nice staff. Fast service. No scams Will use again
The people were extremely friendly and helpful...the rates were better than expected...but my biggest reason for giving a 4☆ rating is because of how fast it was all approved!!
I went through AAA Community Finance and I was excited that even though I could do installments, it was an okay rate for the amount I was initially borrowing, which was $500. I had to supply lots of documents (and it probably would have been easier to give a pint of blood). I was allegedly approved for $500 and later was told $445.00. Upon providing everything requested, I discovered that it was only for $250.00 after doing the circus act of calling, emailing and texting. The individual that was assisting me was very nonchalant when I told her that $250.00 would not suffice and to cancel the loan, I would try somewhere else. She was okay with that and didn't attempt to persuade me one way or the other it was an all or nothing attitude. About two minutes later a gentleman called and indicated that the rate had changed and that they could provide me with $350.00. I spent two days with the anticipation that I would get the $500.00 but had to settle for $350.00; so do your homework ahead of time and ask lots of questions and have a backup in mind, just in case this wouldn't work for you. In most cases, when you are going this route you need your money right away otherwise you wouldn't bother, so make sure again this is the route you want to take so you don't waste time.
They offered me that they should think is rite for me, didn't get what I asked for.....
Jill helped me alot and it was fast and in my account when it was told to me that it would.
Polite and kind representatives.
The service was great. They were quick and efficient!
Great job!. Friendly and helpful!
Very courteous and friendly. They were quick to call back and answer questions and helped me when needed most! Definitely recommending.
When i couldn't get a loan from anybody else they was there. Thank you
Lindsey was very helpful,
Great people to work with they have your best interest at heart
Very reliable and trustworthy i love this loan company and the process is very straight foward i would recommend this company to others.
Fast, simple. Great communication. The folks I talked to were super nice.
It was great and helpful
Awesome and fast service
It was very fast,Simple and easy apply and receive my funds. Thanks so much.
They were helpful and honesty and made me feel like I was sitting in front of them while doing all this loan information. Made me feel like I was a person not a number
AAA representative was so nice and got me the loan that I needed to pay an extra bill with I truly recommend all my friends and family ☺️
I don't have good credit but was still able to get a $300 loan!!
Actually helped me and was very nice even though I have bad credit, got me what I needed and was very kind about it.
Very helpful and courteous..
When I initially applied for a loan the amount that was quoted to me was $300. After I went through the process of verifying my bank account and check stubs...etc. My loan amount reduced to $200. The Representative did not explain why this was. Also after reading the fine fine print within the contract. The loan of 200 was extended to 26months (option) with a $61 a month payment which equals to $1586????. Therefore, I am planning to pay this loan off on next pay date, so that figures out to $261.00. I'm done!!
Easy , polite, fast. Love it.
Smooth easy process to get the funds you need for emergencies.
I was happy with the way I was treated by AAA Community Finance, however, the interest rate hit me by surprise. I realize that companies select their interest rates very carefully, so I'm sure they have a reason for the rates (I asked but wasn't given an answer) that's driven by the economy, the client's credit etc., and many other variables that I'm not even aware of, so I accepted it. Would I do business with them again, probably, but I'd check the interest rate at the beginning of the transaction, not after it's said and done. A mistake that I won't make again, you can be assured.
I would recommend this company to anyone, they really helped me get out of my financial situation.
The customer service which i dealt with was amazing. She answered every one of my questions and explained in detail the process of money disbursement and the repayment plan.
It was easy and nice to apply for money with AAA
Easy to work with, very nice staff. Fast approval and financing.
My agent was patient and very nice. She didn't rush and she had a very pleasant attitude. As this was my first time during business with this company, I was very comfortable and pleased to do business with them and I am glad to recommend them. SC
Great service!! The representative who helped me was excellent, answered all my questions, and was super nice! Would recommend to anyone and everyone!!
They helped me when nobody else would
The young lady Keisha who helped me is awesome. Love the way she handle business. But your interest os way too damn high..
One of the best costumer service experiences I have ever recieved. She was in a fantastic mood and then I told her she was in an awefully chipper mood and her exact response was "its my job its what i do." All in all my experience was great. Thanks again, Christopher P.S.Very pleased with the job you guys did.
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