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Kwikcashonline Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Kwikcashonline
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-800-478-6230
Overall average rating of 4.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 82 %
Very quick and easy process! The rate is high but no payoff penalty for early pay off. So, if you are able to pay the loan off long before the term of the loan, it is well worth it.
I was pleasantly surprised at how quick and hassle free the process was. Will definitely use them again.
It was quick and efficient and greatly appreciated.
Communication was excellent. Great support staff. Fast funding. Would highly recommend this company.
Expensive, but outstanding customer service.
They were excellent, Franky was super efficient
The initial application was submitted online of which the system said I was approved for the full amount I requested but that my information needed to be verified. After faxing over the initial documentation requested they contacted me that they needed more info. Once I submitted the additional information it was a back and forth between the loan officer and myself only because he came back with the minimum amount being approved not the amount I had requested originally. He advised that everything had gone through and that the funds would be deposited in the morning. When I awoke no money was in my account. I contacted the individual it was again a back and forth with emails and messages. It was not unitl 345pm the follow day that my funds were made available. That was a painful experience that I hope to never have to repeat again.
From day one, the staff was professional and helpful. Recently, my email inquiries were answered quickly. I would highly recommend!!
I worked with Franky Bello and he is absolutely wonderful person to work with. He understood my needs and what I was looking to do with this loan. I'm very happy that I was able to get this loan and get back on track. Thank you so much for all your help.
Very quick and helpful excellent customer services.
Fast process.. 10 mins on a SUNDAY! Approved at 1 and by 8am following day, money was in the bank! I dont have the best credit, super satisfied.
Sharon was amazing and very accommodating during the entire loan process. I appreciate this level of customer service. I generally dislike doing business via email, but Sharon made it feel so easy. Thank you Sharon. I hope that the level of service that you provided to me is a level of service that I will continuously receive during my relationship with Kwikcash. Thank you once again. Best Regards.
Very helpful staff. I had trouble sending some of the documents. The staff was able to go step by step and tech me how to send papers to them. Again the staff was great. They acted as if it was a privilege to help me vs acting like I was bothering them. I was hoping for a lower rate of interest. Their website listed a rate way lower than I received, but at least I was able to get a loan. I am grateful for that.
Very friendly customer service, but once the loan was approved I would prefer better phone communications rather than email.
The process of loaning was surprisingly convenient and smooth. Thanks to personal instant help along the procedure.
I have use their loan services a few times in the past and I they have lower rates, straight forward business pratices. I recommend Kwikcash to anyone looking for a painless, fast process.
The experience was painless and the fact that I was dealing with a real person was refreshing. I have not been with them long enough to judge how service is but, from a first impression I really felt like they were trying to help me get the credit line I needed to get me out of some high interest cards. So great experience so far!
This was the easiest transaction...The company is amazing and the staff are so helpful!
Not much to say. Decent. Gives you money and you pay it back with interest.
My point of contact helped we with the process necessary to get my loan approved. Great service.
Excellent service and Kwikcash reply to my loan application so quickly. If you have what Kwikcash needs from you then you'll get your loan either the same day or the next day.
Don’t even go there with these guys. The rate and payments our clear but after paying for over a year and a half and when I paid off the loan I find out they do not report to any credit agencies at all. What a rip off when your paying 90 percent at least report on time payments to Transunion Equifax Experian like normal loan companies do. Odd that they don’t , maybe hiding money from the IRS or something.
The process was simple and Kwikcash provided exactly what I needed. Thank you.
Kwikcash has always been there when I needed help
Quick and professional support
Fast and reliable. Thus far a great experience.
Very helpful and quick responses.
I was in need of a loan and found Kwik Cash on Google. Once I applied, a loan representative by the name of Franky Bello contacted me right away. He guided me through the process and was very professional. He always contacted me back promptly when I had a question. I have never had such an easy experience applying for a loan. If all loan representatives were like Franky, people would be comfortable applying for a loan. Just because of him I will definitely refer family and friends to Kwik Cash. What a stress free process!
Honest, pay on time, I will tell to my friend your company, i need this loan to approve, I need money right now , next month start the payment of my loan to you okey ...thank you so much...
I have never used this site before nor any other loan sites. This loan took 24-48 hrs to process and throughout that time, I was helped greatly by their staff with friendly and patient assistance. Their responses were very timely and returned when promised. Thank you very much for your help!
Had several loans with them....always prompt and straight forward and easy to work with. Highly recommend!
Quick approval. Wired loan in less than 24 hours so I got my money the very next morning. They can adjust your due date to your preference. They answer your questions in a quick and friendly manner. I needed an advance on my work bonus so I plan to pay off my loan on my first payment date. The best part is there’s no penalty to do so. All I would pay is the interest incurred and that’s what made this process well worth it for me. This company came through in such a big way for us. I highly recommend them and would use them if we ever needed in the future.
This is the first time that I ever get a loan fro your company. I really liked the experience that I had with your company. I will definitely recommend them to my friends and family. The staff is very pleasant and kind
Very nice staffs and accommodating. They’re always so helpful even on the weekend making my application fast and easy. Thank you KwikCash.
Good assistance, painless process.
The Loan was fast and easy. I received the money just when I needed it the most! Thanks!!!
Wonderful, very fast, professional, extremely excellent, l love kwikcash team so much.
These folks will do anything they can to help you. If you have less than perfect credit or are looking to rebuild your credit then these are the folks to talk to.
Quick and fast!!! Thank you as always
I appreciate the quick responses I received from the representatives. They were knowledgeable and very kind. I was able to openly discuss options to tailor a plan that worked well for my situation. I appreciate how individualized the counseling and feedback was.
Very fast decisions and money
Very professional in assisting the financial you need
They were quick, fast and efficient in helping me when I needed it the most. I would return to them again with no question if I ever needed it!
I've never had such a personal encounter with a service or company that offered a personal loan like this before. Especially Todd, he's been very responsive and transparent with me through the whole process and I felt comfortable with my experience. Highly recommend them to anyone who's looking for a great quality loan.
Thank You KwikCash for helping me when nobody else would. Kwikcash was awesome I filled out the application and was approved in less then 5 minutes. I was approved on a Saturday and got my cash the following Tuesday. Thank you once again KwikCash.
I had applied to multiple loan companies I was either denied or was not given my desired amount. Kwikcashonline was fast and easy. They were able to give me my desired amount and my cash was in my account account early the next morning. They helped me tremendously.
I had a wonderful experience with Kwikcash. It was definitely one of the smoothest processes I have ever gone through. I applied online and received a response from a customer service rep right away. She was awesome to work with and I received funds in my account the next business day. Thank you Kwikcash!
Fast, Easy and Reliable. Todd was very kind and made the process so much easier than i thought, was always answering my emails whenever i had questions. This was my very first time applying for a loan with them and i would most definitely recommend their services to anyone who looking for help with their finances. Loan 8565 Thank You Nickeisha.
The application was easy, fast and the answer was fast
Kwikcash was friendly and very helpful. The process was easy and quick. I will diffently recommend them to family and friends
Service was prompt and accurate!
Our world is, changing, rapidly, and, financial, matters must take priority over, a, growing, and, troubled, nation. It is, truly, comforting to see that is working, overtime, to be a, financial, leader with, extra, care and concern to help it's customers to have the, best, record for, service, satisfaction.
Kwikcash was exactly that "quick". It was a fast and easy process.I would definitely use them again if I'm ever in a crunch. Thanks Kwickcash!
I have used this company twice before and they are very efficient.
Worked out just fine. Thank you very much.
I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the process was. Would recommend to my friends & family
Todd assisted me to pay off a loan by offering me a lower interest rate and lower monthly payments than what I had before. I'll take it! Thank you for your assistance and kindness, much appreciated!
Very quick and friendly!!
Very fast service. Also, the customer service representative was very helpful.
It took all of 24 hours to receive funding and the process couldn't have been simpler. I would highly recommend this lender.
I would say everything was great the only complaint I have my loan was supposed to be deposit on a Monday but it was not deposit till Tuesday but other than that everything was great thank you..
I recieved a mail notice and was skeptical about applying. The whole transaction went smoothly and i had my money within a couple of days..
The process went well, I thought the representative who contacted me could have told me how I qualified for, but otherwise a seamless process. I appreciate the loan.
This is a excellent company for financial needs ,rebuild credit and this company have great associate.
The funding wasn't as quick as some others but with a few clicks and and a couple emailed docs the process was quick and painless. Terms beat some of the other competition as well.
Very fast, easy and professional, Franky was great to work with. I highly recommend Kwikcash for your loan needs!
Thank you for saving me at this point in time. I truly appreciate how fast and efficient Franky process my loan. He is phenomenal.
This is my 3rd time applying for a loan with kwikcash. As promised, applying is hassle-free, quick and the representatives are very helpful and professional in dealing with me. Thank you kwickcash!
There are a couple of issues, the interest rate is much higher then it should be, and a customer should never need to give anyone full access to their checking account to get a loan.
Needed to get cash fast to get on top of bills . Very minimal documents were needed which was nice . Communication through the whole process was great . It took about 3 business days to get approved fully and receive cash which is good because I needed it fast.
Fast everything done on line. Received fund within 1 day.
For this type of loan, I'm could not have asked for better service! Todd Getz is very responsive, attentive and efficient. Please make sure he knows this and that I appreciate his professionalism.
the best service easy and convenient thank you somuch keep up the good job
I was very skeptical to work with an online loan company. However, the process was quick and easy! Customer service at its finest. I am a lifetime customer :)
Kwikcash is a fast and reliable get you out of a bind type of institution. Thank you for your kind consideration.
They are courteous and it was easy to apply for the loan. I was able to get the money into my account fast.
The staff goes the extra mile to help you with your emergency needs!
Initial paperwork was very easy! Went very smoothly. Received only a portion of funds when verified deposit. Agents worked very quickly to remedy this small problem and the remaining funds were deposited within the hour. Great customer service...couldn't ask for more.
Fast and quick process
Applied for loan at 830 and had fun in my account before noon.
Todd was super helpful. He was so responsive. As soon as I emailed him, he responded within minutes. He was a tremendous help and gave me a great financial boost. He even worked on New Year's Day. What a trooper!! Thanks to them for being so helpful!!! I would highly recommend them.
They’re amazing! I was able to get a loan in less than an hour! Also, they answered all my questions thoroughly and super fast.
Their name says it all. Thank you .
Franky was very helpful and made this experience as easy as possible for me. I will definitely refer Kwik Cash to my family and friends.
Kwikcash has given me the ability to take care of some unexpected expenses. Thank you so much
Only problem was they said my credit score is lower than I know it is. I checked my credit with Experian the day before I applied for the loan. It was 629. The loan agent said it was 566. That's impossible.
Super easy to get your loan funded! Great customer service!!
It was easy to apply and I received a fast response . I have the money in my account within 24 hours
I'm so happy i got my loan in just minutes and the funds on the next day... I really recommended KC. Awesome I'm so. Glad I got my loan aproved in seconds. Payment reasonables. That fits my budget.
Great customer service , hassle free application approvals with in a minutes
Exelent, fast and easy
Interest rate hight but for quick cash best option.
I am on temporary disability and unfortunately my payment dates got mixed up. Of course this causes me stress as I know my financial responsibility to Kwik Cash and others, and I agreed to the terms. I spoke to Tracey (I hope I have her name right) who helped me come to a compromised date that would work for both of us. While they have a business to manage, I appreciate so much that they did not leave me in a tough spot but worked WITH me.
Initially told was approved for a lower amount than I applied for and the loan was being finalized. communication slowed down Two days later after asking the status of my application was told my loan couldn’t be approved because my score was too low.. 585. Wow. 2 days of waiting for a now after all.
This was the best experience I have ever had with a loan company. Contacted them Saturday evening and loan was funded Monday afternoon. Everything was handled quickly and the communication was done in an excellent way. This is my 2nd loan with this company and I was impressed the 1st time and they exceeded my expectations on this 2nd loan.
got the information back with clear instructions
At first I was hesitant on getting a loan with the company because the name is new to my ear. I needed a loan to consolidate my debts and close all necessary cards and wrong previous loans that I made. I feel relieved they approved my application and what's best here is I feel like it's personalized and they really talk to you. You just have to prove them your identity and the reason behind the loan. I don't want a 36months loan. I wanted it shorter ('coz I know I can pay it within a short period of time) and they granted my request. Thank you Kwikcash! Now I can restart and finally properly manage my expenses.
Had the best experience with this company. They go above and beyond to help you get approved at a monthly payment affordable to you. They have a great customer service team that help you every step of the way to help you with your loan.
Fast services. Thank you Kwikcash
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