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Speedy Cash Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Speedy Cash
Year Founded: 1997
Country: United States
Overall average rating of 4.5 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 78 %
From the person on the phone to the young lady at the Kiest location everyone was very polite and helpful. Thank
you guys amazing thank for your help and understanding you help were seems to no help Thank You Thank You Thank You I will recommend this everyone and anyone THANKS
I was pleased with my loan it was quick and simple . ill spread the word on speddy cash.
I respected this company before today I got sick with the flu and missed one payment. I emailed them to make them aware that I wasn't going to have the money. I borrowed $150.00 dollars and have made all my previous payments on time so now it's back up to $204 due to interest so I was told. I feel like this company is trying to rip people off so I would avoid this company at all cost I will never borrow from here ever again.
It was as they say speedy and no hassle
Great. Had my money within 12 hours.
I would Just like to say thank you Speedy Cash for helping me at my time of need.
A very good experience
It is fast and easy to apply for a loan online. That is what I like the most.
This was the best on line loan i have ever gotten. it went so smooth that i was shocked. thought i'd have to call in, fax things but it was all on there and it was more real when the money was in my bank this morning. thank you!!!!!!
always excellent service
It was very easy to fill out application. And very fast approval. Money was there when you said it would be.
Yall did a really great job was in my account before 8 am awesome work
Great service! Easy process. No long waiting.
Speedy Cash has wonderful when I need extra cash but would like some promotion codes once in a while
great service, would recommend it to anyone; only issue is the verification process took a long time, so I did not get an answer right away; otherwise, great
Thank you for help I am so happy
Thank you guys for helping me.
Quick no hassle process
I would recommend this company to other friends and family members Thank you
This was by far the easiest process I have ever experienced when applying for a loan of any kind. If you need small amount of cash quickly, SpeedyCash is the way to go.
one of the best loan company there is
I received my deposit the day after I applied and was very satisfied with everyone I talked to. Everyone was very helpful and courteous.
speedy your not very speedy service It's 2:00 pm the next day and still have got my loan deposit into my account
Speedy Cash is GREAT! MY CREDIT IS AWEFUL due to a bad divorce and they helped me with money overnight. Thank you Speedy Cash! Michelle Faulk
They was very great and was very quick to give me feed back !!
Getting a loan was fast and the rates are very low. Exactly what I needed! Thanks Speedy Cash!
It was easy and fast! They worked to get me what I needed!
Easy to navigate website
Very easy to apply, i did my application online got an immediate response and my funds were deposited as promised. The entire process was very easy and quick.
Fast & easy. Affordable
I've used this service many time this year. My account is still in use after month of no activity - very easy. I do love this service. It's here when I need it and couldn't be easier. I've only used pay loans but I feel comfortable now to explore other SC options. Thanks!
Service was fast and easy. The interest rate is quite high, obviously, but seems comparable to other loans of this type.
They were fast of getting my money!!
Thank you. I appreciate yall.
Your company by far has a he BEST customer service ever..I am a single mother and your company has helped me stretch my dollars to survive.. THANK. YOU ALL!!
I was very please with there service I highly recommend this company . Very fast process as well
Application,very simple and fast,not to mention.... got my money the same day!SPEEDY cash the name says it all
Very satisfied with application process and time it took for deposit. Thank you
Thank you for the quick service and providing me the funds I needed with little or no hassle.
Excellent, I would recommend this company to anyone!
If anybody needs help ,speedy cash is always there to help .
Awesome Very fast and prompt
Can’t say one thing bad about Speedy Cash ,always there when you need them ,and will work with you if you can’t make payment on due date ,I would recommend to anyone !!!
It was great experience! The service was quick and easy! I would recommend to family and friends.
It was easy. Filed on line got approved got money next day. Thank you
They approved my loan and said it would be quicker to direct deposit. they deposited the money into someone else's account and I am loosing money. The whole thing was to do a job Thursday, so i lost thde the whole loan that day and now it keeps causeing me to loose money. It is Saturday and I am still waiting. As far as I am concerned they should have ate thethe lose the first day. Terry White
This company is only interested in stealing your banking info, not providing loans. Scam. Do not fall for it. They will steal your money and run.
Helpful and fast thank you
I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for cash right away!
On time with my direct deposit
Rate too high.
Wish it would've been more money didn't really help for what I needed it for
Great customer service!!! Received my loan when I was advised it would be in my account. Very professional!!
Well I didn't get my fund today I email service but have not heard back regarding why I didn't receive my funds Never heard back
My Response was Very Quick and Easy
They Missed the first half of my bank account numbers. My bank had to send it back, and now they are telling me I will have to reapply all over again
Always been there for us and very easy to work with. Very friendly and courteous.
I liked how quick I received the money
Speedy cash came through for me in a time of emergency! I’d recommend using them to anyone!
I honestly didn't think that i would get approved but i did and i truly thank you all. Because of this loan i am able to pay my bills for the rest of the month and start on my children's christmas!
Amazing, so helpful when your in a bind or just need some help til pay day. Amazing program.
Useful,on time, no hassles
Keep up the good work!
Good process prompt answers and directions.
Fast and easy! Clear explanations and expectations......friendly service!
The process was easy and fast. I'm happy I tried them out.
A quick and painless experience.
Would recomend for financial assistance in time of need.
I was given the wrong information, I specifically said i did not want the money in my account and was told it would not be deposited I could pick it up in cash . The woman was unresouceful and rude. And I willl probably never use speedy cash ever again
Thank you so much. Didn't know what I was going to do without it
I have an emergency need for $640.00 and you didn't help me-it's for my rent-I can pay it back 2/21
I really didn't think it was going to be as easy as it was, but I applied on a Friday night and had my deposit on Monday morning. I have been recommending my friends.
My experience was great. The application process was simple and to the point. No unnecessary documents needed to be faxed. Money deposited the next day. I wish i got approved for more but other than that it was a great experience.
Excellent service. Got my money fast.
The process was straightforward. The fiduciary arrangements were professional to the date planned. Had a couple of weeks to think about the funds once the application was approved. Once ready, it was an easy process, and the amounts were deposited within 24 hours. Wow. Many thanks,
Not very truthful.
Helped me when I need it
was very speedy
Repoductive time
Always really easy to work with
got the money i needed asap
My name is John Murray and have been with speedy cash for right around 10 years. I have cashed hundreds of thousands of dollars in checks at this company. I mainly have used the Scottsdale store. One of the main reasons i decided to use speedy cash was because it was convenient! Well it has now become non convenient any longer for me! Being a what they term a preferrred customer means nothing! Out of the hundreds of thousands of checks i have cashed here, i have had only one check that came back! When told of this by store employees i immediately returned to the store and took care of the returned check . Speedy cash has change over the years and it now has become a place i most likely wont be using any longer. Some things that have changed i can handle some i cant. They use to have little candy bowls for customers....gone ...use to have popcorn ....gone...use to have toys to keep children occupied...gone! All of this i can accept but what i see as terrible management practices is what cannot accept. And being in management all of my life i dont understand why management at speedy cash doesnt value there employees. When employees are not respected this transpires to customers. Scottsdale speedy cash has ran off some great employees recently. Once again i am treated as just another customer. I was at speedy cash just the other day. I waited for 15 minutes to get to a teller with a check for $30.00 from chase bank After the teller spent 10 mins asking me for my address ..birth date i was told she couldnt verify the check. I went to speedy cash compitition down the street and the check was cashed at a check cashing company I have never been to before! To sum it up if you think your a preferred customer ...think again! I will be taking my buisness somewhere else!
Thank you it help alot payed all my bills
You took the money without letting me know
I like they way it was handle and done
Customer Service via the phone as well as the in store service was great and very helpful.
I’m so thankful for y’all helping me with my first installment loan with speedy cash the application process was very simple and easy thanks again
Give more money
The staff is very friendly, fast and they always have a positive attitude, keep up the good work
The payout is extremely too low, it’s really not worth getting
Everything wast done not only speedy but with expertise Thank again.
been a great company to work with, fully happy with them
I'm happy with the service, I'm just upset because I have 2 cards on file and can't make a payment with neither card.
Yes I would. Fast and easy with no hassle.
I enjoyed getting a loan.It wasn’t real time consuming and the salesman was so nice and pleasant.The money came in handy.The service was great.Thank you!!!!!!
It was fast and easy. I was qualified in a matter of minutes.
Quick fast and easy.
So far this has been a good experience
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