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Patriot Finance Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Patriot Finance
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 678-534-8226
Overall average rating of 4.9 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 91 %
Jeff and Leigh have always been nothing but nice to me. I had a mishap with my payment last month I got a call no that said it declined I didn't know I move the move over and got it paid. There was no call with treats! I like that! Thank you.
I was so impressed with the interactions and professionalism of the staff. I was advised of every detail of my loan. I was treated like a person with dignity. I feel comfortable going forward to use them again
Patriot was easy, fast, friendly, and wonderful to work with!!
Hello my name is Tracy, and my credit score at the time was over 600 , and I was able to borrow 7.000 from Patriot loan officer was Jeff, and he was very helpful in the entire process from start to finish...So I just wanted to thank you again Jeff by writing this review of Patriot Finance...I highly recommend Patriot Finance very nice people to do business with...thanks Tracy
Excellent to work with! I would recommend Patriot Finance.
Very fast service. Only took a couple of hours. Friendly and helpful as well.
I applied for a consolidation loan with Patriot. Wow! The service was fast, friendly, and professional. Once I submitted the requested documents my money was deposited the next day. Thanks for making this process so smooth.
Jeff was very persistent and make everything a easy process for me. Would definitely recommend.
Had a stumble financially recently and needed some cash. Patriot Finance was easy to work with and reasonable in what they asked for. I would definitely use them again.
Easy company to work with. Fast and convenient. Easy application process.
Very helpful, just what was needed at this time!!!!!
Associates are very knowledgable and thoroughly explain every thing. The approval process was fast and i got my money in the bank the next morning. Interest rates are lower than most competitors. I highly recommend them.
Patriot Finance was there when we needed them. Everyone was so nice and our loan was handled within 24 hours. God bless PF!
I was a little thrown off by the lack of professionalism with the first rep I spoke with when inquiring about the loan. They turned out to be the option I was looking for. I recommend.
I applied for debt consolidation loan...and was approved.. The same the time was also dealing with a sickness in my family.. Patriot finance..really showed compassion and made the loan process as fast and simple... Thanks!!
Jeff in the Villa Rica, Ga offered excellent customer service. He was very attentive to my financial needs and ensured that I understood the terms of the loan. I am very appreciative of the above and beyond customer service. That is hard to find these days. I'm glad your company still prides itself with offering Fantastic Service
After being turned down by my bank and by my financing company with whom i've worked for many years, i felt lost. I had just been awarded a Contract and all i needed was a tractor to start . I had NO idea where I was going to get the money to start. I picked up my mail and found the help I was praying for. It's still a mistery how Patriot was able to send me the pre-qualified notice . I had never heard of them before. I thank The Lord for Chris and his team. You have made an unforgettable difference in my life.
My experience with Patriot was a very positive one. The process was fairly quick and definitely painless. I appreciate the promptness and professionalism. Also I appreciate the very simplistic terms.
I had a wonderful experience !
I believe that Patriot Finance provided a temporary solution to my current financial situation. The arrangements made were within my current budget. Thank you
Fast with good interest rates for the loan type!
By far, the best customer service I have experienced.
This was the easiest most professional experience that I never thought would be possible. Jeff was warm and funny. He took the time to communicate with me before we even discussed the business and loan process. I especially appreciated the option of electronic transfer vs. on site paper signing. Thank you for this opportunity and enjoy your holiday.
It was great experience and Jeff Branton was great to work with ....
Met a great guy name Jeff who was very attentive and made sure that I was approved of a loan.
Excellent Support
Very straight forward and easy to deal with.
I literally applied the night before and got a call from Jeff from Patriot. I sent in the necessary documents and got funded immediately through their office. Very professional and knowledgeable.
When I got approved by the loan I didn't have no hassles unlike some other loan places
The feedback was fast and very informative! I love the family feel that the team exuded when i went to the pocation and the terms of my loan were very fair and simple to understand.
Jeff was extremely helpful and professional. I greatly appreciate Patriot Finance for the approval.
The process was fast and seamless. The staff is so genuine.
Very friendly and helpful......I didn't get the run around you get from most finance places.
I would of liked more money to work with, but this will get me started. You did leave the option open for a possible loan review in 3 months.
They took the time to thoroughly evaluate my situation for possible solutions. Jeff was able to secure an offer for me within a week. I would definitely recommend this lender.
They came in handy when I needed them the most and I will use them again if I had to.. Follow up and application process was smooth
They were there when we needed them . they were fast on what we needed , so please contact them for your next loan Please and thank you
I usually don't give reviews, however, I want to thank Patriot Finance for helping me not one, but two times. The process was so simple that when I applied the first time a few years ago, I thought I was being scammed...LOL Many thanks to Jeff, Josh and Lee for their great customer service and not charging me high fees. This company is nothing like a payday loan business, they are the real thing. Thanks!!!
Patriot Finance makes financing quick and easy! Once you become a client, transactions are completed over email with DocuSign and the money is in your bank account the following day!
I love the great customer service
This process is easy professional and met all my needs. Explains everything from start to finish of process. Thanks Jeff
I have taken out loans before and Patriot Finance is by far is the easiest company I've ever dealt with. No hassle is an under statement. Thank you Jeff. You're the best!!!!
I had an excellent experience at Patriot-Financial . I was privileged to work with Mr. Jeff Branton in completing my loan. He was very detailed, explained all terms and obligations. He was kind and very professional.
This was the most professional experience I have had in securing a loan. They offered more than I needed and were willing to make the entire process as easy as possible. I would highly recommend Patriot!
This was the best experience i have had getting a loan.not only was it easy but you talk to a real person the whole thing was done in less than 1 day and funded the next morning.if you need a personal loan this is the place
If anyone doubts the sincerity and professionalism of this company you can trust me when I say they are the best financial company in the entire industry. From start to finish they proved themselves to be that cut above that everyone needs.
Jeff was great to work with... they help really help you out.. So i recommend everyone go to patriot...
Jeff worked very quickly to help me consolidate my debts, and give me peace of mind. He and Leigh were professional and wonderful!
Jeff is amazing! I was pleasantly surprised by the prompt service, guidance, patience, excellent customer service and overall outstanding care from Jeff and his team. Honestly, I read the previous reviews from other customers and I felt doubt that I would be get help. I was wrong – thankfully so! Jeff, Ms. Lee and the entire team were helpful and Jeff patiently walked me through the paperwork. I’m still amazed how quickly everything processed – literally (3) days from start to finish. The terms were upfront, transparent and fair based on my current situation. Jeff did exactly what he said and plans to follow-up with me to make sure things are going well. I don’t normally write reviews (I’m very skeptical) – but this was a different experience. I would recommend this company to anyone in doubt about their situation.
The application process was easy. Every time I called, I spoke with the same person and was never put on hold. This was obviously not a mega call center in India. The level of personal service was amazing and the most professional I have experienced in more than 20 years dealing with people over the phone. They listened to my needs and helped me when other companies would not. Like many people struggling to get out of debt, while rebuilding credit, I found that other loan companies would not even talk to me about a bill consolidation loan because I was at my credit limit. I was told by these other companies many times that I could not get a loan to pay off my high interest debts because I had too much debt. How stupid is that? Patriot listened, understood and helped when no one else would. My loan was funded very quickly and I was able to pay off 5 credit cards and a high interest loan, saving me $180 a month in payments. In a matter of days, we went from having no hope in sight, to starting a 3 year plan to be debt free! THANKS GUYS!!!!!
Although there system was having minor issues they still managed to give great service. Everything was fast and easy! Great first experience!!
I appreciate what patriot has done for me!!! I am now able to get my daughter what she deserves.....I couldn't have done it without the great team work this company put together to help me out. I highly recommend them!!! Thanks Patriot.....
whole process took less than 24 hours awesome to work with
I was honestly surprised how smooth and easy this process was with Patriot Finance. Jeff was so helpful and made sure I was taken care of. I highly suggest them for your loan needs.
Great experience I appreciated the communication I had with the representative and detailing information and I would definitely recommend this company to friends and family
I did the application on a Friday and my requested loan amount was deposited on Wednesday. Easy processing no hassle. Thanks Patriot Finance
Jeff was just outstanding was in was out no hassle no mess everything was very clear and matter of fact
My experience with Patriot has been excellent! I would definitely recommend them to others.
absolutely the best !! no hassle, great to work with! JEFF BRANTON 5 stars all day! Great personality!
Jeff was very polite & reassuring & made me feel comfortable throughout the process; Returned my calls & answered all questions. Would gladly use them again
They where very nice and professional
My experience with Patriot Finance has been great. I recommend and will continue to use their services.
The process was easy and fast. The process was professional and the representative was helpful and very knowledgeable about the products. So far I would rate it very high. 5 Stars
The service was excellent . The agent walked me through the process and I was approved & received the fund in 1 day.
I can honestly say that I needed a loan really quick and I reached out to Michael Di Eugenio and this guy went above and beyond to make things happen as smoothly as possible! The amount was a large amount and within 48 hours the deal was funded. I'd definitely recommend anyone looking to make a purchase of any size to reach out to him. Very stand up guy!
Had a great experience
From beginning to end it was a great experience. Professionalism at its best. Everyone had great customer service and yes I would recommend them to anyone.
This is the best loan lender I've experienced very true and honest people. Work with you to meet your needs for a loan.
Great company to work with, made things happen when I had just about given up. They were there for me, and I will not forget it.
If you want a fast and smooth transaction use this company, I was in and out in less than 15 minutes, very friendly staff and I will recommend this company over all the others in a heart beat.
My grandson's car needed service and repair. I was short of immediate funds. My credit is not the best but they gave me chance to prove myself. Mr. B followed through on every question. Thank you for your professional attitude and customer service!
First time taking out a loan, everyone i was in contact with was extremely knowledgeable in helping me get what i needed.
Patriot Finance
Those people we're wonderful, not only was I entertained, I left with a loan to suit my needs. You can best believe my next move on my up and coming business will be thru them (in my Jamaican voice.
Great company and easy process.
Excellent service......transaction was smooth with no hassles. Would definitely recommend.
Thankful that they got me the equipment that I wanted and low weekly rates
I was amazed to see how family oriented this company is. Everyone was so polite. I would definitely recommend this company to family and friends.
Quick and very easy no hassle very professional got me approved within one day . Customer-service is very great .I would recommend I'm very satisfied .
The process was quick and easy. The customer service is excellent
Straight forward and easy. Talking with people right here in Georgia made me feel much better about the whole process.
I have been working with the staff in Atlanta for the last 2 years. They were professional, timely and easy to work with. I want to especially thank Jeff who did everything to assist me with my request. Lee and the other staff members are excellent!
This is a great company, very friendly. They are very fast I would recommend this company to anyone . I must say that the interest rate is very high, so you need to take the fact that you might be paying back what you borrow times 2. Other than that its a trust worthy company.
Very easy and helpful. Took 1 day!! Couldn't ask for any better
Excellent customer service. Quick and reliable!
Jeff was very friendly and helpful. Was able to assist me quickly and received my loan as promised. Paper work was not a hassle at all.
My experience was pleasant and easy and the customer service was outstanding. Great people to work with. Didn't waste my time. I recommend them.
I didn't have the best of credit but I really needed a debt consolidation and Mr. Jeff was able to get me a loan for more than I requested. I was astounded and will be less in debt because of him. Patriot Finance is better than the rest! Take it from me!
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