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Money Mart Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Money Mart
Overall average rating of 1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 3 %
I owe Money Mart some money. But when it was time to owe them, I got an email from them saying that "because of provincial restrictions, we're unable to take money out" & I had to make a deposit through my bank. That didn't go through. Instead they decided to take some money out of my account without my authorization. It wasn't even the full amount they were supposed to take. I've emailed them numerous times & when I try to call they hang up. I didn't mind paying it, but they should've let me know that they were taking money out when they told me they were unable to. I'm still trying to get ahold of them, but still nothing. I have proof with my emails I received from them & their lack of response.
Money Mart probably needs to rethink over their hiring procedure, since the people working at many of the stores at the moment look like under trained. They have lack of knowledge of the product. They don't know what they are saying/doing. Huge line-ups in the lobby all the time. 95% stores are understaffed. I hope that they start hiring some talented people who know their business.
I tried to get a money order, but the cashier said that she needed my employment information. I informed her that I did not want to give her that. She then told me that she would not let me get a money order unless I gave her that information. I then told her that I am unemployed, she asked for work history and I told her I have never worked. She then said she needed to take a photo of me? Damn ridiculous, I can see needing to verify employment if I was getting a payday loan, but I was getting money orders, and I was gonna pay $1,500 in cash for it. But too bad, I wound up going to 7-11 to get my money orders, they didn't ask me no questions and I'm sure they were more than happy to get $1,500 from one customer. This was the Money Mart located at the Pearl Kai shopping area in Aiea, HI, and this happened on 12/30/2018 around 2 pm.
I wanted to really thank the members of Money Mart, specifically the Chilliwack branch on Luckakuck Way. These guys are really topnotch. I went in for a small loan like all of their customers. As always, it was a pleasure to be greeted with that slight sneer of disdain as I walked through the door, that wonderful pleasing look of someone who loves their hates and loathes their customers. The paperwork was filled out by the new girl who was fairly quick and I left. My surprise came 2 weeks later, when I got a phone call from Hamish of Money Mart. This guy's a true champion; his condescending tone of voice had just the perfect tone of hate in it; truly a pleasure. It was way awesome how he told me that I had cancelled the check at the bank. Not knowing anything about a cancelled check, I went off to the bank, didn't make it that day but the next day I managed to make it. I was very confused because I had the money in the bank to cover it off and I didn't cancel the check. After about an hour in the bank, an hour I had to take off work, an answer was found. The check had been dated wrong, thanks new girl, and submitted to the bank anyways. It was the bank that cancelled the check. Now all the while, I'm getting a call about every 40 minutes, from the branch and collections (Hamish, what a champion). They call my cell phone and work. I got the pleasure of explaining to my boss that my checks don't always cover everything at the end of the month and I go to Money Mart sometimes. This is really awesome because my boss thinks I don't pay my bills and collectors are calling work. Another chat with Hamish and I explain that I didn't cancel the check; it was the bank because the branch misdated it. “No,” he said. 'He knows' I cancelled the NSF check. Side note here - I don't think a cancelled check will ever go NSF because it's been cancelled. So now he's demanding. He has been demanding the whole time but now he's demanding I go to the branch and fix my mistake before he puts me into 3rd party collections.I responded by acknowledging that I owe money, by saying that I have no problem going into the branch to give them payment. I proceeded to tell him everything I've gone through in the last couple of days: the phone calls every 40 minutes, the condescending, belittling attitude, the phone calls at work, getting in trouble with my boss, how my boss thinks I'm not paying, how everyone at work now knows how tight things are for me. And I say, I'll go in there and pay, I have no problem doing that, but I want an apology because I've done nothing wrong, it's not my mistake. Apologize and I'll go right down and pay. I then got another lecture on how important it is to pay my bills on time and how I shouldn't have cancelled the magic check that somehow went NSF. He said I'll get no apology. I got another call at work about 15 minutes later, the Champ again, telling me he has called the branch and they confirmed that I cancelled the NSF check and that it's all my fault.Wait, wait, wait! Hold on here, Champ. Now you're being lied to by your branch and they are blaming me. Nope, nope, nope, it's all my fault. No, he won't request a faxed copy of the check so that he can confirm it himself. I'm a liar, it's my fault, I'm a horrible human being. Please note, I was never directly called a liar or a horrible person. He was very good at indirectly using the words and making me feel like a big steamy pile of **. I really have to question what goes on behind the counter there. New girl does paperwork wrong. Who is the supervisor there that's not doing their job, who was supposed to check the paperwork? Did they see the misdated check and try and force it through the bank anyway? Isn't that fraudulent? Why didn't they just call and say, "We made a mistake; can you help us fix it?" The problem would have been solved with a simple polite phone call but they couldn't do that. Moneymart is awesome. Thanks for letting me rant.
I have received several phone calls from Action collectors stating that I owe them $371.83 on cheque number 20 on September 2005 from account number ****. I have no records that the cheque was reversed. The staff at Money Mart might have put the cheque through after the payment was made. This happened 7 years ago. I don't recall anything like this before with Money Mart.
I took a loan and paid it off with post-dated checks. One week after going in and making the final payment, I received 20 calls from different numbers asking for more money even though I have a receipt showing "paid in full". I've asked several times to have an area supervisor contact me, but am told she is too busy. I responded to the calls they placed to my workplace, and when I asked to speak to someone in charge, they put on several "store managers". How many are there in one location, and why is it acceptable for them to call me so many times a day? I missed two calls from my daughter's school due to the harassing calls.
I went to this branch to get a payday loan as routine every month for the last 2-3 months, where which there has never been any problems until this march 08, 2011 at approx. 7:10pm Calgary time. A new employee was processing my request and quite some time passed by and I asked if there was a problem and she stated there was one since she couldn't find me in the system and she apologized for taking so long but she was trying. I accepted that.As time passed by and seeing that she didn't feel it was important for me to have the process expedited expeditiously, I told her that I had many payday loans all paid on time and I never had such delays. That's when Fardos jumped in and started yelling at me not to "cop an attitude." I told Fargos not to yell at me and she continued at which time I requested my paperwork back because I wasn't going to tolerate that kind of abuse. She continued yelling at me as I left saying hurtful remarks.I turned back requesting to speak to her manager who so conveniently appeared. As I tried to explain to the manager, who refused to give me her name, my predicament, Fardos kept interrupting at which point I turned to the manager and asked her to stop this abuse. The manager stated she was in the back room and only heard Fardos come to the defense of the employee processing my loan at which point Fardos again, yelling interrupted the manager who, did I say refused to give me her name. At that point, I asked the manager if she had heard what was going on why did she not take any steps to make certain the matter would not escalate to the point it did.Again, Fargos started yelling and I decided it would be best to leave given the evidence showed I was dealing with people not qualified to be dealing with the public. I left and came back to ask for the phone number of the establishment and was disgusted when Fardos threw it to the slot. I called the number within 15 minutes at approx. 7:40pm and Fardos answered the phone. I asked to speak to her manager to again try to get her name and Fardos told me to call back tomorrow.The fact that I am writing this at this time of the night shows this incident is troubling me given I occasionally depend on Moneymart for financial assistance and they have provided me with courteous assistance until now. I was disappointed that manager would witness the abuse I was receiving from this employee and take no steps to diffuse the situation forcing me to leave so there would be no escalation. I want to continue my relationship with Moneymart but, in turn, I ask that you reprimand Fardos for her misconduct or at the least I be given an apology.

Our Company gave a check of $200.00 to a subcontractor who did not finish work. We put a stop payment on the check. The subcontractor cashed his check at Money Mart where they cashed the check. We received in the mail a letter stating we must pay them $200.00.

Our company is out $200.00. Or the company's credit would be marked.
I have been cashing a pension check at Money Mart for many years. On July 31, 2015 they charged me 10% to cash the check. I asked about it and was told the fees were going up. 10% is outrageous. And is it even legal in Calif. to charge that much? I got online to file a complaint. It never would go. When I pressed Submit Complaint, it would not submit. So I went to Live chat. The Live chat lady told me to call the store for the rates. I asked what the company norm was? Still no answer about the fees. So for what it's worth they lost a customer. 10% is a little out of line for a corporate check, don't you think?
I went to the one at 96 and 128 and they transferred money to Bhopal for me without knowing & checking that Bhopal doesn't even have their center. My money got stuck & faced problems in getting back my money. Highly disappointed. Will never go back again. One of the employee was rude & highly unprofessional during the transaction.
I am a disabled woman who walked to Money Mart in downtown Victoria to be told that I needed to have ID to pick up the money sent there for me. The man working at the counter did not specify what kind of ID just that I needed ID. I have used this Money Mart branch many times and have not used any ID. I have cashed cheques, picked up money sent to Money Mart many times and have not needed ID until today. The only requirement I have needed to pick up money has been the control number which I gave them but that was not good enough. I explained this to the man working and he told me that I needed to bring in an ID. He did not specify that I needed a picture ID until I walked home which takes me approximately an hour to walk there and another hour to walk back only to be told by another worker that my ID was not good enough and that I needed a photo ID and would not explain anything. They would not listen to anything I was saying and only looked at the computer. I felt like they were playing a cruel game with me and laughing after I walked out of the store. I am a disabled woman from a car accident that broke my back and for me to have to walk approximately 4 hours to resolve the situation is totally wrong. If they are new workers or old workers, there really needs to be some groups on how to associate and communicate with customers. If not, you are going to have some pretty angry customers with the two people working at the Money Mart at **** St. Victoria, BC. ****. They were working from the time I got there at 10 am on Friday, November 12. Something needs to be done. Thank you.

I recently recieved a Western Union $500.00 U.S. Money Order purchased at a 7 Eleven in Northern California for $1.00. When I went to cash the Money Order I discovered that the only institution I could cash the Money Order at was Money Mart. Money Mart is the sole representative Western Union in my area. I attended the local Money Mart in order to cash the Money Order. The Clerk informed me that the exchange rate for that day 0.9528 = $476.40 in Canadian dollars. This exchange rate was .02 cents lower than the current daily exchange rate @ the banks. Further as I was to find out Money Mart considered the WESTERN UNION MONEY ORDER as a check. Therefore this entitled Money Mart under their fee policies to subject the $500.00 to a further charge of 4.99%(on the face value) = 23.77 because the Money Order was issued in U.S Funds & charge a further 2.99 listed as an item fee. The end result a $500.00 U.S. Money Order amounted to $449.64 in Candian Dollars. Needless to say I was astounded that Money Mart could subject me to such outrageous fees so I contacted them through their Website.Their response by email is as follows: Money Mart is a convenience based financial service. We are open longer hours than a bank and open weekends and holidays. In addition, there are no holds on your money when you come into Money Mart to cash a cheque. As with any convenience based business, the charges incurred by the customer are in place to offset operating costs associated with the services provided. In addition, US items take longer to clear our account once deposited. All of these variables have been taken into consideration by our corporate office when determining our service charges. In summary, your transaction was processed in accordance with our current fee schedule. I hope the information above addresses your concern relative to the service charges you incurred. Please feel free to contact me should you require further information. I also contacted Wetern Union through their Website & have recieved no response.I further contacted the Better Business Bureau to launch a complaint & was informed that the parameters of complaint layed out by the BBB did not concern my complaint with Money Mart.I ask you what gives Money Mart the right to charge these fees? This was a Money Order not a check. The funds in question were held in trust with Western Union.Once again as is it is already well known this proves that Money Mart is not only a Loan Shark but simply are thieves & corporate pariah's preying upon any opportunity to take advantage of any situation.

On July 14, 2006, I went to money mart to sent money overseas via western union, The lady at the desk quoted me a service charge of $34.00 to sent $400. I later went to the Ralph store next door to confirm the rate by calling Western Union, they quoted me a rate of $24.00, I went back to the Money Mart store, and they insisted that the rate that they quoted me was directly from Western Union. I remember that several months ago I was charged exhorbitant rate when I sent money overseas via western union by the same company. I know that several years ago there was a class action law suit against Western Union for charging customers exhorbitant fees.When I called to complain to Western Union about the incident I was informed that Marie Crawford one of the corporate managers would be getting in touch with me, I never heard from her. My main concern is that, if Western Union is actually in cohot with money mart to defraud consumers or is Money mart (310-675-5377) doing this on its own.
I took a loan out in mid-June and had to pay it back on July 1st. However, I had to pay rent and some other bills, so the check did not clear. As I have other financial obligations I am trying to clear at the same time, I was not able to repay the full amount all at once. Well that was a travesty for the Money Mart store and the collection center. I got nowhere with the staff and they were less than understanding when I explained my situation, but offered to repay the loan in installments. After some negotiating, I got them to agree to 2 small payments with the balance the middle of this month. That said, I've now run into other creditors demanding payment in the middle of this month as well, so I don't know what to do. As it stands now, MM will get two more small payments (so I can still pay rent, transportation to/from work and put food on the table) with the balance to follow mid-September. Once September 16th rolls around, at least they will be paid back in full and I will never have to use them again. In fact, by mid-September next year, I will be completely debt-free. Can't wait! Let's just hope that MM doesn't pull a fast one and take money out of my account, which they did a few months ago which has thrown me into a tailspin financially.
The employee treated me rudely and I felt she was racist. I had money put in and my ID was on file. And being a customer for over 25 years and never having a problem, I went to retrieve it at the store located on 96th avenue and 128th street. I forgot my ID and was not able to get my money. She was condescending, not helpful and would not even let me use a telephone. I felt her service was terrible and she should not be working with the public. She was extremely rude. The reason I put my picture on file was under the understanding that I didn't need ID; otherwise, I would be using a bank. Isn't that why we pay the extra fees?
I had a payday loan from a Money Mart in the West End of Edmonton. Normally, I've been pretty good about paying my loans, but this one time I was unable to cover it. I notified Money Mart of this and wanted to work something out to make payments (I didn't owe very much and it was less than $300). They were rude about it and said it was unsatisfactory and wanted it all at once. I am experiencing financial hardship, so I cannot pay it all at once. I have been getting numerous calls each day from Money Mart day after to the point that it is harassing. I can understand if someone rips off Money Mart and refuses to pay a loan off; however, if a customer wants to pay it, although in payments, there shouldn't be an issue. Once this is resolved, I will never go to Money Mart again.
I only owe a small loan for the first time. Keep in mind I've been a customer for over 5 years pretty much. They've called me more than 4 times a day even after they have gotten in Contact with me or my sister. They have no respect or customer service skill. They infuriate the problem by being rude. I don't care to go to collections. Just for that I most likely won't pay until I get a nice rep on the phone, and If I do and I will never take their service ever again. I actually hate this company and the rude representatives that are attach to this company. They definitely lost me as a customer. I'll go to cash money.
Have been an excellent customer for 2 1/2 yrs. Told that they have pawning program. Never heard of such thing but thought this was very innovative and proactive. Pawned items & always made sure to retrieve my gold within 3 months of pawning the items. Last time (in August) I came to pay and get my gold back - had 2 bracelets (1 worth over 1500.00 - they only gave me 200 something for that), a necklace, 2 crosses and 2 rings.. I received all items not realizing I also paid for a bag of earrings I also had at Money Mart. All these earrings are worth more than $1000.00. Anyways paid for everything. Didn't know I didn't get all my items (especially earrings which were given to my daughter by my deceased mother). Money Mart contacted me telling me I have another person's items. They told me look. I do not have anything not belonging to me, nor am I a person if given something which is not mine to keep.I spoke w/ 4 different individuals from Money Mart regarding the situation. Not once did I get an apology, but only I had been degraded, yelled at and accused of having items which do not belong to me. I was cordial and said directly I do not have someone else's items and they actually yelled/accused me of stealing and pawning items I have never seen. To add more insult they refuse to give me my gold back. I've been an excellent customer and they do not apologize for treating me like ** and insist to try to intimidate me to justify their not giving me my items back.
After supplying the company with all documentation listed on their website and verified by staff at the store, I was asked to return several hours later to pick up my refund. When I arrived I was told that I need my child custody agreement. It was never posted on the site and not asked by an agent. After claiming my children for several years, I asked why. They said it was company policy because single fathers are audited more frequently. They would be held liable for refunds that are owed. Back to the government. I am not entitled to claim child tax unless I'm the primary caregiver and even though I provided the documentation that I receive the benefit. I call the policy discriminatory and false advertising. It was not required yet when I'm in the final stages of the return, they come up with this. They didn't even go have the courtesy to phone and notify me. I live out of the city. Horrible way to treat a customer
There was a few things I needed to get done. Inquire about a loan, use Western Union, and purchase a cashier's check. The clerk at the counter Alfred **, made my experience wonderful. It was towards the end of the night and the store was closing. Luckily, Alfred let me in. He was extremely knowledgeable, courteous, and very professional. Actually, his customer service was near impeccable. I would return and encourage my friends and family to go there as well. Thank you Money Mart for such a great experience and meeting my needs.
My payment bounced and we agreed for two payments! One Jan 20 and the next Feb 20. Money Mart decided to take it out Jan 31st instead of Feb 20! Customer service was rude! They blamed me meanwhile they took it out 20 days ahead of time!!! Awful company!!! Do not use this company!!!
I took a Pay day loan from money mart 4 years ago. I got sick and thus received a small pay check and was twenty dollars short of the amount I owed to them.I contacted the branch that I took the loan from three days prior to the due date and informed them of the problem. The guy I spoke with said no problem, we'll hold the check until I could make it in with a payment and that he would make a note in my file.Three days later, I received a call from my bank informing me that my check had bounced and I owed nsf fees. I contacted the branch that day and was told that it was my fault the check bounced and that it would be sent to collections in 15 days if no payment was made. I went in and payed $100 on the balance of $300. I informed them that the rest would be paid in three weeks. Two weeks later, I got a call from the collections department at they're head office saying I owed this money now and interest was being applied. So I sent them a check and forgot about it. Last year, I went in to get financing for a car and was told that I could not have it because I owed money to Money Mart. I contacted them and they said that they hadn't processed my check two years previously and when I asked why, they had no answer and said you must pay it now. I sent them two checks, each written for half the amount owed. I checked with my bank when the first check was dated for and it had been cashed so once again I forgot about it. Yesterday I received a letter from a collection agency saying I owe almost three hundred dollars still. So today, I called money mart again and was informed that my second check was never received, which is curious because they were in the same envelope. So I paid this collection agency the balance today and hopefully the matter is closed.
I have been using Money Mart for several months for payday loans. I have always paid them back when promised and this one time I was unable to make my payment. I contacted them to let them know that I won't be able to make that payment. When my payment was due again, I again called to let them know that I had to leave town and wouldn't be able to pay them until the following month. I also told them that I was only able to come up my rent money for that month. I spoke with a lady from the head office to explain when I can make my next payment. She said that it was okay and she would make a note on my account.A few weeks later, I checked my bank account to see that they took over $800 from my account. When I called to find out why and explained that I have spoken with someone and made arrangements to pay the following month, they told me that the money was not release to them yet and when it's done, they would pay me back my money. I called my bank to find out if they have released the money to them and they said that it was done a day ago. So I then called Money Mart and was told that they could not do anything for me. They said that they record all calls and they have nothing on file stating that I called and what my arrangement was with them. So, they ** me over and took my rent money without any notification. They accused me of making up my story. She was very rude, she yelled and screamed on the phone, and she would not let me speak. I got so upset that I ended up hanging up on them. Nothing got resolved.
We recieved a payday loan from money mart and were not able to pay it all back. After aproximately a month of calling the actual branch and explaining our situation and that we would slowly pay it back A.S.A.P. it went into what they refered to as the next stage. I spoke with a gentleman by the name of Nicholas from what i assume was a head office and we agreed to make a payment plan to clear up this ever expanding debt in payments. He told me to discuss our finances with my husband and come up with an amount that we could pay on it every month and to call him back and leave a detailed message about what we had decided on over the weekend and that he would be in touch with us that monday. He assured me that everything would be fine. He actually went as far as to say " don't worry about it that much and have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine" He told me that it hadn't actually gone to collections yet and as long as we made payment arrangements everything would be great. Well, what a lie that was!! We packed up our infant Twin sons and headed out to do our weekly grocery shop and whatnot and while attempting to withdraw from our account found that our balance was not only at $0.00 but was in the negatives. They emptied our entire account on the same day that I had spoken with Nicholas. Now we are left with nothing. I realize the money was owed but we feel robbed. I would understand this action against us if we were attempting to skip out on this loan but we wanted to pay it off and returned every call made to us. I feel wronged because Nicholas and I spoke and he assured me that all would be O.K. and that we could set up arrangements that worked for all of us. He assured me that this situation had not gone so far that we could not fix it. In the end the money was just taken from our account without any warning or consideration for our wellbeing. This was wrong on so many levels and has left us with absolutely nothing.

I took a 840.00 loan out and when I paid my payments back, they said the bottom did not print so i owed more.
I took my paper back in and they told me it was wrong. that I still owed them more..

,more in debt,had to take other pay day loans from other places to cover the payments they said i still owed
Harassing phone calls on the cell phone; they called me 5 times in 30 minutes from different numbers.
Beware of this company and Lending Club. They try to do mobile deposit and bank rejects it for fraud. I went to bank. The bank did not accept but it was a USA Treasury check. They say looks fishy to them.
2014-10-17. I drove my best friend Madison to Money Mart on Memorial Dr. and 52 St N.E. Calgary. All she wanted was to get a payday loan. As I was waiting for her, I saw a police car pull up to the Money Mart and 2 police officers enter the building. I did not know what was going on. I saw the officers talking with Madison. After like 40 minutes, the officers drove away. Madison came back to me visibly shaken and very upset. Madison informed me that the agent for Money Mart made her wait and she did not know why. I did not know why it was taking so long. The Money Mart agent had called the Calgary Police because he/she thought there was something wrong with Madison's documents. The police officer informed Madison that they had been called because someone was trying to cash some illegal cheques. Again, Madison was there to try and get a payday loan. The loan officer at Money Mart wrongly accused Madison of illegal activities, made up a story to the Calgary Police Service, and tried to have Madison arrested. This is so wrong, Money Mart needs to review this location's employees activities.
So by law, National Money Mart is only allowed to contact me 3 times a week. Those three times, they must either leave a voice message or talk to you directly; otherwise, they can call you as much as they want. So I logged the 3 calls that I had with them this week and let them know that they have reached the maximum they can contact me for this week. This is not including the voice mail they left with the auto dial tech. Yet they still seem to be calling! What they do now to skirt around the law and criminally harass you is when I say, "You have reached the 3 time this week you can contact me", I start to get auto dials that when I try and answer it just goes to a busy tone. I have told them this is illegal and am now collecting evidence to use against them in court. You know that if a company like this is using illegal collection practices that you can offset your debt with what you are awarded from the harassment. Just make sure you can prove it. Money Mart uses numbers from all over Canada, uses unknown and private numbers and auto dials. Document each call, number, person talked to, etc. Just because I owe a small debt doesn't mean a company can use illegal means to recover it.
I had been a customer of Money Mart for a few years - which would implies that have very, VERY rarely had any payment issues (I think I can only recall two instances). Recently, I was suddenly forced into a financial situation that I did my best to handle on my own, but could not. I tried to find a solution on my own to pay back the loan I have, but was not able to. I reached out for professional help (debt settlement). Money Mart was sent the proposal twice and did not respond (did not decline or accept). I am getting multiple phone calls from various phone numbers several times a day EVERY DAY. Due to the fact that they have been informed about the settlement, I don't find the need to speak to anyone. If they decline the proposal, they can contact my account administrator who will then inform me and THEN I will deal with them personally. However, at this time, I am unable to resolve this on my own. If I could, I most certainly would! Since the letters were sent to the head office, I'm going to assume no one communicated this information to the local branches who keep calling me. Besides, after reading about how rude the CSRs can get; I don't want my temper to flair. Someone will be torn an new ** and it won't be me. Customer service in the store was always friendly and professional; no issues there. The application process was always easy; no issues there. I wish they were a bit more flexible with payment options so that people could make more affordable payments, but it is what it is.
My 18 year old respite son got his first job at Labour Ready and wanted to cash his check in Abbotsford B.C. I took him to South Fraser, one that is in the TD branch complex. I instructed him to go into Money Mart by himself and do it on his own. When he went in at 8 am, I waited outside for him. After about 8 minutes, he came out and said that no one was at the front counter; he was in the back ignoring him. I instructed him to go back in and call him and tell him that he was there. He went back in and again the gentleman in the back refused to come to the front. I waited for another few minutes and honked the horn and told him to come out, that we are going elsewhere. I took him over to Moneytree in Abbotsford and there were no issues.I work in respite and this was a first time for my foster son to go to a place like this. He is not established and I wanted his first experience in doing something for himself to be a good one. In his mind, he felt that he was not worth getting assistance. I will never go back to your establishment and will make sure that others know my experience and encourage those who are in my foster son's situation, to go to Moneytree.
I have been dealing with Money Mart for more than 10 years and never had a problem until last December. I took a payday loan on November 26th 2014 for $670.00 against my disability income. This was done at the Money Mart. The representative told me the loan will be due on December 29th 2014 in the amount of $810.70. When I went to liquidate my loan on December 29th, I was told to pay an additional amount of $40.00 for their admin. charges as the loan was returned from bank. I refused to pay the $40.00. Now I am being threatened. Any ideas what I can do?
I purchased three money orders from your location on 9/29/2009. I then gave these to my attorney for a payment. I have the receipts but it doesn't say the amount on each on them. I would like to know who cashed these and if at all possible, a copy of the top part of each of these cashed money orders. Thank you very much.
Never again, Money Mart Western Union. My son lost his wallet. I sent $200 as they had no food for Xmas Eve & morning. The agent in Newton, Surrey, BC would not take her ID and refused to phone me to verify. Thanks for ruining our Xmas. This is first and last time to use Money Mart and Western Union. I can't get my money back over Xmas. When the bank opens, I will send it again. It's absolute disgrace on this agent. I am so hurt.
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