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JG Wentworth Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: JG Wentworth
Phone: 866 454 5985
Overall average rating of 4.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 66 %
This Company Not Only Get The Job Done There So Supportive And Won't Stop Until U have You're Check In Hand I Just Wanna Say My Rep, Clark Was Amazing Made Sure Everything Was In Order and If I Could do it All over Again I Would I'm Greatful to have did Business With JGWENTWORTH You're Money Is Insured And Protected And Guaranteed Thanks You All So Much For Everything JGWENTWORTH You Guys Were Amazing You Guys Have Bless One☺️ Keep Making People Happy And Gurarantee You're Payments Sale For A Reasonable Lump Sum
JG is pretty alright at what they do, and they are pretty competitive, or at least from what I've gathered between my two times dealing with them. They beat peach tree in price the last time I went through them by a good amount. Their timing isn't too bad, but I feel it could be better. Last time I went through them It took a couple months to get everything through and get a court date set up, that could have just been the town though. This time the court date isn't too far into the future, but the advance is taking a good minute to get processed and through. But all and all they are a great at taking large sums of money and giving you little while making you feel good about it.
If I could give a 0 I would. I have never in my almost 40 years on this planet delt with any place so deceitful. I was given a pre approval at the beginning of March. With that I found a home to which it was sent through the underwriters and at that point given a conditional approval. I jumped through hoop after hoop. I did everything they asked me to do. In this time I paid $500 earnest money $250 Due Diligence $500 for a home appraisal (to JGWentworth) and $425 for a home inspection. All of this done under the information that I would be approved with everything they asked. They also wanted me to have a reserve in my checking account of $3000 after we closed to which I had to ask a family member for which to do had to have them fill out a form and get a bank letter stating that they have the funds to cover it. I had to get my deceased ex husbands death certificate and our divorce record. I gave bank statement 4 different times. I had to hunt down a person that worked at a realty company I used to rent a house from. The company was no longer in business but that didn’t matter. I still had to locate an employee that would have worked there at the time just to fill out a paper that stated I made all of my payments on time. I did this. The impossible but still managed to do it. I've done the impossible for this company. Every hoop they threw at me I did what was asked. All this with the idea that I would have my home loan. A day before closing they come to me and say that my Debt to Income didn’t meet what it needed to be because they were using income from 2 years earlier that was before I got my promotion. I have been in my current position a year and a half. A day before closing after I have spent 2600 dollars getting everything together to get in this house they deny me the loan. Don't trust this company. I'm begging you go some place else.
They use all methods of communicating. I really enjoyed using text because it didn't hinder my day.
I have no complaints about the process.The people I worked with were very informative and honest.
Max was very helpful during the whole process. He was very friendly and made everything as simple as possible. I would highly recommend J.G Wentworth.
This is the second time I have used this company. I have been treated excellent throughout both experiences. The only thing I will note negatively, they tend to forget to call you and let you know they got all the paperwork.
I have worked with J.G. Wentworth on multiple occasions. Each time has been a smooth and pleasant process. They make it so easy to do business with them and there were no worries. I have found that many of the other companies in this field are shady and deceitful. Some wont give you a price until you fully commit, others wont put anything in writing, and some even fail to disclose hidden fees that will be charged after you sign, significantly reducing the amount of money you get. J.G. Wentworth was up-front and honest and delivered on everything they promised each time. If you have structured settlement payments and you need to sell them, J.G. Wentworth is the place to go.
My experience with J.G. Wentworth was amazing! The customer service I received from this company was the best ever. Kristin Smith was who I was mostly in contact with, and she had answers to all my questions. She handled my transaction professionally, while making me comfortable, instead of making me feel like I was just working with a big name company. J.G had all the paper work sent to my home, and a notary even stopped by. I didn't have to leave my home for a single thing. The end result came faster than I expected, and the transaction went just how they said it would. There's nothing bad I can say about this company.
JG Wentworth got me the money I need with a great sign on bonus.They are fast dependable and very secure Ty JG Wentworth
Quick. Little over a month. Easy to work with. Nice people.
I was in so much debt that I couldn't focus on life and moving forward. I did my first transaction and was able to shred my 12 credit cards! So I did a second transaction and now own a beautiful charger and my home! And I still have money to live on. God blessed me with this option. Thanks J.God Wentworth.
It was easy and fast and all my bills are paid as well as my taxes thanks
Kristen, Tom, and all the staff are always courteous, and respond quickly to all questions I have asked. From the first phone call, to the court date, everything went smoothly. I appreciate your customer service team, and the deals that we have made together.
I've been to JG Wentworth multiple times, so much that I feel like I should be on their commercials. Personally and professionally their the best. I get tons of offers from other companies that are just like theirs threw mail everyday trying to offer me better deals with lower rates. I've chosen to stick with JG Wenthworth because I've been to them before. The process is so simple the people are friendly and it's easy. I wouldn't base my decision threw Google with all the bad reviews I see. The only bad thing I would say about JG Wentworth is that they need to be communicating better with their customers.. I find myself contacting them with questions threw out the process and I just feel like they should be getting ahold of me. They also take way more money then you receive but if you want your money now and you don't want to wait on it, it's worth it. It's been worth it for me. I would rather have the money now and not struggle, living pay check to paycheck having to wait years from now sitting on all that money forever. It's helped me out a lot. They also give you an advance a week into the process and that too has helped out a lot. I'll be going threw JG Wentworth till I'm 30 and I have no problem with that. Thanks JG Wentworth.
Great service and great rates! My agent was also great always answered my called and kepte informed with any updates.
Anthony Venutolo was excellent from the beginning. He was always in contact and worked hard to meet my needs. Transaction was smooth and as quick as possible.
I was in a bind and needed money to do home repairs and desperately needed a reliable vehicle ,J.G Wentworth was great ,they took the time to make sure I was well informed !!!!! I was so satisfied I used them three times AWSOME !!!!!!! I would recommend them to anyone !!!!!!!! It was fast and so easy :)
see my original e-mail.
Jen bell is very professional and always keeps us current and updated with any changes in our case. She works around our schedules and makes things easy and convient for us with our busy lives which makes things a lot easier. So far we are very satisfied with our services
Process seemed to take longer each time we dealt with them. The seemingly endless requests for additional paperwork or the paperwork we provided was not what they wanted and had to be replaced with new paperwork. (example: proof of residency) monthly calls to see if we wanted more money got annoying. high interest rates took a larger share of the annuity than the actual amount we received.
By far one of the best places I have dealt with
They beat the competition, but only after they low ball you as often as possible. And you can expect to be ignored after you sign the paper work, until they need you for the court date. As far as the cash advance and sign on bonus go, you might as well wait until you get the whole payment, they "guarantee" the latest date you will get the advance, and when that date is past, suddenly noone will return your call or message you back in any way, and the sign on bonus will only come in check form after you get the advance, which takes weeks, not the days they swear by. So if you are hard up and depending on that advance, don't bother with J.G Wentworth. Definately get quotes from other companies in writing, and keep going back and forth, because thier first offer is way low, and then they will try to beat the competition by 50.00$ at a time, after about the third time they finally get the hint and jump up to "thier best possible offer" which is a grand or two higher than the original offer.
After I decided to do another transaction (my 5th, I think)...I let my account rep know that I would rather deal with 1 person during the entire process. She was able to accommodate me with that and things went very smoothly.
JG Wentworth has been incredible in aiding the process to get money pulled from my annuity. The person I worked with throughout was consistent, quick to respond to questions via email or phone and made me feel comfortable with the transaction and the plans prior. I highly recommend this company (and Dennis Lux) to anyone looking to get money from their settlement.
They really gave me a good offer and made the transaction seamless. They are also very fast and honestly the best in the business. I would not do business with another company. They have the best returnnpolicy as well if you change your mind. Overall it was a great experience
In my last transaction, after many successful transactions to begin building a business I was subjected to egregious negligence by JG Wentworth. The proper paperwork wasn't filed with the court and instead of having the order approved I was made to wait another month from the appointed date for a new court date. Because of JG Wentworth not filing the documents as prescribed and causing an unnecessary delay my car was repossessed and I was unable to work and ended up using the funds for my business venture to buy a new vehicle and subsequently ended up paying a very high interest rate on a used vehicle, my business tanked from lack of funding and I became homeless for a while and I ended up having to do another transaction with another company that is owned by JG Wentworth. Because of that negligence, I was put into a position where I had to sell off the remaining portion of my annuity just to survive. I would never recommend anyone do business with JG Wentworth.
I've done about 6 transaction s and each one have been a good experience I've worked with Tom and others but he's the best on getting you a great deal. I've done research and if you need the money call them first.
Horrible customer service. Been working with them for 8 months to pay correct amount of property taxes. Provided bill 3 times yet they keep paying incorrect amount and mess escrow payment.
The money comes fast and every thing J.G. tell you is true I had good deals with this company. : )
my representative was very professional and prompt with every step of our transactions thank you very much
After the death of my father (no life insurance), a job lay- off, legal issues with my spouse, and a flooded home that caused prolonged illness without medical insurance a all in the same year, I was in dire financial straits with no clear remedy in sight. I was facing foreclosure on two homes and already had a car repossession. Bills were piling up, and my stress level grew exponentially by the minute. My husband and I were watching tv one lucky day when we came across the JG Wentworth advertisement. Never before had I even considered nor was I aware that I could convert my settlement funds into an immediate lifesaver. We called that very moment; and JG Wentworth assigned me a rep, Chris Mallowe, immediately. He thoroughly and candidly explained the entire process from start to finish including documentation procedures, court procedures, timeline, etc. Within one day, I had signed and executed paperwork. Approximately a week later, JG Wentworth delivered on its promise of a much needed cash advance. And about a month after, I went before a judge with legal representation provided by JG Wentworth. The entire process was seamless; and I am grateful to JG Wentworth for the services provided. Of course there is the trade-off of drawing down less of your settlement in later years for the immediate payoff now. But is was so worth it so I could regroup and get my life back on a prosperous path. JG Wentworth's customer service overall was exemplary. I received prompt attention to all my concerns and inquiries. And Chris was diligent in maintaining ongoing and frequent communication throughout via email, text and phone. No question went unanswered and all my fears were allayed. Even now, months later, JG Wentworth still follows up to make sure everything is fine with the remaining disbursement of my settlements and that I am satisfied. And I am! In fact, I have no negative feedback to share at all! I would highly recommend JG Wentworth's services to anyone in a similar situation as my own. I dealt with another settlement buying company to do some comparison "shopping," and experienced firsthand the deceptive and unprofessional practices of others in this field. Stick with JG Wentworth and trust that there's a reason why they do more business than any other company with the same services. Overall, a life-changing and great experience!
Like many other reviews I have read. Only are aggressive when they need something from you, and are rude and degrading when your demanding! Tired of the run around stop pointing fingers and fess up to the truth! Referred my husband, with a $500 bonus. Recieved an email stating "Our new referral bonus $500 UP FRONT! UPON ASKING FOR THE REFERRAL PAYOUT WAS TOLD THE POLICY IS WHEN THEY ARE FUNDED! Read the fine print on the email: This Friends and Family referral bonus offer is good for referrals made for 30 days from the sent date of this email. Referred person must not already be in J.G. Wentworth's database and must be receiving structured settlement payments. Prior to paying the $500 bonus the referred person must confirm that they are receiving available structured settlement payments by completing a conference call with a J.G. Wentworth representative and the applicable insurance company or providing sufficient documentation showing that there structured settlement payments are available for sale. Maximum of 10 referrals per person. All purchase transactions are subject to our underwriting guidelines and approval is at our sole discretion. Call us for additional terms and conditions that apply. This offer is not available in Maryland, is void where prohibited and all transactions are subject to federal, state, and local laws. Offer is open only to U.S. citizens or permanent legal residents (green card) who have reached the age of majority in their respective domiciliary state as of the date they respond to this email. Please obtain permission before providing us with the referred person's contact information. Correct me if I'm wrong but that is what it states. Yes understand it has to go thru underwriting, but don't state its up front! Tired of being bullied and degraded!
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