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Headway Capital Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Headway Capital
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 866.698.8494
Overall average rating of 4.5 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 79 %
Delivered as promised.
I have used Headway Capital for approximately one year. They have always provided me with the best customer service and quickly funded all my requests. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is in the market for working capital.
I found the process initially pretty frictionless. I got the impression I was approved after sending in statements. I even got to the point where they told me I was approved and showed me the line amount and how to advance it. Then all of sudden I get another e-mail asking for more statements. Seemed I little disjointed at times. All in all it happened but it was less than seamless.
I am a small business owner. Headway Capital was about to analyze my income and get me the funds i needed for expansion purposes in as little as two days. When others said no, they said yes! Thank you Headway Capital!!
I worked with Stephen Osman. He was the perfect guy to help me getting my funds for my business. He had the funds into my account before I knew it.I would highly recommend Lendio if u need funds for your business
Headway Capital- the entire team, who ever I spoke with extremely courteous, lots of patience to explain the process. Justin Rothblat who was my first contact stayed with me through the entire process until the loan got funded. He was available on the phone from early hours of morning till late in the evening which was a great help as I am in California. I will highly recommend Headway Capital to any one who is need of an immediate capital for the growth of their business or any other needs. Headway performs in a very timely manner.
I made the mistake of agreeing to borrow funds from this company... I will be paying the credit line off soon, and then will be closing the account. Had I shopped around for rate, I could have saved myself a fortune in interest. After looking into additional funding, I discovered I have the ability to borrow far more money for far less overall cost. DO YOUR RESEARCH AND HOMEWORK before signing up with this company!
Headway Capital has a very nice and helpful staff. I couldn't all four anything more. Bruce Postel BPS PRO SHOPS
You’re the best! Thank you so much! I appreciate all that you have done! Best regards, Kim Tiffany
Headway capital was the first company to look at all aspects of my business and not just my credit score. I was approved for a line of credit and it only took 2 days to receive my funds. This has allowed me to move my business forward in giant steps that will make my business much more profitable. Thank you Headway! I will be referring you to everyone who needs credit options.
Headway Capital was fast and easy to work with. I give them 5 stars plus!
The easiest loan process I have ever been through. Hope to be able to raise my credit limit in the near future. Thank you Trust Capital!
Went through Lendio and my rep there was GREAT! Once Headway got involved it was ok but hard to communicate to get the final loan done. I got less than ideal and it took longer than I had hoped. Average experience.
I like very fast and efficient service. Good and very polite people eager to it
There was a great deal of back and forth and generally misinformation. I think it may have been as much about the broker relationship as anything, but was a bit frustrating. I really didn't even know I had been approved. It was like on again, off again ...
Customer service is excellent and service is great! Bruce
This was a great source of capital when we needed it.
Headway Capital is great. I have been in business for 5 years with the same bank for 4 years. But still I was not able to get a line of credit through my bank, despite having nearly a 700 credit score. But thanks to Headway Capital they were able to get me the line of credit I needed in about 24-26 hours with minimal paperwork. Actually less paperwork than my bank required. I would recommend them to anyone. Just make sure that you have you paperwork in order.
Headway provides the funds within a day and charges lower fees than other online lending companies.
The process was relatively simple, once the approval came the available disbursement of funds took place within 3-4 days. Thank you, Dave A. Superior Products Colorado
As a business, I needed to secure a great line of credit. The folks over at headway made the process pretty effortless and gave me speedy approval and a nice business line that will immediately help us with our endeavors.
I talked to rep who could not explain the fees I was charged. I asked to speak to supervisor but never received call back.
Our auto repair company had bought our first building and needed funding to complete the build out for our use. We also needed funds for equipment purchases. After speaking to a number of lenders that were only interested in a daily payment tap into our credit card processing, and no concern for what would work with our business, we approached Headway Capital. A real eyeopener, Headway is a lender that is good at adapting a loan to the individual businesses needs. Application went smooth and follow up e-mails kept us in the loop during the entire process. We even received a call from our loan officer during approval processing wanting to become familiar with our operation. Will definitely recommend Headway Capital.
Do you need money to run/operate your business fast? If yes, you better run to Headway Capital--they are the BEST! I applied on Wednesday - November 16, 2016, get funded on Friday-November 18, 2016. This is awesome, and unbelievable! I never see anything like this before!! Headway Capital is the best and the fastest funding company I've ever worked with this year. Once, you have excellent Credit Score and some deposits in your business bank account, they will fund you and your business within 3 days!!! So, go get funded by Headway Capital my friend!! Very happy with this company and I will continue to do business with them till I reach Millions and Billions of Dollars!!!! Cheers, Mr. D. Director of Operations/Technical Dept. Takabis Global Technology Co.,
I would recommend to other business friends .. thank you
They were very nice to deal with and got our money fast. We would recommend!
The process was quick and easy. I received funding for my business. Very polite, and professional staff.
I had a very good experience with Headway. The process was easy and rather seamless. I completed the per-qualification online and instantly received a proposed line of credit. I only had to upload two years of taxes and a couple of bank statements. It took a couple of weeks but the last step was to verify my information by phone. After the phone verification I was approved within hours and funds in my account the next day. I look forward to doing business with them.
Although my account was paid off on 11/08, Headway continues to draft my bank account. I finally spoke with someone yesterday and they are looking into it. Have not heard back from anyone and my account still shows that another draft will come out this Friday. NOT HAPPY!!
Can't say enough good things about Headway!! Very straight forward and legit company! They do what they say just like any reputable lender should. No crazy hidden terms or rates. Don't waste your time with anyone else just start here and you'll be much happier!
They were great to work with... look forward to a long relationship... I appreciate their trust!
They wouldnt help me out, not sure why. Never gotten a reason why. I have really good credit. Probably a scam. I am a real person, not some robot leaving a review.
Every timew you withdraw money from your line of credit they charge you a 2% fee. Also they never notified me about their depositing the full credit line amount in my bank account. Interest Charges + withdrawal fees showed up as owed right away. Not a good practice to push you into an expense without notifying you...
Great, quick service!
Helped my small business with a true and affordable line of credit! All other companies only wanted to do super expensive MCA's with short terms and high rates that hurt moire than they help. I wish I had found Headway Capital earlier. Take it from someone who has tried and researched many, start here first!!
I have been looking for a line of credit for some time but everything seemed to be those companies that want to charge a flat amount so I expected the same from Headway but be rest assured it was totally different and it was a true line of credit. They made everything so easy and are very fast when I need the money. I would recommend them to everyone.
the service and the fast response on supporting my business was great, not complicated at all, not too much back and forth on the results.
Headway Capital quickly processed and funded my financing request. Their online tools make it easy to do business with them and to monitor the status of my loan. Highly recommended!!!
The approval process was quick and pain free. Thank you!
Jameson Paxton offered me a Line of Credit for my business. I was told that I was approved, I could withdraw just the money I need and pay the fees for that amount only. Next thing I know the whole "line of credit" money was deposited into my account instead of me taking it from Headway Capital, the lender. I called Jameson Paxton to complain because I did not need all the money. I decided to return all of it because I did not want to get charge interest. Previously, Jameson also told me that I was going to be able to pay back immediately. That wasn't the case. Headway Capital website did not let me pay right away but after 6 days. Meaning that I had to pay back $500 in fees. I called, email and send text messages to Jameson several times he no even once responded to my request. Oh! he said he was going to talk to his supervisor and call me the next day. I also called Headway Capital several times to both their publish numbers but noobody ever pick up.
I was pleasantly surprised how professionally and competently the Headway Capital folks handled my application and approved my business quickly. I can really recommend small business funding with Headway.
Great option for small business owners who have down times throughout the year and/or looking to expand their long time business when they do not have the immediate capitol. Like the funding option much more than a loan as it is always readily available when another time or opportunity arises, could not have been a bigger help than what they were for me.
From my first exposure, Headway personnel have been concerned and engaged in my corporate financial needs and how they could help satisfy them. And, at the end of a short but comprehensive review process, they delivered what they promised. And they continue to be engaged with helpful business-related emails and surveys reflecting their interest in being a positive part of my company's growth. Many offer support but Headway stands out, way out, ahead of their competition.
Headway Capital was great to work with and listened to what I needed and went above and beyond to make sure it happened and was a good fit for me. Easy application and quick decision. My loan portal is simple to use and read. Would recommend to any small business looking for capital.
Company has shown professionalism and courtesy throughout my three to four years of services that they provide it in terms of making funds available for my small company on a easy or should I say fast and predictable manner.
We have used two other short term funding companies and Headway is far and above all the others.
The team exceeded my expectations in the way they handled my request. It was smooth, simple and fast. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
My experience with Headway Capital has been outstanding. Excellent customer service and communication. Highly recommend!
We have just begun our relationship with Headway and sincerely nothing could have been easier or more timely! Our company is about 1.5 years young and the growth of our company has been amazing; however, no bank or loan company would have considered us without hitting the two year mark and even then the loan percentages would have been twice what we were able to obtain from Headway. So far, our experience getting business capital and drawing from our line has been seamless!
A lot of companies over a similar service, you spend days and days sending over paper work, and then they ask for more. The rates of other companies are so high it is not worth the loan. Headway makes it fast easy and most of all very affordable. Thanks a million.
Headway Capital came thru for my business and I am very pleased with their services.
Absolute waste of effort. Applied, said that I had an application or account already. That's interesting, considering the fact I've never heard of Headway Capital before today and have only now met their requirements (at least according to their website). I imagine they took my info and sold it to another company. Glad everyone else is making money off my credit profile - because I'm sure not benefiting.
I am very pleased with Headway Capital I got my application processed and funded in less than 24 Hours
We used Lendio to get us to Headway. It was a seamless transition! 5 stars. Thanks helped me out of a tight spot!
Headway Capital has been wonderful to work with! Our only complaint would be a lack of communication during the loan application process, but everyone has been very courteous and wonderful to work with!
What an easy company to work with. In a matter of days, my loan was funded and I was able to take of my business needs without any delays issues. As a matter of fact, the business loan was easier to obtain than the new lease for my business.
It was quick and effortless.
The process was easy, the management of my funds is easy and the couple of times I've had to call for information, the customer service was expedient and helped me right away. As someone who consults in the service management space, I am truly impressed!
Spending money on getting website going nothing happening, Lots of thing that was suppost to happening but again sill waiting.
Headway delivered the money I requested in a reasonable time. I needed for several looming tax deposits. Worked out well.
Headway Capital helped propel my business! I will continue to use this business in the future!
Was very pleased dealing with Headway Capital and Business Backer. Josh was very kind and professional and answered all my questions. He was able to get us the funds through a line of credit quickly from Headway Capital and without hassle. He had a positive attitude and did not make us feel inferior like other companies did because our business makes a smaller amount of profits. Would highly recommend Headway Capital and Business Backer to any small business. Thank you.
Fast Service, I would recommend this company to everyone. Easy process Great service.
Very professional and honest view of business needs.
So far so good! 2 Hurricanes in 11 months had pinched our typical cash flow more than we'd like and having access to capital so we can continue to operate and grow is imperative. The process was simple online. One phone call from underwriters several days later to ask a few questions and verify info and within a couple more days we had capital. Not expecting any major issues and glad to have a company that will work w/ small businesses like ours.
Betofore I used to spend more time collecting to meet my payroll. Now I spend more time making money thanks to Headway Capital.My time is more expensive than the interest I pay them.
I contacting multiple companies and Headway was the quickest and had the best rates. Other companies repeatedly asked my for information, would say its all they need then say its not good enough and demand more. Headway gave me no issues. I received the amount I needed for the term that worked for me.
Overall very timely process, had some trouble initially with getting my bank verified, but that was remedied quickly with alternate methods. Nothing out of the ordinary in the fine print. I do look forward to building my business relationship with Headway Capital as my business grows.
Great customer service every time a I call
Probably one of the easiest processes I have ever had. The company took my information, verified my banking information and I was done. I tried other companies but Headway Capital blew the competition away. I look forward to a long and lasting relationship with Headway Capital. Thank you again,
We are a small business and Headway Capital made it easy for us to obtain a credit line so we could continue to grow. The process was very easy and funding was very fast. I would recommend them to everyone. Thank you Headway Capital for a job well done!
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