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eCommission Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: eCommission
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 877-882-4368
Overall average rating of 4.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 84 %
Fantastic!!!!!!! Easy and quick
Very easy, no hidden costs
Excellent customer service and communication. Thanks!!!!
I have used this company several times, they are quick, easy to use and discreet. I highly recommend them!
I can depend on Ecommission when ever I'm in a bind. I know for a fact the funds will be in my account within an hour, no more than 2 on a busy day.
Everyone was very professional and accommodating. Will definitely use them again!!
Excellent and courteous service and as fast as they promise!
eCommissions was a breeze to use! I will definitely use them again when needed and recommend them to other realtors. Thank you!
Best way to get commission money quick.
Very easy process, great customer service and the money shows up same day or by the following morning.
excellent! great customer service and so easy!
It was late in the afternoon when I applied for the draw and the team members quickly got it put together and funded! So thankful for the service
Excellent service agents were great explained everything would definitely recommend them
I was expecting to receive commission on a closing, however due to unforeseen circumstances the closing date was extended. I applied for a cash advance and had the funds I needed before end of the day.
Fast and efficient. Definitely helps when some escrows are taking longer to close.
If cash flow becomes an issue for your real estate business, eCommission is the way to go! I would highly recommend them to any agent! We ran into some paperwork hiccups with my broker, but once everything was approved, funding and repayment was handled without delay! Highly recommended!
The process is smooth and efficient. You will be helping a lot!
Very quick!!! Great communication and updates via text.
I have worked with E-commission for quite a few years and they are very helpful. They fund rapidly and treat you with kindness. I would highly recommend them.
The process is quick, stress-free, and it is very user-friendly. The folks at eCommission are quite helpful and they answer questions promptly.
Fast, Easy, always very courteous. However, there have been a few times they said no, when I think they should have said yes. But they always made me feel, at least, like they were doing everything they could, but still following their investors guidelines.
I love using ecommissions the process is seamless and quick. Plus we get coupons from time to time to save money for advances.
Ease of use and the commitment to the funds being available as soon as practically possible.
I have used them a few times. Easy process for quick cash.
Honest , quick and great customer care
Service is great, interest is high, but sometimes loan is necessary to keep going.
Easy access for commission advances.
I have had great experiences so far with the program. Customer service is on point.
ECommission provides outstanding service ...very helpful from the beginning to end. Thank you guys for all you do!!
It's great but the fees are way too high!
eCommission was there when I needed funds right away. I needed the funds for a health condition for my kid. eComission came though effortlessly, so quick, PRESTO it was like this is how we get it DONE at eCommission! The money was in my account and my kid co-pay was covered. I cannot express what this meant to me truly. I'm so grateful eComission is around. This value Realtors truly need. I'll use eCommission again! I highly recommend eCommission!
OMG!! What a life saver. I recommend to all. I wish I would of known sooner. I actually asked my broker to put on a class and let other agents know this....thank you so much!
as alway's sean your courteous and knowledgeable staff has out done itself time after time ! thank you very much. gary goodell
The application process is simple to complete and funds are wired fast when you need it.
I received my advance in less than two hours. Love e-commission, when you need an advance fast, there is no better choice.
Sterling service worth doing business
eCommission has always helped me with getting an advance within hours of requesting by following up with my broker and the title company. I always know that if I need money that its just a few clicks away!
I love how easy and efficient it is to work with eCommission. I definitely would recommend this company.
I am very grateful for this company. They help me to get my commission advances quickly and the customer service is excellent. I highly recommend E - Commission.
I used once and I was very satisfied with their service They are there to help when you need funds before closing, is always good to have a great company back you up when you need it most. Thank you eCommission
eCommission is Fast and Friendly!
Easy approval & funding! Very helpful for those times in between closings!
Professional and prompt attention to detail!
Quick, Friendly, Professional service...Amazing!!
I think I could very well be one of their first customers. I've been in the real estate business for 30 years now and for 21 years I've been using Ecommission whenever I needed to advance my commission - which is usually ALWAYS. In all of those years, I've never had a problem with them. They're courteous and fast. Before you can blink an eye, your advance has been wired into your checking account. I'm not sure if there's any business out there that I would recommend more highly than this one.
All good on your end. I think the reason it took a week to get the job done was that the closing attorney did not respond to your confirmation emails. The process on your end was seamless, and you did exactly what you promised. Thank you!
The rates are very high. I am reviewing other companies and the rate is from 5-7 %.
Fast, efficient, and professional.
I've had several advances from eCommission over the past 3 years. They have been handled quickly and professionally; no problems at all. A good resource to have for a rainy day!
Process is amazingly easy and pricing is not bad at all. Has been very helpful in keeping my business moving
I appreciate that I can run to them and get the money I need almost instantly. Their website is easy to navigate and that's great too but they are very expensive and have a small $5000 maximum loan for brokers. They don't take into account my years as a good customer and that bothers me.
My Rep. was Kendall P. - She was so efficient and quick to handle my advance request. E-Commission has a place in our business to keep things moving. Thank You, Joe P.
I like eCommission because the process is simple and fast. No need to upload a million docs like other commission companies require. On the other end, that ease does come with a price. On the front end, they look very competitive to others, but they don’t do a holdback/refund after closing like most other advance companies do, so on the back end, they are pricier than others. I also like that they do listing advances if needed.
I have only had one bad transaction with them and they fixed it immediately. They also covered all fees I received. They are easy and understanding to work with. I definitely recommend them to other agents and use them when I have to.
I have worked with ecommission several times. They are superstars. Their people are so friendly and understand Real Estate Issues. Their charges are reasonable and competitive. I had a closing die, and they required a replacement. Simple. Better than the buyers and sellers. Just a pleasure to work with them, and I will continue as needed. They help balance your cash flow.
eCommission has kept my business funded on several occasions. Quick, easy, and professional process.
It was easy and so helpful! I will use them again
Exceptional service. It only takes a few minutes to complete the application. As soon as the information is verified on the application, the funds are wired to your bank account. Smooth, easy and fast.
Excellent customer service money was received in 24 hours. Fees are a little expensive.
It's good to know they're available when you need the advance. I've been using eCommission for years.
ECommissions has been a lifesaver in between closings. They are professional and make the process so easy. Once the transaction is approved the advance is deposited into your account sometimes the same day. Its a great option for Realtors! I highly recommend using this service when needed. Thank you, ecommission! Jacqueline Hogue Better Homes and Gardens Move Time Realty
eCommission was simple to set up and easy to use. The money we needed was in our account immediately!! Thank you!
I love Ecommissions. Kendall Prewitt is an absolute Pro! She understands timing and attention to me as her client are critical. She treats me like I’m the most important part of her day. I highly recommend Realtors relieve the stress of waiting to be paid by using Ecommissions. Thank you Kendall Prewitt!!
They have come through when you need it. Also are very easy to work with
Very easy process and fast!
Process couldn’t be easier! We desperately needed my next commission check, and literally from when I discovered eCommissions to when the money was in the bank was no more than 30 minutes! Well worth the associates fees, especially when you need the money. Kendall was super friendly and even sent me a hand written thank you card! How awesome!
they are very quick and good. price is a little high, but nice to know they are there.
This was super easy and fast!
Ecommission has helped me to get my business started by allowing me to pay for the basics it takes to be successful. I plan on paying them back early, which cuts their fee down too, so I can keep my money.
Love everything except how much I have to pay for the advance.....
Easy to apply and process
It was very fast and seamless. I would definitely use your services again.
In Purchases Contracts Advance Commission, eCommission fee been charged too much,
Fast and easy! When things are though and you need help getting to your next closing, you can count on ecommission. Professionalism and great fees!
Excellent !!! Easy and very convenient !
Excellent & I do recommend eCommission all the time. Great job everyone at eCommission.
Very fast and friendly. Excellent
Getting paid on time when needed even due to obstacles and delays.
Easy to use and lightning fast.
I LOVE this service!!
My experience with eCommission was quick and easy, and I appreciated that there was a way to get an advance on my commissions when needed, but the costs are significantly high, so it makes it difficult to be a repeat user of the service. Also, if you are an independent broker, you are limited to the amount that you can draw. This limitation also makes it difficult to use this service again, unless you are in a tough situation and you really need to make the draw.
Percentage is so high. Would have ask for more as I have 5 listings and 5 new home constructions on the books.
Wonderfully sufficient and available in time of waiting on close of Escrow’s.
Every time I have used eCommission, I have received outstanding results.
Quick turnaround, easy application and great customer service. I will continue to use this service.
First time out, I tried their service and was quite pleased - it's fast and easy to use! Their staff is very responsive and ready to jump in and help out. Would definitely recommend and use again!
I have always had excellent service from E-Commission I highly recommend them when you really need an advance. Very professional and fair.
Very fast and friendly representatives. Thanks for offering this effective and affordable solution
Very fast and easy to get an advance to make ends meet in a pinch.
eCommission, and in particular, Jonathan Vandestreek, have been amazing to work with. They listen attentively and always answer my questions honestly. I would highly recommend them to anyone thinking about using eCommission in the future! Jason Long, Realtor, Austin Texas.
Hello My experience has been good and helpful. they deposit the funds very quickly. Thank you Gloria Arbizo
This is just like a payday loan and I would not recommend, fees are too high.
One of my agents wanted to utilize this service. Not only was a shocked that he was going to pay 13.3% just to get commission advance for a few weeks but I was also shocked that as a broker I could not find a FAQ or other information for brokers on their site. I then had a very unpleasant interaction with account manager on live chat, person did not address my questions and rather wanted to just cut and paste canned responses. What amazes me is that if an agent utilizes this service, brokers cannot use their automated 1099 generation as amount of 1099 needs to reflect full amount and not the abbreviated amount actually paid to the agent. If they had some helpful way to help brokers navigate around this in their accounting systems (quickbooks, etc) it would be smart.
Fast, efficient. Exactly as promised There is NO better service possible....I will recommmend to fellow agents 100 percent C*
Good experience overall, feel like fees are too high
Ecommission is always quick with no issues in getting your advance.
Excellent customer service. Fast
Easy to work with, however fees are much higher than the other advance companies.
they don't ask for extensive and complicated paperwork
As we all know , in this industry , there are times when we need a little cash flow help. E Commission is outstanding. I have used them for a several occasions over the past 5 years and have always had wonderful service. Fast , Easy and Honest ! Wonderful,professional and courteous staff. They make you feel as though you are their only customer. I highly reccomend them!
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