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CashCall Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: CashCall
Phone: 1-888-723-1748
Overall average rating of 4.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 77 %
Yes, they give you money next day at 100% annual interest. These people are criminals and are hurting our society. They are praying on desperate people and will make these desperate people in worse condition then prior to getting money from these criminals. Yes, it is legal to charge 100% if you are a legal lender, but it should never be allowed.
Russell was great. Thz
Tin was very patient with me while trying to acess my bank records and while my computer had to update. Wish the interest rates were lower, but I knew what to expect.
The representatives are all very friendly and explain the process very thorough. I am a repeat customer!!
I recently just closed my re-fi with cashcall and I couldn't be happier. My loan officer was on top of everything and was very pleasant. The whole process was easy and painless. I would highly recommend using them for any loan product they offer. What's not to love about a free re-fi and not paying your mortgage for a few months!
Working with CashCall was a seamless process. Marvin Im and Annie Lac were always available, professional, and efficient.
This is the third time I've used cash call and I'm very pleased. Very kind agents that explain everything to you in detail.
Very happy with James Tan. Very helpful and made process very smooth, thank you James!
They were honest, quick and followed up.
this was a quick easy process Due to Nichole Salazar, i will recomend
Everything is five stars, will use Cash Call again
Cash Call was very professional & expeditious when I recently requested a personal loan. Everything was explained in detail regarding the terms, as well as the process. An Nguyen was very knowledgeable, responsive, quick & efficient.
Borrowing money from Cashcall has been the easiest, no hassle experience in my life
James was very knowledgeable and accommodating. He just seemed to know everything as he led me through the entire process. I got my money within couple of hours as he promised. This is the second time I went to CashCall for help and I was not disappointed on both occasions.
Thank you CashCall for your help! My credit score is low but they were able to help me out.
Quick, clear disclosure, friendly service.
Kenneth did a great job! He made the process super easy!
The customer service is impeccable. James my representative, really is amazing. He had me apporved in minutes. I love how they call and email you to make sure that all questions are answered. I recommend CashCall to anyone and I am a very satisfied customer. Job well done!!!!
I have used Cashcall before but this time was even better experience.
It started out very good and fast Franklin was very responsive and did what he could. when Annie got involved it also started well but as time progressed she became unresponsive would not return calls and emails unanswered. all in all I happy that the loan is done will see how the service goes from here
My review is of the perofrmance of Barrett Terry (Loan Agent) and Christine Vuong (Processor) at CashCall Inc, for the purpose of my refinance. From begginning conversations to closing, Barrett was enthusiastic to help us and answer all my questions and concerns. Christine worked hard to close out all the required items and stayed positive when there were items that continued to stay open, and required continued efforts to close out those actions. Both Berrett and Christine stayed professional during the experience even when a missing suboridnation, forced the closing schedule to the right and into the next month. They were able to get the loan closed in the next month for the originally offered deal without invloving us in the internal negotiations or problems. They just worked with us to get all the required items and signatures and dealt with everything else internally. We never had to deal with the stress of what is happening. They just got it done for the deal advertised. I appreciate their way of getting things done and will recommend them and Cash Call if given the opportunity.
Applying over the phone was easy, as I had already had a loan with you. I had trouble retrieving my password, but the gal on the phone was polite and very helpful. I also like the fact that my payments won't drag on for years. In 7 months it will be paid off.
John Le was pleasant and courteous.
CashCall is a lousy, poor, disgusting excuse for a company. Rude, inattentive customer service and they care not one lick for their clients. I have absolutely nothing good to say about CashCall.
From start to fished Ms. Hwang had fallow thru all the way, she is a great employee for your company,
Cash Call is the real deal. Was very apprehensive, but realized they are taking the intial financial risk by paying for the appraisal, so we did it. It was fast, smooth, and saved us lots of money. Recommend them and would use them again.
Professional, prompt, friendly, knowledge, helpful, seamless, good communication and great deal,
I had family emergency and had to get emergency fund somehow. Since I have borrowed from Cashcall previously, I had trust in them. They still had great customer service and have helped me get through the financial crisis that I was in. If you know you can pay back within few weeks, but short on cash, I highly recommend them :)
Excellent, thorough, professional service by Scott Prince. From my first call, through application, approval, with $$ in bank, less than 24 hours!
Friendly, helpful, explained high interest so no surprises, quick and easy. Thank you!
I received professional and excellent service from Tin Nguyen. He was able to answer all my questions. My loan process went very smoothly. Thanks to him.
Easy and convenient. Emily Taylor and Curtis Ye made the process quick and were helpful with the contract. Emergency funds when you need it, interest of course is going to be high, but there isn't anything to complain about when you're in need.
i had a really good experience with your associates my process was real quick and easy.
Cash Call has help me twice in tough situation when I needed help I would recommend this service any time in need thank you and I appreciate your help.
I received fast and efficient loan approval once again from Cash Call
I was very happy with everyone I dealt with at Cash call, or the people they had hired to work on the loan (appraiser, notary, etc.) Everything went as smooth as I would have hoped for, & was relatively quick as well. I also got a better interest rate. There is nothing in the house but smiles! Thank you all, Chuck McCray
Cashcall help me solve my immediate financial needs.
Cash Call makes it easy, fast and is always there for you no matter what. And extremely courteous.
I needed the money asap, so I had to accept a Very high interest. They deposit the money the same day.
Everything was easy and agent was really nice.
my review of both the company and my agent at the company is the highest ten stars *************** My agent is the best loan agent I have ever seen. he was very professional, he call me to keep me up dated constantly as to how the loan is going. He tell me what he need from me and guide me how to get it for him. sometime he call me 9.00pm just to be sure i am updated. He is not like others that like to say NO, he will say what other alternative you have, he want to make it happened. My special THANK YOU to the best loan Agent in CASHCALL "BERT COLBER at 949 535 9624 ten stars for you
As I mention above CashCall made my refinance experience very easy. My rep was available and acknowledgable to answer all my questions. I have and will continue to recommend CashCall to family and friends.
Process was very fast. They keep you informed every step of the way.
Very friendly and helpful staff and the entire loan process was super fast and painless - really a nice job all the way around!
Repeat customer, and they recognize that which is nice. My Agent Tin Nguyen was exceptional in servicing my needs. Always been a good experience.
Tanya Hang was Excellent. She fully explained my options and made the process as smooth as possible!
I have over 50 years mortgage experience and found Cash Call Mortgage to be straight forward, true to their word and incredibly efficient. My first mortgage refinance loan closed in 17 days ( including Christmas and New Year holidays) with low fees, rate as quoted and excellent service. No hesitation to recommend my loan officer, Kevin Lenart or Cash Call Mortgage
I needed money in an emergency , while out of the country.Loan was funded in hrs. High interest rate but well worth in time of dire need. Excellent customer service. Special mention :Mr.Jason Nguyen
The people that I have talked to have been very pleasant and helpful and the process was speedy.
We have used Cashcall for a total of 8 loans. Each time we experience quick service and were always able to get in touch with our agent and get answers to questions right away. I think what people need to keep in mind when applying for loans is that you need to get information to your agent and processor quickly. They cannot move forward until they have your documents. We got things back quickly and kept in constant contact so we always knew where we were in the process. Cashcall agents were professional and courteous.
We recently refinanced with Cashcall. At first I was wary with the scam sounding name but this business is for real. They gave me a better rate than Wells Fargo and the refinancing process was super easy. I definitely recommend them over the big banks.
This is the first time using CashCall. I hope all goes well as planned. It was very easy and convenient to set up the loan and the metrics were explained to me in plain English. Since my credit sucks, this is the only way I was able to get a loan for my company...
This is the second time I have used Cashcall. The first time was when I refinanced my first home so I could get in on great lower interest rates with the low closing cost and they lived up to there promise! This next time I wanted to buy my dream house and they came through again! The purchase process took longer than expected and my lock in rate expired and I was not happy at all!! Well turned out my new rate was 1/2% less than the old locked in rates so I saved even more money!! My new venture will entail buying 2-3 more places to start my business and I will not use anyone else but Cashcall! Thanks for helping me make it happen! Aloha!!
Very helpful trought out the process
cashcall is way over everyone else no 30 emails no 30 phone calls , it only took 4 phone calls,5 emails and it was done money wad in my bank account by 1:30 this is the place
The rate was as advertised and it closed in two weeks from first contact. Daniel Chau was very helpful throughout the process.
Although i received my loan because I was in a jam, I believe the interest rate charged is outrageous. Given other choices, I would never have done this loan.
Russell was honest and told me everything about repayment and paying down loan
Only use Cash Call if you're desperate and can pay the loan back quickly. The interest rate is crazy bad!!!
This is the second time I've used CashCall's service. The customer service is excellent, the representatives are patient and knowledgable. The only recommendation I would give someone is to pay off the loan as quickly as you are able due to the high interest. The great thing about doing that, aside from saving interest cost, is there isn't a penalty for early payoff. Make sure you understand the responsibility you are taking on. Best of luck and success to everyone, we're all in this financial turn down together, let's help one another to succeed.
You can't go wrong with cash call. They are very trust worthy company. If you are looking for a loan and you except. The terms. This is for you. Help is a phone call away. So give them a call next time you come up short . And need a helping hand.
You've dealt with enough people that you should have your act together by now. Ask for something clearly, concisely and more exacting to get what you need the first time. Either you're too busy, or inept...certainly not careful and not making this an easy experience. The salesman was knowledgeable. The loan processor was not efficient. This could have gone much smoother. Don't tell me you can't read what you've asked for on your end or didn't receive it the first time. Fist- look at your mail thoroughly and second ask for a .pdf when you need a .pdf.
The service for a lender was dignified and professional. The lending rate is very high and is the type you'd want to pay off quickly. I'd say they could do better at lowering the lending rate...
Our agent was very professional and friendly. With us every step of the way, he made the process very smooth. I would highly reccomend them to anyone looking to refinance as they go above and beyond in their helpfulness.
Cate Truong, my loan processor, was available throughout the process and made sure everything got taken care of even though there were bumps along the way that were not of Cash Call's doing. Thank you Cate!
Cashcall assisted me with refinancing my home in an easy and efficient manner. I received a lower interest rate, took cash out and completed the entire refinance in 14 days; phone call to cash in the bank!! Thank you CashCall.
We were skeptical at first - they don't have an imposing company name or fancy promotion, but in the end these are advantages. It means lower overhead and less pretension. They are completely professional, smart, thorough, unbelievably efficient, and friendly. They have this process down - once they work with you to quickly figure out whether you're in position to refi (check credit scores, debt to income ratio, appraisal), they have a system in place make it happen fast. They help you as much as possible so you can do your part quickly as well. It's a matter of practice and experience - they know what they're doing. (And once you've gone through one refi, you get more used to the process, too. We had an advantage because we'd been through this before, but with another company.) They take the mystery out of it. You end up feeling motivated because you have a sharp ally: We interfaced with Mei Tang, the loan agent, who was able to explain any questions along the way. She, in turn, was backed by Christine Vuong, the loan officer. They were a strong team. We've refi'd before, but this was our first experience with them. All this, and it didn't cost us anything. So, we have to say, "so far, so good." Also, our mom has refi'd with them several times and she's the one who recommended CashCall to us.
If you need extra cash quick and will pay it back within 30 days, then Cash Call is a good solution.
Great customer service and a very easy, painless process!!
The loan officer was awesome and quick. I called at 10 pm at night and The money was in my account by 1pm the next day like she said.
Great Fast Job
Well I work in the investment / Banking arena and understand a good opportunity when I see one. Ironically I was called "cold call" initially by a second language telemarketer and since he was polite and I was in the market for a re-fi I allowed him to connect me to someone who ended up being with cash call. The rep I spoke to pre-qualified me on the spot (while shopping at tj maxx) and locked me into an amazing rate when others were saying it would be .25 to 1% higher WITH points. Long story short refinanced into a 15 year fixed out of a 6.75% 10/1 arm. Then about a year later we decided to rent our house and wanted to refinance back into a 30 year to minimize the payment. Absolutely golden refinance with J Douglas in just 15 days! Unreal - Only compliant need to buy a home now and shopping for a jumbo and this isn't cash calls sweet spot! I am referring everyone I know
Great customer service. Everything explained in a simple and easy way to understand the loan terms.
Awesome people. There were they when no one else would help. Expensive but worth it due to how fast, helpful and understanding the people who work there are.Would recommend to friends and family!
I was pleasantly surprised by the great services and excellent rate from Cashcall. I have done 3 refi's with them and all went smoothly. The Cashcall persons I dealt with were very responsive to my requests by emails and phone calls. Sometimes they did not pick up my phone calls and I would leave a message, and they would call me back.
I was able to get loan that I wanted and was given sufficient time to pay it off. The option to pay off with early payments gave me ample time to afford to settle my loan. Helping you in a time of need is what Cashcall does. John Powers
This is my third loan with Cash Call. Paul made my experience with my new loan quick and easy. Cash Call came through once again when I needed it the most. Thank you Cash Call.
Fast and easy process. Professional reps! Great rates and terms.
take advantage of people had the loan less then 30 days and was charged over 300 in interest never borrow from these people!!
They very honest fast funding easy application process
Our Cashcal rep was excellent! We have refied many times and this has been the best experience thus far! Our rep followed up in a timely manner and answered every question we had. Our refi closed in 15 days! No hidden fees! I will definitely use cashcall in the future!
Only draw back was delays and a bit of a mix up on notary signing. Originally scheduled for a Friday and I was told it had to be delayed for the weekend which was very hectic for me. I originally had to schedule for Sunday evening, then tried to move it up to Saturday. Notary called and seemed to have difficulty understanding my request. Kept trying to make it early Sunday instead of earlier to Saturday as I requested. Just didn't seem to understand me.
Fast, easy and excellent customer service.I got my money in the bank the same day.
Person worked hard to walk me through the loan. Thank you
good company frindly
Fast funding with knowledgeable staff.
Fast, responsive - we needed funds to bridge a gap and CashCall was extremely responsive and also very sure that we understood the terms of a short term loan. Have your documents ready and they will move fast.
the process was very quick and easy it's high but my biggest bills are paid off! I have one bill now!
Cashcall helped me out quickly with a much needed loan. They encourage you to pay off quickly to avoid interest charges.
Obtain a loan from Cashcall due to an unexpected emergency. Everyone which assisted me was helpful and professional. The Cashcall team made my experience awesome!
I was able to call Cash Call and receive my loan in the very same day. Staff was extremely helpful!!! I would definitely recommend to others and will remember for any future financial needs.
Delivered as promised. Lowest rate out of all the competitors and quick quality service. Always prompt to respond and help with whatever issues arose. Closed my loan in 14 days. I already recommended them to my friends and wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for a quality mortgage company.
When I needed help they were there. The rep. i talked to was professional and I really liked the warning about making extra payments when I could to lower my total interest.
I like working with cashcall. The only thing I don't like is the beeping while the conversation going on.
My husband and I were on vacation and I received a call from CashCall saying they could improve on our current mortgage interest rate. I explained I would call when I returned home. Once back, I got to my office and after a two week vacation, things were chaotic and I didn't call. The next day, I received another friendly reminder from CashCall that I so appreciated. I submitted our financial information on a Monday, and we were signing loan documents SIX DAYS LATER! It could not have been easier and our re-fi didn't cost us a dime. I highly recommend the staff at CashCall for making this a truly wonderful experience.
I was in a very tough spot and needed money fast. All the other lenders were telling me no, but CashCall got me the money I needed in the same day. What a huge stress relief to know that there is a company out there that will lend a hand when it is really needed. Thank you Daniel and CashCall for giving me a quick and easy experience and getting me the loan that I needed when I truly needed it.
Tin was helpful, explained the process thoroughly. Walked me through process and followed up with emails and calls.
This CASHCALL has wonderful and patient employee who work with you and go out of there way to help you with the site and what need to be done. Great wonderful job! Great consumers employee is great company. I will recommend people to come to this company the trust and Honest people can help you in anything we need. When I do finish this loan I do recommend if they can help me out more rating getting a bigger loan like 5,000. Thank you all for all your help! You are the awesome company cash call! Donna was a great help! Take care!
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