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Fast Cash Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Fast Cash
Overall average rating of 0.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 1 %
They contacted me claiming that I was eligible for $5,000 interest free loan. That should have been my first clue that this ** was a scam! I spoke to an Indian speaking person named Daniel. I originally only needed $500 and Daniel kept saying I qualified for $5,000. After receiving an approval code, I was then transferred to another Indian speaking individual named Jack ** who then told me more qualifications to this interest free $5,000 loan. Then I had to show at least $500 in my account in order to get this $5,000 wired in an hour! The next day (after sleeping and thinking clearly), I called the number back, (909) 713-4339, to get more clarification and they had attitude because I questioned their practices! I was told that now I needed to show $500 on a Money Pak. What the hell is that? Why do I have to put money on a card (not my account) for you to wire money to my account? It smelled like a scam to me, so I declined and hung up. Then not 2 minutes later, an officer higher than Mr. ** called me wanting to explain their practices. This female Indian speaking woman really pissed me off! That ** called me repeatedly 11 times! I became extremely irate with her after I repeatedly told her ** and I was no longer interested that I felt this was a scam. Buyer beware of this company! I tried to file a claim with the Better Business Bureau but I didn't have their zip code, so I couldn't complete it. I'm furious but thankful that I didn't give them my bank account information! Be careful of those who try to steal your hard-earned money. We work hard and sometimes fall short and need some help not to be kicked further in the hole!
This company threatened me with a case number if I did not pay them $625. I have never received any loan from Fast Cash. They cannot enter my account to withdraw any funds as they originally tried to bill me for some credit card set up. They demand money wired to them. They have heavy Indian accents and will not tell me where they are located or anything about the so-called loan. They say they are with Jack Smith Criminal Investigations and opt to file suit rather than discuss the case if I don't pay immediately.
US Fast Cash gave me a loan of $400 with a payback of $520 (documented). They took $120 for four months which gave me a remainder of $10. The following months they took $170 ($50 plus $120) then $152 ($50 plus $102) then $140 ($50 plus $90). Now tell me they want $125 ($50 plus $75) totalling an excess of $575. I have tried to call but to no avail; can you help me? And to top it off they say I still owe $325 this is absurd and ridiculous. Please help!
I only inquired about loan around 03/04/12 when they told me about the finance fee. I told them never mind and I never signed any documents online. Then I found a deposit for $500 in my Wells Fargo account on 03/05/12. I tried contacting but you get directed to a website. There is no direct number or website to contact Fast Cash directly. They started taking $171.43 from my checking account and I cannot contact anyone at Fast Cash to resolve this matter.
Andy and Kelvin said they approved my loan but I had a refundable verification fee of 110.00. I bought a Green Dot card and gave them the money as instructed. Kelvin called back and asked for another Green Dot card with 110.00 on it because my credit score was low. He said that this too was refundable. I was desperate so I did this too. Called them and gave them the number. He said both verification fees and the loan amount would be in my checking acct in 30 minutes. Never happened. I feel so stupid... Borrowed money for fees...
I requested a refund of $79.90 charged to my credit card because I never entered the site to use the 7-day free trial. Customer Service refused a refund because their disclaimer stated that the 7-day free trial started when you signed up. This information was in a Terms and Conditions item in very small print at the bottom of the first page of the website, and would not have been seen if the viewer did not scroll the page all the way down. I did not see it to read this disclaimer and did not understand that by entering the site one would be liable for the charges.The following is a copy of email correspondence with Customer Service at "FastCash" and is my response to looking at the disclaimer on the site:"I have looked at the site link you sent. The disclaimer at the bottom of the page is extremely obscure and would be not seen at all if the viewer did not scroll the page all the way down. There is no indication whatsoever in the body of this first page that there will be charges or a trial period before filling out any personal information 'to see if you qualify.' Your disclaimer should be prominent in the body of the web page, and required reading before entering the site. By not having this disclaimer required reading before entering the site, you are not fully disclosing what the consumer is agreeing to by seeing if 'they qualify.' I consider this malicious and extremely misleading and will be reporting these actions to the proper consumer protection agency."
I received a call from a Timothy ** from Texas which I asked him his information. He said I was approved for 3000 dollar loan. Well I then asked what was the interest rate, fees, etc. They also sent a email explaining the breakdown. I became suspicious when they asked for money on a Green Dot MoneyPak card. He wanted me to send 220.00. How do you send money to get money? I told him I didn't need that amount and the interest rate was too high. He gave me the details with a reference number blah blah blah. I already knew this just didn't sound right. Especially his name. He spoke with a Indian accent.So I did a search and found this website with all these helpful reviews. It just confirmed my thoughts on this company. Please beware, I'm sure the same thing would happen to ME if I sent them my money. So thank you for posting your experience and letting other consumers know not to do ANY business with these scam artist! I wonder if anyone received their funds back?
The "sales" team must of received my contact information online as it is associated with my business. They called me dozens of times over a period of 5 days. They requested all of my personal information including 4 months of all of my banking statements, my ss#, and permission to run my credit. Once I gave over this information I never heard from them again... I emailed and called the lending manager numerous times and to date no one from their office has called me back. We did end up getting the loan we needed from a more reputable company. I am concerned now that they have all of my personal information. I will caution anyone from using this company.
Fast Cash representative Senior Jack ** and Sean **, 1-786-505-1252, approved me for loan in the amount of $1000.00. I was to get a Green Dot card to show good faith. I got the card, gave them number. They were not touch funds as agreed and I could return the money back to my debit card. It's gone.
This company is taking money out of my account. I have tried to contact them and the phone number when you call it says "good bye" and hangs up on you. I am going to contact my bank and report this charge as fraud but want to see if you can help me or get these criminals.
Apply for a loan. They told me to put $130.00 on a Green Dot card and then I gave them the number once it was scratch off and then they said I needed $199.00 more to have it wired to my account and if I didn't paid the money that I couldn't get a refund and they would send the money I apply for to the IRS. I was not satisfied with this service and their customer service skill are awful and I am out of $130.00. Please Help!
Took my $250... Now all emails are returned back to me as...undeliverable. You'd be better off giving your money to a charity... at least it will do some good. This company just steals your money and disappears. PURE.... S C A M!!!
This Fast Cash Loans company is nothing but a complete scam and ripoff. Do not under any circumstances or situation fall for their stories or most of all do not send them any funds as you will never see them again and you will never get a loan at 1.5 percent interest rate. I was intelligent enough not to fall for this as I had called them back a few times and compared my notes I was taking and each and every time I called there was a different location when I had asked where their offices were located. I also could tell the imbecile on the other end of the phone was reading from a script and could barely speak English and was difficult to understand. They attempted me to go to a Walmart and pay a fee of $299.00 and then I was going to receive a $5000.00 loan for 24 months at $220.00 a month. I called Walmart regarding this and they clearly informed me they never ever give anyone $5000.00 in cash. The imbecile who I had talked with on the phone indicated to me if I were to pay the $299.00 fee I would receive $5000.00 in cash from any Walmart through Moneygram. I called Moneygram as well about this and they also informed me this is nothing but another elaborate internet scam or scheme. I am warning all of you do not participate in any of this as any funds you will send to these people you will never ever see again. I can not believe the government and the authorities allow organizations like this to operate in this manner and take advantage of innocent individuals. Again, DO NOT USE THIS FAST CASH LOANS. Good luck and may God Bless you all.
I am a secretary for the fire department. "Daniel" called up demanding to speak with a fellow employee and when I screened the call, as is customary. He began verbally abusing me, stating, "You all are like baking a cake, sifting through the flour. You keep sifting out your calls. You can't do that to me, I am smarter than that. I am smarter than you all. And until she calls me back, I'm going to keep calling you and you're going to have to keep dealing with me, because I am not going away. I'm not going anywhere, I'm going to be right there, and I'm going to keep calling your work, while you're at work. If you want to give me a better number, I'll call you there, but until then, well." At that point, I put him on speakerphone because I was stunned and wanted everyone to hear this barrage of abuse.
Well first of all, I'd like to express my deepest condolences to those who weren't fortunate enough to find this site prior to being had by these low lives. I got "the call" at around 11 am this morning and yes, they are good at what they do. This Jake ** I'd been dealing with used phrases like "You sound like a smart man" and other compliments obviously geared to minimize my skepticism. He almost had me on my way to the nearest Moneygram had I not just woken up and needed a shower before I went anywhere. In the shower I ran through our conversation and it was then that it hit me, this may be a scam. I got out and googled the context of our conversation and here I am, no poorer, no richer but safe. I am so sorry to those who lost money the same way I almost did. I try to look at the individuals responsible and feel pity for them but it's difficult. I want to believe that they are desperate individuals that would otherwise find an alternative to make ends meet if said alternatives existed. However, it very well may be that they chose this line of work because they are unscrupulous and selfish people who would be best buried underneath the prison. I'm glad I looked into it first so thank all you poor souls who weren't as fortunate as I was but know you're sharing your experiences was not in vain. You saved my wife, child and me $210 today. Take care.
I am so glad I read the reviews on Fast Cash USA. It is Mack or Matt (408) 905 1946 as mentioned in one of the other reviews who called and told me I was approved for loan up to $5,000. Heavy accent. He told me to go to Walgreens and get a verification card for amount of first payment $175.00. I am so desperate for money as my son's wedding is next week and I need expense money but also car, mortgage payments. He actually had me convinced this was on the up and up. He has my social security number so maybe I am screwed after all. Now how can I protect myself??
I kept getting an anonymous call and when he left the voice mail, he told me that he was representing Fast Cash and I needed to get a lawyer or they will appoint one to me. He also stated to me directly that I needed to be in California by 6-19 and bring my references that were listed on the application with me. He also stated that if I didn't show up to the court in California that I would have a red flag on my credit report, I would lose my license, they would come to my job and serve my boss and if would be fired as a result.He stated that I would have a warrant for my arrest and that they would fax the warrant to my home town and has the police pick me up for fraud, money laundering, and a few more charges. He stated that the only way I could resolve this out of court is if I paid 50% of $1,140.50 no later than in the morning (even though I only owed $400, he said that's for finance charges, late fees and attorney fees) and I had to write an apology letter to the federal legislation of unsecured loans. The number that I have for him is a Washington number but he gave me a California fax number to send a notarized apology letter to him and I only had an hour to do so. He stated that if I didn't do as told, I would have more charges added. He was so rude even after knowing that I had been in and out the hospital. It didn't matter to him at all knowing I had just got home from the hospital. He just continued to make threats.
I received a call back in September or October of 2010 saying that I need to pay for a loan with Fastcash USA. The person spoke in a strong Indian accent and was demanding money. I asked for when was the loan taken out, how much, and asked for documents. He couldn't give me any information except Fastcash USA. He asked me how I was going to pay for this and I said not until I receive the paperwork and I hung up.Then, on 10 Nov 10, I received a threatening call at work from another person speaking the same language. This time, he said that there are charges against me for fraud, theft and breach of contact. The police will be called to arrest me if I didn't pay the $312.00. They scared me so bad that I agreed. They asked how I would pay: through Western Union or credit card. I said credit card and they took the money. They emailed me a document saying that the loan was paid in full as noted by Rickey ** (email address: **).Now, 21 Jan 11, I again received a call at work from the same speaking person with the same threats as above saying that I owe them $8,568.00. I need to pay $896.00 or the police would be called. I would sit in jail for six to seven days and lose my job. I told them that I didn't have the money and could only pay $300.00. He said no and that the minimum payment of $320.00 would be accepted. Each time, he had to ask his supervisor if it was okay. Not once in the beginning of our phone conversation did he say how or what kind of payment was I allowed to make--Western Union, etc. He asked how soon the payment could be made.Please keep in mind that I'm sick to my stomach at this time and could hardly think so I left work! I deposited the money and called him back at 646-657-3057 to let him know that the funds are there. He said okay and hung up. I had a very bad feeling about this so I contacted an attorney who referred me to the Dept. of Financial Institutions of WI. I spoke with Tony who told me that this was a scam and has been going on since 2008. I was in tears. He said that he would send me a form to fill out.When I left work that day (21 Jan 11), I went to my bank to explain my situation and I contacted my credit card company. They cancelled my card but told me that they could do nothing for me. I need to contact my bank once the funds came out and they could go after them. When I got home, I contacted my local police department but they couldn't help me since the call happened at work. I then contacted the district of my work and spoke to them about my problem and told them that it was a scam. I then contacted the FBI and filled out a form on Saturday, 22 Jan 2011, I checked my bank and the money was not taken out yet. What I forgot to say is I still owe them on 10 Feb 11 for $600.00 to clear this supposed debt. I found out from my credit card that my money, if they would have gotten it, was being transferred to in Great Britian (888- 255-1137) and I have no idea who they are.On Sunday, 23 Jan 11, I contacted the police district again, where my company is, to tell them what I did about withdrawing my money and how scared I was about the phone call that is yet to come. They said that if I needed them, just call. It's now Monday, 24 Jan 11, no phones calls today but I know that they are coming and I'm very afraid. Can we stop them?

I took a loan via computer for $300 and I provided my checking acct info to this company. They deposited the funds into my acct. and then took $90.00 USC three weeks later...which was before the expected deduction-which was my payment of 1/2 the loan...there was no way to contact this company...I have spoken to them after they called me via cell...

the loan conditions were changed by them without notice to me...I was expecting alf the amount plus interest to be paid to them..not payments of $90.00 which would accrue so much interest...25 percent!!!!..a scam!!!
A few days ago, I applied for a payday loan for $300 for Christmas expenses and planned to pay it off next month. A guy named "George" from Fast Cash called me and said that I had been approved for up to $5,000. I told him I only needed $300, but he told me that I had to request at least $1,000. He asked if I had $75 in my checking account, and I stated yes. It was late in the evening, so he gave me a direct phone number to call and said to call him by 10 am. I called him when I was on the way to the bank. I withdrew $100. I called him from Food Lion and he told me to buy a reload card. Then he asked how much money I had... and I said: "You told me $75, so I have $80." Then he said, “You didn't get $100?“ And I said, "No, you told me $75 and the reload card was $3.95." George stayed on the telephone the whole time. After I purchased the reload card he asked me to give him the PIN number which I did. Then he said he would call me back in 30 minutes and my money would be wired into my Bank of America Account. Needless to say, he did not call back. Then I called and the operator transferred me to "George". He said to give him 15 min. and he would call me. He did not call. I called back several times. On the 4th try, "George" told me that Bank of America wanted to charge him $56 to transfer the funds from a commercial account and I would have to buy another reload card. I stated that I was an honest person and had done what was asked of me and I was not sending any more money. Oh, yes, the $75 was to be refunded and "George" said the $56 would be refunded also. I told him that I wanted my $75 back and wanted to cancel any request for a loan. If I did not get my money back, then I would contact the Better Business Bureau. Then a supervisor got on the line and started talking real fast saying that I needed to send this additional $56 and my money would absolutely be wired. I said no and that I wanted my $75 back immediately or I would report them. Then he still tried to get me to send more money. When he realized I was not going to send more money, he said I would get my $75 back in 60 days. I feel stupid also.
I received a phone call from someone claiming to be an attorney and that I am to call him back at **** immediately, so I did. The first few times because I asked what the name of the firm I called was or what his name was, the gentlemen would hung up. He kept hanging up on me when I asked him for his name, to speak slower, which he represented. Also he claimed that California Law states that I am not allowed to ask questions but am required to answer questions he asked. When I asked another question, he just hung up saying the police are coming. Keep in mind that he had a strong foreign accent and spoke extremely fast. After calling back, over and over again, since he said they were going to call the police on me. So I let him talk. When he asked me for a case number, I told him I know nothing about it and he asked if I knew I was being sued. I said no and made me wait while he retrieved my case information. Mike then said that he is the attorney for Fast Cash International and that I am being sued and prosecuted for theft, fraud, and breach of contract. He asked me a series of questions then asked if I had any questions. So I went ahead and asked when did the transfer occur? What is the amount of the loan? When is the hearing? Why didn't anyone write, call, or email me regarding the debt? What was Mike’s employee number or license number? What is the account number with the company? Mike explained that a loan in February 2010 was wired to my account and claiming it was my job to go find the exact date with my bank in that amount of $300-$500. Now, he first told me that I was being sued for $1,048.36 which included fees, penalties, and the original loan amount. But when I asked him how much the original loan amount was, he said that he didn't know but it was between $300-$500. He was not required to give me an account number to refer to. Mike also explained that he didn't know why I'm claiming no knowledge of attempts from the company but I stole their money and will need to have my lawyer to see them in court on August 20, 2010. He claims that he just got the information on his desk today and gave me lawyer bar number for the state of California. He finally called me crazy when I asked about the company's contact number and said that he was calling the police and that I was going to be arrested this morning, that was 5 hours ago. In the meantime, I called the California Bar Association and found that the bar number Mike provided belonged to a lawyer of another name with different phone numbers than the ones I had been calling. Also, I called that lawyer’s number from the California Bar website and there is no such person ever worked there. I called my bank and there was no such transaction in January-March than those I have knowledge and authorized to. I called the California Bar back who instructed me to call the local police and federal authorities and also to let them know that I am doing it especially since they knew personal information about me. Right now, I am doing just that to stop these crooks.
Last week I received a phone call from a Mr. Paul ** asking if I needed a personal unsecured loan and I said, "Yes, I would like to pay off my credit card debt, and I could use $2500.00." Well I got a phone call today from Paul and he said to get the loan I had to go to MoneyGram and purchase a green dot card and put the amount of my first payment on it and to call him and he would send my loan to me by MoneyGram. Well, I am glad I read these reviews because now I know better. I thought it might be a scam as soon as he asked me to put money on a green dot card. Thank you all very much. Oh by the way his number is 850-397-4767, so please BEWARE!!!
I was sent an email saying I was approved for a $3000 loan. I had to only purchase a Green Dot Money Pak card for $220. This was to prove I could make the payment. I did this and then they called and asked for $180. This was because my credit score was too low. I only had $110. So this manager said that was okay to send it in Green Dot card. I did and to call back if deposit not made. I did but they had problems with transfer. To call next day. Well I did and no one answered. Butt I finally got someone who after I told him why I was calling he hung up. Could not get anyone after that and never got the $3000! Phone number was 217 498 3712.
I was told I had a loan approved but had to send first month's payment of $200. We had a bad emergency so not thinking I money grammed it to them. I had looked on the internet and on their website and did not find anything derogatory. Looked at Better Business Bureau and still found nothing. So I fell for it. I closed my account due to fraud and am out $200. After they got that they wanted more money. It wasn't until I asked for info on my phone that I got the bad info. Do not know why it didn't show up on the computer. I am reporting the scam. At least I got the account closed before they could do anything. I am a capable person. Only fell for this because of our emergency. I had applied for Payday loan and thought this was from that. A real scam. Their present number is 646-583-2706.
I have had a man calling me for a few months now. I am like many of you my credit are not great! I have searched online for payday loans and personal loans. I did get a loan from fast cash which is who I have now. The fees are just plain dumb. In any case it helped for the time being. I am still paying on it and I pay my fees every pay check. I intend to call them tomorrow. I have a man with an Indian accent who I can’t understand a word he says, calling me. I told him to put someone on the phone that I could understand what I was being charged with. He continued threaten me with court fees, fraud, etc some stuff all of you have experienced. In any case I told him I was calling my attorney and that he needed to stop calling me. He did for about a month. I recently was searching again online for loans and again he started calling again. I hate this online stuff. So needless to say my 2 references were called today and so was my boss. Embarrassing he has been calling me daily and my work. Luckily for me my boss hates calls like this and will tell him flat out, yet he thinks it’s ok to share my business with them. Today I am done with these people I am not going to stop until someone gets them. I am not going to live my life in fear because of someone else’s pleasure in scamming people like me. If Mr. ** calls you he is a liar and a scammer ** His number is listed out of Mattituck, NY but no business is associated. We need help here people how do we stop these people who are preying on us, we have no money and they are taking what we have. I am planning on contacting the FBI, fast cash, and the Attorney Generals Office, if any of you have any other suggestions please let me know I refuse to continue stressing over this man. Thanks for your input.
I received an email stating that I owe them money. I never on my life received a loan from them ever. Now they say that I am getting prosecuted for the payment. That's a lie- I never heard of them before.

I went in to Fast Cash to request a payment plan. When I made the request they told me I had to pay an additional $75 fee to set up my payment plan. I have set up a payment plan with them before and I never had to pay any extra fee. They changed their contract to include this extra fee equal to the fee for the loan to set up payments. I refused because I wasn't going to pay that charge. I couldn't afford to pay the loan off.

I will have to try to do a stop payment on my check because it will be cheaper than the $75 and then they will come after me for collection.
I can't stop these unsolicited calls to my cell phone which falsely state that I "...have recently applied for a loan." Don't know these people, don't care to know these people or need their business. Just wish they would leave me alone.
I just receive a call from Jordan ** and he said that I'm approved for $3000. And in order to grab this loan I have to put $300 in Green Dot money pack... and I did...
A man by the name of Officer Martin left a voice mail, stating that I was getting charges filed against me and if i didn't call him back, there would be serious consequences and to call his division back asap. I thought it was a serious police matter when in fact it wasn't. When I returned the call, they told me what it was regarding and I have never even heard of the company USA Fast Cash. They didn't speak English clearly at all. They sounded like they were from India. So, I asked to speak to someone who spoke English clearly and they then asked me if I was deaf and stupid and that they were gonna come to my job. I was scared because they knew my address and name and phone number and social. I saved the voice mail in case they called to harass me again.
I have been receiving phone calls for months now and someone with a heavy Indian accent has left several messages stating it's a very important legal matter and I need to call him immediately or further charges will be pursued. I have worked in the banking industry and am very wary of off the wall phone calls like this, so I never called back. They started calling my job last week. So I called them back because I don't want to be harassed at work too. When I called, it went to a message system so I left them a message. Today, 11/24/2010, I got a call back from a man by the name of Shawn claiming he was a lawyer. He had a very heavy Indian accent claiming I took out a loan with Fast Cash International in Aug. 2009 and have never paid it back, and they were going to take me to court and charge me with 3 different charges including check fraud. I couldn't understand them very well so it was hard to make out what he was saying. I tried to have him slow down, speak clearly and he got angry with me, and started yelling at me. I have taken loans out in the past so I couldn't remember doing it. So when I asked him what company it was for, he told me Fast Cash International. Well, that didn't ring a bell. So I asked him for more info. Instead of giving me the information, he told me I needed to contact my lawyer and he would give it to him. Humm, that doesn't make sense to me considering past debts I've had I've received something pertaining to it and didn't need a lawyer then! So when I questioned him, he proceeded to tell me everything again and that he was trying to work with me or he would prosecute me. I had filed for bankruptcy last year and simply told him whatever he was trying to do was a scam and that I included it in my bankruptcy if it were indeed a real debt. He threw me off when he told me that my bankruptcy only lasts for a year and I owe this money! Boy is he wrong! After a long and grueling conversation he hung up on me, only to have someone else call me 5 minutes later to give me a case number. I guess it's a scare tactic or something but I'm not buying it by any means. I believe this to be a major scam and if they continue to call me, I will pursue them if I can.
I received a call from a Mr. ** from stating that he was from Fast Cash and that I was approved for a $2,000 loan. He said that in order to show I had money in the bank I was to go to Walmart or Walgreens and get a MoneyPak card for $200.00 and give them the pin number on the card to show that I had money in the bank. They told me that I would receive the $2,000 plus the $200.00 within three hours. I waited until three hours and did not receive the money. I called the number again and talked to a lady who called herself Paula **. She said that they were having a little bit of a problem but the money would be in my account within 15 minutes. About an hour later I got a call from Mr. ** saying that it showed up I owed t $1600 to other cash companies and that I would have to make a settlement with them before I could get my money. I was so stupid to go this far with them and realized that I have been scammed. I told him to forget the loan and to send my $200.00 back to me. He got very rude and threatening toward me and kept asking, "What do you want me to tell them? How much money can you send them today to clear out this account?" I told him that I had no more money to send. He kept saying very rudely - "What should I tell them? how much money can you send them?" I kept telling me that I want my money back - He hung up on me. I called the next day and talked to Paula concerning this problem. She said that she would check it out for me. An hour later she called me back and said the same thing as Mr. ** said. I told her that I have no more money to send. She hung up on me. I am out of $200.00 which has cost me to be out of money for groceries this month. I am 70 years old and am on a fixed income. Is there any way I can get my money back without paying someone to do it for me?. The telephone number is 407-309-3133.
I received a email from a attorney saying he works with the fast cash online websites. That I have a "loan out from them and united legal investigation bureau has stated 4 serious allegations against you under the debt collection practices act, section 349b and they are: Violation of federal banking regulation, collateral check fraud, theft by deception, and the biggest one is E.F.T. that is electronic fund transfer due amount-$1875.00 loan company - USA Fast Cash. You are going to be legally prosecuted in the Court House within couple of days.. Your SSN is put on hold by US Government, so before something goes wrong we would like to notify you about this matter. It seems apparent that you have chosen to ignore all our efforts to contact you in order to resolve your debt with Payday Services. At this point you have made your intentions clear and leave us no choice but to protect our interest in this matter?"I never had a loan through them so I don't know whats going on. So I am very upset, I am already homeless with a 13 year old daughter because of credit crap and now this BS.. Please get someone to get them to stop!
They put $1185.28 in my bank acct. They had me withdraw $1150.00 and buy ITUNE CARDS scratch off codes and send them pictures of them then they had me do another $350.00 because they couldn't put the money in my account so this was Western Union. This time I never got 1 penny from this company, they have me false MCTN# for WESTERN Union. I lost $2000 from this FAST CASH LOANS, do not deal with this company. 199 complaints on them. This happened Sept 1, 2016.The next day they wanted $500.00 more dollars to activate the MCTN# for Western Union. 4 different people were responsible, Eric **, Senior Loan, Eric **, Junior Loan, Dennis ** and William **!! I have 32. ITUNE CARDS WHICH THEY HAD ME PURCHASE AND SEND PICTURES SO THEY COULD ACTIVATE THEM I GUESS. 32 x $50 + 3 x $100.00, all to get a loan which they said they would put in my bank account. Of all money spent they did nothing except scam me!!!
He called my cell phone and said that I had taken out a loan in 2009 and did not pay it back, so he was going to put out a warrant for my arrest and have me put in jail. How can these people get by with this? The thing that concerns me is that he had my address and SS# or at least the last four digits. These people need to be stopped. I did not give them any information and requested that all my information be removed from their system. But they refused and he also told me to shut my mouth when I told him I was going to report him for fraud. I hung up and told them not to call me again.
Applied for a loan through payday lender brokers. They gave me the option to select another third party. I did and what devastation they can cause. I received several calls from this number, 6107324611, within 5 minutes of each other. Each being a new scam artist. They promised me everything. Go to Walgreens, get a Vanilla Reload prepaid card for $110.00 and they would stay on the line the entire time I was driving to Walgreens. This should have been my first clue. No, I followed his instructions perfectly, even listening to him tell me to leave Walgreens and go get in my car before I scratched off the pin number screen to give to him, not let anyone else hear me give him the information. What a fool I was again. Clue # 2. I was told that he would call me back in 30 minutes, be online with me when the transfer was made to my bank account. He never called and I called him. His story was that I owed back taxes and he could not get the funds to my account. He wanted me to go to Western Union and wire him another $150.00 so he could get a number to send me the money through Western Union. Needless to say, I wasn't going to be a fool the second time. Some law enforcement group should look at this group and shut them down forever.
I am getting numerous voicemail threats from this place reputing to work for Fast Cash International. I just returned a call to these people. They had left 6 prior voicemails to return the call and if I had an attorney that my attorney needed to contact them. I Called 2 times before and they hung up on me. This time I got someone from what sounded like India but at an american area code and each time the phone numbers to call back were different. I was asked if I knew about a pending suit for some $6,000.00 dollars for using a web site service where they were able to pull the first amount of funds out (they confirmed the routing number but not the actual account number) but when they tried to pull funds the second time the bank did not pay that amount. I asked how much and he got rude and told me I will know once the file in the superior court for MD. I could pay the balance of $590.00 or when I appear in court I will have to pay the fine of over the 6k or 2 months of jail time. What really aggravates me is they know two of my co-workers by full name. The ONLY thing I can think of is they got this information from another fast cash service I used months ago and HAD to use friends names. This agency was 1-800-899-cash. It is very probable this scam derives from an legitimate company. Also, I asked why I have not been served and he states this is a kind gesture on their part before service of notice and that if I did not appear at the court house this Monday the 14th I would be charged. First off since when was a civil matter criminal? These people were VERY unproffesional and rude. Numerous other things discussed got me interested that this was a serious issue so I decided to google this company. And here I am. I told them I was going to counter sue and the bozo actualy told me I could not counter suit. I said what planet are you from, I can do anything in this country I wanted so long as it was legal and he got nasty with me and said then see you in court and hung up. I have since researched this more and the same gentleman (india accent) left a scripted voicemail 6 times on my work phone AND still calls me on my cell phone. I don't think they track their calls very well. I left an incident report with the FBI but will also call them on monday the 14th and I am leaving a report with the MD State Atty gen after I leave this report for you. I am concerned about ID theft, although I have not heard anyone say that has occured. Some people sadly have given in to these threats. I tried to call back a few moments ago to the 714-598-4249 and now it goes to a zipphone and the guy must have turned it off. Their scam scripts are horrible. If you need anything further from me such as phone numbers that keep showing up different when they call me I have those but the same return number to call back is the one in this report.
Company by the name of Vanilla Financial Network called me when I was in Boston about a fast cash loan. I was approved for in the amount of $1000. I was instructed by loan agent Don ** to give him the last 6 months of my bank statement which I did along with my routing number and bank card information. He said that $928.39 will be credited to my account the next morning which it did on 7/16/2014. He said I have send the money back so I can get the loan amount of $5000. I bought $1500 worth of Green Dot money card. Don called my bank and disputed a purchase I had on my account from 5/17/2014 to Con Edison which the bank credit my account. I was under the impression it was from the loan company which it was not. I told him I need my money back and he said, "You been professionally scammed. How smart I am than you. I can't be touched." I contacted the secret service and my police precinct. I filed a dispute with Green Dot money card for the amount. Don telephone - 2062598820.
My spouse received a call this morning about an outstanding "payday loan" he supposedly had with them and how they are prosecuting on "criminal" charges. I took the phone from my husband as I know the collection laws and told the man that he is clearly harassing and therefore indicated he is a fraud after he continued to scream at me stating that I am just a woman and do not know anything. He said he would come rape me and my daughters. I then said that I did not have any kids and that what he said was offensive he said that I did not have children because I am a lesbian. He also said that he did not care about the United States and something about blowing us all up. He said he had a son that will come take care of me and my family. He mentioned something about putting a flower on my grave and so forth. The call was explicit, raw and extremely disturbing.My husband heard all this and called the number back. What sounded like the same man answered and said,"Oh it sounds like you are that man with the stupid wife. Well, we are going to your house and we will rape her in front of you!" My husband hung up. Needless to say, this was more than disturbing. I was lucky enough to have my friend nearby who told me to put this call on speaker and he recorded parts of the call for me. I called the police, contacted the local news and even went as far as contacting CNN and 20/20. This is an outrage that Americans should not have to go through. I came across so many victims on this website and others like it. There are people with cancer that are being victimized, people who have recently lost loved ones, people who do not know these monsters are out there and will say anything to take your money. I want to know how to stop this from happening to anyone else. I unfortunately suffer from PTSD due to a violent crime against me in my younger years. Sadly, hearing this man say what he said triggered some of my symptoms and for a while I was balled up crying. I wonder why it is these people can go on being so miserable? I came across this website and was shocked at how many people have been harassed in this manner. I am not sure who else to contact. Homeland security? FBI? Who can help people like us?
I was offered a loan for $3,000 from Fast Cash Loans USA, from a Mr. Martin ** at "805-391-3338 ext **". He told me I could get this loan within 30/40 minutes after I went and got a "Green Dot Money Pak" and put the required $200 on it, that Mr. ** told me. I went back and called him back and gave him the information he asked for, with the promise as soon as this $3,000 was in my bank account, I would get this $200 immediately back. Approximately 1 hour later, someone called me from "Fast Cash" stating that I had to pay $499.00 because my credit was low. I told him that I was not giving anymore money and wanted my $200.00 back. Again I was told I could only get it back by paying another $499.00, for the bank fees, and when the loan went into my bank account the full refund of $200 plus this $499 would be refunded back automatically to me. I called the number on the back of Green Dot Money Pak Card to report this scam to them and the recording referred me to the website to file my claim of fraud. I put in all my information it came this card was invalid. I purchased this at a Seven Eleven Store. I would like to know how a company like this go on scamming people out of there and companies like 7-eleven let this happen with these so-called prepaid cards be sold in their store and nothing be done about it? So, as of now I am out $204.95. I plan to post this on every social media site until someone does something about these two companies (Green Dot Pak and Fast Cash Loans USA).
I received phone call at my job, telling me that I was being sued, and I needed a lawyer. The man stated that I had a payday loan, and I failed to pay. I never received any payday loan. The man told me not to hang up, the conversation was being recorded. He knew my ss number and where I worked, said that he was going to contact my job and money will be taken out. I have no records of receiving a loan. He was very rude, telling me I needed a lawyer asap.

I took out a loan and i was paying it back. i missed a payment and she called to ask about collections. she told me that she would have me arressted and call my job and tell them that i was going to jail, because i work at a school. she told me that she could have me put in jail and lose my kids.

i was very upset, i tried caling around to borrow money
An officer Chavez called saying I would b in jail in 48 hrs if I do not respond to the company complaint. They said they deposit money into my account which I never received and they want me to pay $315 every month.
U S Fast Cash is harassing my place of employment. They are consistently harassing me on my job. They called seven times a day.
I received another from Shawn today and he still wants me to go through and very persistent about me getting the money on the card and giving him the pin#. He even went to a desperate act and told me to just go to Walgreens to get the card, then call him while I'm in the store to give him the pin#. Unbelievable!!! They will never get a dime willful from me!!!
This bogus company has been calling me and sending me threatening emails telling me I owe $874.00 but they would take $250 and the debt would be taken care of. They said that I borrowed money from a online cash advance place. Funny. I never applied something online. If I need money I would go to a local branch to borrowed money. So beware of this fraudulent company, Fast Cash USA. The guy name is Shawn ** is a debt consultant officer. Well I filed bankruptcy on my debts in 2014 and haven't borrowed anything since. So all my debts are gone. Then my attorney told me to delete these emails because chances are not good to get a physical address to serve them lawsuit papers. So I hope people who wants to go online to put sensitive information to apply for a loan. I wouldn't due to the fact that there are people who is looking to steal your information and basically lie saying you borrowed money and you don't know them from Adam.
I received a phone call at work from a man with a thick Indian accent, who told me he was from the criminal investigation unit of the Baltimore City Police Department and that I had not been making my payments to USA Fast Cash. I know for a fact that I've been making my payments because they just deducted $150 this past Friday. The man told me that if I did not pay them today, they would come and arrest me, sue me or show up at my job and talk to my boss about it. I told the man that he was harassing me and he started screaming at me. I told him to go right ahead and do what he have to do. I knew I was already taking care of my debt and I wasn't ** enough to give him my account information. I've already contacted Experian to have a fraud alert placed on my credit report and filed a complaint with the FBI cyber crimes unit (which by the way, they already have a posting on their site about "payday cash advance loans fraud" which details pretty much the same experience everyone on this site has had). Do not fall for it. This is a scam that the FBI is already aware.
I received an email from a company named, stating I was approved for a 5000.00 loan. The manager called me several times and guaranteed the loan. I had to get a 250.00 Green Dot card at Walgreens. After I did that, I called him back and asked him if this was really necessary, he said yes. It was to verify that I was a real person and besides that, the company had approvals with the BBB and the FBI. Stupid me, I gave him the card number, he told me he would call me back in 20 mins. After 25 minutes, I called him and he told me that a federal agency had investigated me and I owed several hundred dollars in taxes. And if I wanted the loan, I would have to send him $190.00 more to clear the taxes! I blew up!!! And I told him to then refund me my $250.00 I had given him. He said he couldn't because he had applied it to the taxes owed. That was the last 250.00 I had on my acct. I explained to him that I receive disability once a month and that was all I had! He didn't care!!!!
I just received a call from this company, Fast Cash, threatening legal action if we did not pay them back for a payday plan we didn't even get. They tried getting all kinds of personal information from me as well. Don't fall for it.
I was told I was approved for a $2000 loan which I needed desperately. I was told I needed to get $200 Green Dot money card and give them the pin after which the money would be deposited into my checking account and crazy, desperate me did just that. Now they are saying because my credit is bad, I need pay for a security program costing $300 and they will not give me my $200 back or give me my loan. I don't know what to do; I borrowed the $200 from a friend and now have nothing.
Someone from Fast Cash Loan USA called and said I could get approved for a loan with no credit checks or hassles - a Mr. Edward ** ph. **. All I had to do was put $100 on a Green Dot MoneyPak and the money would be to me in minutes. After purchasing this pak I was informed that I then needed an extra $300 and they would reimburse all I contributed. So as I purchased the final MoneyPak, he assured me my money would be there. I called back after the purchase and was then connected to an IRS officer named Patrick ** ID # ** saying that my credit was low so I needed to pay advanced taxes of $260 to raise my credit score and receive my refund. So I informed him, “I will do no such thing because you have taken enough money from me. I need my $400 back that I have already invested in.” He then became belligerent and started cursing at me, stating that I need to pay the taxes because it’s not my ** that I am losing, it’s yours. If you don't pay the money, I will donate all your ** money to a charity - then hung up. I called back to the loan place and got transferred directly to Patrick again. After I told him I don't have anything more to give you, his remarks was, “Are you crying or laughing?” So I politely asked him to repeat what he said and he said it again. I told him I was getting my lawyer and he replied, “Sir, I can get my federal lawyer too and we can go from there.” He then hung up again and continues to call back asking what I am going to do about paying the taxes. So now I am out of $400 and no loan in my account and no refund and possibly on the streets. So something needs to be done about this because I work too hard to give money away for free. I am really looking forward for some feedback soon because they need to be stopped and a lawsuit needs to be put in action. Thank you.
Few days ago, I had a call from Fast Cash USA telling me that I can take a loan up to 10000$ for low rates, so applied for it on the phone and he told to get a MoneyPak and put in it 305$ so they can know that I can pay the monthly payment which is 305$ for 10000$ and that what I did while he was on the phone and told me to wait for 20min and check my bank account to see if the money was sent. So I waited and then he called back telling me "there is a block on your account and that you have to unblocked it" so he gave me a number to call and that's what I did. It turned out that the number is for One Click Cash. So I asked the guy why is my account blocked. He needed my SSN and I gave it to him and he told me "You owe us money and to unblock it you have to pay 486$ with MoneyPak". But the idea is that I never took from these guys money before and I have no credit history in USA. I've been here for 5 months only so I was scared and I paid the money then I called One Click Cash again and gave him the number. Few minutes later, he called back telling me that there is still 391$ I have to pay and that he will unblock my transaction. I didn't pay yet but I'm sure I didn't take the money from them and I am afraid because they said that they will call the cops and arrest me. What should I do and how can I know if there is a debt in my name for those guys or not?

After being a week late on paying my loan back the collector Carol called my work and told my co-worker who she was, where she worked and that they were going to be garnishing my wages because I failed to pay back my loan. Carol claims that my co-worker was claiming to be HR but I work in a hospital, HR is a totally different building and number. My co-worker never said anything except our address. A couple weeks later they started calling me about 5 times a day saying that I could try to get an attorney but I would never be able to afford one since I couldn't even pay back my loan and that I was mouthy. All I did was call and tell them to stop calling my work and that I would be in to pay my loan and I gave them the date that I would be in which was 3 days away. They then called me and said that they didn't play by my rules that I had to play by theirs and that I shouldn't waste my gas driving there if I didn't have all the money and that they would call when they wanted and I had no say in it because I was the one in the wrong by not paying back my loan. They were horrible and harrassing and wouldn't let me do a payment plan or anything.

I had to stop payment on the check that I gave them because they were trying to put it through to my account a couple times a day and ended up having to close my account.
There was a male that told me that he was with a financial department and was trying to collect 989.00 from us fast cash. I have never received any money from this company. I don't even have a bank account. I have a Walmart card and payday advances don't get added to a Walmart card. I looked at my account and there wasn't any money added to my card. I also did a reverse phone number search and it was a cell phone number from Bronx, New York. The guy told me his name was Stephen ** and that the police were coming to my house to arrest me. I told him to take my number off his call list and leave me alone.
I just received an email from a lady named Linda ** from Fast Cash Services USA. She says I owe $900 and if it is not settled out of court I will be charged with (1) VIOLATION OF FEDERAL BANKING REGULATION, (2) COLLATERAL CHECK FRAUD, (3) THEFT BY DECEPTION.
Company call 24x7 Loans ask me to put $231.00 on a Green Dot card. I did then they ask me to another $294.00. I did not sent it. I wish I saw the post sooner. His name is Kevin ** phone number 1-844-334-6400 and 1-872-588-4348 also **. They call from different numbers. I ask them why they have so many numbers, the reply they have 27 locations. They say I will get the loan for $5,000 plus the 525. I even call BBB, they say they can't tell me if the person a scam or not. It should be against the law, robbing people in a different way. Thank you all for your post.
I kept getting calls from a Matt and I was told I was approved for $5000. I knew right off the back it was too good to be true so I just listened and told him I'll call him back. I'm glad I researched and found all these reviews. This guy constantly called me from 408 905-1946 and I told him to leave me alone. He got so pissed we were cursing at each other... I hope they cannot take money out of my bank account!!
This one guy named ** called me and said that I'm approved for 5,000 loan and my payments would be 170$ for the next 36 months. So I gave him my old school card and he gave me a # to call. Nobody answered the phone... he gave me a address in NY.
In September 2007 I took out a payday loan with US Fast Cash. Due to some financial difficulties I have had trouble paying them off. When speaking with a representative I was told that I would have to pay 930.00 back off of a 300.00 loan. They persistently call my home. Then on Monday, April 21, 2008, at 8:48 am, I received a call at work from US Fast Cash. I advised the man calling, who did not identify himself that he was not allowed to call my job as I am unable to receive such calls at work. The representative continued with his threats of collection and garnishes my wages. I advised the representative garnishment of wages is not a legal practice in South Carolina. He completely ignored everything I was saying and talked over me. I hung up on him. Again on Thursday April 24, 2008, at 11:15 am I receive another call from US Fast Cash. I immediately told the gentle that I had given previous instructions not to call me at work and that if they persisted I would report them to consumer affairs. His reply was, that is fine. Tell them I said hi. By calling me on my job and treating to send my employer instructions for garnishment of wages, they are treating my career and a likelihood of termination.
I applied for a $200.00 loan in April 2011. When reviewing the status of my loan, there are two loans listed. One loan has the status as being paid, and the second loan indicates it is a new loan. In September 2011, I inquired on the website, as to the date this new loan was requested, and did not receive an answer. In October 2011, I checked the website, and the balance was $179.00. I contacted the business using the phone number supplied, and after holding for 10 minutes, the call was disconnected, and I submitted another customer ticket, requesting information. Today, December 7, 2011, I checked the website, and the balance is $358.00. $79.00 has been withdrawn from my checking account bi-weekly since April 2011, and no one will respond to my request.
Fast cash, fast loans, 1st telephone loans or whatever they are calling themselves at any given moment. Always a foreign person with a heavy accent, from India would be my guess. Promise a 1500, 5000, 10000 loan if I only pay 300 up front for insurance. They call 10 to 15 times a day. This is not just a scam. They are identity thieves. I applied for a loan with a legitimate bank this morning. Then my wife gets a call from the "bank" and our loan was approved. She told me. I asked what phone they called her on and it was a second land line I had not put on the loan app at all. She said the guy was foreign. I immediately called the bank I applied at and after talking with the branch manager discovered that they had not even started processing my application. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THESE **. They will argue and try to convince you they are legit.
I received a call from this Fast Cash Loan. I was interested in getting a loan for personal use. I didn't read any reviews about this company before using it and I should've heeded to people saying if you have to pay for a loan upfront, it's a SCAM. Well, first they told me I needed to send $300 to obtain this loan. Then they changed it the next day that I needed to send $280 to obtain a $2000 loan. I said okay & I had to load up a Green Dot card with the money so they could send it. I did that and a guy Paul kept saying to me that he emailed his accounts department for them to forward the loan. Well, I never got the loan and I kept calling them everyday number 919-913-5670. I kept being told that I would have the money the next day, but never did get it. My bank froze my account and closed it due to this SCAM. Now, I'm out of $280 and my bank account. Don't listen to these people PLEASE!! They lie! They laugh in your face! They take your money! I told that Paul guy I hoped everything they are doing and have done to other people come back to bite the ** out of them & hoped they get **.
I recently applied for a loan. I received an email 2 weeks later stating that I am approved for a loan of up to 5,000 dollars. I was leery of that statement as my credit is way less than perfect. Along with that statement came an attachment that looked legitimate. It was not, as I called and they stated they wanted money up front which would, "boost your credit score and then we can fund your loan". Do not waste your hard earned money. I told him I have an attorney that helps me monitor and repair my credit. He then told me ** me and my attorney! Huge scam.
I was first asked to pay 50 then I was asked to pay another 50 then I was asked to pay another 50. I was told that my loan was approved but the only way they can release the money I would have to give them another 200. I told them I didn't have that money that if I had that money I wouldn't need a loan. They told me that I had no choice. Either do this or lose 150 that I sent them. Please don't be stupid. Beware: these people will not give you your money. All they want is for you to send them money and then you have no choice but to lose the money cuz you will not get the loan. Do not send these people money.
Well my husband was approved for a 5,000 dollar from fast cash. They told him to put 250 on a green dot card and the 5,000 would be in his account at 8 in the morning. Well it wasn't. I called back and I talked to paul, his number is 415-251-8690 ext **. He said that I had to pay 280 more dollars for taxes and I told him that I didn't have the money. I asked for a refund of 250 and he said it's not up to him. It is up to the insurance company. So I am waiting for my lawyer to call me back. THIS IS A SCAM.
I applied for a loan over the Internet and all of a sudden I've been getting calls from a guy name Mack calling from a 408 area code stating I've been approved for a loan in the amount of 5,000 dollars but I had to go to CVS to ask for a card and the guy Mack said it'll be better if I call him when I get there so that there are no mistakes but what's troubling me is that Mack said he was from Fast Cash. I never filled out an application for them. I just received a phone call and I know there aren't any loan companies out there willing to loan me $ 5,000.00 and my payments. They constantly call every day, Mack. I'm glad I look at these complaints before I fell into their trap. I get calls every day from them. It is so annoying.
When I applied for the loan from Fast Cash, I received a call from Alex, saying I was approved for a loan amount of $10,000. Do I figure. I need the cash, so why not? BAD IDEA. They used my social security number to get all kinds of ** and put me in the hole. That's identity theft, and no one will do a damn thing about it. Word of advice: Don't make the same mistake I did. Don't fall for their scam.
First, Mr Shockley called me and he was rude, I could tell by his voice. I then told him I would try and pay him on the 1st if my dad gave me the money. Well, my dad didn't send me money. So that's when I started getting the bad calls. He would call my job 2 to 3 times a day yelling at me, saying I was a liar. So I asked him to stop calling me. He did, but Margaret was way worse. She always called my job after I asked her to stop. She said, "why are you out there writing bad checks?", telling me how I was going to get fired from my job and she was going to call my boss and tell her that I don't need to be working there. She went on about how she was going to report me. She called me way to much at my job. It was embarrsing to have to try to avoid her because I didn't want my coworkers to know what was going on.So one day she calls my job and she was just awful. I talked to my boss that morning and told her about what all was going on in my life and the mess I had made so not to long after that she called me and was yelling at me so bad that I started crying. I told my boss that she was on the phone and my boss told me to tell her if she was going to talk to me that way then I was not to talk to her. So I told her that and she demanded to speak to my boss. I told my boss what was going on, I couldn't stop crying, so my boss got on the phone and talked to her. I went to my boss to see what happened and she told me that she was completely rude to her the moment she got on the phone she wanted my boss to give her human resources number and my boss said she couldn't so she snapped at my boss and told her yes she could. So my boss put her on hold to call HR and she hung up and never called back. I was so upset because my boss had nothing to do with it, she knows her job. I have been so stressed behind this, I wish I would have known ahead of time how they treated their customers. I just moved to Spokane about 2 years ago with my children and my boyfriend and I didn't know it was going to be this hard being on our own, with really no help. We depend on each other through hard times. It was my choice to get the payday loan. At the time I thought it was the right one. I had done it before with no problems but this time I didn't work because my girls got sick and then I got sick, so I missed work sometimes and that puts all our bills in danger. I have to provide for 2 little girls who depend on me to keep a roof over their head, to keep clothes on their back and a full stomach, so yes, it gets hard for me. I intend to pay them back because I owe them and it was on my mind heavy and I stressed out a lot about it. I can't balance at work because this is worrying me with them calling, acting all crazy. I want people to know how they treat people.
Someone has been calling me for the past 3 days from an unknown number. I normally do not answer but I decided to answer this time. Some guy with a heavy Indian accent started telling me that I owed US Fast cash $3500 from a loan taken out in 2009. I've never taken out a payday loan ever. I don't know where they got my info from nor do I know how much info that they have. Regardless, I'm not playing games with those crazy people. When I tried to get information from them, they were very vague. The first guy hung up on me when I started asking too many questions. The second guy told me his name was Robert, I mean Steven, he couldn't remember what he told me. They are a joke. How many Indians name their children Steven? Viewing other comments let's me know that I am not the only one that they are harassing. I agree that they need to be stopped. The phone number that they gave me is 646-351-1616.
While in desperate need of a loan, a friend and I applied for a loan with Fast Cash for $4000. They said I had to pay an installment of $245 to show worthy of the loan because my credit score was lower than their required amount. I never approved of them pulling my credit report and I never gave them my social to get that information. Silly me, I did not pay attention to that. So after the installment was paid, they were to deposit it into my bank account. They never asked to verify my bank information. After that, they stated I had an error with my account. I've spoken with Mark, Mike, and Mack. It's weird that these are their names. When issues arise, they will always say they need to talk to their senior manager and won't ever call back when they say they will. I called them and they said that I had to pay another $250 to pay for the processing fee at Western Union and put it on a Green Dot MoneyPak, just as I did before with the installment. They claimed they couldn't find the funds and needed me to show another $250 to generate a new MTC Number to receive my funds from Western Union. I called Green Dot myself and they stated that the funds have been taken off already and to file a police report. I've been going through this for almost 3 weeks now and I have yet to receive my $4000 loan plus the $1100 they were adding to it. So, I provided another $250 to produce a new MTC Number because the last one they gave me, so called, did not work. The second MTC number had letters in there and they gave me another one after that and for over a week no funds have been transferred to it. If anyone calls from 4089051946, run away. He told me his name is Mack and his senior manager is Mike **. They will continue to call you and "provide new ways to receive your funds" but it involves you buying another MoneyPak. This is a scam. Beware.
I was a customer with Fast Cash Loans for about a year. I paid on time, all the time. I went in there and told them I could not afford to do this anymore; they said I could set up a payment plan--my bill was $575.00. I gave them $75.00. I got the receipt and it still said $575. The lady told me that was the price I had to pay to enter into a payment plan. So I asked her if I paid $75.00 a week if that would be ok. She told me it would only take care of the finance charges. My bill would not go down so I refused to give them anymore money for free. They called my employer and yelled at him over the phone. Then they continued to call me at work constantly harassing me. They even said they put a lien against my home. The bill now has risen to $900.00. I have the money to pay them now, BUT SHOULD I? LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK.SUPPOSED LIEN AGAINST MY HOME ADDS STRESS TO ME ANd MY FAMILY.
This company is a third party for payday loan lender (FastCash/Payday Loan Yes). They called several of my relatives, gave out private information, threatened to serve summons on me at my place of employment or home, and this information was divulged to my relatives. They told my relatives they were a person of interest. I was mentally upset and so were my relatives. They were afraid that I would be locked up or something.
I received a phone call at work on my cell phone from this company asking me to pay the full payday balance of $462.00. I told Jeff **, the supervisor, that at this time, I can only pay $50.00. So they refused to negotiate with me and Jeff ** transferred me to manager John **. John ** did try to reduce the full payment, but became upset when I told him I can only pay $50.00 a month. So, John ** started cursing at me on the phone saying, "You **, and you are going to get fired from your job today." John ** called my job main line, asking to speak to me several times, cursing at me on the phone. John ** even cursed at the school secretary saying the same thing,"You **, " because she would not transfer the call unless it was school-related matter.I find this to be a mental and physical stress on me to perform well on my job for my students. Also, this was very embarrassing to me as a professional teacher to have my personal business affect a co-worker and myself.

I have with me 6 Money Orders issued by Americas Fast Cash. How do I know if these are not counterfeit Money Orders? As I was reading this article regarding this company, it led me to believe that there no longer in business in Washington..but are they in other state?
These people are calling me saying they are going to arrest me if I don't pay my debt which, as they say, is FastCash payday loan. They know everything about me and I don't have a loan with Fast Cash. I told them that, plus I don't even have a job. All I have is a phone number!
I never contacted these people. They keep calling my phone. I even did the national do not call list and they keep calling.. When I tell them not interested, stop calling, they hang up on. I even asked for a manager and they hung up on me. They are harassing me and I'm very mad. I even called my phone carrier. I don't know what else to do. Don't want them calling me.
I was contacted by Fast Cash for a high dollar loan. Though skeptical, I paid their initial fees on a Green Dot Money card. Continually asked for additional fees. Finally had enough, told them to cancel the application. I have not received any of the money from either the loans or the fully refundable fees. Also, did not sign either electronically through a website or hard copy mailed.
This company has been calling our office at least 6 times a day "looking" for one of our employees who works in another town/state. We have told them each and every time that our office is not the contact point for this employee and have given them his cell phone number (that we have on file) and we have taken one message to pass along if we are in contact with his supervisor, but they still keep calling and calling.
This group will try to tell you get to GreenDot, and put cash on it, then will ask you to verify that you have put on card to show you have capability to cover payment. Once you have this on the reload card, they will ask you for the numbers on the back, which allows them to take that money. They have also asked for the Greendot CC number once loaded and will then take that money. Note* If someone asks you to do something that is not quite right, then you should ask around. I am a CEO of a Financial Group, and only entertained this group because they had taken to harassing a friend, who thought their loan was GREAT. So I let him watch me act as though I was him. I got all the way to the point of letting them think I had purchased the Reload Money PAK. Once that was finished he tried getting me to give him the numbers on the back once scratched off... I would not do it. But to see how far he would go, I told him that I had actually already loaded it on my GreenDot Credit Card, so he asked for those numbers... it was a Visa. He was upset that I had put on the Visa, but still called back and said he had authority now to verify the Visa. I then gave him one of my Real Cards from our Federal Funding Group, and informed him that I was a CEO. He told me as a CEO that I was making a poor decision... Then I told him, I was not the original client, and that was a CEO of 4 companies, gave him the names... The call ended. An hour later they called back AGAIN lol.He then started telling me that his tax officer was going to report me and open up a Federal Case on me... which I then calmly told him my Attorney's number and asked if he knows the term due diligence.. Then the big talk came out, I was stupid, Naive, had no Education and that "HE" was a former Treasury agent and could disrupt my Companies. I asked him if he would like to have an interview with me and his so called "TAX" officer. About that time he asked again what companies I was the CEO of... after informing him the Actual Name of my Govt associated company he dropped the call, and have heard nothing since.IF these people, or anyone like it asks for this type of action, you need to ask or alert people that are in the field. They will tell you not to do business with them. Luckily my Friend trusted me to handle for him, not everyone in his position would do that. They don't want anyone to know the troubles they have, or even worse, when someone like this takes advantage of them. PLEASE PLEASE if you get contacted like this, CONTACT someone that can help you beforehand. GreenDot has statements of not giving this info out.. Scammers are not your friend and will just laugh once they get your money. Keep your head low and our eyes open. Current website is
I received email saying I owe 990.00 on a loan. I don't have a record of this loan. They say they are going to proceed with legal action. One phone number is from North Carolina and the other number is from Florida in the same message. I think this is a scam.
I received a message Friday 4-16-10 on my home phone, it was a man with a deep Indian accent. He said his name was officer Karl Jones of the financial claims department at the courthouse. He said that someone was filing a financial crimes case against me and that he had my personal information even saying my social security number. He said i needed to call back right away. Feeling that this was a scam, i looked up the number on the Internet and found out it was a residential on listed number, so i didn't return call. Today Monday 4-19-10, he called my house, i was at work. My boyfriend answered and it was the same man claiming to be an officer of the court and saying he needed to speak to me right away. I called back from work to get a answering machine, i didn't leave a message. 30 seconds later they called back my cell phone. I answered and said hello, a man said hello who is this, i said no who is this. This man claimed to be officer Steve C from the department of defense. He said who are you looking for , i said i don't know someone from this number left a message for me. So he covers the phone and i can hear him yelling, who has Erin P.Meanwhile, I can hear a lot of people in the background with Indian accents all yelling the same things this guy had said on my answering machine. The man comes back after a minute and says, "He will call you back in 30 seconds. Is your number 8113?" I said, "No, I am not at that number right now." He hung up on me. About 10 seconds later, this officer Karl J calls and starts yelling into the phone telling me that he is going to have me verify all my personal information. He starts reading off my social security number, phone number, address, place of employment asking me to verify. I said I will not give you a personal information. I tried repeatedly asking him where he got my personal information and who he worked for. He kept avoiding it. As he yelled at me telling me he was going to read me an affidavit and I better agree. He told me that I owed them $6442 and that I had borrowed it in a payday loan. He kept asking if I was going to resolve this with him today or should he proceed with the lawsuit. As he yelled at me, I repeatedly asked what company he worked for and who I had supposedly borrow this money from. He got very angry and said I would have to speak to his supervisor for that information. I said okay. So the man called officer Steve C from the Department of Defense was the supervisor that got on the phone. As I asked what company he worked for, he got very angry and started yelling loudly telling me I need to pay for this loan i supposedly owed. I said, "Sir, this is a scam and I will not pay you a cent." At this point, he got very upset when I said the word scam and yelled, "We are going to make some terrible things happen to you in the next 24 hours. We know where you live and work and something bad is going to happen." Then he hung up. The name of the company he finally gave me was US Fast Cash International.
They called me at 5:15AM accusing me of 500 dollar fraud. He had all my bank info and including names of relatives. He was a fast talker with a heavy accent. I was going to call the police and said he was calling from the Washington State. I hung up on him. The caller ID said unknown name, unknown number. Too soon to tell but I am very upset since I am in the process of going through my bank statements to see if there is any deposit from these people or withdrawals.
I am on disability and get paid a small check monthly. I applied online for a Fast cash loan, shortly after my phone was bombarded with call from out of state numbers. I only answered the local one 786 738 5111. This was a gentleman calling me regarding the loan I had applied for online that I was approved for an unsecured loan up to $5000. I was told all I needed to do was to verify my financial status. I needed to prove that I could make monthly payment of $259.00. I told him I could not pay that much and that I only needed $1500, not $5000. He said ok no problem. Then he said for the amount I was requesting to borrow, my payment would be $140. All I had to do was to put $140 on Paypal Green dot money pak and the money would be transfer to my bank in 30 to 40 minutes. When I called back, was told I needed to pay the taxes on the amount $249 in order for the money to be transfer. I asked why he did not tell me this before. He replied he had and that this amount would be deposit with the loan amount and all I would have to pay back would be the $1500. After I paid the $249 on green dot money pak, I called back when still no money was deposited in my account. I spoke to a Mr. Peter ** who informed me that their company could not transfer the money because of my credit score, but they will be transfer from the lender HSBC Bank. And in there, transfer fee needed to be paid before transferring the money of $199. I told him to just take it out of the loan amount and was told that can't be done. I then said to just cancel the loan and refund my money. He said that the money was not refundable. Out of anger of being totally scammed, I wanted to Kill this man. I got a loan number and asked for address and he hung up. I searched the 786 738 5111 address and all I got was Homestead Florida. And now I'm out $389. Never got money from Mr. Peter ** of Fast Cash Loan.
I am being threaded to be taken to jail and court. Not to mention my #SS number frozen being brought up on fraud charges, and all kinds of other things. They want me to get a Green Dot card to start making bi weekly payments of to $200.00 to start off the down to $100.00 a week till $1875.00 is paid off. But the funny thing is I never had a NSF notice from my bank, nor did I ever change my account so I know my loan has always have been taken out of my account. So this is nothing but a scam and I even had them send me a copy of the arrest warrant they were going to issue. If this isn't scare tactic of the major kind I don't know what you'd call it and how many times it has worked!!!! These ** need to be stopped and put under the jails!

We were unable to pay back our loan and were unable to make the payment arrangements they offered. They would not let us make smaller payments. As I was unemployed and we had no intention at the time of not paying the loan on time we were hoping they would work with us.We recieved numerous nasty and demeaning calls from Olivia Cruz saying we could not run, she knew where my husband worked and they were filing a claim with Pierce County Court and that his paycheck would be garnished and that we would pay court fees and did we think we got away with something and did we think this was just free money.On and on in a very nasty tone usually ending in you have yourself a great day! then slamming the phone down. There was no reason to call her back because we just didn't have as much money as they wanted and wouldn't take payments we could afford.We aren't bad people and we weren't trying to get away with anything. We are now in a position to pay this off and can't seem to get thru to anyone there.

I took out a payday loan with the organization. I was reloaning every two weeks. In October of 2005, my pay check was shorted $800 and I was unable to honor the pay day loan check. Three days prior to the due date, I called Fast Cash loans and explained. At the time, they informed me that it was ok and to stop pay on the check and that a Mr. Shockley will call me to make arrangements to pay it off. I did just that. I then contacted them a week later as I had not heard from them and wanted to take care of the check and arrangements to pay them through my online banking. I spoke with a Denise who told me that I can pay $165 every two weeks until it is paid off. I was unable to do this and requested the address once again, to set up payments. She refused, stating they were not set up for payments but, she offered again to make the payment arrangements every two weeks. I attempted on more than 7 more times from Oct to current to obtain an address to send payments once a month. As of today, I have yet to receive an address. I have also asked that they call me on my cell phone during the daytime since I work and I am unable to answer my phone at home and I wanted to get this taken care of asap. They continued to call my home and leave me threatening messages but still not providing an address. After each voicemail, I would return the call of course after hours and leave more messages requesting an address. I was forced to have my voicemail at home turned off to prevent the threatening messages. Yesteray, November 14, 2005, my 11 year old son told me that Mr. Shockly called from Fast Cash Loans called and stated If your mom does not pay her bad checks, she will get all her wages garnished. Do I need to say more??? This company is threatening and are using illegal tactics and refusing to work with me.
Mike ** told me I could get a $5000 loan which I really needed. He told me to put $500 on a Green Dot card just to verify that I could make the monthly payment. I can't believe I fell for this, but I was so desperate. He took my money and said that I owed taxes and he had to keep it. THIS IS A SCAM COMPANY!!!
I have been getting constant phone calls from individuals stating that they are with Fast Cash USA. I think they may have gotten my phone number from Monster because I posted my resume out there and in bad judgement put my phone number on it. I'm not certain how they got my number, but they keep harassing me. I have asked three different individuals to take me off their list and I still get calls. If anything, speaking to someone to be taken off the list eggs them on and they call more. They started off by calling me every hour and leaving several voicemails. Then when I called them back to have me removed from their list, they asked my name. I gave it to them. I hope they cannot steal my identity by giving them my name. Please do not give them your name. The whole thing seems like a ploy to get your info. I get the voicemail saying I've been approved for a loan, but when I speak to a human, they don't try and sell me anything or offer me a loan. They only ask me my name. Anyway, the next day after speaking to someone the first time, they called me literally every 5 min all day long. I turned off my phone so that it would stop and turn it on and off throughout the day to check my texts and messages. I am considering sending them a cease and desist, but I'm not sure if it will have any affect because I'm not sure if they are a legitimate company or not. They also don't seem to follow any of the laws regarding the number of times per day they call and the voicemails they leave. When I worked collections, we could only call once an hour and if we left a voicemail, we could not call back that day. I'm not sure if the same rules apply to telemarketers or if they are just not following them. Has anyone had any luck getting them to stop calling? I am trying to avoid changing my number because I am in the process of moving to another state and I don't want to change it now and then again in a month or two.
I don't recall borrowing money from this company but perhaps I did. But I have never received any correspondence from them ever until today - I received an email from an attorney with the Anderson Group saying I needed to pay $400 today or legal action would be taken. I never heard of an attorney seeking money for their client over the internet. Could this be legitimate or a scam? Thanks.
This company, Fast Cash Loans, is just as crooked as One Click Cash. They sent people loan papers that say one thing and do another. Their interest rates on loans are illegal. I applied for a $150 loan for both companies. The loan papers say you will get $150 and $45 a month will be taken from your account and the total amount to be paid back is $195. They will take out $45 a month, then all of a sudden they were going to take out $95 and that means I would have paid them back $460. When I saw that, I closed my account right away. I think someone should do something about their illegal practices. If I had seen the complaints that other people have made regarding these two accounts, I would have never done anything with these companies. They should be shut down.
This place is a joke. Not only have they called my cell twenty million times per day for the last two weeks but they have also called my work. I told them was not interested yet they still call and email me. They have gone as far as saying, "I ** your mom and suck my **..." Very rude. My mom always said that if you have to pay for a loan up front, it's a scam.... I even reported them to BBB and I am on the national do not call list but yet they still keep calling... Ugh! They need to be stopped. My thing is if I had $200 to send you, I wouldn't need your freaking loan. That's why I applied for the loan because I needed the money!
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