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Finova Financial Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Finova Financial
Company Type: Private
Year Founded: 1
Formerly Named: Finova Financial
Address: 1400 Centrepark Boulevard, Suite 800
City: West Palm Beach
State/Province: FL
Postal Code: 33401
Country: United States
Phone: 1 888-886-8007
Overall average rating of 4.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 66 %
My mom had a tumor removed from her brain and she almost died. And when that happened, it kind of set everything else out. When I was first called Finova, it did not take very long for me to get the loan I inquired about and the rep I had spoken to was great and very attentive. But the application process was difficult. Certain areas were not explained to me, which would've made it easier for me. They said they'd send an email and they told me what I had to provide and the different documents that were required. But I didn't know that all I had to do was tap the area that I wanted to address and that it would take me where I needed to go so I could take the picture that was required. I’m 65 and at our age, we need a little bit more guidance. But other than that, I’m happy with the way things worked out, the process and the options that were given. There were no prepayment penalties, too. So I would recommend Finova in a heartbeat.
When I made a loan inquiry for a car title. Finova contacted me on the same day. Their loan application process was easy and it was a very short turnaround time. Had a good experience with my personal loan processor. Although I was supposed to receive a gift card, but I didn’t. I asked about this when I made my first payment on the date. And I also haven't received the title back yet and it's now taken long even though I only had the loan for less than a month. The whole experience is fine except at the end because they promised something that I expected to be done right away but wasn’t.
When I called Finova, the lady told me what to do and how to do it. Then I called back and they sent some forms. I was dealing my truck, so I had to give a power of attorney and get a copy of a driver's license. And I took a picture of the truck all the way around it and sent that back in. And then they processed everything really quick. They sent me more paperwork like the contracts and how much the interest would be. I filled that out and sent it in. Then the next morning, I was approved. Everybody was really polite and helpful.
My experience with Finova was better than other loan companies that contacted me. The application process was really easy. The loan processor was also able to answer all of my questions. I'm highly satisfied with Finova and I'd recommend them to a friend.
The application with Finova was really easy ‘cause it was all online. Also, they had shorter terms. People could do it for either a year or two. And the interest rate was great and it wasn’t as horrible as the other ones. But after getting my title to them and getting the money, it was a little bit hectic. There were some glitches like I had to pay to send my title and some other papers that had to have my original signature. And then I had some issues getting my money. It would be a lot more appealing if people didn’t have to make payments through MoneyGram. It’s $16 to send a payment which is ridiculous to me.
I used another company before but I had to go in. My work schedule didn't allow me to do that this time and Finova was online so, it was convenient. But they were misleading and I'm deeply paying for that now. When I took out the loan, it was not explained to me that the interest would be accrued on the balance and not the principal balance. I was also told a 60-day payoff amount. But when I called back later, the person I spoke with told me that that was not true. I borrowed $750 and I was looking to pay it off in 60 days. I'm expecting to pay somewhere around $938, but that's not the case. It's over $1,000 and it's accruing interest not only on the principal balance that I took out but also on the fees. Every day that I don't pay, it goes up $1.85 or $1.95 and once that's added, they charge interest on that as well.I don't think that that's a fair business practice. But the lady told me that I should have read thoroughly through all my documents because it was in there. I've paid $600 on my loan so I only owe $400 something. But by the time I pay the rest of it off, it'll be $500. That's more like $1,100 for 60 days. So, I didn't have a good experience.
My husband and I had intended to go to a local title loan company, and when my husband Googled title loan and Finova came up. When they called us, we decided to go with them. The only issue was the time of the day we called, trying to get the pictures done before it got dark. They contacted me about five minutes after our loan inquiry and I was driving home that time so I told them to wait a few minutes until I got home. But the personal loan processor whom I talked to over the phone was great and sweet. She was extremely helpful about everything including with questions and issues I had. She was going to get it for us that night, and I said that it's not that big of a deal and told her to ship it in the morning. So that's what we did and she was right there in the morning when the FedEx opened. She walked me through it and it was good. Overall, it’s a life-saving experience.
I wanted to try something different, so I went with Finova. Their online application wasn't difficult at all. Their customer service was the best as far as the kind of experience I've had. The loan processor was awesome and, overall, I had a great experience with them. I would definitely recommend.
Finova Financial was the best one for me and in the range that I needed. It was my first time applying so I was afraid a little bit. The personal loan processor was great. I had access to her in that anything that I wasn't sure of, she helped me out and walked me through a lot of things on the phone. It was a great experience and they have great customer service.
It only took a short amount of time from my loan inquiry that Finova contacted me. I'm still working with them in the meantime. Application was an easy process, and I was able to get assistance. Finova calls a day or two before I have to make a payment. One time, I failed to make a payment since I didn't know that it was on the 4th like usual. But it seems the last time, I made it on the 6th. So, I don't know if the payment is due every 30 days or 31 days. The loan processor explained these dates but the information didn't stick very well. I looked forward to the emails as to the due dates but I didn't get any.
I am happy my experience with Finova. I didn't want to do it at start because the interest rate is ridiculous but it was a necessary thing I had to do at the moment. For $800, I have to pay them back $2100. It is $1300 interest on $800 in one year. Besides that, earning has been great. They have been very cooperative and very nice. No problems. Everything went smooth. Tanya’s the one I speak to when I call down there. She’s been extremely nice and kind.
I was with Finova for a year and it's been pretty good. I saw they can do a car loan and I tried them. There were other ones but I went with Finova because they're over here in Florida and are not that far. The application process was easy. I called them and they did it within 1 day. I dealt with them last year and they helped me out a lot then I just redid a new loan. I'm in a jam now and we talked it out, but there’s nothing they can do. So I'll just bite my tongue and hopefully get it done. But I have really no problem with them, they could do what they could do, and I could do what I could do.
My experience with Finova Financial has been good. I got a short-term loan from them and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It went very well. Their loan reps were very cool. The only thing that upset me was that they said that they would have my money in an hour after I mailed the title through FedEx. But then they said, they won’t give me my money until they received it in their hands. Other than that, I finished everything and I'm satisfied.
We don’t have any auto title loan company in Florida. Finova contacted me and so, I had to go outside the boundaries as I didn’t have a lot of options here. They took less than 24 hours to contact me and the experience has been better than others, adding in the whole process, the procedure, how quickly they responded, how quickly they had everything done, and how helpful they were. They worked with me if I had something or they could see something and they would say I'd have to do it again but it was a lot of fun. My personal loan processor did a good job. They have the easiest process ever and they did exactly what they said they were gonna do. It’s so simple.
I started with the need for 1300 in a pinch and was lead to believe that I would only be charged 17 to 30% interest and that was it. They lied, not only in the sales pitch but all of their business practices are deceptive. The woman, on the phone, stated there were no additional fees and no prepayment penalty. They not only lied about the fees but required their own insurance which was the almost the same amount as the loan, even though I had insurance already. When I checked about paying the entire loan early, the payoff was almost the same as if I made the monthly payment. So the repayment was 2 1/2 times the loan, or 3000 on a 1300 loan. How is this saving big. It is not.They also use illegal collection methods, like contacting the relatives of you when you are late by a few days. In California it is illegal to contact family members other to locate the borrower initially. Once that has been determine they are not allowed to contact family members again. Finova contacted 3 different family member which not only is harassment but again not legal. I will be filing a complaint with the California Attorney General for violation of the guidelines. Under no circumstances is this a reputable company like the former reviews state. I urge all to never use these crooks and liars.
I was trying to get a loan and I had been contacted by other companies but I went with Finova because of their pricing. The process I've gone through during the loan application has been pleasant and I had a good conversation with their rep who's knowledgeable. My loan was processed in an expeditious manner and the response has been quick. The transaction fees for the type of loan were acceptable. The part that they make it amount, they do it purposely or that’s just the way they had to do it with the insurance. Most car company insurance only incur six-month premiums, not 12-month premiums. They make it appear to look like you have 12 months so they hit you with that additional insurance cost. It’s the first time I used that type of service and it's interesting to know about it because the industry has a bad experience. If there's some way they accommodated that so I wouldn’t have to buy that type of contract agreement with the coverage and if they can do it for six months, they would do a lot more business. I also had unfortunate circumstances that arose with my loan and they didn’t account it in as well. But other than that, I had a good interaction with them and they gave me a nice restaurant coupon. I've recommended two people to Finova.
After reviewing the information online, I felt comfortable using Finova Financial so I went with them. It only took them 5 minutes to call me back from the time I contacted them. So far, my application experience was very good. Their personal loan processor was very kind, helpful and informative. I would recommend them.
The application process was easy. Everything that Finova Financial told me I needed to do, it was right there for me. Everything was explained. The personal loan processors were also very helpful. It was a good experience.
Finova Financial were the first ones that contacted me, a few hours from the time I inquired about the loan, and their lady rep was very helpful, so I went with them. The application process with Finova was good. The lady rep that took care of my loan walked me through what I'll need and how to download the app on my phone, and she made it real easy. She was real good about it and was just as nice as she could be.
The guy that I originally talked to lied to me. He said, “This is the way we do things,” and after I got the loan they all told me, “No. We don’t do it like that. I don’t know who told you that.” Then I've come to find out they fired the dude, and now I'm stuck doing what I'm doing. Then when I asked them to rewrite the loan, they told me that they can rewrite it for $500, which is cool. I'll take that. But they can't rewrite because now I brought it down to lower my payments. I've never met a finance company that wouldn't rewrite a loan. I owe Finova money, but 20 text messages and emails saying that my payment is due is ridiculous. If I'm running a little bit late, they work with me, but they don’t even let me get late with the payment before they start calling me.
I like Finova. The guy I spoke with during the application process was perfect. The process has been brief and they did a good job. The only bad thing about the loan was that my interest almost doubled.
I tried to go a title loan but the company couldn't give in on what was needed and they're the ones who recommended Finova to me. When I applied online, somebody called me. The person I went to was really nice, helpful and still contacts me to remind me of my payments about to due. She's even keeping in contact now although I have got my loan to make sure everything is still going smooth. Most loan companies don't do that. However, we had a little bit of complications with the application process. Getting the first picture downloaded was a little difficult. But once my husband figured out how to download the pictures, it went pretty smoothly. Finova has been good, but I wish they had a place instead of having to go to MoneyGram because that's seven extra dollars I have to pay out every time I make my payments.
I have given up trying to pay my bill online. Going to CVS store to use MoneyGram and paying an extortion fee of $6.99 just to send money is a crime. Thanks for your time.
It took Finova less than five minutes to answer my loan inquiry. It fell on a weekend and not very many places are open on the weekend to do loans but they were super quick with it. They also told me I could have the funds the same day, which I did. They made the experience really easy. Also, my personal loan processor was fantastic. She was supposed to get off of work at 4:00 and she waited until 4:45 to make sure I made it to the FedEx office on time to get everything sent to her. She didn't leave until after everything was done and completed.
I trusted this business and they took advantage of that trust. Added extra fees that doubled the amount I requested. Didn't explain what they were for and optional. If they had I would have said no. Beware, don't trust. Read and ask questions.
I got put in the hospital and came out with a $1,600 bill. I was in for 23 hours so it isn’t a full day, but it cost me more than if I would’ve stayed in the hospital. So, I inquired with Finova. I didn’t know how it all works but someone called me. She was so informative on the interest and how much I’ll be paying over the year, and made me so relaxed and comfortable about having loans because at first, I was very scared to do something like that. Otherwise, I would’ve never done it. They worked with me and I am almost finished with the hospital bill but I still have enough to pay them $100 a month.
Finova Financial was pretty prompt in answering my loan inquiry and we stuck with them from the beginning because of the way that they responded. The application process was a little bit difficult but they helped us through every step that we had a complication with. Everything went well and if we ever had to do it again, we would definitely get it through them. They were great and we recommend them.
I needed my car for my daily activities and was looking for some money to get my car from the shop. I went online and picked Finova from the companies I found. I called them and they said they'd make things happen. The application process was easy since an agent was there to help me out. In fact, they're really fast. When I called them, they immediately gave me another number to call. When I called, the person responded immediately. He told me what to bring and we met the next day. They went over my papers, and the next day, they came with the money.I didn't hold the money for too long. I can pay it for one year, but it didn't take me one month to return it. They told me what to do and the exact amount they were going to charge me. I went to the bank, deposited the payment, took a picture and sent it to them. They saw the picture, and they sent the title back to me after one week. It went very smoothly. They're really accurate, and I'm very satisfied with my experience. They made me so comfortable, didn't lie to me, and kept their promise. The only one concern I had was the rate. I don't know if it's less than the other companies because I didn't have time to shop around, but other than that, Finova did a good job.
The Finova experience has been great and it's better than the other companies that contacted me. They've been responding to me immediately when I needed assistance and they sent me emails about all the payments that I need to do. The only problem is that I haven't been able to make the first payment because I've been having some job issues. But I already started last week and this Friday I'll be able to make my first payment.
The service representative was kind and patient. She explained every step clearly and explained what I should expect next. I was skeptical of this service at first but they really gained my trust and worked patiently with me. The time given to pay the company back was very generous. The interest and fees are a little higher but due to my emergency I was in no position to be picky.
I'd already done my car title with someone, but once I got a hold of Finova, it took them less than a week to do all my paperwork and have it all completed. When I first called, I talked to a real nice lady and everything worked out. She walked me through all of it and answered every question. She'd also call every time I was gonna do something to make sure I got that part completed and I could call her at any time of the day and checked on. Even after it was over, she called to make sure everything went well. She was a very good person and very easy to deal with. It was an easy monthly payment for a set amount of time. Overall, it was a very easy experience and I'll do it again if I would need it. I would recommend them to a lot of people because they were very nice and fair.
I was going through a hard time and couldn't get a loan anywhere so, in a pinch, it was ok. Their fees are outrageous. The customer service guy Jay worked very closely with me and called and emailed me constantly when I was getting the loan, but when I was having trouble with first payment (waiting 3 days for my tax return to hit my bank), I emailed Jay 3 times and he NEVER responded. The only option to pay is through MoneyGram which, of course, charges a fee and is very inconvenient. I wouldn't use again, but like I said, it was ok when I was in a bind at the time!
I took out a loan with Finova and I have a big issue with my tax on my car. I went and paid my registration so I can have my tags. Apparently, they're not sending the correct paperwork to the DMV. So, I can't really get the sticker for my car. I've been calling their customer service about three times a day and they're going to look into the problem. They said that I have to call back to the DMV and talk to them. So, I called the DMV and they need my title. All Finova need to do is sign the back of the title, send it to the lien holder and send that paper copy to DMV, so they can go ahead and process my tags. But Finova said, "That don't have nothing to do with my tags." I even told them if they can FedEx my title to me overnight, so I can take it to the DMV and I can get my tags. I can FedEx the title back to them. I have to work and I cannot just sit. Now, it's April 1st and I don't have my tags because Finova is not doing something. As of tomorrow, I'm going to be stuck. I can't go back and forth to work because I refuse to get tickets and Finova is not going to pay them. I'm very dissatisfied right now.
I made an arrangement to make a payment on a certain date and they sent the repo man out to get my truck which caused me a lot of problems. I was supposed to pay on a Monday, but they sent the guy out before I was even supposed to make the payment. They couldn't get in touch with me, but my phone number has been the same, the thing is, if I've already made the payment arrangement for that Monday so they didn't have to call me. Overall, they're a good company. It's just that that one incident was bad for me. They are better than directly contacting an auto title loan company (I received a little bit more from them). I'm okay with them now, but I still have to go to court because the repo man and I got into each other.
I applied for a loan with Finova and after I made contact with them, they contacted me immediately. They're easy to deal with and personable. The rep I dealt with has also been absolutely courteous. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience.
When Lending Tree, which I found as a pretty reputable loan company, was able to give me a loan, they recommended Finova and I went with their recommendation. And, it didn't take long for Finova to call me back. It was within the first 20 minutes of me looking at it online. Their interest rate wasn't nearly as high compared to some of the other loans that I've looked into and it made it nicer to get the loan from them. And, the amount of the loan that you were able to get a hold of definitely helps out.Also, they make the process really easy for you and I liked that because I was desperate and in need of a loan at the time. It didn't seem like there were too many steps to it. It was really friendly and they were quick to answer any questions I had. The processor was knowledgeable of what they were doing and really easy to talk to. The instructions she gave me were simple to follow and the explanation to everything made everything move a lot smoother.
When I was first contacted by Finova, I was freaked out because I thought it was a BS sales. I didn’t know what it was until somebody else called me from there and I was like, “Oh, they're legit.” They swore that they will pay off my loan in X amount of time unlike other loan companies out there who charge 200% interest. They are also better because they don’t hassle me. So far, my experience has been pretty good.
Everything was good with Finova. They were very friendly and helped me out when I needed it. They worked with me when I was late on my first payment. Everybody seemed to be knowledgeable and they took you right through the process. They were professional in their dealings and decent. I would recommend them to a friend.
This is my first time using Finova Financial on my truck. My girlfriend arranged the application process for me and helped me out while I was at work. We had to call back a couple of times and get everything straightened out, but once we got all the needed paperwork done which took the most time, the lending process was fairly easy. They worked with us pretty good. However, I got a hard time with the interest rate. I borrowed $3,000 but now I’m paying $9,000 back. That’s steep and I do have a problem with that. I don’t like that part. But so far they seem to be a decent outfit. I’ve worked with other outfits years before, and sometimes they were a pain in the butt. I’d recommend Finova Financial to somebody else if they needed it.
I would definitely recommend Finova. My cousin told me to try them and they were quick to contact me from the time of my loan inquiry. It was good and really convenient. I didn’t have to go in and I could get it all at home with my cellphone. The application process was really easy and I was told what to do. I signed online and took a pictures of myself and uploaded them. The loan processor Dawn was cool and really helpful and I like her a lot. If I kept misunderstanding what she was saying, I'd call her direct and she would go ahead and tell me without any issues.
Finova Financial is very nice, and helpful in getting everything organized. The rep did everything all the way and was fast. For everything I didn't do, she got me back and had everything taken care of. It was a quick and simple application process. However, I'm on disability, so I get my check on the 10th to 15th every month, and it's always on the 1st so the only thing I don’t like about it is it doesn’t fall through for where my check is and I hated that the first time. But other than that, I'm very satisfied, and I would recommend them.
Finova was the first one that popped up and sounded good to me. The application process was pretty easy. My personal loan processor was good. Plus, Linda, the agent, was very good and nice. She explained everything very well and would joke around with me on the phone. Everything's fine so far, I would recommend Finova.
When I called Finova to get information, they were really friendly and helpful. It only took them 15 minutes to half an hour to contact me back, so I picked them. Their application process was easy, which took about 2-3 hours total. Everything was good.
I saw Finova online and they were cheaper. Then, I contacted them and the loan processor was nice. She was helpful, answered my questions, and going on with the information. The application was a good experience for me. They basically told me what I needed to get the loan done. I had no problems. There was back and forth with emailing me documents to sign, to get the loan approved. And then they told me what I had to do, then they emailed me where to go pick up the money from. I will recommend them to anybody who would ask me.
Finova reached out to me several days after I initially inquired about my loan and we corresponded really good after that. Their rep was very pleasant, informative and the application process was smooth. They told me step by step and explained everything in detail so I had no problems with anything.
I was looking for a title loan company and there was none around where I lived. I found Finova Financial online then I called them. My interaction with them was good. I ended up dealing with Donna. She was very polite and nice, and she walked me through the whole process from beginning to end--sending over the photos, getting the title, and getting money sent to me via MoneyGram. She sent me the information that I needed to send her back as well. I then had to go fax some things at FedEx, she walked that to me and they sent the label to me. We did everything over the phone in one day and it was a good experience.I was also short on a couple of bills that I needed to take care of and Finova gave me options. You would end up paying more money than you needed to pay if you take the loan through the whole term, but Donna explained to me exactly what they charged and what it would cost if I was to pay it off sooner than later. And it would be up to me to take advantage of paying it off sooner wherein I would only pay back what I owed plus an additional $250. Overall, everything has been fine with Finova. I looked at the Better Business Bureau saying that they were okay, but for me, it was easy and simple with them. I got the title loan, and for what I asked for and what I received, it was adequate for my car.
I have dealt with other companies in the past and I've had way better experience than with Finova. Every year, I take a small loan out against my one vehicle so I can do my Christmas shopping and then I pay it back with my income tax when it comes in. It's not a big amount and not a big deal 'cause I don't take anything out more than $600 which covers my Christmas expenses and by March it's paid off.I tried Finova this year because I was in a hurry. Most places make you bring the vehicle in to check them out and I didn't have the time. Finova made me take a bazillion pictures of everything and fill out a bazillion papers. I get that but it was a little over zealous because why do I have to take a picture of me in front of my vehicle. Also, they text me back about papers that I missed or that I have to PDF and I also mailed the title. It was like a two-hour process just to get the application and the pictures out.Once I sent all my information they're supposed to call me back in about an hour or two and make sure that the loan goes through. Everything was approved but I ended up having to take the day off of work because they didn't get a hold of me for hours. When I called them back, the funds weren't released yet and after I talked to the guy, it took them two seconds to release it. I was a little upset about that but it was no big deal and I can use that day to Christmas shop.Then, they told me that I was gonna get some card in the mail. I know they told me this 'cause I asked about payment. I can go down to Chase Bank and pay it through the card to them. When I finally got my first text message saying that I have a payment due, it said I can go down to any place. They said it was not gonna cost me anything extra to make a payment but now, I got to pay for money order. I had to go down to Walmart, make the $125 payment and have it sent. Then, I got a note saying that I didn't so I sent them a copy of the payment and got their confirmation that they got it. I asked them the payoff at that point and they said that I still owe $680. So I'm gonna have to make another payment and then once my income tax comes, I'll pay them up.But the thing is $40 of the $125 is going towards loan and they are pocketing the rest. Now I understand everybody has to have their cut but that's more than half. That's almost the full amount so if I had known this I would have gone down. 'Cause I've done this before and they took it big but I have never been so disappointed. Also, every time I have to make a payment I have to go down somewhere where before, I just go on the phone and make a payment, and then for them to tell me that they didn't see certain things. It's almost to the point that nowadays, like how every company put you on record, you also need to put them on record.I don't like badmouth. I work as a server and I get crap all day long like good and bad stuff. But at the end of the day as long as you know you feel good about how you perform that's what should matter. I don't know how Finova at the end of the day feels good about themselves when they take $125 from somebody and literally $40 of that goes towards the payment and they pocket the rest. Then, when I ask about my title, which I assumed that when I paid the loan off they would mail back and I could go and get a new one and they'll sign the back like I do, they tell me that they don't send me anything once I'm paid off. It takes up to seven days for them to release things and when they do, I have to go down the DMV and tell them.But they weren't going to send me something like an email saying that the loan's paid off and the title is released and I'm not gonna go down to the DMV and spend all day there with nothing. It sounds a little sketchy to me. I told them that they rip people off and that's uncool. People borrow a lot against their vehicles because they're dire straight. I do it just to bump my Christmas but it's still a pain in the butt.That's how I do it every year. I take the $600 out, my payments are $75, $50 of it goes towards the payment and $25 they keep every month until it's paid off. But now I got to make another payment to them and my income tax comes in days too late. My payoff is still gonna be almost $700. They've pocketed $250 on a $600 loan. Where did $250 in payments go and I still owe almost $700 when I borrowed $600? Also, you never talk to one person. Every time I call, they bounce you around from person to person. Usually, it's a guy and then it's a female that gets back with me and then another guy will call me and I don't even know what to say anymore. I'm not happy with them at all. I will never recommend them to anybody ever, I would lose a friend if I did. It was awful and never again.
Finova had a different type of loan which was a line of credit that didn’t look like the same structure as the others. I was amazed with their application process. The rep called me and helped me do everything. He had to go for the day and I ended up getting some help from another guy, but they were both great. The only problem I had with the whole thing was that when I went to upload pictures of my vehicle, they became upside down when they were taken right side up. That looks like it might be a website flaw, but other than that, everything was fine. Overall it was a better experience than I’ve had in a lot of things in life. If ever I need to do this again, I would definitely go with Finova.
Finova was quick and using them has helped me. They’re friendly and nice. They worked with me and they're a good loan place.
Finova Financial contacted me about a day after I made my loan inquiry. They have very good customer service skills. They were my first loan company but they were willing to work with me on my issues. It was hard to do the loan and there was one aspect of the process that I didn’t like but overall, they still helped me. When I first talked to them the very first time I used them, they didn't disclose that I had to pay a certain amount for the loan. It wasn't explained correctly to me, so I could't clearly understand what it was the extra charge I was paying. They should be upfront in everything they're doing and in disclosing all of the additional fees and everything that has to do with a loan.
I would definitely recommend Finova Financial to a friend. They were the first people that I encountered and their application process was very easy to do. I just scanned documents to them and they handled everything within the same day. The loan processor was great and my experience with Finova was totally awesome.
Finova contacted me within minutes after making a loan inquiry. My application process with them went well and I had a good experience with their loan processor. Overall, they have quick, easy and convenient services and I like their customer service.
I jumped into Finova Financial as I could not get any help with anyone else. I had to take anything I could get. Their people reached out to me quickly when I first contacted them and my loan processor was good. The application process was also good and better than some other ones. But there were a couple of things that I had problems with. I was grateful though for the help regardless of what I had to do. The company used MoneyGram but it was sometimes hard to deal with here for certain areas. Instead, we signed documents and sent everything thru FedEx to each other. It was a believable deal that made sense and I was satisfied with Finova. If a friend was in my situation, I’d tell him to use them if he could.
I had nothing but good experience with Finova Financial. In just a couple of minutes after I had my loan inquiry, they called me. They were not pushy unlike the other companies that contacted me. In fact, the rep was very sympathetic to me. My dad passed away, I’m trying to take care of my mom, I’m working two jobs, and I had to leave everything up Oregon with my aunt and my uncle to come down to California. And the rep understood these and took everything into consideration.Finova Financial worked with me. I didn’t feel rushed about any decisions and everything was explained to me. Although the interest rate was high, it’s what you’d expect because some of them were about four times the loan. The application process was easy too where the best part was uploading the picture. They wanted a picture of the vehicle, a picture of you and the vehicle, and a picture of parts of the vehicle as they wanna make sure that’s yours. So, I sent all my pictures and all I had to do was tap on where the picture would go, and my camera would come up. I also didn’t have to run here and there. They just emailed me all the paperwork then I printed them out and mailed them at the FedEx center.
I was late on my payment and when I made my payment thru moneygram it was accepted by Finova and then I was told they are going to repo my car even though I paid the late payment and was 2 days late on another. Called to let them know I would be paying the amount due on the next day. I was informed that they need the full loan balance and they will not accept anything else. So now I am going to contact an attorney to see what my legal rights are. STAY AWAY FROM FINOVA....
Finova Financial contacted me the same day of my loan inquiry. I have other loan companies contact me but I chose Finova Financial because I have some other lender contact me but the other service wasn’t good. Finova is good and that’s why I go back. The application process was easy. The lady who was on the phone with me explained exactly what to do, where to go. They have patience. They’re really great and I love that about them. I'm very happy.
It took Finova 30 minutes to contact me after I inquired from them regarding a loan. They were better too compared to the other loan companies that contacted me. Their loan application process was easy and my personal loan processor was good and very polite. It was an excellent experience.
Compared to the other loan companies that contacted me, Finova seemed like a better place to go by the people I talked to. They also seemed really good and offered better rates. They responded to my inquiry in a matter of minutes and the application process was easy. They answered questions and were there for me. My personal loan processor was also great. The only thing is, I paid the loan off a few weeks ago and I'm still waiting for my title.
Finova had the whole "take a picture and text it" text message. I clicked on it which made it easier to be able to upload everything. Everything was done electronically and I didn't have to go to a location. I had to mail off my title but other than that I didn't have to go into an office and sit down with anybody. I had a digital title which was a pain in the butt but Finova was awesome with their help. I dealt with two different people because I called when one had already gone home. They picked up seemingly with no problem, so it made me feel good that they work so close together that if someone wasn't home, the process doesn't stop. Also, I enjoy the fact that I got the reminder text because it helped me make my first payment. Everything was good to go and I was able to make my payment on time. Plus the ease of being able to make a payment is spectacular. You just go right to Walmart or wherever you want and make that payment with no problem. Overall Finova is a fantastic company that's great to work with.
Experience was very quick but repayment is only through MoneyGram which isn't traditional. Seems sketchy but it is a valid loan company. Just surprised they are behind on the times. They did help me when I needed it so I do need to give them that. I was in a bind and needed a bail out and they were there to help. Just with an incredibly large interest rate.
My experience with Finova was wonderful. The application process was easy, and the staff was nicer than what they were with the other title loan company. The girl I worked with I was really good. She answered all my questions and was very helpful.
We had a loan here in town with a loan company and we got it on an urgent basis right before the holidays and didn’t understand completely the terms going in and it turned out that our payments were only going to interest if we paid the payments. They told us to pay every month with interest and we never would have gotten it paid off and when I realized that I did some internet searching and Finova’s terms seemed to be pretty straightforward and honest with their terms, 12 monthly payments and we're done. I could also pay off early if I want to. So we contacted Finova Financial and the same day they contacted us back. Everything went well during the application process except for there was a form that I sent in that they didn’t get or got lost in the system and that held us up a couple of weeks and then our first payment was supposed to be on the first. It ended up having to be due two weeks before then but I don’t know whose fault that was. Another thing is they only accept payments through MoneyGram and depending on where I live that can be a pain in the butt. And MoneyGram is not cheap. I add an extra $12 to every payment. Other than that, the experience was great. Their personal loan processor is very helpful and if I can't make it on the exact date that it's due I can call her and she’ll work with us. So that’s always helpful.
I went to LendingTree and Finova popped up. I contacted them and they contacted me right back. Everything was agreeable so I went with them. The woman I spoke to who set everything up was extremely helpful. She explained how the payments worked step by step. I answered some questions, they did some checking and they came right back and said, “We can do this.” The whole process was very quick and easy. Everything went very smooth and I was very impressed. I did exactly what they told me to, and the money was delivered exactly as they said it would be.
Finova is really good, wonderful, and they're very helpful. They were better than other companies because of the customer service that I received. Their loan qualifications are different. With Finova, when I pay the loan back, it stays the same so it's a set monthly payment. As far as with other companies that I've inquired with, their interest rates kinda go up or the payment fluctuates.The representative who worked with me did all she could to try to help me to make sure. She gave me everything that I needed to know, the questions I asked. She made me feel real comfortable about the company and she let me know that the company was legit. The application process was very easy and quick. There was nothing she made that I didn't understand and it wasn't time-consuming either. My personal loan processor was great. I enjoyed working with her and she still helps me a lot now. And if I had to come back and work with Finova again, I would definitely choose them again.
Finova contacted me right away when I reached out to them. Quite a few different ones contacted me, too, but I went with Finova because they were more genuine. They also seemed to have an end to it while the others didn't. Finova took care of me promptly and it was a good experience. We’re very satisfied. We would love to keep doing business with them in the future.
The application process wasn't that long and I got the money the same day and had a payment plan set up. Everything went well and I was happy with it. I don’t have to pay much for my loan to pay it back. After I pay off my loan, I'm going to apply to get another one. That's how happy I am with Finova and I think other people would be happy with it too. I recommend this company.
Finova Financial got in touch with me quickly, like in an hour, after I initially contacted them for a loan inquiry. Our experience was really good. The representative I first dealt with was very personable, laughed at jokes on the phone and made me comfortable. The application process was pretty easy as well. My loan officer was quick to respond to me. I sent some pictures and some of them didn't turn out to be what Finova wanted. I had some on my phone and the officer said those were OK to use even though they had billing numbers in them. Additionally, I like the notification before the payment is due and all the instructions on what to do with the phone number and stuff when they gave the payment back. It was streamlined.
I was tired of the title loan company that I was originally with because they weren't taking anything from the principal of the loan. They just kept hitting me up on interest and were overbearing at the time because I really didn't need to finance, but if I could have avoided doing it, I would have never got in that situation. Now I'm with Finova, I can get out of this hole that I'm in. They are better than other companies because they continued to keep working with me to try to get a URL to open up on my iPad and kept in contact with me to make sure that I got it opened where I can fill out the application, and I appreciated that. The application process was very easy. They didn't try to force me into making a decision right then and there. They let me take my time and think it over and that's what really sold me with them. The loan process happened quicker than I imagined because after I sent in the paper, the pictures and information that they needed, which took me close to five days, they were over with it and I liked that. If there was any other title company you’re trying to make, always go to Finova.
I went online and Finova Financial grabbed my attention, I called them and they contacted me within 24 hours. The application was done over the phone. They sent me a link for the application. I took pictures of my vehicle, there were step-by-step directions, and I e-signed everything on the phone internet and then sent it to them. The reps were very courteous. They sent me a self-addressed envelope to FedEx and I FedExed them my title, and got the money the next morning. I'd recommend them.
My loan application with Finova went smooth and convenient. When I first made an inquiry, they were quick to contact me. On the other hand, every time I go online to see where the payments were applied, I don't see anything. I thought there was an online account so I could follow or monitor it.
Didn't have any issues with Finova. But I had to deal with them a few times because I was busy and I had to schedule it. Once I uploaded a picture, it took two days because I did it on a weekend. So from the time I was contacted, it took me about a week to get the loan. My experience with Finova has been all right.
Finova's terms are really agreeable. It is not like one of those rip-you-off scams. With Finova, you're actually in a loan. It's not a month-to-month where you're just paying finance charges. And surprisingly, it all went smooth too. They contacted me about 30 minutes after I inquired. It was quick and the people were very helpful. The ease of the process stood out for me and I wish everything would work that way.
Finova offered me a little bit more for my vehicle so I chose them over an auto title company. However I think that they should let people know a little bit more about the fees come the time they will pay back the loan. The person who helped me said that it's better the sooner I pay back the loan amount. I had the $850 for the loan repayment a month later. However when I paid back the loan, I had to pay $1,100 because of all those unexpected fees. The fees are included in the paperwork I signed for, however when I was getting the loan and just needed the money, I was not reading all those little details.
From start to finish, everyone was easy to work with, and everything was simple to understand. They willingly went above and beyond! Anytime I called and had questions, they were right there. They even pay attention when you make a suggestion or recommendation!
Finova seemed to offer better rates until it got down to the nitty-gritty. I signed up in August but we never received a financial package. We were never given a copy of the contract until I called to get it, and I'm paying for insurance that I already have on the vehicle in the amount of $2,700. They sent me a copy of the contract but it says that we have to cancel that insurance within three business days as the origination date so I'm out of luck. Right now, Finova is terrible, and I'd like for the insurance to go away.
I needed a loan of $1000 against my car and one company told me they’d go only $300, another one said $500, and Finova Financial said $700. They put me closer to my figure and so I went throught the process with them. The loan processor was an elderly lady, but she was very pleasant, nice and seemed very educated. She mostly instructed me and I did what she told me. I was made to jump through hoops. I had to take pictures of the inside of the car, front seat, back seat, the hatchback, the outside left, the outside right, back, front, pictures of the inside of the car, picture of the VIN number, picture of the title front and back, and my insurance card. Everything had to be in pictures and sent to them. After she looked at my pictures, my income and the car I’ll be paying, she told me that she’d give the $700 and that was pretty much the end of it. And then I did all the rest on this end and I forwarded it to her by email. Then she instructed me to go to FedEx and I fedexed my title to them. It took us a couple of days to wrap it all up, but they didn’t tell me upfront how much I'm gonna pay back if I borrowed the money. I already overnighted my title to them and that same afternoon is when they told me. Now I want to go ahead and get that paid off right away and get my title back. I didn’t read the fine print too well. I’m really trying to pay it off in two months because I don’t want to double what I owe them. They should divulge the cost of the loan and instead of telling me $145 for two years every month for the $700 I borrowed. So, I would tell others my experience and tell that they’ll loan you the money but you would hop off.
After I inquired for a loan with Finova, they gave me a call the same day. The application was easy and I had a great experience with my loan processor. Everything went great and as planned.
I like Finova and I had no problems with them. It was a great experience. From the time I inquired from them, it took them only 10 minutes to contact me. Other loan companies give you the runaround and most of them are fraudulent. It was easy applying to them as well.
We contacted Finova and they responded within an hour. It's a great and very efficient company with good customer service. I've had a good experience with them.
Signed up for a title loan for 2000.00 in November of 2017 after confirming MULTIPLE times with the representative that I wanted to build my credit and that this would be reported to the credit bureaus (it's not). After receiving the paperwork, saw a "voluntary" debt cancelation addendum which is basically their version of insurance in case the car is damaged or totaled during the loan. Told them I didn't need this as I had a great policy with Geico that covered my car. Within the 4 days that the paperwork said I had to remove the insurance, I called and was told the insurance is mandatory. Now, 7 months later I go into a car dealership to try and trade in my car. First I'm told that I have to pay the FULL amount of the insurance even if I pay the loan in full today (which makes no sense because most insurance companies will refund you part of the policy if you cancel.) Then I'm told that the only way I could have had this "insurance" removed was if I proved to them I had my Geico policy paid in full through November 2019 (which is NOT possible, even though the manager of this company said it was.) Since then, I've called numerous insurance companies just to see if any will let me pay in full for two years... NOPE! This company is scamming people out of thousands of dollars even when everyone has proper insurance on their cars. All of that aside, they charge you tons of fees just to make your payments to them (you can use MoneyGram and pay 15.00 each time, or you can call them and pay a 7.00 convenience fee plus 3%.) AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS.
Finova Financial was great and had a quick turnaround time. It took less than an hour for them to contact me after my loan inquiry. Also, the application process was easy and my experience with the loan officer was good.
My experience with Finova was a lot better compared to other loan companies that contacted me. I was contacted within an hour from the time of my loan inquiry and Carrie was wonderful. She seemed to listen to me, care about the situation that was going on or what I needed the loan for, and went out of her way to help me. They just wanted pictures of my vehicle and I didn’t have to drive or take time off work to go for them to see my vehicle, which was great. The application process was really easy and done online instead of my phone. Some of the things were a little difficult though as I'm not very computer savvy, but other than that, it was really convenient. The interactions with my personal loan processor was absolutely wonderful.My only dislike is the $50 gift card they sent us for a restaurant and we’ve had trouble with it working at all the restaurant listed so we have not even used it yet. The form I did online doesn’t really work. We're gonna try another local restaurant and if it doesn't work then I'd call them.
The online reviews for Finova Financial were the most positive compared with all of the other ones that’s why I decided to choose to work with them. They contacted me the same day of my loan inquiry. The application process is also straightforward. It was as easy as ordering a pizza.
Finova has been excellent all the way around. They contacted me about an hour after I did a loan inquiry and the people I dealt with were very helpful. The process was very easy overall. Everything was self-explanatory and it was nice doing stuff through email. Then if I'm gonna be late on a payment, I just call them and they work with me. So far, Finova has been the best.
Finova Financial was first in so they got the business. I've sent out an application and they approved it. Then, I went to FedEx to send the title and they transferred the money. All within two hours. I had multiple people as loan processors. My experience has been great and it is everything I expected it to be.
From everything Finova had to say, there was no hassle about doing anything. The loan process was really quick and easy, and it didn't seem like it was such a big risk. Even though it was somewhere out of town, I was trusting a foreign business that I never heard of, but they made me feel so comfortable that I would take the chance. Once I filled out the application online, they sent me one that I print out, send back signed, or even DocuSign. We had trouble with the DocuSign but we figured out what the bug was and got it corrected. The loan processor was very helpful, friendly, open and engaging and made the process simple.
Finova Financial gave me personalized attention and I had a better experience with them than other companies. They contacted me in about 2 hours from the time of my loan inquiry. They seemed more willing to accommodate, were speedy, and there was a sense of urgency which I needed. The customer support was very supportive and helped me walk through it. My personal loan processor was very good and the overall process was very easy. Overall, Finova delivered as promised.
Absolutely the friendliest and helpful business I've ever had contact with. Very easy process on processing and approval on loan. It's very nice to know that there is a financial business willing to help people that don't have outstanding credit due to unforeseen circumstances. Thanks.
Within a couple of hours from the time of my loan inquiry, Finova Financial contacted me. It was quick. The application process is easy and I have no complaints. Overall, they're good and easy to deal with.
Finova Financial was fantastic. After I made an inquiry about the loan, they contacted me in 3-5 minutes. Their reps were down to earth and I felt comfortable. I made a lot of calls and they were above and beyond. They worked with us for $1200 and with the last email I sent them, it showed that it was funded within five mintutes. It was instantaneous. Finova Financial needs to take care of the people that they have in the office because I've had a great experience. I'd pass it on to anybody overly interested on payday loans. Have patience in the wait.
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