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I applied for a small loan, in the amount of around $100-$200. I never received it, which was fine. They also tried to hit me with a pre-approved credit card, which I gladly turned down. I have enough credit cards, and it didn't make sense to get another, with such a high credit limit (go figure). They called to verify my information, but never called back, or gave me my $100-$200 loan.I now have a few numbers of some people who are calling me, and harassing me, about the card I never got. I have gotten harassed for about a month, with threats of lawsuits and prison, all because of a card I turned down, and never received. They also informed me, that they tried to take the money out of my account, without my permission. So, not only did they get my info and tried to take money from me, they never gave me what I asked for in the first place. I need the phone calls to stop, and this site shut down. I don't even know how these scammers were able to get my info in the first place.
Since Tuesday, January 18, 2011, I have been receiving telephone calls at home and at work from a certain Mr. Richard ** and his associates threatening me with a lawsuit because of a loan I got from I reviewed all my transactions of this nature, but I don’t have any record of any transaction with I also checked my bank statements and no record of debits or any kind of transaction with could be seen. The same Mr. ** and his associates kept threatening me with legal action, but they never clarified the issue with me. I asked them with what office or law firm they were connected with and they said Consumer Affairs and no name if any law firm. Do you have a Mr. Richard ** in your employ? I could not talk with them during work hours when they repeatedly call me as it is against the policy of the workplace. I tried contacting them when I got home, but they have no more office by the time I make the call. The last time I was able to talk to Mr. **, he told me to wait for papers to arrive at my place of work last Friday, 1/21/2011, but nothing came until the end of the day. He told me to bring the papers to the courthouse (did not mention the location) with my lawyer to prove that I am not guilty. I was advised by my lawyer to complain to your office first before we decide on our course of action. I know I have rights against creditors calling my place of work to make my business known and the fact that they do this the whole day is harassment for me. Thank you so much for any support, clarification and help you could give me on this matter.I feel harassed by the phone calls and since they practically call my work place the whole day, I feel embarrassed by the fact that my co workers know that they are threatening me with a lawsuit. I do not like to go to school because of this and I know that I will not be paid if I don’t go to work. My husband who is a diabetic and hypertensive is also affected and gets stressed making his sugar level and blood pressure go up. If these calls won’t stop, we might both get a nervous breakdown.
I have had this loan now since April. They keep renewing it and not paying it down. I thought they could only renew so long before they had to start paying down this loan? It's been a severe financial drain. My husband took a $300 a week pay cut recently and we are struggling.
I borrowed $300 like every other payday loan. They offered a 6-month payback at $50 per month. How nice? No, the fine print charges you $75 per month to do it. After 6 months, you will repay the original loan of $300 along with almost $450 in fees. OMG! Didn't I understand what I was signing? Well, apparently not and I'm a pretty bright guy. You better be very shrewd and nimble to deal with these folks. I didn't realize it on my bank statement initially and got a chuckle out of it as they explained it to me. Each time I asked a question, they replied by chanting, "You agreed, you agreed, all explained, you agreed." And I guess they're right, which is why I am stunned by the smooth way they pulled the wool over my eyes. I am now urging you to run away, run away, run away.
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