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Deletionexpert Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Deletionexpert
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 203-518-4923
Overall average rating of 4.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 92 %
I worked with David Wilner. I gave them my trust and I couldnt be more thankful. Everything I was told would happen happened in just a few weeks. It got me out of the bind of past mistakes and now Im looking at homes to purchase. They deserve 20 stars.
I was told by the bank that I owe them a lot of money and no payment was made to the bank actually.Even though I did not use any money or payments from the bank.My credit score was as low as 390 and negative items were also needed .I got so upset but then my wife told me about the deletion expert.He encountered a similar problem before and his reviews regarding this company were amazing .I contacted them without waiting and to my surprise all my worries were gone.They helped me eliminate all the negative items and also increased my score to 700 in 5 weeks!They are the best.Totally reliable and hassle free they are.
I Have an auto repair shop and back in 2018 I had a medical emergency in the family and I needed around fifty thousand dollars to pay my medical bills. But when I applied for financing I found out that my identity was stolen and the credit was horrible. Now I am the type of person who pays all my bills on time. In fact well before the due date so I was simply shock when my loan was declined. I had no clue what to do about this until a friend recommended You know they have an amazing offering called fast track credit sweep where they can wipe out all the negative items on your credit report in one to three weeks. And that's what I did and it worked really well for me. It took I think two or three weeks and they were able to wipe out all the negatives. My credit scores ended up being rather than they were. I now had Experian 780 Equifax 755 and TransUnion 795. And after this I was able to get unsecured loans $70,000 that were used to resolve my medical bills and I still have some money left over who I definitely recommend
I was overenthusiastic when applying for credit to get the best interest rate. But I didn't know that applying for credit so many times would come back to haunt me. My Credit score got declined and I was turned down by the unsecured lenders because of the number of hard inquiries on my credit report. Then I realized that unless all these inquiries were erased, I had no chance of getting the credit I wanted. My brother told me about and InquiryBusters. I knew there'd by a fee, but if they delivered what they promised, it was well worth it. And, to my great relief, they did. It took about 4 weeks and all 17 inquiries were gone and my credit scores went up! And I ended up with 770 from TransUnion, 775 from Experian and 750 from Equifax. Also I was able to get $70,000 approved in funding from their sister company FastUnsecured. All the Credit goes to Raza who worked on my case and helped me to get the funding as well.
My credit report was busted with many fraudulent accounts when I fell victim to identity theft. With the financial help of Deletion Experts, all the fraudulent accounts were deleted from my account.
It is difficult to be a victim of identity theft. I was dismayed many months ago after lenders rejected my credit applications. I heard about and at my own risk, signed up. Good news is that all negative items and fraudulent accounts were gone in three weeks’ time. So happy with the service they gave.
Best solution to identity theft is the Deletion expert. Amazing staff and amazing work. My dads profile got corrupted with negative items and low score. Deletion expert helped him recover everything by sending dispute letters to all three credit bureaus and solved his problems within days.
I was so happy when I found deletion expert because I thought I could finally get funding for my startup, but first the best option, according to them, was to fix my personal credit. To make a long story short, I signed up for, and I was thinking, at least based on the reviews and testimonials I saw on wholesale shelf corporations, that I was finally going to get my personal credit better, to be able to get financial and credit to fund a startup. After a few months, I started getting letters saying that I was a victim of credit fraud, and it turns out that was sending those to the creditors I had on Experian, Equifax, and Transunion. Sadly, I was not expecting that, and thought that was apart of their other program. In any case, after they did what they did, my credit scores were still dismal, and instead of Experian being the highest like it was before Experian went up by 40 points, but now my Equifax and Transunion dropped down between 20 almost 40 points. On top of that, they don't really keep you in the loop, like you have to constantly stay on them to find out what is going on. Honestly, I am angry and sad because I was hoping to finally have found a company that actually does what it says it can do, and they totally failed, totally. If you need credit repair, funding, go somewhere else and save your hard-earned money.
David Wilner is the Man. My Credit Report was some what complicated and David worked with me intensively to solve all of those issues. while going through this process, It was like working with a close friend. Great service that has given me a new start on life.
A company is more successful if the team they have is outstanding.Few years back when I was helpless regarding my stolen identity and decreasing credit score,I approached The Deletion Expert, I was told by a friend that they were the only solution to my problem.I must say that the staff they have is highly understanding and helpful.When I talked to Kevin from the support team he assured me that my problem will be solved and explained the entire procedure to me clearly.It was not very long after I signed up that they helped me remove all the negative items from my credit report and then referred me to their sister company for getting my credit score increased.I am still thankful to them for the amazing job they did for me
I was laid off from my job they did not give me any type of warning or severance package so during that time I got behind on my bills and I tried to apply for new credit but they kept rejecting me because of all the negative report. Then I found I went on their site and looked through their charts and decided to apply for the program it was little costly but everything was done. My credit scores went up. It was to the point where I was able to qualify for a low-interest mortgage on a two-bedroom house in Spring Valley outside San Diego so without the this would not have been possible so it is definitely worth it.
I have been through identity theft issues many times but I was never been able to get the problem solved completely.But just recently I tried the deletion expert and it worked just the perfect way for me.My score was increased also all the negative items were deleted.They are the best.
I can’t believe how fast they removed all the fraudulent account out of my account. Good company, excellent and fast results.
Without the help of Deletion Experts I wouldn’t have been able to get the funding for my new born business that had no matured credit history. They just analyzed my business strategy and approved the funding for my business after removing all the erroneous information from my account. Hats off to their amazing services!
My credit points had been decreasing to a very marginal level and I also witnessed some negative items attached to my report. My credit points were in 400s while they were in 700s before. I was told that this was identity theft and that I need to take help of professionals. Few friends who witnessed the same thing suggested me to call the Deletion Expert I had no idea about the capability of their work but I thought of giving them a try. Upon reaching out for help they dealt my situation with patience and care and guided me step by step. They made sure that I had understood the procedure. They helped me increase my score which is now in 700s and also all the negative items have been removed from the report. They are the best we could have. They are a must try.
The deletion expert is the best online company so far that saves your time and your money. Their team comprises is highly skilled in the area of deletion expert qualities. My experience was beyond spectacular with them. They helped me remove all the negative items that were attached to my credit report. The best part is they did it in almost no time. I am already sold for this company.
I had lots of negative items in my credit report that I didn’t notice for the past years. I checked online and found It cost me bucks but was happy with the outcome all 50 negative items wiped out in less than four weeks.
I started receiving calls from the bank few months back because of the payment that I owed them. Well it was not the payment that I owed them but somebody else who stole my identity. 2 credit cards were also issued. I immediately contacted deletion expert who helped me erase all negative items and helped me increase my score. They are doing an amazing job. Deletion expert helped me regain my stolen identity by deleting all negative items and increasing my score. They are true professionals doing an amazing job.
Raza was really helpful and honest. I called to check if its possible to remove one negative item that I have in my credit report. Raza asked me to get him my recent credit report and after he analyzed it he advised me not to use him and not to spend any extra money on it since that negative item will be removed in 2 month. His honesty is something really rare this days. He could easily charge me for removing that negative item that will be removed anyway but he didn't do it and advised me to wait.
The impact of negative accounts is so severe at times.I applied for the loan and was rejected.Then I applied for car financing and was rejected again.The only reason was the presence of negative items in my credit report. So I finally took the action and hired Deletion Expert for this purpose.They deleted all the negative items and improved my credit score.
I always heard about sweep card program. I got curious since I had around 20 negative reports on my credit report. I learned that Deletion Expert could help me. After three weeks I receive a report that my credit standing is now back to the clean and all my negative reports from the past were set removed. Indeed a great help! Thanks.
Signed up for the Fast Credit Sweep Program on 01/09/2019. I have 17 negatives on my account (mostly collections, late payments and charge offs.) They always keep you up to date as they send the letters to the credit bureaus. On 02/09/2019 (my one month with them) they already removed 3 negatives from Experian. My score started at 597 and rose up to 673. That's about a 76 point increased. As I am typing this review, there were 2 more negatives remove from TransUnion and I am expecting a rise on my score this week. I am aiming for the high 700's-800's hopefully soon! Before I was not able to get any credit cards due to my messed up credit. But recently I was able to get a Bestbuy Citi Visa Credit Card, Credit One and a Capital One to help me with my credit situation. (Make sure you always pay it early or by the due date. This also helped me with my credit score increased.) So far I am at 49% completion out of a 100% and I am only on my one month mark. I was skeptical too at first but there's no harm in trying. Thanks Deletion Expert!
This is no bs, I'm going to tell you straight up. David Willner told me about this and that and what he could do for my credit. I tried another company who got $400 out of me with not one inquiry removed in 3 months and I was frustrated like a MF. I said you know what Dave I like the way you broke it down to me and I'm going to trust that with spending this amount of money, you will come through because I need business credit. Let me tell you right now, I had 60 inquiries from dealerships and credit cards and 2 derogatory remarks that were F'n things up for me but family, 3 dang on weeks later and I swear on my kids this was 3 weeks after I submitted all my documents. If you are skeptical about spending the money, I'll tell you PLEASE DONT BE. I did it and my scores on are eq675 Exp695 tran710. After Equifax removes the derogatory in the given time frame I will be over 700. David Willner thank you and to those people who left reviews that helped me make the decision, I thank you all. May we all become financially free.
The deletion expert promises the best work with utmost satisfaction. They are the best people who can solve your credit report problems immediately. I was struggling with my credit score which had gone down to 500 from 750 and it was unbelievable. I later found out that my identity had been stolen and there were many negative items added to my report. I consulted the deletion expert about which I had known since a long time. Steve from the support team was highly helpful and understanding. He explained the whole procedure to me and I was able to restore my credit score as well as report with their help. I recommend them to all those who are facing similar issues.
This has been one of the most valuable things that I did and it has literally been worth THOUSANDS. They do all of the work but you also must be diligent in returning emails and keeping up with looking at your credit report as well. In the first two months, there was a clear difference in my reports and although I was impatient, they remained steadfast in getting these items removed. It all depends on what items you have and how many. 8 months later and my credit is swept clean and my score went up 200 points. Listen to what they tell you to do and be patient. Remember, it takes a little time to make your credit awful for YEARS so it takes a couple of months for really bad credit to get cleaned up. Do it!
My identity got stolen few months back after I opened my bank account. There were numerous inquiries and negative items added and also a credit card that I never applied for. A friend told me to try deletion expert who faced similar problem.I was very apprehensive so I did my research and talked to the support team as well. The support team is amazing and very helpful. They helped me delete all the negative items and restored my identity.
Raza has been so kind and professional all along. I had a few fraudulent charges on my credit. I contacted Raza from Deletion Expert to help me get through the process. Thanks to him for removing negative items.
Absolutely awesome company that gets it done for credit repair and funding. Be sure to ask to work with David Willner, very knowledgeable in both areas. Great company.
My mother started receiving serious notifications from her bank the when she realized that her identity was stolen and she owed the bank a lot of money.Because no payment was made.We all were stressed out because of this but a colleague told me to try deletion expert.He told me they are the perfect ones for this job.I contacted them and understood all the procedure.They made all our worries go away by removing the negative items and increasing the credit score.I have full faith in them.They are the most convenient.
I will give you one example. look at Nora Mateo's review. I find it highly suspicious when someone gives good reviews to 3 companies own by Grand Teton Professionals out of the 5. But look very closely at the other 2 reviews. All with in a few hours of each other. How ironic. This is what this company does, gives phony reviews ALL THE TIME. That is fraud to begin with. Go further down the list here and you will see same format over and over again. They do this on all other sites out there. Now the latest thing they are doing is complain to TrustPilot about any negative reviews. It takes TrustPilot a week to look at them and then they have lots of good reviews while yours go down further on the list. This way people see the good reviews first. I am not the only one who sees this either.Tired of all their misdirection and deceit! Anyone that has been scammed by them, find me on Facebook and message me.
Deletion expert gives the best treatment to the effectively with the negative account open in yur name. the company does it's test to remove all the negative accounts at the earliest possible. The efforts eventually give you a healthy credit.
I opened a bank account for myself right after I graduated. After few months I started receiving calls from the bank regarding my undue payment. Payment I never made. Upon investigation I found out that my identity was stolen and 2 credit cards were anonymously issued. My boyfriend told me to contact the deletion expert I was not sure how would they help but David from the support group was an angel. He helped in to clear my report remove the negative items and also increased my score. I highly recommend them.
With the removal of negative accounts by Deletion Experts, the competent and professionals staff makes sure that you quickly qualify for the new loans you want. The negative accounts inhibit you from getting approved for loans and Deletion Experts resolves this issue for you.
Last year I wanted to buy a new car. My old one was becoming a little bit of a burden so I decided to let it go. The problem was that I couldn't afford my new car without a loan. So I tried applying for funding at my bank and shockingly they told me that I had too many negative items on my credit report. I didn't actually understand how these items got there in the first place so I really discouraged. So I went online and came across One of their sales representatives called me and performed a free credit analysis for me and I was surprised when he said I had a total of 41 negative items on my report. I was like what!! it turns out that my identity was stolen and I had no idea about it. The thieves applied for funding on my behalf and got a bunch of credit cards. They obviously didn't pay for. So that's how I got there. So after I understood the situation I decided to sign up for their fast tracked credit sweep service to get rid of all those items. In just two weeks after I completed the order all my negative items were gone and my credit score went up to 728 on Equifax 758 on Experian and 708 TansUnion. My credit ended up being much better than it was initially and I was finally able to buy my brand new Car.
The other feedback may be fake. It is all coming from a company called "ShopperApproved" who posts all of these positive reviews on sites like this and a very elaborate marketing campaign with youtube videos and everything. I am a victim of identity theft. I have all necessary police reports, and evidence of the fraud. Not being confident enough to handle this myself I hired and paid in full up front. It has been over 6 months and they have only completed 2 rounds. Not only are they slow to respond, they are slow to work. I sent in all necessary paperwork and documents and waited 4 weeks with no response. I called several times over another 3 weeks before they called me back and started the first cycle. I waited the 30 days for the cycle to complete and it took another 4 weeks of emails and phone calls before they responded again and started the second cycle. After the second cycle there was absolute silence again for another 3 weeks. When I finally got a response from them, they sent me a text saying they had completed all of the disputes, despite the fact that the report hadn't changed. It is nearly impossible for my experience to be so consistently poor and these other feedbacks to have such a different experience. I consider this to be a $2,000 lesson on who to trust despite all of the positive reviews.
Identity theft is menace and I have always tried to save myself from it. But it happens when it wants to happen. My score went down to 400 which is unbelievable and my bank notified me about the credit I owned them whereas there was no credit that I borrowed. I found out that my identity was stolen and many negative items were attached. I searched google for my problem and came across the deletion expert. I read some amazing reviews about it so thought of giving them a try. Steve from the support group has been of immense help. He helped me understand everything and explained the entire procedure. They helped me eliminate all negative items wrote hand written dispute letters and sent them to all the credit bureaus. My score was increased and identity was restored in no time, I suggest these to all those facing identity theft problem.
We all really hate the hidden fees and Deletion Expert prevents you from getting them. Working with them, there are no tax returns, no hidden charges, and not even an upfront fee. You just have to give them your information and they'll take care of everything.
The expert staff at the Deletion Experts shows you what negative accounts are and why they need to be removed. They prioritize the negative items and efficiently remove them from your credit report.
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