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Cash Today Ltd. Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Cash Today Ltd.
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I received a phone call at work from Eddie at Cash Today Limited on 08/21/08. He proceeded to talk threateningly to me regarding a payday loan that I got in 2004. I told him that I would like to have some kind of varification in writing of the debt. He refused. I told him that I was at work and not to call me there again and hung up. He proceeded to bombard my employer with calls. He demanded to speak with my supervisor and she got on the phone. He spoke very agressively with he. She could not calm him down and amke any sense out of the whole thing and she told him not to call me at work again and hung up. He called back immediately and asked to speak with my former supervisor. He would not take no for an answer and finally she got on the phone with him. He yelled and screamed at her and said that she was responsible for me and my business. She finally told him that she could not help him and not to call again. He immediately called back again and was making more threats. This company is CRAZY!!! I finally got back on the phone and told him that he was violating the Fair Credit Collections laws and he just laughed. I am very embarrassed.I finally agreed to a payment arrangement that I was not comfortable with and gave them my checking account information, which I am regretting now. I just did not want my supervisors and coworkers to have to deal with them again. These people need to be stopped!!
I took out a loan for $200 in September 2007. They have consistently taken out money from my bank account--and over $800. I finally told the bank to close my account so they would stop taking the money out of my account. My husband called to see how much it would be to settle the account, and they told him another $400! They are also calling my job. They call every day about 50 times a day, after being told repeatedly not to call here because I work in a 911 dispatch center. They have caused numerous overdraft fees in my account because I had direct deposit, but they were always taking money out; so I stopped it so I would have money to pay bills. I'm still behind on my bills, rent, car and phone because they caused me to get behind since their fees would eat my whole check.

About 4 or 5 months ago I recieved a call from Sabee stating that I owed Cash Today Ltd. over $5000.00 for a $200 loan that I borrowed in 2004. I told him that I did not believe that was me because I had my purse stolen from my place of employment during that time and I did not make a loan. He went on to demand that it was me and told me that if I did not pay the money he would contact my employer to garnish my wages for the money. At that time I told him if I had made the loan I would be more than willing to pay for it, but I needed proof that this was my loan and I also wanted to know why would his company wait 4 years to contact me about this debt. So he told me that it was not his responsiblity it was mine to pay the debt and he needed me to pay something right now. I told him that I could not pay him right away, but if he forwarded the necessary documents to me stating that this was my bill I would pay the original amount of $200. He told me that he would fax me the documents and that he would set up a phone conference with my bank, because the money had been wired to my account. I told him I was fine with that. After a few weeks and no word from him or the bank, I did not think about it anymore. He called back maybe a month later and began screaming and hollering over the phone that I needed to pay my bill and that I must be in the business of taking peoples money and that he would have me prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for what I had done. I asked him at that point to calm down or the ocnversation was over and he keep screaming into the phone so I asked him not to call my place of employment anymore because he was not handle this business professionally and I would not pay anything. After another couple of months he began to call back, this time I was in a meeting 8/21/2008 and he called my place of employment. He yelled at my co-worker and told her that if I did not call him before 12:30 he would call my supervisor to have my wages garnished. He then called me again on the following Tuesday, 8/26/2008 and he began to scream at me and tell me that I am one of those people who think that they can take whatever they want and get away with it. I explained to him that all I wanted was proof that it was my bill and I would pay the debt, but he just kept yelling at me until I was so nervous that I just hung up the phone. I feel like I have been severly violated by this company and I am so embarrassed that I have had to explain all of this to my co-workers and supervisors so that this man or group of people will not be able to get any more of my personal information. I have been deeply embarassed by this company telling my co-workers about this debt and threatening to garnish my wages. Even if I did owe them the money they have no right to tell my co-workers about this situation. Beyond embarrassment I sent them $100.00 initially to keep them from contacting my employer about this situation. Emotionally I was drained, he scared me to death with his threats and publicly humilated me.
I received a call from James at approximately 8:40 on June 30, 2008. James identified himself as being from Cash Today Limited and was calling to collect on a payday loan I had taken out in April 2005. I first told him that after this phone call I did not want to be bothered at work anymore and that his when he just went off. He threatened to come to my place of employment and speak with my manager/immediate supervisor and play back recordings where I agreed to pay back this loan. I tried to explain to him that I filed Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in April 2005 and the debt was included in bankruptcy, he said I was lying. He kept insisting on speaking with my supervisor, I kept telling James that my supervisor wasn't in the office, he again called me a liar. He was screaming at me all the while I was sitting back just smiling, however I was getting frustrated. When I finally got a word in, I told him I would be more than happy to give him my attorneys name and he said no, for me to call my attorney and have him call him back and he BETTER do it within 2 hours or they were coming to my work on Thursday. He threatened me several times. We got disconnected, I actually thought he hung up on me. So I was talking to a co-worker about it - she is actually higher up than me in the organization I am employed at, she had come to make sure I was ok. About that time, my phone rang again, it was James he said why did you hang up on me. I said do you want to talk to my supervisor and transferred him to a co-worker who tried to talk to him, he immediately called her a liar and spoke very rudely to her. She insisted he stop calling my job and actually used the words cease and detest and he just kept on and on harassing her now. So she hung up. I called our switchboard operator and asked that he not be transferred to my extension anymore. He called back 5 times, asking for either me or the payroll department. He was not transferred at any time. I have contacted my attorney because I actually did file bankruptcy, my attorney is looking in to this as we speak. This company should be put out of business. Their scare tactics are illegal and harassing. I am tempted to file a criminal charge against them as they harassed me and threatened me.

I made the mistake of taking out a payday loan. They keep harassing me at work and at home. When I ask for an address to send a money order because I do not want them in my checking account, they will not give me one. They are bleeding me dry by going into my account and taking out fees.
I have told this person numerous times to not call me at work. These calls have been off and on for about a year. They threated to talk to my manager and have wages garnished or have me fired. They left a voice mail today and I once again called them back and told them that if they contacted me at work again I would contact a lawyer. To continue harrassing anyone at work once they have been asked to stop is in violation of the Fair Collection Act. I have asked numerous times for verification of what is owed and for a physical address to send correspondence to. This person is very rude and uses various names Jack Davis or Jack Daniels are the two that have most recently contacted me. They will never give an address and tell me that I am not willing to pay back this debt. I have told them once everything has been verified I would go from there but payments would only be made by a cashiers check and will not come out of my account or from a CC. Any collection agency that I have dealt with has always been willing to accept cashiers checks and what ever arrangements I am able to make. This has caused undue stress at work. I have told my HR department about this and they have told me to send the calls to them and they will tell them exactly what I have already told them.

I lost my check book so my bank froze my account that Cash Today had. Bank opened a new account. I called Cash Today gave them the new account, but they paid no attention to what I was saying and withdrew my payment from the frozen account. It was sent back stating the new account paid the money to Cash Today. It was for 65.00. The collection department called me and told me I did not pay my payment and I we went over the whole thing with George. My bank conferenced a three way call with them. They still say I didn't pay anything. These people are scammers and are now trying to get me to pay additional money. These payday loans are real trouble.
Some very rude individual called me claiming that I had a payday loan from May of 2008 that was unpaid. He proceeded to tell me that I am going to be sued for fraud for not paying and that I could face up to 4 months in jail. Not knowing at all what he was talking about, as I have never not paid a loan back. ZI began to panic. He then offered to have me pay 299.00 today to "buy" me some more time to investigate the situation because he could not provide me with any of the details of the original loan amount, transaction number or exact date.I told him I needed time to research as I am sure that this is in error. He told me he had no interest in keeping my file open and that he would send it to the fraud attorney and they would be in touch with me as early as tomorrow. I may be picked up by law enforcement. I then quickly went to the computer and began going through all of my bank statements for the entire year of 2008. None showed unpaid.I then called them back and he told me the same thing. After doing the online research and seeing that many other people have had the exact same calls, I knew it was a scam. I then tried calling him back again and he hung up automatically. They will no longer answer my calls. This is completely wrong and should be illegal because had I been intimidated and afraid enough, I would have paid them the 299.00 and then be ripped off for certain. Someone needs to stop this from happening somehow and we all should be compensated for the anxiety, stress, and time these jerks have wasted!

I had a $200.00 loan with this payday lender which turned ugly. Never deal with these scammers. The payment was for $35.00 every 2 weeks. That was a year and a half ago. They want the finial payment full $235.00 and if not they keep taking $35.00 a pay every pay. I don't have $235.00 payment that's why I got the loan. This has to be against the law.
I got in trouble with the whole payday loan thing in 2007. I eventually had to close out my bank account. One of the lenders I must have taken a loan out with was Cash Today. A man calling himself Craig Matthews called me today and began yelling at me about what I owed. He said I took out a $200 loan and now I owed $2,000 and he was going to keep calling back until I paid them. He called me at work. He would not let me get a word in. He started threatening me, all of this while I'm at work. I asked for something in writing about what I owed so that I could give the information to a debt consolidation company I am working with. He said they couldn't do that because it was a verbal contract. He demanded to speak to my manager. I hung up on him a couple of times. Finally, he told me to call the customer service number. They also told me they couldn't give me anything in writing. So I got their fax number and address, typed up a cease and decist letter faxed it over and will be sending it to their address certified mail.

I borrowed a loan back in 5/24/05 for $200 and since then i have tried back them back in which i have paid $179 but their fees are ridiculous, and everytime i turn around they say i owe a different amount, now they are saying i owe $732. on top of that they are demanding and constantly call my office when i have told them not to, they will call 10-20 times in a 5 minute period, they threatened my to tell my office staff that i have taken a loan and do not plan to pay them back which is not true, he also threatened me i would be in serious trouble,
They called me told me they were INVESTIGATION OF CRIME OUT OF JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA. They told me they were calling to settle a debt with one of the companies I owed. I asked them who they mumbled something and said payday loan. I stated that the pay day loan from payday one is paid. They stated you requested a loan and it was put into your account. We will see you in court. I came home and there was a message and phone number 9042013839. I called them they answer how can I help you. I asked him I had a call I owed a bill, I would like to know who I owed. He mumbled something and said pay day loan. I asked him to spell it for me. He replied that I owed the company and I need to pay them. I asked for the phone number of the company he told me he can not give it to me. I told him how you expect me to pay something I know nothing about. He told me in two days te police will come to my house and get me. I called back and he answered i have talked to him around 2 times with no answers so I asked to be speak to a manager he said he was the manager and he will see me in court not to call back. I called back asked to speak to the man that left the message nicholas. he asked was I me I told him no i was sharon davis nicholas got on I told him who I was the manager got back on and said call better business bearu cause I calling on you. I called back got a lady I asked her the name of the company and that is when she said cash today i asked her to look up my account and see who I owed she said she coul not. I said to her you work there Just see who I owe. See this whole time I thought they were a agency collecting a debt. She told me I would have to talk to the person who called me. I told her I could not understand him. She asked me my name and told me to hold on that is when the manager got back on and said Why are you doing this. I told him your sending the police after me and I don't know why. He told me cause I refuse to pay my debt. I once again asked who I owed he said tjf corporation I asked the phone number he said he could not give it to me cause iwas very ignorant to him. I told him I was upset because your not giving me the information I need. I asked him the name of his company he told me. Investigation OF CRIME DEPARTMENT TGF CORPORATION in JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA. HE TOLD ME NOT TO CALL AGAIN IN 2 DAYS THE POLICE WILL PICK ME UP.
A few years ago I got a cash advance from Cash Today limited. I had several payday loans with them and although I didn't care for the refinance charges I paid what I owed and used them when needed. Well I received a phone call today saying that a loan I took over a year ago was never paid. I took loans for $200 and today they are telling me I owe over $2,000! I haven't received a phone call, a letter or an email regarding this situation and then a over a year later they're telling me they've been trying to contact me and I haven't responded. None of my phone numbers or addresses have changed and they have not attempted once to contact me until today. I spoke with Monica and explained to her that if I owed money I would gladly pay the loan amount and fee but there was no way I was going to pay that much money for a $200 loan. Then she offered me a 60% discount and a payment plan on a $1,400 figure. She offered me the option to pay $250 my next pay day and then it dwindled down to $100 since I explained that I am just getting ready to leave my job for a 12 week maternity leave and would not have a bi-weekly check to count on. Next thing I knew she had a man named Jack Davis on the phone claiming to be the Manager of the Legal Deptartment there and that they were trying to work with me since I had been such a good customer. I explained to Jack as well what I would pay if I did indeed owe money, even though I was fairly certain I'd paid the loan off, and then he got very rude and short when I asked for a Western Union address or mailing address since I was not going to authorize automatic debits from my account. Then it was I didn't have a choice, I had to pay the entire $2,225 at one time if I mailed a payment, they didn't accept any payment forms except for ACH debits, he'd take a payment of $60 bi-weekly if I authorized the ACH debits, I could make a Western Union payment but company policy was that I had to make a $300 payment in order to do that. When I asked for confirmation of the amounts, payment history, company policies, etc. in writing he told me they did not and would not provide me directly with anything in writing, they would present that to the payroll department at my job instead and garnish my paycheck. He threatened me with this several times all because I asked for information in writing and refused to provide an account number for automatic withdrawals. I've never heard of any debt that needed to be collected on being refused payment because it couldn't be withdrawn automatically from an account. He refused to provide me with the name of his superior when I requested it stating that he was the boss and there wasn't anyone he reported to. The call ended with me thanking him and hanging up. So far I have no proof that thsi loan was unpaid, and they want money from me without any explanation as to why.
This person called me today at work wanting me to transfer him to payroll department about I debt I owe from 2006. I dont remember the debt they have not contacted me about it and I was trying to find out more information on it. He wouldnt give me his number and he was really rude and yelling at me at my job. Now he keeps calling me back.

I applied for a $200 loan with Cash Today Limited, which I thought was affliated with Vystar Credit Union. At the time of the loan, I was advised that I would have to pay a total of $279 to close the account. I continued to monitor my account and the $79 withdrawls until they exceeded the $279 amount. I immediately contacted Cash Today Limited by telephone and was advised that I had not paid anything towards the loan and needed to pay $279 to close the account. Also, that I needed to contact their company within three (3) days of my payroll to aviod paying $79 bi-weekly. I immediately contacted Vystar Credit Union to conduct a stop payment to prevent Cash Today from continued withdrawls form my account. I later discovered that two (2) more payment of $79 was withdrawn eclectronically. taking the total amount of more than $495. I then went into Vystar Vredit Union and explained the situation to a bank representive. The Vystar Credit Union representive contacted Cash Today Limited by telephone and asked the same question regarding the money already withdrawn from my account.
I like many others took out a cash advance for $200 with Cash Today Ltd. They were polite at first and as long as they are sucking the life out of your checking acct. But after you realize that you are being taking for a ride or can no longer afford to pay the obscene interest on the loan they become rude, arrogant, insensitive, parasites. I filed bankruptcy while indebted to these loansharks, almost 2 years later they decide that my bankruptcy is no acceptable and resume collection efforts, threatening to send garnishment papers to my job. I kindly reminded them that I had filed bankruptcy in 2006 and that my debt with them had been resolved. After much debate, I grew tired and advised them to contact my lawyer, even offering my case#. Needless to say they wanted no part of that information because that would mean they were not entitled to a dime! I ended the conversation with Mr. Johnson and told him to have a nice day. I was curious as to why all of a sudden they began calling again after two years and a bankruptcy. Well I called back to get an address for my lawyer and they would not give me one. My curiousity grew and I googled them. I found that I was only one of many caught up in this scam. DO NOT BE A VICTIM!None because I will not be a victim!
I am being harassed about a debt that I paid off to Cash Today Limited from a company out of Florida. They want give me any information on this debtor, how to settle, just threaten to have the police pick me up. The only thing they said is that I received an advance for $300.00 back in 2008 and never paid it back. Now I owe $1500.00+ and need to get a lawyer, also they wouldn't give any other information to me except to my lawyer.I checked back to see what company I dealt with then, it was Cash Today Limited. I don't know why or if this information is valid. I've tried calling the company Cash today at 800-, but that number doesn't exist anymore. I want to settle this, but don't know how to contact this payday company anymore and the collection company won't talk to me, they just keep hanging up on me and calling me fullish and said not to call them anymore. I spoke with a John ** and Michael **. They both were very rude, and wouldn't give me any information. I don't know what to do. Help!
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