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Email: [email protected]
Phone: 8135270728
Overall average rating of 3.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 53 %
I was impressed with how fast and easy it was to use this service. The customer service was excellent and helpful
I don't know what card they are going to give me so I can't say anything on it
The site is easy to navigate, gets you the info you need without any hassle.
Decent. Quick service but gave me loan option with a ridiculously high interest rate. No thanks. I found something better.
Very pleased with the quick response and outstanding service.
This website has a ton of useful information concerning credit, credit scores, APR, and types of loans and debt. There's also a lot of advice about how to best raise your credit score, how to maintain it, and how to keep it from tanking. My only complaint is that there isn't enough links to direct resources on how to get a good job and manage your finances, but that's probably expecting too much. This website provides plenty of information most Americans desperately need to read. I will definitely tell all my friends to check it out.
The application process was quick and easy. Approval was swift. Appreciated the simplicity of the process!
Easy to do on your phone quick results and done in five minutes
Not a company i would use. Loans too low, interest too high. Cudtomet Service Representative was great. Would not recommend.
The loan application was very easy and quick to fill out.
Fast efferent and well treated
You weren't helpful at all.
I enjoyed the easy and no hassle experience.
I got approved quickly and and at fair rate
If you have any questions at all about your credit score, what components determine it, how it's used by companies, and how this impacts your life, the credit reports section at provides fairly exhaustive information on the topic. Right at the top of the page, I found a sort of tutorial which pretty clearly explained credit reports in terms even a relative financial novice like myself found easy to understand. It also tipped me off to a source for free, and fairly accurate, credit reports so that I can begin the process of fixing my credit, and the same article provided helpful advice for how to do exactly that. If you don't feel like reading, there's a video alternative which explains much of the same stuff in 7 minutes or so - I found it useful, and I'm glad I took the time to check it out.
The people were very helpful and quick to respond. I got the loan I needed.
I received excellent service and it was fast and professional! Wish all companies gave such good Customer Service!
Sent them everything they ask for , and then to get back to me four days later to let me know something very different from what they're telling me
Quick online application and response. Friendly customer service representative.
I sppteciate your couurtesy very much
Help get a car loan need help with this.
This page is a great resource for understanding the basics of credit and loans and related topics. I really like that there are a variety of ways that information is presented - small chunks of text, charts, videos, helpful tips. There are some really helpful graphics as well. My favorite part is that it doesn't assume any prior knowledge - everything from the basics up is explained clearly.
Was done with the process in a short amount of time.Funded quickly.
Offered me credit card and title loan offers, that has nothing to do with personal loans
Painless !!! everyone should have a chance to receive help like this without it causing more headache. Thanks a million! !!
Contacted them on Thursday, they emailed me that I need to email them some information, Friday morning early, I emailed them their request. Got an email saying they had received it and I would be contacted shortly.... as of today I have heard nothing. Sent them another email asking status... They claim to be 24hr CS available at any time..... REALLY?????? Then why haven't I heard back from them?
The website has all the information you need when dealing with loans and credit. The topics are easy to understand and very thorough. Whatever information you are looking for is easy to find. I enjoyed all of the videos and calculators the site provides. The calculators especially helped in my understanding and I played around with them quite a bit.
Goodservice and fast ilume that not to mantquestions
Did not get loan $200
I got many offers to try an Application with the Company. I filled out the application, but never got information that I didn't qualify. I applied again and got matched with another Company that I thought wasn't to friendly. If I wanted the amount that I was offered, I would have went somewhere else. Or, could have e-mailed or called and I could have asked to see if I qualified for a lower amount. It was an experience that I wont try again. I went through another Company awhile back and had the greatest experience from them. Your Company was alright accept, I should have gotten an e-mail or call for not meet you all standard. Thank you all for your help,
The off
This was fast and easy and I was matched with a lender in minutes.
Very pleased with customer service and fast service in my time of need.
Dear Creditloan, I rated you a 2 cause when you asked all the question you didn't asked the most important one, how much money that was needed to be lend out . That is what the lenders need to know too determind how much to lend, but thanks anyway.
Even though I did not get the loan they were quick to respond
Very easy to understand and navigate.
Fantastic service,fast without any hassle,applied on my mobile device,it was very easy and convenient
Almost every offer was from different companies all using the same phone number. None offered the amount I was seeking, several offers were not available in Georgia
Wonderful!! Nice customer service representatives. Quick and easy'.
very FAST and efficient. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Thank you so much!
Was great at first until I was told I was approved through one of the lenders that is used. I filled out all my information an was told I would get a email and I got Nothing.
Very easy and again very pleasant !
Very courteous and honest.
It was very simple and short. Thanks
While the process was easy it did not find the loan I needed.
It was simple as saying my abc's. Although, this is my first time using a source online. If and when upon approval or not? I would recommend this to anyone and everybody i know especially, my family.
I would reccomend this company to my friends as it was a really nice company to work with . They were very respectful and were willing to help me with anything. It was not stressful at all .
I did everything asked of me and then was told I'd have to wait 24 to 48 hours to get my cash. I needed yesterday.
The whole process took 15 minutes. Very easy
The customer service person was very nice and gave me all information, however your loan rates are exceptionally high.
When tell people to stop calling that means im not interested but do you think that stopped them?No!
Very professional and confidential as well.
Did I get it but I just cut my water off
I like how it is easy to navigate. Right from the beginning you can see what there is to offer be it a loan or help with credit. There is more information to be read if you click on any of the many subheadings contained therein.
Very fishy company,,,,,very high interest,,,,too many request,,,I do not suggest anybody to deal with
They were pleasant, forthright, quick and kept their word! Thank you very much. Their help saved my daughter's college graduation week-end!
Credit loan was fast and no hassle. I will use them again.
From the start to the end I had no problem getting my loan.
The loan payback fees are waaaayy toooo much
Your website is not honest it gets clients excited for big let down you guys should put what you want as a criteria that way you can eliminate people applying and having their credit ran time and time again to be told no
Bad service... Do not get back to you and almost 290 0/0 intrest
Simplified process with fast results.
Honest Loan has gave me hope they helped me find a lender in the time of an family emergency... thank u
Great experience. Very helpful and courteous. Highly recommend
The application process was quick, easy and user friendly. It didn't take long at all to find matches. Wasn't comfortable sharing bank info since they were not the lenders. I would advise users to carefully read terms before accepting the matched loan, especially at payment schedules and interest rates before esigning.
quick and easy prosess
Easy and fast!!
I didn't get anything out of my experience.
Filling out amount made monthly requires employment. I am retired. Get social security and retirement but can't put this on your form?????????
It was easy, fast, not problems. I was not Look down a pond like most banks and financial places. I was given peace on mind.
Very quick and great a representative
Didn't enjoy the website
I liked the way you was able to help me out the same day. I had a car emergency and needed help right away. Will my payments be automatically withdrawn from my bank account? I wasn't sure about that. Thanks again for the help.
In a matter of less than an hour I had my loan approved and in 24 hours I had my money. Everyone was super nice to work with and the process was a breeze!
time consuming to enter all info they ask for, just to get turned down
did not help me at all just keep running my credit for nothing
So quick and easy! A welcome relief inanemergency situation!
Wasn’t happy with the site
Needed some money quickly. Didn't want something I would have to pay back all at once given that we are beginning the Holiday season. Credit Loan made all that possible. I like that I didn't have to take the entire amount at once, but it's there if I need it. The only thing I was a bit frustrated with is that requests for additional documentation were not done together. After I sent copy of my driver's license, I was asked for a copy of a utility bill in my name. Fortunately I do have a printer/scanner/fax machine at home; I would have been frustrated had I needed to make 2 trips to an office supply store to send these documents.
I had a great experience using I love the fact that they have a lot of information on a topic that I feel I should know about. I read an blog on the site titled "5 Surprising Ways to destroy your credit" and I learned a some interesting things like how a cell phone company runs a hard inquiry on you when starting new service and how to be careful about gym memberships. The site is very organized, and it is easy and very straightforward. I like the fact that it is mainly about education at this website and not trying to sell me on a product every five seconds like some websites I have been to.
I kept doing as I was instructed but got nowhere. Kept found same thing over and over. Answering same questions over snecovet
Very fast service, helpful, and easy application.
very friendly Excellent
It was very easy and simple to navigate through
They didn’t help me , but could possibly help someone else
I was not happy at all with your service.
You say that you are here to but because my credit score is bad no one will help me I made bad choices in the past and now I'm never going to pay forever I'm trying to get back on my feet and get my credit score back up so thanks for nothing.
Excellent - I would recommend this company to anyone and no reservations need, just log on and you are in.
Waited a few seconds and I was matched with a great company for my loan Credit loan is the way to go to find online loans
Their interest rates are ridiculous! Don’t use this site.
I was shocked and extremely pleased with my experience! Fast but not pushy, very comfortable knowing I was on a trusted site!
Very efficient and smooth transaction.
very fast response, appreciated it!!
I have average credit and was turned down, all of these companies are the same. they say credit score doesn't matter, but it does once they get you to fill out the applications and they pull your credit.
They say everyone approve. Wrong that just so they can get your email and start sending you crap. Not everyone is approve. You lied
If you are looking for a loan try the site. I check the site the other day to compare auto loans it was awesome. There is a calculator and finance tool which compares the prices to which automobiles make and year. I really liked the site because it was easy to navigate and the caulator tool was fun and accurate.
From the moment of the application, I received the best customer service, quick response and within 24 hrs. as indicated the money was deposited in my account. I was very impressed with their professionalism. Highly recommend them.
Very nice and am very thankful I qualified for a small loan
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