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Kabbage Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Kabbage
Phone: 888-986-8263
Overall average rating of 4.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 84 %
Money was as promised and on time...
The application and approval process is fairly simple, fast. Would prefer Kabbage over any other lending options and will be recommending the same to my business associates.
Very easy and I got the funding I needed!!!
It was extremely easy...I hesitate several times because is so short of the time they give you to pay it back, which makes payment really high..., I finally did, but got just few amount. Thank you gain.
An easy, painless experience. Supported by a very helpful staff. I would highly recommend Kabbage.
First two months Interest rate is high and rest four months is reasonable.
The process was incredibly easy and I had my amount approved within minutes. They worked with me to ensure I had it setup right, and within 48 hours the funds were in my account. Cash flow balancing and access was just made easy to help keep my business growing.
I like how your money is available and it's up to you when you want to get it I think all loan places should operate like kabbage
straight honest and helpful
Very efficient and simple process.
Got funds right in the nick of time, couldn't be more thankful
Kabbage gave my company the opportunity to benefit from credit at an early stage in its development. The strategic growth afforded by the credit facility will capture value in our overall business plan.
It was Quick sincere good people appreciated
Easy to use, fast, straight forward!
I have received numerous invitations to use Kabbaga for working capital. Our small business is having a growth spurt and found it easy and convenient to get the funds needed to handle our expansion.
Easy process, no hidden language, great follow up.
The process was straight forward and simple. My loan specialist was very helpful. I would use Kabbage again
Logged in to my account, requested the loan amount and submitted my request for the loan.All for less than few minutes.
This has been the fastest and easiest banking experience I have ever had. I hope to make my business as fast n easy to do business with! THANK YOU!!
Very easy, fast, and efficient process. The loan wasn't as large as I would have liked, but, the amount I secured helped when I needed it.
Excellent Service Money was in my bank in 24 hrs. No endless paperwork. Everything was done electronic. No phone calls, no waist of time. Thanks a Lot Kabbage.
The process of acquiring a business loan with a reasonable payment plan is a great opportunity for a small business. The steps were easy to follow, the funds instantly transferred...thank you Kabbage for the opportunity.
I applied for a small business loan for new supplies for my business. I heard about Kabbage through Credit Karma as an optional recommendation. I checked out the site and went ahead and tried it out despite the fact that my credit score was going through improvements. It was extremely easy and I was instantly approved for $2000 and the funds went into my accnt within minutes. The contract agreement was easy to understand and the fact that they give you 6months to pay back was awesome. A great way to rebuild my credit too. Thank you!
The entire process was really easy and straightforward.I would definitely recommend.
Fast, Secure and Great Customer Care with friendly Service.... I Recommend this company for anyone!!
Such an easy experience! Hopefully I get better rates in the future...
Very ez and fast funding
I've had a very pleasant experience, well most certainly keep using their services.
I didn't know that my payments would not be reported to the credit bureaus. COMPLETE waste of time!!
This transaction was quick and easy. Very helpful!
Quick respond and result
Great!! it was fast and easy money was debited into my account immediately for an emergency
Great service got my money within a day. Now I can use my capital to pay my business expenses. From now on Kabbage is my service to go to. Thank you guys
Oh my what a blessing to have i linked my accounts and was able to take a loan the next day
Kabbage cleared the way for new business /back office systems, marketing efforts and sales campaigns in a very short amount of time.
I would recommend without reservation.
Simple and streamlined process. I recommend. Slim's Koffee Shak
Just starting but, so far, excellent
I am impressed with the quick, no hassle process. I really like credit lines rather than loans. I will continue to work with Kabbage.
Fast aproval wac and fast deposit very usefull for bussines thank you !!
This has been a great avenue for my company to have working capital.. I highly recommend and small business owner to trust this company and utilize the opportunity that Kabbage gives to us
Customer service was awesome, understanding and courteous.
I already have a $100K bank loan that I'm paying off now, so I was concerned that I couldn't borrow anymore until that loan is at least half-paid off. When banks wouldn't consider me, Kabbage did and gave me a sizable line of credit. Once I pay off what I owe, I'm definitely using Kabbage again.
All the process was fast and well explained as of now no complains communication between customer and cuatomer rep is excellent Darrell was excellent on aswering everything.
I was recently denied for a line of credit from a medium sized bank. The bank officer told me about Kabbage. I was very skeptical at first and I thought the name Kabbage sounded very odd. I went to the website and provided the information required for my company and within 15 min I was approved for a 28k line of credit. I was still skeptical; then I drew 8k for the 12 month term period and the funds were in my business checking account the next morning. I am highly pleased with Kabbage and would recommend them to just about anybody in business. The have a very clean and simple process with the fastest funding time I have ever come across. Plus they do not penalize for early payoff.
Just a few days into the Kabbage relationship, so far so good
As a small company, we have never been able to get any kind of Line of Credit at a bank with the purpose of purchasing inventory. Although our company is now 4 years old and grossing close to 1/2 Million a year, credit is next to impossible to get unless it's for a capital improvement. We will use our line of credit for much larger inventory purchases (for which we'll get a huge discount from the manufacturer) and not have to sweat getting an entire season's worth of goods and having to pay in net 30 or 60. We expect both our volume and profit to increase substantially this coming year thanks to Kabbage.
I have a great experience ever had with any financial company. My entire loan process very well taken care of and went through faster & smooth. I thank to entire Kabbage Team and and have a special thank to Derrika who was working with all the way through and very helpful!!!!! Best regards, Faheem Qureshi CEO of FQ Enterprise, Inc.
I am truly satisfied with this business because of the detailed communications about the terms of the loans. They empowered the consumers to make sound decisions in deciding if the loan is right for them including what to borrow, the costs if borrowed, the details of the payback process, and the opportunities to see all available options before accepting the loans. I like the flexibility that is available online. Honest business entity. Will always come back and recommend to family and friends. They're truly a partner in helping small businesses become successful.
Very hassle free application. Financial Help in no time immediately after approval. Funding in 24 hrs or less. Ideal help for Small Business. GOOD JOB !!
So far have had no problems with Kabbage. They answered any questions I had & got my amount I could borrow back to me the same day. They also got my money to me quicker than what they said they would. Will do business with them again if I need to. Thanks!
Every thing was Okay; just the payment dates should come with the confirmation email.
Easy application and approval process. Was able to get needed working capital at a reasonable rate.
Very efficient and thorough process was not difficult and Timely
Very kind and professional people. Easy to work with.
A excellent services, interest and deal
The website and loan application process was Easy, Painless and User friendly! I have used OnDeck for almost 2 years, which is also an easy system to use, but rates were higher and they charge a fee each month just to be a customer. Kabbage rates were much lower and I was told by sales rep they don't ever charge a monthly service fee. Only negative is that OnDeck will extend more credit than Kabbage.
My company is a 7 year old company with revenue nearing $2m this year. My partners and I have owned the business for less than 2 years. So banks considered us a start up. We are profitable, have strong cash flow and a veteran management team. We have shown growth in each of the 7 quarters we've owned the company. Yet we were "un-bankable" until we were 2 years old. Within 5 minutes Kabbage approved us for the funding we needed. We've recently drawn the funds, which we will use to accelerate our marketing activities in 2015. Fees are just a pinch higher than we'd like, but given the amount of paperwork and time that a bank loan takes, it's probably a wash or advantage to Kabbage. The only think I'd push for, is a 12 month payback plan. The 6 month term is aggressive, but acceptable.
The loan process was very easy and didn’t need to show them a bunch of paperwork. The representatives were always so helpful when I called with questions. Would definitely use them again for future business loans to expand my business for our next location! LG
My experience with Kabbage has been excellent so far. Their customer service has been prompt and informative. The process is easy to negotiate and understand. I look forward to a long and beneficial relationship with everyone at Kabbage.
It is easy to use and you get the money fast
Easy and fast approvals!
New customer...Satisfied with the service
Deal done in less than 24 hours. Awesome service and great people to work with!
Kept me informed and did as they said in a timely manner
Very fast and easy process, fees are a little excessive, but for someone with less than perfect credit in need of cash quickly, these are the folk to turn to.
Fast and best rates .
So far, my opinion is not all that favorable. First they want serious confidential information for qualification and penetrate deep into your records. Once they get it, they bail on you and ask for more 'personal' information. It seems as if their qualification system is geared for failure in order to request EVEN MORE INFORMATION FROM YOU. And the failure continues no matter what correct information you input, or how many times you go through it. I would be very cautious and have seen nothing that would allow me to recommend.
They were consistent and easy to work with. Eager for our business and made an offer we couldn't pass up. Thank you
Quick and easy to use. Very helpful!
The people I dealt with were great and made the process very simple. I did, however, run into several glitches with the website application process. But once I hooked up with an investment associate things moved fast and without any issues.
I had to call customer service 5 different times for the same issue that was finally resolved on the 10th day. After them telling me that my account would be under review for 1 to 3 business days.
Very easy to follow each screen. Fast result is the key here. Also easy to transfer money to your accounts.
Very fast and simple process
Excellent process and fair rates. Quick approval and easy to access funds once approved. I’m recommending to friends.
So far so good. But I need some more experience with this site to give it a full review. So far everything has gone good. .
So far, so good! Easy application process and was accepted when others had turned me down for not using traditional banks. Revenue was much easier to prove through this process. Super fast processing. Received funds within 2 days of applying. Great way to grow a small business!! Thanks Kabbage for your support!!
I own and operate a contingent staffing agency. Inherent with our business, we can find ourselves in a NET45 event whereby we still need to make payroll. As our business grows, this puts pressures on our cash flow. Payroll increases which is great, but our receivables also increase putting pressure on our cash on hand. We talked with our bank about a line of credit and were approved for 50K quickly, but received an application on 82-pages. In seeking other alternatives, we found Kabbage via the web. Our business and personal credit are perfect, so I'm not worried about credit driving decisions. It was about simplicity and of course, rate. Upon receiving approval from Kabbage, we received an APR that I was not happy with. Knowing that our debt-free and good credit standing would get a better rate elsewhere, I had to inquire with Kabbage about getting our rate down to be in the range of playing ball. They did another review and approved us at a lower rate. We just took our first funding from Kabbage and look forward to growing the relationship.
Prequalified go online and itsdone
Very easy to use platform with quick results and easy access to needed funds.
Had a little issue with getting my bank information, and was a little more detailed than just applying online, but with that said, Customer service was great to work with and was very helpful. Kabbage will be a great asset for our company with a generous credit line.
Excellent service.. I highly recommend this company to other business owners who are looking to grow and have cash capital.
You guys were a life saver! After several years of putting together a 7 figure deal we were at our end game and needed just that quick fix to put us past the finish line - and Kabbage was there for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I am shocked and delighted at how easy this process is. I now have the funds to pay for a bunch of inventory and keep my business growing. When I've paid this one off, I plan to get another one, and just keep on growing and growing. I just read that over and think I sound like a paid shill, but I'm not! I'm just... amazed and happy and growing my business. Awesomeness.
Kabbage was great prompt and time efficient!!!
Just get the fees/cost down. I would use it more often.
As a small business I get pitched by finance offers dozens of times a week. While they promise a simple straight forward one page application with a quick response, they never are and generally a horrendous waste of time. When I got the Kabbage application in the mail I did not throw it out as I do most others, but simply set it aside, for some reason. A week or more later I ran across it, and having a few minutes on hand after work on a Saturday, I decide to go on line and answer their few questions. At first I was put off by their request for my bank log in information, but then I decided to go along with it as I could always change it immediately. Long story short, I had a response back from Kabbage in probably 5 minutes or less. And to my utter astonishment it was an approval of a 10+ K loan to be paid over a 12 month term. This happened on a Saturday late afternoon and the money was in my account on Tuesday morning. Of all the financing deals I have done over decades in business, I have never seen anything like this. Totally, completely, unbelievable.
The staff at Kabbage has been quick, professional and to the point!
Easy to use, quick decisions, and money available immediately
Easiest way to obtain working capital for your business. Period.
I had great experience. Applied for my company and got approved instantly for a small amount. A month later my credit line was increased to much higher amount. Customer service is really helpful.
Incredible experience! I entered all my ebay and amazon marketplace information, and after a few minutes the money was available on my paypal account. It is so easy and fast I could not believe it. Thank you very much!
First time using them and it was a good experience! Look foward on continuing using them!
Great way to get a quick and easy loan. The only issue I had was trying to get someone on the phone after the process was started. Time was critical and getting a human on the phone wasn't that easy. Great all around experience but they could staff up more with customer service reps.
As easy as 123. A little Expensive , but very helpful in Cash flow crunch periods .
Kabbage does what it says it's going to do quickly and efficiently. They are a no brainer when it comes to fast, short term funding!
Fast Service and Reliable. I like the service the most.
The loan officer was very courteous and informative.
Excellent! The whole process was easy and quick.
Kabbage did a great job in servicing my needs. Immediately after being approved for financing, I received a call from a financial advisor assigned to me....that was great because I did have some questions since I was a new customer. Their interface system is easy to navigate through with your scheduled payments. The experience and customer service was exceptional.......
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