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Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1800-MY-MONEY
Overall average rating of 4.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 88 %
Thank you very much Robyn for your helping this old man . Robyn your EXCELLENT...
The representatives are very courteous.
I'm very happy with the help from one loan
5 stars. Very good customer service.
PATTi was FABULOUS!!!! I just loved her!!!! She needs a promotion!!! GREAT TO WORK WITH!!!! Lillie Reilly
I spoke with Aaron F this morning regarding a loan request and he was very helpful. He sent me some good loan options and I was very satisfied. I definitely would say his customer service skills are 5 star quality.
Was told I was approved get on the phone with the lender they tell me approved but I need to work on my credit they put me on the phone with Lexington law where they made me sign up for their service to continue the guy from Lexington told me they would be able to push it up the few points I needed them transfer me back to th loan place . Of course that was a Lie and I wouldn’t feel right letting anybody choose to deal with these folks as they only lie to keep you on the phone . Update 2/14/19 So I was contacted via email by the Client Relations manger regarding my change to my review from 5 stars to 1 star I simple explain why I was unhappy with the service provided by them and their lender they sent me to he explained that I was not suppose to be sent to Lexington Law because I have a pre approval letter from them I should just been sent to them and explain terms and should been finished . So I was directed back to the email to accept the offer again which I had did 5/6 times the first day hoping someone should call back with good news since I followed directions ...RIGHT
Robin was great easy to work with provided all needed information thank you
Ok service. Till new for me.
I enjoyed my interactions with the staff very helpful and courteous. Not very good at this computer/internet stuff but they where right there to guide me through the application witch was surprising easy. Thank you for all your help.
Hi Rarshd was incredible he put up with myself when I tried to find something Rashad also new what he was doing. I have to deal with other places alot and they didn't know there jobs.
Yes I could use the money for food
I had lots of questions and Megan was very knowledgeable and quick to answer. Great service!
I gave Keith my personal information, plopped it in quickly, and within minutes I was approved for a loan. This was desperately needed as I am having twins and we're undergoing a massive renovation project, and was short with funds. I would definitely recommend Keith, and I give him 10 out of 10 for his speed, friendliness, and patience to satisfying my needs
I really liked the way they treat people and there really honest
very pleased!
The representative was friendly and professional. She explained the process allowed time for conversations.
Terrible. Didn't help me at all. I feel like the only reason they even attempted to help me was just to try to get me to pay for a monthly credit score service. I don't know my client ID, but, you guys said that you could help me but pretty much wasted my time. You need to come up with a process, up front, that will allow your potential clients know if you can help them or not. Don't take them threw days of emails and phone calls and then finally say, oops sorry, but, we can't help you like we said we could.
Talking to your Representive (s) was a joy because there were help and very concern about helping me and my credit.. very knowledgeable about the loan process and what I needed to do to fix it. Thank, you very much for working with me.
I need loan prestamo
my experience was grate the staff made it simple and easy I would recomand any one
I recommend ,to the highest degree, for family and friends to have the great experience with One Loan Place .com that we have experienced. Zachery is above and beyond professional service . Thanks Zachery
Awesome and easy a good reputable company
I was very happy with the professionalism of each employee I had spoke to in order to get me through this application process. I would have given it 5 stars if I would have had the money moved into my account sooner. The main reason I had gotten the loan is you advertised if approved they would move the funds into my account as soon as one day. After the loan was approved I had received an email it will be in my account in 4 days? I really was very surprised at that. If it comes earlier I will deffinitly put in 5 stars. But yes all the people I spoke to were very helpful.
Went very well and quick
Cameron was very professional and a great help to me in my time of needing financial help.I would rate him a 5 star.
I would without question recommend to friend. Customer Service rep was tremendously helpful. Provide practical solutions to my particular problem. Extremely grateful for the credit repair services referral.
I was helped very professionally and promptly. Frederica, was a great help.
I called OneLoanPlace because it was recommended to me. Khalil is the representative that answered when the call was transferred. I explain my situation to him and from that point on he has been available to answer any questions that I have had. He was very professional and prompt about sending me the information that I needed to get the process started to get the help that I need. If one place didn't work out he goes to the next one. He follows up on how things are going. He deserves to be commended for a job well done.
Really nice people to work with
What a great company is. When all is failed, they came through on an important loan for a start-up business! Travis and team were beyond helpful! I can't thank them enough!
Everyone that call was very professional and nice and willing to help and I appreciate that thank you so much five stars for me
I spoke to a Victoria who was very unprofessional. She was referencing me as "girl" during our very short conversation. I was asking her how did their company get my information b/c I was being redirected from other sites and she was answering with phrases like "to be frank" "girl" small yell in the phone b/c she said she was excited. I was already leery and this made me decide to end the conversation.
Very nice and friendly staff. Very patient and polite
Very helpfully
Professional, reliable, and fast is the service for customer in this group One Loan Place... Thanks!!!!
You got me to some helpful people that I might not have found otherwise.
My experience with this agency was very nice and easy to deal with. The employee that helped me was very knowledgeable, polite, compassionate and offered valuable information I was unaware of. He stayed in close touch during my process and was always available to answer my questions with no hesitation. This employee gets an "ATTA BOY" and a big THANK YOU from me. Zack are the best!
Very friendly and easy to work with I'll never go any other place
One loan place got me with a company that is helping me get my financial situation back to where I can be debt free in a few years.
Divorced and trying to raise my daughter and help her go to college by myself has been both rewarding and daunting last couple of debt mounting and credit score constantly dropping was disheartening...slowy paying my way out of the hole and hoped some lender other than the those charging 800% interest would see how hard I've worked and take a chance on me to help me the rest of the way...oh well..will continue to slowly do it myself...Great Customer Service, though. Friendly young lady. Thank you Dom.
Luther smith had a great experience everything was well represented
Because I had no credit history I could not receive a loan. My house is worth at least 100,000.00 and all I needed at the time was a payoff of 20k. Since then I had to file bankruptcy and pay attorney fees in the amount of 6k. Good news is CitiMortgage was wrong on the payoff amount, I only owed 10k, just as I thought...
Due to my situation I was unable to be helped by the two lenders that were selected but Willie tried everything in his power to do what he could do to help. The customer service was great and I am glad that I was able to feel out the options that were available.
Thank for great help
This gentleman was professional , knowledgeable informative and easy to talk to understand your loan process. I would definitely recommend your company based on his customer service alone. Was very appreciated by me to speak with such a positive person.
Mr. Godette was friendly and personable to start. He was honest with my options and what I should expect from the process. He was not in any way overbearing but very understanding toward my specific situation. It was a pleasure working with him.
Good thank great
Cheryl Mulrooney was extremely helpful and courteous,everyone I spoke with was very helpful. I would recommend your services to everyone that has a debt problem Thank You
The gentleman was very kind and very informative. He provided useful information and was helpful.
Very helpful, quick and easy process.
They were very helpful and answered all my questions.
I went online and filled out a loan request and from there I kind of forgot about it. A few days later I got a call from mariner finance. Teresa was so nice and got more info from me. BEWARE though they charge 35% even with a 630 credit score on Equifax. Which sucks but either way there is no prepayment penalty. I went in and took them the info they requested and walked out with a check. But NO need for me to go to the bank, I did an e deposit from teresa's desk and I was on my way to my next appointment. overall I needed it as bridge funding so I will use that and keep it moving.
The service was excellent no problem I would recommend your company. I have already recommend your company to several of my friends. Thank You
I called One Loan and the gentleman that helped me was very polite and helpful. He was very patient in helping. Thanks.
From the rep that answered my inquiry to Julian Delgado I had nothing but pleasant, professional and efficient service. So far I am very pleased and overly surprised.
Everything went great! Thank you for helping
They were very nice and helped me find a loan for me
I am just getting started with One Loan Place, but, so far, I have been very impressed with my two representatives that I have worked with! They both have been very professional in their handling of my account, and very knowledgeable about the entire process...which has served to instill a strong measure of confidence on my part in them and in the Company thus far. I have struggled to find reasonable funding/financing from conventional sources, including my own bank. But, it looks like One Loan Place may actually help me to find some realistic loans that may offer me the kinds of terms and rates that I can use and work with.
A+ good stuff
I was offered the loan amount I asked for, which made using OneLoanPlace very quick and easy.
Jonathan is so helpful to me and he even offered me to registered at Lexington Law to help build up my credit score. I think, this is one way on how all my negative scores will be remove.
Friendly staff. They went through everything with me and answered all my questions. Easy and fast process. Got mone the next day. Connie N.
Great was able to help me
Robin The lady that contacted me was very pleasant explained the information very clearly and was very professional. Congratulations
Everyone was patient with me and they try there best to help you when i first call this young guy by the name of khallil he was so nicec and the way he explain to me how the system works unbelievable i had to call a few times and he allways was glad to help me the whole team was great thankbyou guy's for a job well done and they got me my loan too priceless. My name is B.H.
I feel as though the rep was both extremely professional and kind. He made sure I had all the information I needed and was very knowledgeable. He made me feel that I could have some resealable options.
He was very helpfull
To whom it may concern; I like to address my first encounter with Mr. Nathan Lewis, I work as an administrative services, so I know what I speaking on when I say Mr. Lewis was very professional, and knowledgeable. Mr. Lewis listen to my needs and explain to me what the Lexington Co. can do for me. Thank you Mr. Lewis for your patients and courtesy.
Thank You. When looking for a loan, and haven't been able to maintain an excellent credit rating, it can be humiliating. I felt relaxed and felt the sincerity to help me.
Cyrus went out of his way to help me. He was courteous,and positive.
They are very nice, friendly, people.
I was in the market for a debt consolidation loan to get out from under onerous credit card interest rates. After registering online with One Loan Place, I received a phone call from one of their representatives the following morning. I spoke to Christen Hamilton that evening and she provided me with a game plan and strategy to secure a loan for the amount I was looking for under the most favorable terms. By 10:00pm that night, I was pre approved by a well recognized lender for the full amount requested. Christen also had the foresight to devise a plan by which I will ultimately be able to refinance this loan to a lower interest rate. Basically from start to finish, it took less than 24 hours for me to initiate an inquiry and to secure the desired loan. I can only imagine that few direct lenders could match that kind of turnaround time. In this day and age of ever expanding consumer reliance on internet based commercial transactions, it is reassuring to know that reputable companies like One Loan Place exist; and competent caring professionals like Christen are there providing a quality of service experience...second-to-none.
I was very satisfied with the quickness & clarity of the application.
They was great and helpful
Words cannot begin to describe how grateful I am for One Loan Main Place. All the agents (from Aziah to Robin) have been most helpful and truly diligent with helping get my loan. This has been the BEST experience I have had with customer service when it pertains to a loan in a very long time. I would recommend this service to anyone who are having challenges obtaining a loan. Thanks SO Much One Main Place!
Couteous concise, polit2
Everything was great. And me and the family would like to thank y’all so much.
This company's primary purpose seems to be to ask you about your "needs" so they can "match" you with lenders and then funnel you to a credit repair service in the guise of being a step toward receiving your loan (which is what you really contacted them for in the first place). After you go through the 30+ minute process of first purchasing a Transunion report for $14.95 and going through the entire report, then signing up for the monthly credit repair service, you're then told by the credit repair service to call One Loan Place back to find out about your loan. Once you call back, you're told to check your email and one of the options in the email could POSSIBLY help with getting you a loan. Of course, when you click those links and complete those applications you're back where you started. Long story short, in MY opinion, they're sole purpose seems to be funneling new leads to Lexington Law firm. This is not by any means a company to facilitate loans. This is a funneling service for Lexington Law Firm who will then sell you on a credit repair service for $119/mo.
Really was impressed with Tristan's service. He answered my questions and recommended many solutions. Thank you very much.
I would give you guys very high marks!
Brian went above and beyond expectations answering all my questions and helping me choose the best loan option. He was great to work with.
great experence
The process was quick and painless. The people were very professional. I would definitely use them again.
Awesome Robin was amazing
The process is practically painless. I filled out the app and was given the source for funding in my area. I also appreciated the follow-up. The staff is pleasant and knowledgeable. It didn't pinch near so much as I determined that this was something I really wanted to do. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Made it easy to match me with a lender. Great customer service.
Really good costume service
this young man gave me a follow up call regarding a loan application i had filled out online.. his call was totally unexpected. the infomation he gave me was very welcomed and helpfull. he was very professional with me and i do appreciate that so much. the experience of talking with lavonta was a very good one.
No problems with email or calls to set up
My representative Louis Consoli was very helpful. He explained everything to me step by step. He took extreme time with me. I really appreciate what he's done for me. I want to say thank you.
Outstanding! Easy and thorough.
Helped me when I needed it. Thanks again.
I hope my loan goes through
I would recommend One Loan Place without hesitation. My agent was named Zachery. He gets a A+ from me . He is still helping you cannot get better than that. THANK YOU LORRAINE CROSBY
Kaitlin was great she was very nice and answered all of my questions
it was a good experience with you guys
Mr. Julian Delgado was my first contact with your company. Almost immediately, his tone of voice and empathetic nature made me feel comfortable. I'm in a dire emergency situation and he listened with concern and was very straightforward with what to expect from his services. I deal with people on the phone every day just like a lot of your staff reps and I have found that someone's tone of voice from the moment they pick up the phone can say a lot. I sincerely appreciate Mr. Delgado's demeanor and thorough information. Not only did he provide the necessary info, he also followed up afterward which really made a difference to me. I know dealing with calls all day is not an easy job but I wish there was a way to duplicate his natural ability to assist with patience and kindness. Thank you, Julian, for everything you did to help me. It means more than you know at this crucial and emotional time.
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