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LoanMart (formerly Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: LoanMart
Company Type: Private
Year Founded: 2001
Address: 15400 Sherman Way Suite 170
City: Van Nuys
State/Province: CA
Postal Code: 91406
Country: United States
Phone: (888) 851-2008
Overall average rating of 2.1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 31 %
The ladies there are very helpful and they all know what they are doing. Although, I am at a hard time in life, they have really been able to make me really really comfortable. I wouldn't mind doing it again in the future.
I am self-employed and came on some hard times this past year. I needed to pay a credit card off before they were going to take me to court. I went to a Payday Loan company and applied for a car title loan for $4000.00. Because of my business taking a turn for the worse recently, my credit has gone down the tubes, so I was unable to go to a regular loan company. I received the loan papers with a outrageous interest of 105%. Because I was afraid of what the credit card company was doing to me, I entered into the contract for the loan. I expected a high interest rate but not anything that high. I was told I had to sign off on my Pink slip and would receive a copy of a new one with the lender on it. This has not happened. By the time I pay off this loan, it would have cost me over $11000.00 for a $4000.00 loan. The statements I receive don't tell me the balance of my account either, just what is due for the month. Is there no cap in this state for interest that can be charged to people with my problem? If I lose my car, I will not be able to continue my business (I have an express delivery service).
Be careful in doing business with the above company. LoanMart is falsifying illegal contracts on consumers I know because I’m a victim of that scam. LoanMart does not practice honesty in their business dealings. I understand business is business if you get the loan yes absolutely pay it in all fairness. Well I paid it all & 18,000 and these scammers decided to condor up a scam on me and tell me I had an error in Loan Number on the current loan going forward use Loan Number **. I thought nothing of it just that ok. H ** Danny ** told me he would mail this contract but never did I had to make him do it and lo and behold it’s all faked and forged and very much illegal. I know this conversation and I will never forget it never. LoanMart refused to give me my pink slip back as the loan matured and came stoled my car before the holidays in 2016. Do they not know what they did that’s how we eat, work, go to school. I did not deserve that one bit. I was honest and paid. Even their lawyers who work for LoanMart are unethical they stand by knowing all of this company is fraud. But I know one thing I’m not giving up I’m going to make them rectify this. How could anyone do this sort of cruel thing to a mom knowing she paid it knowing it’s a scam, but that conversation of error in Loan Number I will never forget. That’s the nail in the coffin. And that’s how I know these people are very dishonest.
Very good customer service and helped me a lot with what I was trying to do. They were easy to use and understanding were quick to help me with what I needed, definitely recommending this to my family if they ever need this service.
I was not giving detail or enough information. After only wanting to borrow $1000, I decided to go ahead and do a $3000 loan, giving the info I needed. It stated that some of the stuff needed could be waived or can be worked out. "Don't be discouraged." I didn't have insurance so I thought they can work with me. So no they couldn't. I was told the title didn't have to be under my name but that some signatures were going to be needed. False. I was told to go and get it under my name in order to proceed. After fees on that, came out to $85, unnecessary. Then I was told to get insurance or we can not process the loan... another $200. Then gas from going across town, $50. I asked for at least $2,000 and simply was told no. The whole point is I need money not be spending more money. So I had no choice but to accept the $1,500 minimum... All because I wasn't told that because of my vehicle being salvage/restored. Should have said that from the get go. Very bummed out after all the run around.
We too were told a lot of what these people were told upon applying for a loan. Then I was asked if we had a spare key. Red flags went off. This triggered me to research further. When we called, emailed and said what we found in the form of complaints, their only response was "All these people were late. That's why." Our reply, "There are just too many complaints filed and that explanation is just not sufficient." Also, to have someone come to your home, that is another red flag. Why not meet at a reputable lender's office or title place, so they know where you live? We see deceptive practices all over the place. Thank you to those of you who wrote in. I read all the fine print on anything today with the way the economy is. We need to watch out, there are tons of scams, have an attorney, read over documents if you have to and avoid this company at all costs.
Today I was left in utter shock after speaking with the most nastiest rude unprofessional supervisor at LoanMart. I had called to make sure I understood the terms of my account because I am past due and I've gotten multiple emails as well as calls from different representatives. Each one of these representative said something different so I wanted to be clear on what I needed to do so I asked to speak to a supervisor that I believe who would have the last say so. Well that didn't go so well this. This man by the name of Rodger was a extremely rude continue. Continue to cut me off when I was trying to gain clarity on if I didn't get my account up to date what will happen. He became annoyed because I continue to ask questions. He even stated how, "How many more times I have to tell you. I told you three times. ." He told me that I'm just mad because he knows that I will not be able to make the payment and he's dealt with people like me trying to avoid our obligations. During the conversation I continue to ask him or let him know that he was being extremely rude and unprofessional. He did not acknowledge what I was saying one bit and continued on as I believe mocking me. He spoke to me with such disrespect I could not believe what I was hearing usually. Usually it's always to customers who’s irate and rude but not this case at. At no point was I rude to him or even cursed him out. During the conversation I did let him know that this call was being recorded just to prove that every representative I spoke to told me something different so I do have my records. I did let him know I wasn't stupid. This nasty conversation by him continued on for at least 10 minutes when he finally stayed it if I didn't have to payment and they would go on with the next step and he hung up the phone in my face before I can even respond. I immediately called back and ask the representative how do I go about filing a complaint. For this man Rodger to be so comfortable at being unprofessional nasty and rude and hanging up in a customer's face I'm sure he's behaved like this before. So that no one else has to go through this I will be filing a complaint to the BBB on this representative. Just for some clarification not all the representatives behaved like this. This was my first experience through LoanMart. The other representative seem to be very sweet and helpful and professional. It's so sad that a man like this represents LoanMart and he's a supervisor it's. It's just too bad I didn't get his last name he. He only said his name was Rodger and I'm not sure if that's even the truth. But I was told that the calls are recorded Soso maybe the head person of LoanMart can go back and review the conversation.
This company made an unauthorized charge on my card. It took 3-5 days for the money to go in my account and caused $400 in late/overdraft fees. When I spoke with LoanMart about who would be responsible for the fees, they told me, "Oh well". Nothing they can do and they don't have a corporate to contact. SMMFH.
I took out a title loan with 800 Loan Mart December 2009 and made my payments through Money Gram every time. Yes, I was late but no more than 27 days. The employees weren't rude to me and I even referred some relatives to do business with this company. I never had anything bad to say about this company because they helped me.On October 1, 2010, while I was at school, my truck was repossessed from the college campus. I was current with my payments and my next payment was due October 3rd. I called 800 Loan Mart twice that same day and both representatives told me there was no order for repossession and to report it stolen. I couldn't speak to anyone at the repossession agency because they were closed. I called 800 Loan Mart a third time on October 2nd and spoke to Diane, a manager, and she also stated there was no order for repossession. Diane put me on hold after I told her I knew who repossessed my truck and had the phone number. Diane took the number and claimed she called the company and the sheriffs with no luck. Diane then informed me that I would have to wait until Monday to speak to the repo department. I called back a fourth time the same day, asking the representative to email or fax me a letter stating that no order for repossession was given and my account is in good standing. The representative stated, "mistakes happen", and tried to forward me back to Diane but she was on another call, so the representative forwarded me to the repossession department to leave a message. I didn't receive a email or fax regarding my account. I could not understand the reason for them telling me they didn't order the repossession when only the lienholder can authorize this action.
I fell into a bad health situation and was out of work for a month, Hammered with hospital bills and the regular bills due I reluctantly took out a title loan with LoanMart. I received 3 different calls before the first bill was due asking me to call LoanMart, It was called a welcome call. Each time I returned the call as asked. During the process I was treated very rudely by customer service, They already have a poor attitude towards you when you arrive on the other end of the line. It’s degrading and difficult to deal with when you are already going through hardships that put you in this position. My original experience during the loan process was kind and respectful. It did not carry out after the money was received. Whatever comfortable and easy feeling has been completely lost with the way I have been treated since. Hoping to be done with this situation soon and see a happier situation down the road.
I do not I repeat do not recommend this company at all. I just got married last year in July and needed an emergency loan so I called over the phone to get one to cover the payment for my wedding. So here I am with this title loan that I now learned is increasing everyday! How the hell do they expect someone to pay off a loan that keeps adding the previous payment back to the original loan amount. I started at 5800 for my original loan amount... and now I'm at 7200 after I have made 6 payments of $525. One would think they were almost done paying off their balance. I wish I would have known about the illegal daily interest rates that they don't tell you about over the phone. That's the way I did mines smh. If I would of known I would be this stressed out and manipulated by this company I would of just waited to get married but unfortunately it was a week later and we had a family financial emergency. This is the worst memory to have after a wedding year knowing that this company is practically stealing money from people with their rules you can't get out of. I'm seeking legal help so if anyone is willing to join me please contact me asap!! Their rates aren't right and it doesn't make sense why a company would even operate this way. You should want people to come back not stay away. I bet most of their good reviews are from people who borrowed small loans because anyone with bigger loans wouldn't be on their website mentioning how happy they were... it doesn't make sense. I'm miserable and struggling because of this!
I had gotten a title loan last year. I paid on time at first. My income was decreased for a few months. I still made a payment but was late. I was told I didn't have an repo order before I paid. But an hour after I paid my car was gone. I was told the system wasn't updated before I paid. Wow... They can do this to good people? I'm being charged still for months now. This is not right! These people are rude as hell. Peter needs more training. Other customer service hangs up now. No help.
800 Loan Mart can be rated as "Fraud". I had a Title Loan on my 2002 Ford F-150 Supercrew Truck and almost had it paid for, when a Car Title Company from Northern California contacted me out of the blue and offered me a re-finance on my then current loan. It was like they knew I was in need of money at the time. Well I listened to their sales pitch on what a deal I was getting on the Refinance and how it would help my credit rating to. So I agreed to fill out a application for refinance and I did and the Title Company were so nice and supportive on my money needs.I filled out the application and at the time thought the new refinance loan was coming from a company called Wheels Financial. Well it turns out that Wheels Financial and 800 Loan Mart are one in the same company.The company never once in the sales pitch or on any of the applications and documents that I signed mentioned that these two companies were in fact the same company.I never found any of this information out until the Notary of the Public told me after we signed the documents. I have been harassed and called all times of the day and night and weekends and 800 loan mart has even spoke to other people not even involved in my loan at all about me being behind and what actions 800 loan mart would take if I didn't get current on my loan as soon as possible.I have been threatened by 800 loan mart more than once. Lied to, had to make two payments back to back meaning within a day of each other and paid huge amounts of interest fees, loan fees, late fees, you name it. I was forced to file chapter 13 bankruptcy recently due to 800 Loan Mart making my life a nightmare!Do not ever get a car title loan from 800 loan mart if you do you will pay forever!
Stop now any thoughts about a title car loan from Loanmart! I totally understand you need money and bad credit or whatever yours needs can be met. Just not at Loanmart! Get a title loan, there many other offers available to you. Having anything to do with a for it's a experience you will remember with much pain and heartache! I give you no lies when I say you will live to regret! Don't think the how wonderful are written by people who took a loan with Loanmart wrote how great it was to do business with Loanmart! Nobody in their right mind can say anything nice about the services provider, you cannot be a good paying customer, no matter how much you borrow, payback is two hundred percent and ninety five percent your vehicle will be at anytime repo and sold quick. People have lost their freedom never knowing when they just might repo your wheels.Even if you are a good customer doesn't have any benefits, Loanmart is consistently without any kind of legal reason but the Loanmart twisted understanding of their contract you signed gives them the rights to treat all customers who owes them money to be judged and classified as an American loser, who deserves absolutely no regards or respect of any kind to any situation even if blood was given! Loanmart will not have a ounce of being anywhere near trustworthy, understanding, honest, helpful business they so pretended to be. They can't do the business they do of loaning, collecting 200% on loan and the best part the disposal of your vehicle without somewhere there be lies, add on extraordinary extra charges just because they can!Honestly if you have a situation that requires you to get money for any reason fast and you have to use your only transportation, your door to freedom, do not. And I shout loud, "Get a loan from anywhere but Loanmart." You will if you take a second to look, find lots of business that you can feel safe you did the right loan. I know you did want to hand your pink slip over, it scares you bad. They take your wheels if you don't make payments! Loanmart does both - takes your money and repos too all on the same contract. I know I have beat them and I seriously warn everybody, go get a loan from anybody else and let this Latino run shark hungry, mean, dishonest, rude people slaughtering you at any time alone. You don't want to get in bed with the devil. Stay away! Never ever to Loanmart ever in your lifetime do business of any kind with Loanmart! Ever...
I have a loan with LoanMart. I was late in my monthly payment. I explained to their representatives once on Friday (June 12) and then the following Monday (June 15) and said that I would be able to make the payment by the end of the month June. The representatives said that they will try to delay the payment. This morning (Tuesday June 23), LoanMart sent a tow truck to tow my car away. The tow guy demanded me to give my car key and scream. I told him to wait so I can call LoanMart. He said he had to tow the car regardless. LoanMart is after my car! They are not willing to work with me so I can pay off my loan.
Loan you money on your car title but you never finish paying them. I got a title loan of 8,000. As of today I was told I've paid 20,000. My maturity date for pay off is in March. Now I find out that it will most likely be another year due to interest. That's crazy and being less than 13 days late 6 times in the 3 years.
The customer service I received from everyone in your company all the way to USA checks (Cathy) is awesome. This is a very convenient and fast service. Very comforting in a difficult time.
Overall it was good. It took a lot long than I was told, but not too bad.
Dealing with Blanca ** was a very pleasant experience. I would recommend her to family and friends. She is friendly while also being professional at the same time.
Very bad experience! Same as all the other people complaining here, a mere $2500 loan is now becoming $4200 after 8 months of paying $358. They don't even want to help you pay it off by lowering the payments, lowering the interest, etc. Please contact: Department of Business Oversight. Consumer Services Office. 1515 K Street, Suite 200. Sacramento, CA 95814. Tel# 1-866-275-2677. Internet:
I needed extra cash to pay off some debts that were coming close to be charged off, so I decided to take a title loan with this company. On the phone, the underwriting department of this company were really nice and even said positive things towards my struggles. I really was happy and excited to get a loan with this company until the first payment. I paid my account on time. Then I got a settlement check I was waiting for and wanted to pay off the loan I made one payment already of $550.00. The loan was originally $6,000. In less than a month, the loan amount went from $6,000 to $7,046.52. I called several times, always promising I will get a call back from the management, but no replies. Keep in mind that everyday the loan accrues interest. They advised me to look in the contract I signed and there it said there was a $675 prepaid finance charge (admin fee). I asked before what was this fee about. They advised me that this fee was only to be paid if I defaulted on a loan or my car got repossessed. I called and called until I finally got a call from the management. They advised me, in a rude way, that they can't do anything. If I wanted to settle the amount for less than I owe, it was ok but was going to be bad on my credit. "Why would I settle less," I told him, "if still I am paying all the principal amount less this fees that I never agreed?" They wouldn't budge on that so I paid the loan because I don't want them repossess. But I will be filing a complaint with the Department of Corporation and be looking in any legal way because this is an unfair fee that I never agreed to. If you're planning to do business with this company, please don't! This company deserves to be out of business. They are liars and crooks that can get away with stealing hard earned money.
Service was excellent! Maria answered all of our questions and more. Clory was also very helpful in getting our loan quickly.
I did not have a choice in the matter to go to LoanMart. The company I started my title loan with transferred their accounts to LoanMart. Loan does have lower payments, but payoff date is dragged out longer than the original company. They did not even pay off the original owners of the title loan. We found out they were supposed to give us the check and we pay the original owners. They send the check through moneygram and I had problems cashing it because my information was wrong either on LoanMart, Moneygram or Walmart. Information was entered wrong so I could not cash the check at Wal-Mart. LoanMart charges additional fees for payments unless you give a bank account/routing number, stop at a payment center or check. When I gave them my numbers, they got it wrong and were convinced that it had insufficient funds. I called the bank and asked about the funds. I had just enough to cover it. If I did have insufficient funds, the bank would charge an overdraft fee or let me know of insufficient funds. This was last month and the first time I paid them on April 8th. They took a few days for the money to come out of my account. They sent me an email about the funds on the 13th and by the 14th, I called them again and found they had the wrong account numbers. It finally went through. I just paid them on May 6th by phone and they told me I owe $15 in addition to my monthly payment for last month because they thought insufficient funds. They never said anything about $15 additional when I paid on April 14th and the money was taken out. They told me now when I went to make the payment and said the supervisors will look into it. I have overdraft protection and have proof on my bank statements transactions that there was not any overdraft. The only other company that has my account numbers is the electric company because they also charge if not using a bank account. When I do not have enough money for electric in the account I get hit with an overdraft fee if there is not enough money in the account. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY IF YOU CAN HELP IT!!!
I called to inquire about their product. After I had given the young lady the basic info about my car, I asked her the process. Well, she was very impatient with me. She did not want to answer the questions, such as what documentation she will need, what is the interest on the loan amounts and basic things before I jump in. The young lady in a nice nasty tone stated, "I have other clients waiting and I have to get off the phone." I was surprised! I told her it is the consumers that keep her employed and my questions are called job security for her. It would be cordial if she could be patient and ask questions, which I really did not think she would mind. I was so wrong, she hung up. I think I will pass on them, especially after reading other complaints.
Clarie was great. I would recommend someone in need to your business.
LoanMart is a complete rip-off. I went to them for a title loan on my car because my parents both fell ill and I didn't have money to pay for their medical bills and medications. The rep gave to me, “Yes we can help you. All you would have to do is send the required paperwork.” I got a loan for 2,600. He then told me, “Your payments will be 288 a month.” I said, “Okay good. I can pay off in no time.” I needed the money desperately. Then I get a bill saying I owe them 10,000 dollars in total. How did I get a loan for 2,600 that increases to 10,00 over a 1 yr spanned. I went to you guys because I was broke. I been paying my 288 on time since August 2016 and I still haven't touched the base of the 2,600. I owe 2,900 now. All that money I been struggling to pay has went nowhere. I WILL NEVER REFER THEM TO ANYONE. All they keep saying is pay more. I can’t pay more. If I could I would have never borrow from LoanMart in the first place. I'm a struggling college student working and taking care of my parents.
I at this time last at too a 2600 car title loan. Made payments, etc. Then in Jan (not exact date) your office contacted me and offered basically Refi to the amount I had paid to that date.. I was happy and felt your service was serving a purpose in the lives of me n my daughter. In May my daughter's Mom with out notice up and left. Moved to Spokane. Jess had Always been given the choice to go between our homes and suddenly she was being asked to move to northern Washington. She made the tough decision to stay and it's at that point things changed for me. When she told her mom her plans her mom cut off all financial help. We were up to that time splitting college fees at FJC as well as insurance gas a lot of things. It was hard but I put the time and did my best over the last few months. When I contacted your office about 1000 up as you did earlier this year. I was told the payment would go down and if I paid double payments of 303 I could pay this up in less than a year.I actually had decided to go another Brouse when you guys started texting me... Again I was concerned about keeping this loan in a reasonable limit. I still don't have a copy.. Was not offered a copy and am concerned as when I was paid the 767 advance there was something on the papers that caught my eye... The amount of 12000 as total amount paid.. That is not what we talked about and I'm worried that perhaps one or more of you reps may have twisted or candy coated what he was telling me. I made it clear that I needed this loan to come to an End. I'm just concerned that perhaps I have been taken advantage of. That would be disappointing. Please contact me **.
The company’s agents are very rude and harassing. I was late with my payment due to hours being cut at work and they called. It was a Wednesday and I told them I could pay on Friday. They told me no it had to be done before that and that they couldn't guarantee that the car wouldn't be taken.They then want to ask a lot of personal information like: what are your hours and when do you get to work. Initially, the loan was supposed to be for $2,500 and now I owe literally double that.They told me that I only paid the loan amount when the papers were signed. They will act as if they don't know how to reach me and call me references instead of contacting me.
I didn't pay my bill on time and these guys kept calling me until I made a payment. Every time I paid late, they would bug me to make my payment. Can't these people just leave me alone? Sometimes you just gotta pay late and there's nothing you can do about it. I mean, I know I signed a contract and I spent all the money that they let me borrow but I just hate it when companies don't let you slide at least a little bit. That's why the rich keep getting richer and the poor stay poor!
I would like to say that service was excellent. Vilma ** was very helpful and made the loan very easy.
I went and got a loan from these guys. They were expensive, but they didn't hide the fact, and it was clearly stated on my contract. I knew what I was getting into, but needed the convenience of fast $$. I thought of it like buying milk at 7/11, it costs more, but it's worth it. Unlike others, I actually paid my payments on time, and when I paid the loan off (90 days after I got it), they sent me my title, and I was on my way. The account even showed up on my credit bureau, so it has helped me in more ways than one.
My experience with you has been great. Your end provider on the other hand, not so well. Chek Max at 2099 W. 3500 S. West Valley City, UT, is very unprofessional.
It's not every day you find people as friendly as the people who work for Loan Mart. I would love to refer a friend there to get a loan!
LoanMart repossessed my BMW convertible after missing one payment because I was hospitalized with pneumonia. They sold the vehicle at auction and received a lot less than the amount of the loan. The loan was for $7200.00 and they sold the vehicle for $5000.00. They then proceeded to attempt to collect $8400.00 from me. They did not attempt to get a deficiency judgment so therefore I owed them nothing. They know that most judges will not award a deficiency judgment if they have taken the collateral. LoanMart claimed on my credit report that I owed $8400.00 and had not made a payment and caused my credit score to plummet and made it difficult to obtain credit. I have asked them to remove the false credit ding on my report but they refused and continued to call me and send threatening letters and email even though they were in violation of the law. They cannot sue me because of the statute of limitations has expired, but I can sue them for reporting false information on credit reports, which I intend to do. The parent company, Wheels LLC is also a used car sales company, they act as brokers and make a lot of money by prepossessing vehicle. That can be checked out through the DMV.
Service was helpful and quick. They did what they could to give me what I needed. The only thing that was bad was they said that a check cashing place could give me money back with no charge, and that's not true.
I want to thank 800loanmart for helping me out and for being the only ones willing to help. I was having trouble paying a credit card that I owed $13,000 on so the credit card bank offered me to settle for $3,500. Only problem is, they only gave me four months to pay the entire settlement amount and if I didn't pay the total by the 4th month, the settlement would be voided and I'd lose the $250/month I paid for three months. I was on my 3rd month and had not been able to borrow the remaining $2,750. My credit union and my bank did not want to lend me money on my car title because of my credit. None of my family members or friends could help either. Before I took out my loan with 800loanmart, I was not sure if I should because I read some bad reviews on them but since I really needed to meet the deadline, I figured I'd give them a shot. Plus the BBB had given them a B+ rating anyway so I thought it would be worth a try. I do have to say that the loan I got from them was expensive but it was convenient. What I like about this company is that they disclose this clearly and even in the contract it says in big letters, "This is a high-cost loan, think carefully before deciding to take loan" or something like that. I was able to get the money fast without any hassles and in time to meet the credit card settlement deadline. I also made sure I made my payments on time to pay off my car title loan. I paid off my 800loanmart loan in five months and although it was pricey, I ended up saving a lot more money than I spent because had I not made the lump sum, I would have lost my $750. More importantly, I also ended up saving about $9,500 because of the settlement and I don't have to pay that credit card anymore.
Would it make sense to put lead soled cement boots on while trying to get out of quick sand? After finding yourself on the edge of a cliff tied up in a straight jacket, do you think jumping over the edge will help you get free? If you have just one brain cell, hopefully you answered "no" to these questions. Well, apparently I have about as many brain cells as a jellyfish. I got a loan with LOANMART. I knew it was a high interest loan, not their fault I signed my car away. But after making 10 payments, the principle barely moved a dime!I had my tax preparer friend calculate my actual interest rate, and it is 85% interest. Worse than pay day advance places. So, basically, I'm paying $230 a month to some troll on crack that lives under the bridge! Barely $30 bucks a month is being applied to the actual principle. All that money just floats away into the abyss. Yes, I saw my contract. But they count on the fact that the average person just doesn't realize how that translates into monthly payments. Your burden will be worse if you get this loan. The payments seem to vanish into thin air. If I just saw the principle going down, hey, no problem, but that thing barley moves! Imagine putting $40 in your gas tank every other day, and you're still sputtering around on fumes!You are so much better off dealing with the slight financial mess you are now in than prostituting your hard earned pink slip out to these pimps. Ever try to hug a starving pit-bull foaming at the mouth with rabies in need of a root canal in a cactus patch surrounded by broken glass and pepper spray? Yeah, well, that is my experience whenever I have the unfortunate burden of dealing with these people on the phone. They are so nasty and rude. I think they feel since they have your pink slip, why should they treat you like a customer? You are not seen as a customer, but rather as a loser who needed a quick financial bailout. As if you must not have good enough credit to get a "real" loan at a bank. Therefore, they see us in some low grade category of society. I get cut off mid sentence, hung up on, even laughed at. Welcome to my world. My wife warned me not to do it. I didn't listen.
I am very satisfied with the service from LoanMart! Very friendly and very patient, with us! I would totally recommend to a friend to come here! I feel very safe and very aware of each step of the process! Definitely recommend!
Everyone was very helpful and friendly. We called RPM lenders first but were very disappointed in their service and question person. We were delighted with the service we received from your business!
I would like to that 1-800-Loan-Mart. The experience I has was easy, informative, and good overall service. I appreciate the constant communication, upfront information, and the ease at which I was able to receive this loan. I would highly recommend Loan Marts agents and services. Thank you!
LoanMart is a fast and easy way for people that are in crisis to get Cash really fast. If you have a car that is worth something, they will absolutely work with you. Because the interest rate that they are sticking you with is 92%. IS THAT EVEN LEGAL? I took out a loan for $4000.00 against my 2010 Ford Explorer that was obviously worth double that amount with a payment of $340.00 a month. I did this in November of 2014. The balance on the loan is now more than what it originally was and not to mention I only actually walked out of there with $3600.00 of that money due to their ** fees and everything. I'm a single mom with 3 kids and I work a full time job, and I have struggled every month since the day I did this to make that payment. Unfortunately for me I ended up getting two months behind on the payments again and woke up this morning to the alarm being set off by the TOW TRUCK driver. The people at LoanMart that call and harass you are the worst people in the world. No mercy. Not helpful. I wonder if you have to take a special HEARTLESS JERK training course to work for them. Oh well. In the end I can only blame myself for not doing more research on this horrible company before signing my life away with 92% interest. Lesson learned. I hope someone reads these reviews and saves themselves from these CROOKS.
Hello everyone,
Update from loan mart
They lowered my interest and dropped my payments . Interest over 30% and my payments by 45.00 plus !!!The staff was really friendly.I had a title loan for about 2 years, it's for $3000. 2 years later, the loan is the same, the numbers don't go down. I think after doubling your payment they should let you out of the loan. That would be good business. $6000-$9000 at $244 per month, I should have been done with this loan. I can't even pay all of my rent every month. Also the engine went out in my car. I can't afford to fix it because of this loan. I think they should have a grace period for late payment, 10 days to be exact. I'm struggling every month. This is very depressing. Never again. By the way I borrowed money to fly to Oklahoma to see my daughter graduate from Basic Training. Army mom! Broke mom!!! Thanks LoanMart.
I truly want to take the itme to thank each of you at 1-800 Loan Mart. You are truly a blessing in this time of an emergency. I am grateful for you trust. I will honor it by making my payments on time. Thank you, again!
I should have known to run before I got the loan, the agents you speak to over the phone forget to tell you documentation is required and tell you everything is okay and good to go. After hours and hours of nothing you're told, oh yeah, you need this or that. This last incident takes the cake. On December 24, I received a phone call from a Silver ** requesting my past due payment and I told her my situation of why my payment had not been received, which is when I signed up for the loan I was receiving disability payments that totaled almost $800 monthly but that out of nowhere one day, those payments were stopped and I did not find out why until a week later. It was because funds had been exhausted and since this had happened I had been living off General Relief which is only $198 monthly and financial aid.I haven't even been able to afford hygiene products and all my money has been going to this loan and the car insurance and since now that school is on break, I don't have the financial aid until Mid-February and Silver ** offered putting the payment off to January. But then her supervisor said no because if I wasn't able to pay December then how would I pay January. So I told Silver they could just come and get the car and I am sent a Voluntary surrender form to fill out. But then I start thinking what sense is it to surrender the vehicle if I am still going to be charged daily until they sell the vehicle and storage fees and repossession fees and whatever they did not get when they sell the car. I speak to my co-signer and they agree to pay January so I call and let Silver know this and she had an attitude then. She said so now you want to make an arrangement. It was her tone that was rude but I overlooked it being that I am the one that is late with her payment. So after explaining to Silver how January would get paid, she spoke to her supervisor and it was agreed that December's payment would be deferred and that the necessary papers would be emailed to me. I checked and checked my email all that day and all Christmas day and nothing, no email from Silver with the documentation for the payment deferral. So on December 26, I call 800loanmart and no one comes to the phone after several attempts. So I go online and chat with an online agent and I explain to them the situation and the paperwork is emailed to me. I signed it and faxed it along with the disability final payment later and I thought all was well until tonight January 3, 2014 at 5:13pm. And the call lasted 31 seconds, I get a call and I said hello and the caller asked, "Can I speak to Sierra **," and I said, "This is Sierra **, how can I help you?" The caller said, "This is 800loanmart and we need a payment," but as with Silver **, it is her unprofessional tone and very tasteless demeanor and I tell her I spoke with a Silver ** and faxed over the necessary paperwork so I don't know why you guys are calling me. She says something else (I can't remember, was so thrown off by her tone) and I tell her the next time a call is made to me make sure it is someone who is professional.The agent yells, "Pay your loan," and and the call got disconnected and when I called back to complain, I tried several times with no help. After calling back again, I get no other than Silver ** and I am telling her what is going on and she says to me, "Now moving forward, what are you going to do about your bill?" And I told her, "No, not moving forward, moving backwards. This lady called my phone and was rude to me." She said, "Well what do you want to do about it," and I said I would like to speak and before I could finish my sentence she just put me back on hold. After holding for a while a lead agent named Nick came on the line and apologizes for the ways of the agents and after all this the problem was that they never received my payment deferment paperwork. The rude agent that called my phone the first time could have said this. This company is nowhere near professional and even though this agent Nick apologized for the rude behavior of the other agents I believe that these agents behave this way all the time and it's no big deal to the company. Please know that every month this company gets their money even at the cost of me not having any of my needs met. This would be the first time this has happened and I really don't have it and I am putting pennies together to make sure they get their money, I don't even have the money to put gas in the car to drive the damn thing but I make sure they get their money just this one month I am doing really bad and to let their agents call and talk to me any kind of way. People reading this, don't do business with them, if you need the money that bad, please find another way. This loan is the biggest burden ever. The agents really make you want to go there with them and I was so ready to tell these two agents you have my address bring it on, they're just so ill-mannered.So day number 2 with these clowns. I was told last night by Nick that I could still fax over the loan deferral payment documentation since it was never received the first time. This was on January 3, 2014 but the next day which is today January 4, 2014 I get online and request that the document that need to be signed by me if they could be faxed instead of emailed because I did not currently have access to a printer. By the time I would be able to access one it would be later on in the day (waiting to use the library's printer) but was told to contact the agents by phone. I was given their fax number to fax the documentation. The agent did not get it that I needed documents sent to me. So I call the company over the phone and the lady tells me I am no longer offered that option and that is that (reminded me of when I first tried to get a loan with them and a lady told me "your car doesn't qualify, you can't get a loan" and to only have a agent call me a week later asking me was I still interested in a loan) so I hang up and call back and ask to speak to a supervisor and am helped by a nice young man who tells me of course and tells me he is going to transfer me and to ask for a man named Lester **. I was so happy to get help so I waited and waited and waited and waited to only get a general voicemail system after all that waiting. I call and I call and I finally get another man on the phone who says "I am going to go behind my supervisor's back and fax you the documents" and even asks me when would I like him to send them. I tell him right now would be fine and I give him the number. He agreed and said "ok ma'am, I am going to send them right now" and that was almost 2 hours ago and still no fax. These people are heartless. They want to be able to take your car. I am not driving the car anyways so it makes me no big difference aside from me wanting to pay my bill I have with them. But because of all of this they have made me do my homework and get solid advice from a lawyer and I am glad I know my rights when it comes to them and my property and them coming on my property and how to deal. If I wasn't so determined to pay what I owe them I would have them come get this car because dealing with them is like talking to a newborn baby and to be real a newborn understands more than these people. You explain things to them and they act like you're speaking Chinese instead of English and they send you emails and tell you to email it back to yourself and they can't spell worth a penny. It is crazy. Again anyone reading this read my other post under the name Sierra from Los Angeles and take heed and run from these people. I know times get hard but if I had knew that these people were unprofessional, immature, senseless jerks I would have rather be hungry with nothing than to do business with this so called company. There is no need for them to respond and tell you guys that they strive to provide excellent customer service and that they have mailed me a letter in response to my post. It is all mess. They will mail a response that is either extremely rude or very generic and do nothing to the rude and unprofessional agents they have working for them. It is plain and clear to see if there are numerous agents providing the behavior these same agents know there will be no reprimand for their behavior. It's not just one or two. It is several agents that have been either rude, gives wrong information, puts you on hold and does not come back to the phone, says they are going to do something and they do not. Run.
Courtesy and professional everyone who help me with my loan. Payment are real high, but it did help me with all my needs. LoanMart would be the perfect loan business in the US if they had lower interest and lower monthly payments. For now I’ll deal with it. As far as the staff at LoanMart can’t complain. Excellent customer service. Thank you for all your help in my time of need.
My father has recently became bedridden due to his combat related injuries. He now requires 24 hour care. Although he could have been receiving Veteran compensation for the last 13 years, he would not take the help because he felt that money should be used for veterans who had more severe injuries than him. I finally applied for that help for him and of course he was approved but will not start receiving pay until 04/01/2017. I had to take out a title loan on his transport vehicle to help offset the bills until he starts receiving his pay. 800LoanMart gave him the loan. He is insulin dependent and the brand of insulin he uses is not covered by the military. He ran out of insulin and I had to use his monthly loan payment money to purchase this medication because he can't live without it. I contacted 800LoanMart to let them know the reason he is 3 weeks late and if they could give him until 04/01/2017 he would have more than enough to make his payments. I spoke to a boy named Ray and another boy named Brian who claimed to be a manager. I explain the situation about how ill he is and the only money he has left he would need to buy one more vial of insulin. I explained the whole Vietnam veteran information and how he would be receiving a substantial amount of money on the first. I asked them both if they could please give my father until the first. I was told by both of them that this is just business and if I didn't give them the payment today, they would repossess it. I told them that he needs that vehicle for transportation to doctor appointments that he must attend. My father has diabetes, kidney failure, heart failure, edema, and high blood pressure. He had been given 6 months to live but the care that has been given to him has extended his life. I told both of them I gave them his last money, he could not get that insulin and he can literally die from this. The answer remained the same, they had to have that money or the truck would be taken from him and could not be retrieved if repossessed. I gave them the money with tears in my eyes wondering how to make it to the first of the month. I don't know if it was just these to guys Ray and Brian or if is 800LoanMart who do not support elderly Vietnam vets. I know of 3 other people who recommended 800LoanMart that ran into similar situations that were not as extreme. They were not only granted more time, one of them actually was able to pull their car out of repossession. I know this because I helped all three of them when I had the means to do.
Thank you so much for your help. This will be a happy Christmas for a young lady who has not seen her family for 13 years. This is my Christmas present to her.
LoanMart along with Fumble repo recovery in Rialto Ca repossessed my vehicle. Once Fumble had my vehicle they covertly installed vehicle tracking to assist in any further recoveries. They probably would have succeeded in their efforts had it not been for the tell tale signs left by the sloppy tech that installed it. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank Fumble recovery company located in Rialto Ca. for doing an exceptional job at helping me evade LoanMart. I couldn't have done it without you.
Over the phone customer service was good. They only told me my interest rate was 11.5% per month not 139% annual. When I went to pick up the money at California Check Cash the woman was very rude and told me she couldn't answer any questions regarding my loan. So expect to sign for stuff you have no idea about. They didn't tell me they would be taking my pink slip either. I only wanted $1,000 and they could only give me $2,500. So in one month, it will cost me $500. I don't recommend this at all. Pawn shop is the way to go, and make sure you file with the DMV because all you do is sign your pink slip.
There is no doubt in my mind they will be either an indictment or arrest made at LoanMart. I've had a 2500 dollar loan for 2 yrs. Had my car repossessed once. I've been paying 300 a month, 1400 to get my car from repo, and I still owe 1400 and it says call for pay off amount. Trust me, any good review is fake. This is something worse than criminal. Class action lawsuit forthcoming
I got a 2500 loan against my 1991 z28 and first I was told when I signed the documents that my payments wasn't no more than 250 month. First payment due in September. Then when August comes around they said my payment was due, wasn't even 15 days after I got the loan. I made every payment on time. With my debit card but somehow they said I was behind, came and repo my car. I contacted them they said my payments were presented. But bank said they weren't. Basically they stole a very valuable car from me. Come to find out my car was one of a 1000 made in 1991. Found out it was a l1 z28 with first edition of the lt1 350 with the first gen. 4l60e transmission. The car was valued at over 35000. They auctioned it off and got 15000 out of it. I only owed (according to my bank 3000 left on it). They told me that the rest of the 15000 was fees so I didn't get a dime for my car.
This company 1-800loanmart, is an absolute scam. This company and its employees are extremely hostile and unprofessional. They lure people in as a clean cut organization that markets very well to people as a reputable, fast cash option. In all reality, they raise interest rates as high as 75% and ultimately treat as though they do not want you to ever get your car back. I have read multiple posts and spoken to a dozen people who have not one good thing to say about the company and their practices. They will tow your car and have it to a local auction within 3 days ready to sell. It will take you 2 days to even get a call back.If you miss a payment, you have no chance. They will not work with you and they are not honest people. These guys make drug dealers look like honest criminals and I would highly advise anyone considering a loan with them to seek alternative options. Ask your close family or friends. Anything besides going to these guys. I just hope I save someone much more than they bargain to lose.
1800LoanMart received a double payment from my bank which was an error. I tried to get the money back from 1800LoanMart, after I explained that it was an error. 1800LoanMart has given me the runaround for over a week. They have lied to me consistently that the payment was being processed. They have hung up on me and gotten me on hold for long periods of time. I have yet to receive my refund of 1800LoanMart. I am still getting the runaround from them. It is Christmas and they have let me with no money for bills or Christmas for my family. I am a single mom. I guest this is how 1800LoanMart repays its customers who pay their loan on time and over the amount that is due. Their customer service leaves a lot to be desired.
I am so happy with the service Loan Mart provided me here. Why? I was a day away to be evicted for not paying my rent. Is not that I did not want to. But just because I did not have money. But the guys at Loan Mart gives me the money at the spot. You know with 5 kids. Where I WAS SUPPOSE TO GO? THANK YOU LOAN MART.
1800loanmart needs to be shut down! It's the worst place to get a loan! We took a loan of $2,500 using our car title in December and made a $250 payment for that month. We failed to make a payment for the month of January. Come the first week of February, our vehicle was missing. It was repo'ed. We called them up to get info and they said we needed to make a payment of $970 in order to get our vehicle back. We only missed one payment! We didn't even get a warning, not to mention the fee for the towing company and the receipt we have to pay from the police dept. We asked what the full amount of the loan was and they said it was $3,500! The $2,500 went to $3,500 in a matter of a month! They said that for every day the loan is opened. They charge $15 a day! The amount increases everyday! It's hard to believe this company is still around. Someone, anyone, shut 1800loanmart down! People, do not get a loan from this horrible place!
I want to thank you for your services in helping me attain an auto title loan.. Great service and simple process thank you.
Before 3pm I was called and told that my paper work is all set. Loanmart had everything they needed. I was instructed to leave my house at 4pm so that pictures could be taken in the daylight. When I arrived, no paperwork was done and I was not given a call. I had to call. I was then told that I needed income verification that was not specified in the previous phone call. The gentleman checked and they were going to do my contract and it would take about 15-20 minutes. Well 45 minutes had passed and still no paperwork. So I called back and my call was taken by Roberto who then told me that they needed the mileage that was previously given to them before they could do any paperwork. I had to ask him... So when the heck was anyone going to call me and tell me this if I didn't call? Well finally after being there for more than 2 hours, the paperwork came through. I have to say, I was very very upset with the customer service from LoanMart.
My daughter had a very bad experience with LoanMart! She took out a $5000 loan on her car. She was not able to make her first payment due to an emergency hospitalization. Her car was repossessed within a week. Once repossessed, we were never notified - thought the car was stolen. California law states that the owner has to be notified within 48 hours. Long story short, had to pay $6700 to get the car back. Then, once we asked what the payoff was, we were misinformed and told to mail in a check. We did that and no response from LoanMart for several days. My daughter called and we were told that a check wouldn't do, it had to be moneygramed. So we did that but by the time we called, the payoff amount increased by $150 because THEY gave us misinformation. It doesn't stop there. After the account was closed, we had an extremely difficult time getting the car release sent to the tow place. We faxed a power of attorney as requested for me to get the car because my daughter was still hospitalized. Very rude agents!! I had to call greater than 10 times to get that one issue resolved. These are criminals who prey on desperate people. So easy to get the loan but they will steal your car at the first chance they get. They are heartless and don't care what the circumstances are. I have filed a complaint with dept of business over site in California.
The application process was simple. I called LoanMart with any questions I had and they would answer. I'm happy with my experience so far.
I would like to say something about your service. I had such a wonderful lady named, Maria, That helped me. She was just so kind, and her service was fast and friendly. I would recommend people to this service, and you should give Maria a RAISE!
I want to thank everyone at Loan Mart for a pleasant and patient attitude. You all worked with me in a professional manner. I would recommend you to anyone!
LoanMart give title to brother who didn't even have a title for the car. They give him the loan and came and took mine and told me I had to pay to get it back. So they said what was owed and I asked 5 time "Is this all I owe?" And they said "Yes." After I paid they contact me and say they don't have a title for the car and I'm like "Yeah, I know you don't." The car was never in my brother's name so they tell me I need to put the title in my brother's name and send it to them. Once I send it to them they tell me there's a storage fee but I asked them 5 time "Is there any other fee?" So the fee is 330 and now they tell me they can give me my money back and sell my car. OK now I'm without a car because they give a title loan to somebody without the title.
This was so easy and very helpful. I didn't think it would be so fast. I'm very pleased and will refer all my friends and family to this loan company.
I took a $2604 loan out in May of 2014. Since then, I have made a total of $2250 in payments, and all of them have been on time. Now, in February, my payoff amount is $2500. I am not happy about this payoff amount as you can imagine. I understand how this type of loan works, but I didn't think that the interest would not budge until you reach the end of the contract. Don't take out a loan through this company, no matter how badly you need it. In the end, you will end up kicking yourself for having taken it out. Trust me, no one needs this type of loan, even if it meant that you were about to go homeless. Just save your money; otherwise, you'll get stripped of your money like I did.
I was treated very well right from the start. I have no complaints, enjoyed doing business with your company. I have had lot of company calling me. Most you could not understand what they were saying.
I got a $2600 loan almost 3 years ago and Have been paying $235 per month for 3 years now. Last year we fell behind financially. They say I still owe over $5000. How is this possible? They offered me a settlement of $2500 due in 4 days. I am due with baby #4 in Sept and this is our only vehicle. I am high risk. I can't work. My husband doesn't make enough money to pay my car loan. I don't think I can come up with $2500 in 4 days and I can't lose our only vehicle. I am beyond stressed with this loan and I will never recommend anyone doing so. It is a hole you will never get out of.
This company is the worst of the worst. They prey on people who are desperate. Once you take the bait and accept the loan, you are in deep trouble. What kind of company can charge interest rates this high and say they are helping people? They are basically loan sharking and need to be shut down. Someone needs to start a class action lawsuit. You can count on it that I will be on board.
So first off my loan was through LoanMart, I had excuse after excuse why I didn't get the money on time having to wait a week. That's nothing compared to my experience. My loan was for 2,600 I am still paying years later, totaling by pay off 9,000. The very horrible part about this is their customers service reps. In the beginning they sound reputable and professional, then I got terrified when I called to make a payment and heard rap music in the background and employees freely talking about all kinds of stuff in the background, first red flag. Then I noticed how after I got the loan all the professional behavior dropped and they became very short a rude, even flat out laughing and hanging up. I was short 14$ two years ago and the supervisor a guy who works evenings and is an older Hispanic male, was basically laughing when I told him I lost my job. His response was, “Oh well too bad. I might as well get it now since you lost your job anyway…” Who does that? Over 14$, they didn't try to work with me nothing, that was two years ago. Today I was contacted by someone telling me, "Your account was in collection for 20$!!" I sent 180 and my payment is 200, so again over a tiny amount of money, I'm threatened with repossession, so I’ll be making that payment tomorrow. My advice is go anywhere in the world but here, or just go without the money. This place wants to take your car and make ** impossible so you can be late or repo you... PLEASE DONT DEAL WITH LOANMART. LOAN SHARKS.
Got a loan from LoanMart for around $2600 dollars back in August of 2014! To date I still owe $2600. I've tried to make double the payment because they encourage that. I wasn't able to make 2 payments because they were going thru a merchant and the merchant dropped them. A rep told me this so I'm not making assumptions. I feel that these are a bunch of criminals preying on the unfortunate and they take advantage of them. Hope this helps.
These people are absolute crooks. We got the loan in September of 2011, and have made every payment on time. I called in Feb. 2012 to get a pay off amount, and the pay off is 3 times more than what the car is worth. I initially borrowed $4,500, and my car is only worth about $2,000. My pay off is $6,000, after I have paid $500 a month for the last 4 months. I offered them $3,500, and they advised me that is not an option, and offered to come and repossess my car, and the payment is not even due.I am no longer working, and want to pay this off while I have some type of money, with the economy being very horrible. They are not accepting my offer, and want to repossess my car, and have been harassing me ever since, and I don't even have a payment due until the 20th of March. I hate this company and I may have to take legal action against them, and their rude employees.
I have had an auto title loan. I unfortunately have lost some of my monthly income. I do speak by making payments, but they are late. I was keeping communication and never let my loan get close to 60 days. Sometimes I would have to make partial payments. I always notified the lender. I was called by Henry ** and told him I could make a payment and did make the payment I stated I would make. I had no phone call asking me to send in the vehicle or drop it off. I received a phone call at 12:45 am from a repossession man that was outside of my house. I gave them the car at that point. I was sick of being threatened every month. They took my car.
To begin I knew this title loan company was terrible and completely predatory in design at its bare minimum, but they simply provided me the largest amount against my car. $3,000 essentially. If everything went as planned, I would be able to pay back that $3,000 back on top of the little interest that would have accrued over the course of a month with money left over. Before even (Docu)signing my contract, I laughed at the fact my initial $3,000 loan would mature at $13,5** if I successfully made all payments of $3** on time. Mind you I paid $10,200 for the car through CarMax 16 months prior. I laughed at how outrageously crooked this company preys on financially desperate individuals. I succeeded in making the money I needed, and promptly went ahead and ruined myself. Couldn't make payments for two months as a result. They'll give you plenty of warning that they'll take your car (which they will do). So I went ahead and attempted to be proactive and sell the car myself which would've been successful had they not taken the car so fast. In the hopes that the car would cover the cost of the loan, I didn't bother to fight the repossession, that specific car in the condition it was in was going for well over $3,000. It only brought in $1,500 bringing down the principal $1,500 after a $375 tow truck fee, $125 auction fee and any other pocket change they can run through your pockets with. At this point I had NO INCENTIVE to pay them off. That is when they will send you a letter offering to settle your debt at 70% less than your total balance which basically comes out to your original loan amount. Can you imagine, a 70% discount AFTER the loss of your vehicle comes out to the original loan balance. Take the time to let that one marinate. Needless to say I shredded that letter.Chapter 2. Here's where it gets fun. Months later I acquire a new job after purchasing another car that simply runs. I then decide to pay down all debts in a timely manner. I call LoanMart to see where my balance is at. Spoke with someone named Jesse, a pretentious individual to say the least. He explains My loan is at $3,800 even AFTER applying the $1,500 they made from my vehicle. Cool. The "Settlement Offer" would be $1,860 if I paid off the balance within the week or made a large payment one week and the remainder within 30 days. The settlement sounded manageable for my current situation. As I started working the numbers and suggesting he lower it to $1,500 he went ahead and told me that's the best he could offer followed by lies. (Saving readers some time here.) He then has the audacity to tell me he does not even have to offer me the settlement and that I could pay off the $3,800 balance at 150% interest which comes to $6 and change accrued per day. Essentially attempting to strong arm me into paying the very amount I expressed interest in paying in the first place! When I asked if he had seriously suggested that I "waive the settlement offer and pay the $4,000 instead," he then claimed I was putting words in his mouth and running the conversation in circles.After clearly and concisely explaining to him that he was attempting to be "a few choice words" I decided to have him email the documents and promptly hung up on him. Within two minutes I called again to speak with another, hopefully more respectable predator. Oxymoron I suppose. Anyway, I get through to a guy named Charles who puts me on a 5 minute hold after reviewing my information (I assume he may have seen notes from my previous call) and then I'm now speaking with a man named Diego. I immediately explain that I did not request to be transferred and will only speak with Charles. (Diego may have been the Manager more than likely.) Charles comes back on the line noticeably more shaky in his voice asking how he could help me.I said he already knows as I've not only told him when we first spoke, but he even proceeded to read to me my ACCOUNT INFORMATION NOT MORE THAN 5 MINUTES PRIOR. As he gathers his short memory he explains a settlement offer is available. (Oh joy!) I explain that I'm willing to work it out at $1,500 which he says he must run through with a manager for approval.His manager approves it to be paid at $1,500 instead of $1,860. $360 dollars less after a second phone call and a little bit of games. I tell him, “Great, send me the documents within 30 minutes.” Documents are sent within the timeframe from Diego nonetheless. That wasn't even an issue, my issue now was how they were so quick to jump on the decreased amount after only a second phone call. If anything, they made me ULTRA suspicious when they sent over another DocuSign agreement. At this point I figured it would be best to consult a lawyer to see if I should even pay them at all.I'm not going to cry and complain as to how bad this title loan company is, or how badly "some" of the staff members there are downright uncaring and disrespectful to the borrowers, or even how the loan is designed to bring them in a steady stream of hundreds of dollars per month in profit from the truly unfortunate. Nope, there are enough reviews on here that accomplish just that. I figure I would share my experience, and save some ballsy individual who considers taking on this loan, to just avoid this one. Just avoid. And for those of you who already got stuck into this, don't pay them $3 to $400 religiously every month just to bring your principal down $50 every month. Either pay them in full the first or even the second month, or sell your car at over the loan’s value or close to it, and pay off the balance and get a beater until you bounce back. It will work out much better in your favor, believe me. I was in a unique situation and was able to bounce back pretty quick even at great financial loss and the loss of my vehicle. Many others ARE NOT so fortunate. Stay AWAY.
I borrowed a total of $2500 on my 96 Ford Mustang GT. I missed a payment due to financial obligations but was in constant contact and always returned calls. Today, I spoke with a representative while trying to make a payment, after being transferred 4 times. He spoke down to me and treated me as if I was a scum. I articulate my vocabulary and being a business person would never say the things that were said to me. The representative continued to degrade me, talking about where I live and that I live in the "ghetto".During our hostile conversation, he belittled, demeaned, and badgered me. I quote "You sound like a drunk. You slur everything together like your on some drugs." "I'm sure you don't even have a college degree since you can't understand anything I'm talking about.", "You lied about your car and we're gonna get you for fraud.", "I'll come find you and take your car and you can't do anything about it".This is totally unacceptable and just outright wrong. I was passed my due date to make a payment and was trying to pay over the phone because I didn't have enough time to stand in line for hours at a "money gram" place. This treatment should not be allowed and termination should be the final outcome when a representative like him is speaking with a customer. Our conversation would not end even though I demanded that I speak with another representative and refused to further speak with this, for lack of better words, "**". I ended this horrible start to my day by hanging up. I was shaking and was so angry and I passed around for about 30 min. Still as I'm writing this, I couldn't believe that I was treated in such a foul, disgusting way. I'm a veteran and so is my husband. We served and my husband was also a firefighter/paramedic for 15 years. This is how upstanding citizens get treated with this company. If I knew their corporate office, I would have demanded some kind of repercussion for speaking and treating people like that.
I got a Loan from them for $2600 in May 2015 because my husband became disabled and was unable to work. It has been nothing but a nightmare. I was always on time with my payments until 2017 when I became ill. I do not understand how they say you can pay it off in 2 years when I still owe more than I borrowed 3 years later. This is my only vehicle and they harass me all the time about payments and repossession. I don't see how I still owe so much when I made every payment on time for 2 years. I do not recommend anyone doing business with them. They are a bigger rip off than payday loans.
LoanMart claims on their documents they have clearly stated daily interest bearing account. Unfortunately I have documentation of emails that their employees stated it was not a daily interest bearing account. Although all payments have been made on time, the loan ballooned to add additional 3K on top of original amount. They gave me the runaround in attempt to speak with someone. They are a scam. Stay away. I will submitting a civil suit against LoanMart.
This company preys on unsuspecting, naive people, like my daughter who is trying to raise four children by herself. It is my honest opinion that LoanMart is organized crime gone underground. It would be an incredible boon to our country if the politicians could somehow put this company and all of the other loan sharks like them out of business.
Please none of you trust these people. They are being investigated for several counts of fraud. Wait until you get to the end of the loan they will say you have another contract. They are Loan sharks and you will pay them $18,000 and they want more greedy business. They are all set up for fraud. They know what to do all of them. They make illegal loan rollovers excuse after excuse and came and stole my car from me and my son. And say I owe them 6,000 more after paying you $18,000 since July 2012. Also watch out for error in loan number. They also use that tactic and then you use the new loan number they give you and guess what! Yes exactly whole new contract scammers. Good try but you're busted wow! Ain't that some ---! They're all crooks. Don't let the phony reviews fool you.
My husband and I unfortunately were desperate and needed money. My husband decided to give these people a call and the nightmare began. We were told we had to borrow the minimal amount of $2,600 and as a result the payback amount with over 200% interest rate was over $10,000! LoanMart insists the vehicle is worth at least that much or more. The problem with this is instead of helping people who need their services, LoanMart takes advantage of them. I too would like to bring a lawsuit against these loan sharks because what they are doing has to be illegal. LoanMart only adds to the problem of debt for those who need its services. I advise anyone who is considering using their services to NOT! Customer service is rude and brags about the 200% plus interest rates. I will do whatever I can to ensure people do not use their services. I am hoping enough people will complain and put them out of business. They are criminals!
My 23 year old daughter thought it would be a good experience and show her independence by getting a $2500.00 loan on a car I purchased for her. So far we have paid over $1000.00 and she still owes $2490.00. This company is loan sharking on the youth and the financially challenged. I've had numerous conversations in an effort to pay off my daughter loan and they refuse to accept my money as I am not on my daughter's loan. Absolutely disgraceful.
The LoanMart application process was simple. When I went online and did it, I got a call from someone. They told me everything that I needed to do. The process of taking a picture, uploading it by phone, and sending it to them made everything pretty simple and easy. I had to upload the video via email. The rep gave me the contact person to speak with and they checked everything that I needed. Everyone that I spoke with was very professional and they made the process easy for me. We did everything throughout the day and I got everything on time.
Alma was awesome! So helpful and friendly. Thanks Alma.
I did take out a title loan. I was going thru a divorce and was desperate. I have been paying every month for a year. I became ill and had surgery. I became 35 days late on the payment. I tried making arrangements but they keep saying, "No it was escalated to collections." I have been trying to figure how to borrow money from somewhere else to make my payment because they stated they put thru a repossession order after missing only one payment. On their website it states they will work with you and even move a payment to the end of the loan. Repossession is the last thing they want. That is a lie!
I had a good experience from start to finish. The people at the check place are very professional and helpful. Reggie at Loan Mart was truly the person that assisted me to make the best decision about this loan and was very informative and professional.
My elderly aunt has cancer and has been very ill. Her sister in-law convinced her that she needed to get a loan because the sister in-law needed to pay some bills and would help her pay it back. So my aunt agreed and thought she was doing a good thing. Two months later my aunt had her Surgery while in ICU. Her sister in law told her she was not going to come back and live with them anymore. Now she is stuck with a $370 month payment at 125% interest and only has SS of $860 a month. I have asked LoanMart if they could reduce the interest so she could get it paid off and they say no. She took out the loan, I asked if they knew under distress this was done. They said, "No". They will give it to anyone so basically who cares. She can give up her car or pay it. I just really hope they can sleep knowing the struggles that they put on people. They are LOAN SHARKS which should be against the law.
I got a 2500 loan. I had my car totaled and I towed to my house in August/Sept last year. I owed 1800 by then. I called them, told them that my car got totaled. They said "Ok we will deal with your insurance." I said ok, left it be. Later the insurance company gave us the runaround both me and them. Then they sent my car to get repossessed. I understand they weren't paid but I told them I got my hours cut due to I couldn't drive to work. I had to buy a new used salvage car and then the day after my car was taken, they call me making a offer to not repo my car to make no payment and bring my account up to date like it was in time but as soon as I said the car was taken yesterday, he said "Hold please," hung up and never contacted me again.I called today to tell them my insurance finally got a hold of me and said payout is coming. I need to sign a paper send it back and then the check would come. I said if they could help me coz they saying I owe 3200. WTF that's so mean and they said "I can't do nothing for you," that I want to cheat the insurance, that I want to scam them. I said no. That just mean IDK if I should let insurance keep the money just to say "Screw you to LoanMart" or sign the paper and send it back. Help.
Any and everyone with a single brain cell and upward, listen to me! Please do not get a loan from these crooks! You will regret it more than OJ Simpson trying to get his trophy back! Ever repel down into a pitch black ice cave and land in the middle of a pack of starving hyenas with rabies in a cactus patch covered by a cloud of pepper spray while surrounded by 55 porcupines and patrolled by 16 HIV infected skunks all while a grinning demonic birthday clown beats a drum in your ear? No? Well, sweetie, do business with these wild dingoes and you will definitely get this special treatment! They're rude, mean-spirited, and arrogant. But, it’s the interest rate that will absolutely devour your soul. You get a loan for $3,000. You are charged 90% interest. You pay the minimum of $320 a month. But with the interest rate rising faster than the Twinkies at the Hostess factory, that little payment isn't nearly enough to keep the great whites off your back. Why? It really requires about $360 a month just to keep up with the loan! So, after every (even on-time) payment the balance still rises a good $40-$60 every month. That's why after two years of paying on a $3,000 loan, your balance will easily be $4,000. Imagine grabbing at a rising helium balloon every month. At first, it rises to your forehead, you grab it, pull it down. The next month, it rises to the top of the doorway, you pull it down. The next month, it hits the ceiling, you pull it down. The next month, it flies out the window, and rises to the roof of the house. Do you see? Even though you're pulling it down every month by making payments, the balance gets higher and higher as time goes by due to the 90-110% interest rate! Go towards the light, don't come down here! They will grab your ankles if you even think of coming near this opening to hell. There are demons down here with their mouths open ready to gnaw the life off of your bones! Please, someone find my mother and tell her I love her and to feed Bowzer his favorite kitty treats on the weekends! Why didn't I choose the Chinese water torture for more fun instead?
I just got a loan from Loan Mart. When I talked to the underwriter to find out about the loan, I asked if the loan accrues interest on a daily basis. He indicated no. I asked, “Are you sure? Because I had a loan like this before and it took forever to get the principle down.” He assured me and gave me an example which I have a text message that indicates $308.00 will go towards the interest monthly and the balance to my principle. Well I have talked to two customer service reps and have been advised the loan accrues interest on a daily basis. When I asked him about it, I was told there are new employees at the company and they don't know how it works. I was misled about how the loan really works and I am going to report this to Consumer Affairs as this was an untruth. I sent an email to the representative but yet to get a response back from him. I am going to pay this loan off as fast as I can. I would not recommend anyone to get a simple interest loan like this. I went by what the representative that I did the business with to get the loan told me. I asked several times if it accrued daily interest and was told no in front of my mother on the phone.
I would like to take a moment to thank Nam ** and the LoanMart team for helping me and my family at a time of great need for us. The teamwork and professionalism that they displayed was exemplary. Thanks again and keep up the great customer service work.
It is unbelievable. I'm just a bystander - my friend received a loan from Loanmart. She was having financial difficulties. She missed her first payment and they came and took her truck. She was in constant contact with them. She contacted another loan company and they agreed to refinance it for her. She told Loanmart this on Friday. They took her truck on Monday. They would have received check by Tuesday a.m. They are a rip off, in which now they will have a lawsuit. It wasn't even 60 days past.
I agree that this company is a "legal loan shark" of a company, but their contract warns us clearly and we either are very desperate (as most of us are) or don't read the fine print. I knew of the negative drawbacks, but gambled and lost my job so I couldn't pay off this loan ASAP as planned. Now I am stuck. Their customer service become very unprofessional and aggressive when you seek help or an extension. BE CAREFUL PEOPLE!
As most review I was stress, having severe anxiety, trapped in a very hard financial spot due to a unexpected illness with my child. (Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer) We regretfully had to take out a title loan after emptying our life saving and thinking “this will never happen to us” made a crap choice on health insurance. We took out a 2500 dollar loan. Have paid a total of 4073.54 back. We are currently sitting at 60 day 400.00 dollars past due because my son cancer has spread from his arms to leg, and lower and upper body, which has caused him to be wheelchair bound and fighting for his life. LoanMart has called roughly 10 to 20 times a day. I currently hold 2 full time jobs and a part time job paying for medical, food, hospital, rent, bills, I have made payment arrangement which yes I was unable to keep due to having to place payments to doctors to pay for surgery, chemo, prescription, counseling. I have tried to explained this to LoanMart but receive threatening texts and email telling me they will repo my SUV to “give it up now it be better for me” (really how can taking the only transportation my family has to transport a child to and from the doctors 4 to 5 times a week, plus a pulmonologist and pulmonary therapy twice a week better for me?). I have ask for compassion and empathy on this issue and promising them to be caught up within a month and a half, due to health insurance and 2 full time paycheck finally coming in. I receive this response copied from the threatening text received from LoanMart! “This is unacceptable arrangement, I can't grant you that much time, I need the location of the Ford Explorer before we transfer the file to possible legal review. You must either cover the payment or provide the location of the Ford today before 3pm, I gave you till the 6th to cover the payment but you never made the payment, so you did break your promise to cover the payment. The repossession order open and my agent spotted the car already, it will be cheaper for you if you surrender the car. I can't stop any further escalation on your file anymore, The SUV has been placed on camera system, please let me know if you will be able to cover the payment by 3pm or surrendering the SUV.” End quote. I explained that this is the only transportation we have and if repo it be very detrimental and a major setback in recovery and the added stress of a child who already has a fight that no one can ever imagine. We borrowed 2500. Paid back over 4050 dollar. Unable to get a payoff amount (anytime we call we are told to make a payment and they will tell us) my wife spend every waking hour with our son and doctors and sleeps when possible. Now she stay awake to “stop the repo.” This company will prey on you like a cat to a mouse! Once LOANMART has you in the teeth you can no longer afford to do anything but cry! Horrible horrible company! I would do anything to turn back time and slap the crap out of myself for taking this loan out!!! Stay away!!
I was desperate for a loan this past December when I had thought to get a title loan. I had paid off a loan with Title Maxx just months prior and was satisfied with the experience. This time I contacted Loanmart and getting the loan was easy. My first payment due date was January 5 and I explained in December that the due date wouldn't work because my rent was due that paycheck. The rep I spoke with recommended I just authorize the payment and see if my bank would honor it. I did and as I knew it would it was returned. On the 15th I was contacted for NSF and I told the rep I knew that I've been trying to change my payment due date since December because I knew the 5th wouldn't work. I told her I was paid on the 23rd and I could call in and make full payment plus interest and she said she would notate the account. I haven't been called since and this morning January 21st. I walked out to my car with my children to take them to school and the car was gone. I called in immediately and had to wait an hour until the repo dept. was in to ask them why they didn't honor my payment arrangement. The woman said nothing is guaranteed until they have payment. I told her that if I was told that the 23rd arrangement couldn't be honored, I could have done more to come up with payment. I felt secure knowing the rep had notated the account of my arrangement. Now I'm responsible for over 400 in repo fees plus 25 a day storage plus 50 for them removing my personal belongings from my car and the past due payment. So in other words as a single mom who only makes 400 biweekly and they know that because they had to verify my income. They lied about our arrangement to take the car which I can't get back because I don't have that kind of money. Don't trust them. I only asked for a 2 week arrangement and they had to lie to take the car. Crooks.
I took a loan from 800-LoanMart for a dumb reason! Didn't realize what I was getting sucked into! @ 110% interest rate insane. Cool thing about them was they let me settle my account for the amount borrowed - thank God!! I would have to say I'm one of the lucky ones to have this loan out of my life! Stress free is the way to be!!!! I recommend to people when I hear them say I'm going to get a title loan, to stay clear of them because at the end of the day the loan company always wins. Yeah cool you get a couple $'s in your pocket to pay a bill. Really @ the end of the day the money you borrowed is spent and you are back to where you started. With an even higher bill and crazy interest payments! I JUST RECOMMEND TO ANYONE WANTING A TITLE LOAN "DON'T DO IT"!!! It's really not worth the risk of losing your car. I mean that's how people survive - it’s their car. So as soon as you don't pay or don't have the funds, 30 days - it's gone! "Your car that is" but anyway I do respect LoanMart for letting me Settle my debt and thank you for that!! But if you have the funds available for what you borrowed. Review your car, see what it's worth at auction and pretend like you were the loan company and calculate the numbers to see if they would lose $$ on your vehicle or make $$ and if they would make money, then they probably won't accept your settlement offer. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE ON THIS PAGE WITH A LOAN....
On Oct 21 I began a loan with 800 loanmart. I inquired about the rates before hand and I was told they would be similar to a regular loan. When I sighned the documents I was told the rate was 98% intrest rate but I would be able to make principal payments to reduce the loan and pay it off with 3 months when I was expecting a bonus check. The first payment due date for the loan would have been 30 days after the sighning date Nov 21. I began making principal paymnets Nov 3. I continued making my payments always having a credit balnce till February. I requested the payoff balnce so I could payoff the loan. I was told that It was the same as when I started the loan. I placed a stop pay on my payment and advised the rep to make 2 separate payments to count for the next 2 weeks. When I inquired about the different info the rep stated that you have a minimum intrest to make. I struggled making the loan payments because I had no intention on taking on another long term loan. The reason I took out the loan was to make a down payment on a payment arrangmnt to save my home because I was behind in payments. Although I strglled to make the payments I always made my payments. Loan mart began losing payments and assesing fees with no explanation. According to their own loan history i assesed a late charge when I had a credit balnce. March 5 2008 loanmart repossed my car when I was still within the grace period of the loan. I paid the fees to get the car out. And even when I alerted them of their mistake they never reimbursed the 700.00 in fees for repo. Very recently I was told by a rep I was late by 30 days even though the statements before that point said I was due for the current payment and a rep emailed me with a total due showing less than 30 days late. I also have proof of making paymnets every month. I advised the manager Espy of this. She proceeeded to tell me I started my loan Oct 2 and I had been late on my payments since then. I have proof of the loan history of the credit balnce. I believe loanmart predatory lending pratices have costed me more than enough in fees and charges to payoff the loan and I want them to recind this loan. Also the loan history shows that the loan paymnets are taken from intrest only not principal as I was promised. I have wasted over 2000.00 in intrest from not being allowed to pay the loan off when I was promised. Also about 400 in late charges, not to mention the 700 in repo fees from their own mistake.
The entire staff at 800LoanMart was friendly, knew their job and processed my paperwork very quickly. I had a great experience with the company.
The service was great! The lady that helped me was nice on the phone and the lady in the office was great. The only issue I had was that no one told me that I needed a spare key. So I drove to the location and then had to drive back home because I didn't have one. Other than that it was a good experience.
The service at USA LoanMart was very thourough and easy. It was a pleasure to do business with you guys. Thanks a lot!
My Loan charged off in early 2013, after I turned the vehicle into 1800loanmart. They auctioned off the vehicle and sent me a final charge off amount of $2678 in early 2013. I received a payment settlement request in August of 2015 for $1500. I subsequently received another payment request in Oct 2015 for $1800. As of today, they are reporting that I owe $7,710 as the interest is still being charged on a loan they have been "charged off". They are legally suppose to send me monthly statements if they choose to keep adding interest to my account, as of today, I have not received one statement in 3 years. They are doing everything possible to wreck my credit by inflating the amount owed to well over 300% of what the original loan was to show my credit utilization is too high. They already have my car, now they want to ruin my credit. They are predatory and overly punitive with high interest after the charge off.
I was very satisfied with the service that I received. Everyone was nice and courteous. The service was also done in a timely manner.
My mom told me to go with LoanMart because she got a couple of loans through them and she paid them off. Her experience was good so I went with her. The loan application process was smooth, but I had a misunderstanding with the interest by rate. When they say interest, I was under the impression that would be the interest towards the whole $2500 loan. Once I paid the $1400 back, then I'll have my balance at $1100, but they said it went to $1386. That was fine. That's interest, but then they said, "On top of that amount, there's low interest daily." That's what threw me, "Whoa, still daily interest?" I'm not a dummy, so as far as the interest rate and how it goes, they should've explained it a little better. Things have been smooth after we got that out of the way. My employee told me if I do my own payments, I was scheduled to pay the next month on the 25th. She told me even if I do it like that, I will still be paying only for six months, $320 or even less. They gave my title back, and that was fine with me. I have days where out of the $2500 loan, I paid $1400 back. Other than the interest rate misunderstanding, the customer service was great and everything was great.
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