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Relocation Financing Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Relocation Financing
Overall average rating of 2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 25 %
Do not use this company!! They are scammers!! They tell you in the beginning all you need is an offer letter for your new job. Then theyll say they need phone numbers, emails and websites. Then if they finally do approve you they say you have to fill out an application and do a credit check. (Which in the beginning they specifically stated CREDIT ISNT AN ISSUE) They ran my credit, i received a hard inquiry and then they denied me for insufficient credit. When i asked why didnt they that would be an issue up front they said it wouldn't be an automatic denial for the loan just for the program thru Vemo. A week later of hearing nothing back i email a d ask to speak to a supervisor. They email me back stating that im denied for the loan due to too many delinquincies. TOO MANY DELINQUINCIES? U JUST TOLD ME I DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH CREDIT!? I don't have any delinquencies on my credit. All i have is a credit card that has 100% for payments. When i asked them to call me to explain things they got ghost. DO NOT USE THEM THEY ARE FRAUDULENT!!
I do believe this companies intentions are good however they led a alot of people on for about 6 weeks while converting their business. They smacked up my credit after that was not an issue. I was approved and waiting 6 weeks to be denied and my credit score hit with inquires. After all of the approvals, contacting employer, and all that. They seem to have recently updated their website to mention the credit portion. THIS WAS NOT THERE with all of us before the transition. You guys should have honored our approvals.
After I finished a certificate program in Data Analytics, I found the perfect job in Austin Texas. Unfortunately, I had been working retail prior to the program and didn't have much of a savings to make the move. Luckily, I saw a Reloboost ad at just the right time. It all worked exactly as expected - no more, no less. They were great to work with and now I am in great role at a great company in a great town. Thanks guys!
I had the same exact issue as J. Johnson. They led me on for 6 weeks never once mentioning a credit check. Then denied me. I've filed a complaint with the BBB and my state attorney general. I have screenshots proving their website said nothing about credit checks. SCAM
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