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Bankers Healthcare Group Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Bankers Healthcare Group
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (866) 297-4664
Overall average rating of 4.9 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 93 %
Everyone was great. No hassle. Honest people.
The entire process was quick and with out any issues. Nick and his team were on top of everything and walked you through each step. I would highly recommend BHG and their services.
This was such an easy process. Everything is done over the phone and they actually send someone to you to verify your identity, etc. I would highly recommend them for you business needs.
The entire team was very professional and easy to work with. They made the process very easy and were all very helpful. I applied for funding as I was finishing my fellowship. After providing the usual paperwork and verifying my identity, I had funds in less than a week. They were able to work with me in terms of the funds I needed and terms I needed when applying for a mortgage through another lender. Much easier than dealing with a traditional bank. I will be back and definitely do business again with BHG when purchasing the building where I plan to practice (assuming partnership goes as planned).
It was very smooth and quick. I couldn't have asked for a more efficient process.
BHG's loan rates were low enough that it really made the most sense for us to consolidate other debt with a loan from them. The process was quick and easy and turned out to be a very wise choice.
Would highly recommend Bankers Healthcare Group for your financing needs!! Simple discreet process with rapid results!!
This was by far the best loan experience that I've ever had. All of my questions were answered in a timely manner and all my calls were returned promptly. I would recommend any health care professional in need of financial services to use Bankers Healthcare Group.
This is my second time working with BHG and each time, I am more amazed. These folks have streamlined their processes to make it incredibly easy. They also are driven to be customer friendly while overlooking the quirks of my lifestyle and restraints. I'm grateful for the professionalism and individual attention that they show. Overall an excellent experience and I will never use anyone else.
Very quick and friendly service. Professional.
My recent experience with Jonathon and his asst. Michelle and the whole BHG team has reaffirmed my belief in the excellence of their company. Let's face it...securing needed capital for any reason is far more difficult than ever. This is just not the case with BHG. Jonathon seemingly effortlessly got me what I needed without hoop-jumping and worked tirelessly to make my loan perfect for me. The entire staff seemed dedicated to making my experience a pleasure all the while looking after my short and long term interests.
Got my first loan a bout a month back. The process was quick and easy. Then realize that I needed more capital for the business and went back to ask them for more. Again, the process was quick and easy thank to Jonathan. Will do business again in the future
The process with BHG was very impressive. From start to finish i was able to complete the application process and receive my loan in just a few days. This have helped me consolidate my loans and save money monthly along with improving my credit score. Working with Michael was great he was very knowledgeable and helped make the process smooth. I recommend this to friends and family. Thank you and look forward to utilizing BHG services again in the future.
Brad, Manny and their staff were outstanding. I received prompt, friendly service and a quick turnaround. They provided excellent responses to questions about the process and carefully laid out all of my options.
The process was easy and fast. I would definitely recommend BHG.
Have gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure a smooth transition with all paperwork and then weeks after all paperwork was done and I had questions, I received personalized texts and emails to address my questions. thanks Great team. TV
I this is the second experience that I have had with BHG and again I would recommend!! Excellent communication and easy to work with as well as excellent turnaround time!!! Thank you again
I received an offer in the mail, it was too good to be true, But, a few days later the money was in my account, so it was true, had a great experience.
Super easy!! BHG did most of the work!!
I would recommend this company for the ease of the financial process
I can't say enough about BHG. If you're a health care practitioner looking for some additional funds to build your practice, or just to pay off some debt, BHG is simply a "no brainer". They are efficient, courteous, and most importantly, FAST! I still can't believe I was funded in less than 3 days! Thank you to Jordan Friedman and his team again to make this happen.
Very professional friendly and knowledgeable staff made me feel like family.
They are fast and I would definitely recommend to my colleagues.
It was great working with this group. They were efficient and timely in processing my loan. They behaved professionally and was able to answer all my questions. I received my loan in less than 48hours after approval. I would definitely recommend them to others.
The process was simple and stream lined. Funding within a week.
I have had an amazing experience. They were extremely informative I received my loan in less than 48 hours. I plan on continuing to work with them in the future!
Business loan thru BHG that highlights sloppy accounting practices, fraudulent activity of "partner" banks and inattention to important financial dealings. Business loan paid off in early August 2018, confirmed with customer service and amount sent that included a couple more days of interest in case transfer took longer than expected. Loan satisfied on time, confirmed with customer service and reassured no further draws on checking account. Since that time, TWO additional draws on checking account occurred, each of which I had to call BHG to inquire about. Was told after 1st one that it was an "accounting oversight:" and money refunded (without interest) and reassured no further issues will happen. Several weeks later, the "partner" bank withdrew a larger amount of money out of checking on a loan paid over a month ago. This amount was large in comparison to typical payment and my bank considers it fraud, and so do I. Once again, it took ME contacting BHG to find out what was going on since I did not recognize amount or Bank so was not sure it had anything to do with BHG loan. Apparently this Bank (Empire) is a "partner" bank and was told there was a system error...... So, system error that takes an amount nowhere near the typical loan payment on a loan already satisfied and NO notification from BHG or Enterprise, only a big fat withdrawal from checking that screams fraud and caused us to close down account and change account numbers - now going thru painful process of changing all automatic withdrawals and deposits, etc. Apparently they are going to reverse the transaction, but too late to help reverse the necessary change of accounts the bank fraud department recommended given the circumstances....doubt the reversal will include any interest either on the float of funds they enjoyed. To top things off, BHG never refunded the additional interest I included on payoff to ensure enough funds where there to satisfy loan. I expected them to look at loan, apply payment and refund excess, but nothing UNTIL I asked THEM. BEWARE - getting funds from BHG not an issue, but fraudulent activity surrounding withdrawals from account after loan payoff, combined with sloppy accounting practices and complacent communication are a setup for difficulties.
I had a great experience in securing funding for my hospital. Where other institutions said no, BHG was extremely helpful and diligent to assist my practice in is funding needs
I highly recommend Olivia bedigian, she did a magnificent job. I highly recommend bankers healthcare!!!!
Loan request processed timely and efficiently. Staff extremely helpful and responsive.
I've used bankers health group now a couple of times and they are extremely professional, reliable, and easy to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending them.
Great working with Jonathan, service was amazing! Really new what would work best for our situation. We were able to get the financing we needed when we need it!
BGH and, in particular Mr. Ed Febus, impressed me very much. Mr. febus and his associates were all very nice and pleasant. Mr. Febus was easy to talk to. He seemed to understand my situation and made some good recommendations and offered me additional advice as well. I had tried to get a similar loan from by bank, but they said I had too much outstanding credit which was adversely affecting my credit score. They could not see, as Mr. Febus did, that what I wanted to do was consolidate that outstanding credit at a lower rate and have a set time in which to have it paid off.
They did what they said they would. Not as simple as 1..2..3, but a world of difference from a traditional bank loan. Know you terms. Use them wisely. I would use them again.
Was a friendly yet professional experience from start to finish!
I would absolutely recommend BHG over, and over, and over again to every healthcare professional I know! Truly a wonderful experience. Excellent customer service, quick responses, and super fast approval and funding! I cannot thank BHG enough!
Easy to apply- quick turn around- great customer service!
I would definitely recommend using BHG. The entire process was quick and easy. The customer service was great. I would definitely use them again.
Amazing customer service! Very professional and efficient throughout the loan process. I was impressed with how proactive and creative my BHG contact (Leo) was in our interaction. I recommend BHG without reservation!
I have been very pleased with my 2 experiences with Bankers Healthcare Group (one in 2016 and one in 2017). Everyone I have interacted with has been very professional and they follow through in a timely fashion. I would highly recommend to BHG to any colleague.
Great hassle free experience. The entire process was painless. The team members were very knowledgeable and forthcoming with information and what I should expect.
Great experience, quick funding.
This company was very professional and expedient as promised. They completely handled everything by phone or email without any inconvenience on my part. I will recommend their company to my friends, family and coworkers for their future financial needs.
Overall one fantastic experience with group of individuals meeting my needs in very timely manner. All contacts were highly professional and answered my questions. All were pleasant and expressed enthusiasm in their work. I highly recommend BHG to anyone who needs assistance in their financial matters.
I would highly recommend BHG!! Everyone was easy to work with and the overall process was very fast for obtaining a loan.
Excellent experience overall
Unexpectedly pleasant experience
My experience was exactly as I expected. I expected to be treated well, and I was. I expected honesty, and I got it.
Very efficient, streamlined, and attentive service. All details of loan were very clearly defined throughout the whole process. The process was amazingly fast.
I found the people at BHG to be very helpful in laying out options and opportunities. They were also responsive to my needs and worked rapidly with me to identify mutually satisfactory terms. Once everything was in place, the funds were released very quickly.
In this tech age it's very imperative you speak to a live person and give sometime before you make a business decision.
My experience with BHG was very positive! Everyone I spoke with was informative about the process and very helpful. I was pleasantly surprised about how quick the process was and how quickly I received my funds!
Very professional and helpful. Excellent customer service
BHG has a streamlined process for business funding for healthcare professionals. Their staff is courteous and helpful. I would like the rates to be a little better but BHG is an excellent resource for healthcare workers/organizations looking for working capital.
Very professional and quick service. Everyone so pleasant to work with.
I switched my homeowners insurance and saved 1400 a year with the same coverage. In fact the hurricane deductible went from 10% to 2%.
The funding was a completely smooth professional process . I can unequivocally recommend them.
I had a very good experience. Everyone was very professional and the process was very simple. I would recommend to others.
I must admit that I was hesitant, but received the most professional and efficient service with BHG from the time that I made the first contact until dispersement of funds. The process is very streamlined which makes your work as a busy physician minimal.
Ease of communication, specialist in healthcare finance. Reasonable rates.
BHG was extremely friendly, professional and fast. They were very helpful for myself and family and I would highly recommend their service if you are looking for loan. Mike S.
Everyone I worked with was very professional. Their interaction made this process so much easier
Working with BIG was fairly easy and straightforward. All but one of the associates I dealt with were professional and respectful in earning my business. Would like an online portal to view and make transactions once the loan closed.
Everything was done well and fast, highly recommended
As a very busy professional, I really appreciated how Banker's Health Group helped me solve my financial needs for my business in the most efficient manner. Incredibly, It took less than a lunch period to get my large loan done. I have done 3 loans with this company, and all the reviews I have read are understated. BHG is by far the best for medical doctors. From the start to finish , my loan officer Jonathan Grundfast made my experience getting several much needed loans with this company enjoyable.
Starting with Karen McKeown Brehm, every person I interacted with from BHG treated me with courtesy, efficiency, and consummate professionalism. I will not hesitate to use their services again, and have already recommended BHG to friends and associates.
I had a great experience!! Worked with very professional agents who were efficient and knowledgeable
I was pleased to be approved by BHG for a loan. I was turned down by another company. BHG had faith in me and I am very appreciative. I can finally climb out of the horrible rut I was in with my credit card debt and the endless fees. On top of it all, there is no negative affect to my credit score as there would be if I did credit card consolidation, as I was thinking of doing before this offer came to me. I also appreciate the fact that should I die, my family/heirs would not be responsible for my debt. I also like the fact that I may make larger payments and pay off my loan faster after three years. Everyone was polite, the process was quick and painless.
Excellent experience. Personal and professional. I would recommend them to any of my colleagues.
Working with BHG was efficient and successful. They understand physicians' economics and how busy we are. Their process was quick and easy and their rates are fair. They helped me with increased and unexpected costs with a business loan. I would use them again.
Provided fast, simple, straightforward service
Super fast, honest, as advertised. Great terms and no hassle at all.
Very professional service. The entire process was easy , fast and uncomplicated. Everyone is responsive and competent. Highly recommend.
This was the most pain-free loan I have ever applied for. Everything the company said was done in a timely matter. Everyone was wonderful to work with. Definitely recommend
This company has the best customer service hands down! They involve you in the process from step one. They also follow up with you once the transaction is complete to make sure you’re fully satisfied. They take the time to answer all your questions and give you time to read the documents thoroughly. I highly recommend them! The process was easy!
The people from BHG who helped me were courteous, helpful, and explained things very clearly to me. I was really impressed with the great customer service I received.
Very responsive. Quick and painless funding. I hope to build a long-lasting relationship with BHG.
Great service and staff that answered all my questions.
The people I worked with made the process easy and quick.
Thank you for your prompt response.
I tried to get a loan with BHG and e everything was resolved but Brian the loan officer that was in charge of my loan told me that I had to have Metro coming to my house to investigate who I'm. Found it very suspicious, so I volunteer to go to any of their offices in order to prove my identity, but Brian refused and told me that I have to meet with Metro.
Jonathan Grundfast and the BHG team made the loan process fast and simple. This is my second loan with BHG and I would highly recommend them. They are quick to respond when needed.
Very friendly and helpful team! Grateful to have had their support when my business needed it!
I received multiple letters in the mail and ignored them thinking it wasn't a real deal. I finally decided to look into the company and check reviews just in case and was surprised that BHG had so many positive reviews. I can say after I started the loan process, I was contacted within 24 hours and within 2 weeks (I had to unfreeze account with TransUnion so it took longer) I had the money deposited into my account! Throughout the process, each person I worked with was very nice and helped me with my questions, called/emailed/texted when they said they would. Very reliable and I would recommend to anyone needing assistance with a loan for their business.
If you're looking to apply for a loan, BHG is the only group that provides you with fast, professional service that is by far the best people in the business! I highly and strongly recommend anyone in healthcare to check with them first before wasting your precious time and energy on any other business.
Easy to work with and I will rate them pretty high on availability and timely response. I was impressed with their processing time (from the time of contact to having funds in the bank) They understand that the physicians is valuable.
I am a continuing customer. They are beyond excellent. They are extremely knowledgeable and efficient. They should form their own bank.............they have the talent!
I have had a very good experience with BHG. I have procured 2 loans now and everything has been taken care of in a very professional manner. Fast, courteous and unmatched service to health care professionals. Highly recommend this organization. Mr Gruebele is the best!!!! Sincerely, Mack Pemberton, R.Ph.
Everything is done on line... Virtually no paperwork, super friedly staff!
Efficient and easy to work with. Great experience.
I would highly recommend this company for funding any business related activity. All of the representatives I worked with did everything within their power to make sure my needs were aligned with BHGs Mission Statement. I would highly recommend this company and I am looking forward to a long-standing business relationship for any future financial needs as well.
This company had served me well for several years. They provided much needs capital in only a few days. I originally started with a line of credit and now have a working capital loan. I would recommend this company to any Healthcare professional in need of some extra capital resources.
The overall experience is professional, prompt and efficient. I would recommend to fellow colleagues without reservation.
The entire process from beginning to end was very efficient and without excessive documentation. We appreciate working with a group that gives credit to the education and career investment that physicians make.
This was a very easy and pain free experience.
Quick answer to application. Fair proposal. Lightning funding. What better service can you dream of ?
My wife and I were extremely happy with the service and quick approval. We were not pressured at all and it was so easy to get this loan. Thank goodness BHG sent us the information and we took advantage of this great opportunity. thank you BHG
My experience was done in a very professional, timely manner, Thanks!
We have found BHG to be a very good company to work with. Highly recommend.
Elliott Dydo did a wonderful job with my loan process, and it was truly one of the easiest experiences I have ever had in getting a loan. He was friendly, courteous, and easily available whenever I had any questions, and made sure my loan was funded. Thank you, Elliott!!
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