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Just Military Loans Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Just Military Loans
Overall average rating of 2.1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
Customer service was top notch. They helped me whenever I had a problem or question about my billing information. Whenever I called, they were courteous and helpful. The extra services are top notch compared to other companies. They offer a wide variety of services that I use over and over again. They really are the leading lender to use. Repayment options were very easy to understand. They gave me a fair APR rate and they didn't hike up the price. You only lose a lot of money if you don't pay on time. They had a few fees that I wasn't sure of. They weren't many fees but they soon added up over time and it was tedious to pay back. On my bill there some fees that I didn't understand much.
I am stationed OCONUS and when applying for the loan, the application was easy and straightforward. After that you receive numerous emails and instructions. The entire process is based around contacting your employer. I provided the allotment and ID (Form of Employment verification) information after approved and I had to argue with the woman about how my work phone was not a cell phone. After 15 minutes I told her I have been working here for 5 years and know the difference between a cell phone and a DSN. She later called back and said she made a mistake and was able to verify my employment.Before I could get my funds she needed to speak to my supervisor to verify my employment. Why do you need to verify my employment 3 times? I provided the information and again she stated it wasn't correct and needed to have an extension. I told them there was no need for an extension and that was a a direct number, unless it changed since I went on leave. They persisted to say they needed an extension so I cancelled the loan request. It became so much of a hassle to get the information verified than to get the loan. I was in the states and called overseas to the same number I provided them for my supervisor and he ANSWERED. Stick with Pioneer or Omni. Those are great services. JML lacks the ability to deal with military and any service member knows that if you have access to an allotment and an LES that is their employment verification.
Around 20 September I was in need of a small loan. So I searched the net for military-friendly companies and found 'Just Military Loans'. I have received loans through other military loan companies in the past, so I did not think this would be much different. I filled out an application on their website and the very next day they notified me that I was approved. They emailed me a list of instructions on how to begin the loan paperwork process. The instructions dictated that I would need to set up an allotment through My Pay (to pay the loan through monthly payroll deduction) and that I would need to get my loan documents notarized and signed and fax back to them. I completed my part of the loan process within 2 days. At the time, I was currently home on leave, in between a PCS (military move). Part of the loan process was to give them information on my chain of command and phone numbers where they could reach them to verify my employment. My chain of command was overseas, 14 hours ahead of EST. But then, this being a military loan company, you would not think this to be a problem. But it was. They informed me that they only call overseas on certain days, which were Tuesday and Thursday. And the times they call at are not at all realistic. They would call them early in the morning, when they would not be in the office yet and of course unavailable. Around 5 October, I finally grew frustrated and fed up. I had done my part of the loan process and these people were not working hard at all to do their part. By then, the payroll deduction had already began, so they had received my first payment on a loan that I had yet to receive. I immediately stopped the allotments so that it would not be taken out of other checks and called Just Military Loans and informed them that I would no longer need their services. I then asked for the refund of the first payment they had received. She stated that I would receive my refund through ACH with a fee of 12 dollars. Does not sound right that I should have to pay the ACH fee for a loan not received for failure to do their part of the agreement. And anyway, the way the loan agreement was set up, they withhold the amount of the 1st payment from the loan amount to be received in case they do not receive my allotment, so I would have been given back that amount ANYWAY. But whatever, I just wanted the whole thing to be done with so I agreed to the ACH refund. I know you are not supposed to put any money down on a loan before receiving the funds, but I have gone through other military loan agencies and they require proof that you have started an allotment before proceeding with the loan. I never had a problem with this until now. By 23 October I still had not received my refund. I emailed their company and informed them I had not received my refund and I received a response back asking which account I would like the funds to be deposited into. I gave them the requested information. By 3 November, I still had not received the refund. I sent them a 'friendly' reminder that they still owed me the refund and that the next email I would have to send would be from a lawyer. I received a response on 5 November asking for my bank account information (once again). The ACH fee also somehow changed from the previous 12 dollars to 16 dollars. I emailed them asking why and she claimed that because it was now past 1 November the ACH fee went up and that she would need proof of all email correspondence with them to prove that I requested my refund prior to 1 November. I forwarded her the information. This shows terrible negligence on their part and I am STILL waiting for my refund. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. If you are in the military and looking for a loan, think twice if not three times about dealing with this company.
Customer service is okay, just that you have to have all your information so they won't think it's a lie or it's someone's else profile. The extra service is also the same as customer service but not a lot. Just that you need all your information so they could find you and be able to process everything you need. I like the repayment options cause they allow you to pay however you want. You don't necessarily have to pay with a credit card. You could pay with money effective. The additional fees aren't that much. They put it together with everything you owe so you could pay everything at once and not pay it everything apart which is good.
Very attentive, helpful, and informative. They took very good care of me and the customer. My calls were always answered and questions made clear. I didn't really take time to get into the other extra services that were offered. I did like the feedback I received from reps in the dept that was assisting me. I felt as though I was able to make a lot of money during this process. Because my savings began to increase as well I was able to apply for another loan. There were many nor fees associated with the account I was on but I was able to pay it in full. They also gave me the option to pay in installments.
I applied for a loan and actually got approved. They sent me a ton of paper work to fill out, plus an online form for references and they also wanted me to start an allotment. Reluctantly, I did so. After I did all of what was asked, I was still waiting for some kind of response. I emailed them at least twice with no reply. I called them numerous times and was just told that they were still contacting my references. Their website says "fast loans" ...yeah right! So, even after they contacted my references, I was still waiting for the money. I finally got a hold of my "loan officer", Keith **, and he said they had to speak to 2 E6 or above and to a commanding officer! He was not going to talk to my company, not a chance. Not only that, I don't even have an E6 in my chain of command, so I told him to just forget it and to cancel my request. I still have to wait for my allotment to show up on my pay so I can cancel it. He told me that if the allotment comes out, they will refund me the next month!? Save yourself the hassle and go to **, they are perfect. Instant approval and I got the money the next day.
The customer services kept my concerns at bay and helped me with the set up process and continue through the usage process. It's a good thing to keep going. The regimes that are offered are highly qualified and high quality. Everyone who uses this should rest assured that the produce and service is quality and good. Repayment terms were fair and the repayment process was a good and fair and both terms were not onerous and overbearing. I'm happy with the repayment process. I felt the fees were a little high for the service and therefore rated my opinion as so. Many companies uses fees as a tack on for additional revenue without cost of business, and I feel these fees are the same.
I got approved for the loan on March 25. They requested a lot of paperwork, I got them in. I had been trying to contact Deanna via email, no response. I left voicemails during their working hours and it still took her over 1 week for her to get back to me. She told me she needed another POC from my family. I gave her the info. Everything was good. She then told me I had to call her to close out my loan so my funds could be distributed. When I called, she told me I needed an LES for March because one little time had went past and they needed more current info. I had to jump hurdles to get it, but it got to her 30 minutes after she requested it - after she had told me she needed it that day. She told me my loan would be closed out and cancelled because it had been over 30 days. My loan was active, but I just got approved for it on the 25th. I got her info to her. I called her back and I couldn't even speak to her. She had me on the phone with Vanessa and one of the other managers. They told me my loan had exceeded 30 days and it was cancelled voluntarily by them, and said some of my contacts weren't correct after Deanna told me she talked to everybody. I asked my contacts if she had called, they said she did and they couldn't help me after Deanna had just told me when I got that LES I could have my money. My question is, why did they voluntarily cancel my loan after 21 days when they are supposed to keep a loan active for 30 days? Why was the manager so rude to me? It took them a long time to patch me in before I finally spoke to the manager. After I got them all the requested paperwork, which is a lot, I waited patiently for them to verify everything. They just told me "no, you can't have it" for no reason. Please help me. I've done my part. I was patient. Why can I not have my money? This was the worst customer service experience of my military career.
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