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Check Into Cash Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Check Into Cash
Company Type: Private
Year Founded: 1993
Address: 201 Keith Street SW, Suite 80
City: Cleveland
State/Province: TN
Postal Code: 37311
Country: United States
Phone: 8772622274
Overall average rating of 4.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 86 %
It was a pleasure speaking and meeting with y'alls rep. Miss **. She was professional and explain the process great. You have a real winner in her. Thanks Check into Cash. I hope we can start a great customer to client business affair.
Check Into Cash was very helpful and professional. Their fees were reasonable and website was user friendly. I would highly recommend to anyone in need of cash in between paydays, which according to recent polls is 78% of the country.
Check Into Cash was great, convenient, fast and easy. I used to use the one here in Monroe by walking in but this time, I happened to do it online. Their lending process was simple and took me 15 to 20 minutes. They also got with me by email and the funds were there the next day. They stepped in on time and overall, it was an excellent and non-frustrating experience.
Compared to the other high-interest rip-off lenders, check into cash is nice about stealing your money.
It will soon be a year since we started using the check cashing services at the Check Into Cash in Elwood, Indiana. Without exception, every time we've used their services everything has gone very smooth and we could not possibly been treated better. In fact, I wish many other businesses we deal with would take lessons from the staff in Elwood. We're especially impressed by how well Andrea, the manager of the Elwood location, trains her staff and treats her customers.
Check Into Cash's lending process was easy that I just went to the express online with my bank account information. I applied for a payday loan and I received the loan in a day. Plus, I had a fast interaction with the lending processor. The money was given to me through direct deposit in my account. I would use Check Into Cash if I needed to and tell my friends that it is legit and pretty safe.
Check Into Cash was the only lender left that I hadn’t used, and I went with one of their gimmicks where one borrows $250 for the month and pays $50 for it. The process was all online and was completed very quickly. Going with Check Into Cash was harmful because it was too expensive. I would not recommend them and would tell people to borrow from a friend instead.
I loved how I was greeted by smiling faces when I went into the store today. I don't always use the services they offer but when I do they always remember who I am. The girls that work there are fantastic & it's such an inviting place. They always make me wanna come back because of their customer service.
Everything went very well. Easy to get the loan, they did everything in their power to actually get me the loan. They are very friendly and they have great customer service. I have and will continue to refer my friends and family to the Moline Check into Cash.
I would definitely recommend this company!!!
Very easy thank you
I got into a bind and when I tried out Check Into Cash, I got approved very fast. I filled the application out online and their reps called me over the phone to confirm the information. They were very professional. The process was simple and much easier than what I thought it would be. And everything followed through. Check Into Cash gave me peace of mind. So if I ever get in another bind or I'd be short in cash, I know that it’s there. It is a good relief and a back up every now and then. I would recommend them.
when you need them there right there they are the best
Check Into Cash has been great to me. The staff has been wonderful, always very friendly and helpful. The process itself is quick and easy not too complicated. I will definitely continue to come back when I am in any financial need. Thank you!
Great service! Fast money.. Hassle free
I love this place so much. A wonderful experience every time. Awesome customer service! Great place to get a money order. How very wonderful the people here are, truly amazing! I can't wait to be served by the great staff of high class professional women. Thank you so much for a divine experience each and every visit. Thank you!!!
My experience at Check Into Cash has always been great. I could absolutely recommend them to anyone and everybody. Simply fast and easy with great customer service. If you ever are in need of any help with cashing a check they are great. Getting a loan they're great. Absolutely best if you ask me.
I was at the Check Into Cash store in Natchitoches and the reps were super nice people getting me through the lending process. I filled out the application and it was approved. I got the funding the next business day.
I've used a couple of different sites like Check Into Cash but I happened to see them and everything was good with them so I got the one where I'd put up my account and they'd come and get it at the end of the month. I would recommend Check Into Cash. They were good.
I have had the pleasure to do business with them Brittany and Justine. At the time I was short of money didn't know what to do. I had seen their location and talked to them which made my first experience a lot easier. Since then I have recommended them to other people. And will continue recommended.
Parker Check Into Cash - She was very friendly and greeted me as I entered Even though she was helping another customer at the time. The process, which I was dreading at the time was so much easier then I thought it would be.
Easy to use-but trying to get in contact with a live person is tedious
The ladies that work here are always so helpful and pleasant to deal with. Their customer service is great. I like dealing with them, they don't make you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about borrowing money. It is an easy process to use the services here. I would recommend to others.
I have been a customer of Bonnie for many of years. She has always been so friendly, professional and has the best customer service I have ever experienced. I would definitely recommend her and her staff at Check Into Cash anytime. Thank you Bonnie for all your help when I was in a bind.
I needed help with stuff in-between my pay period so I got a payday loan from Check Into Cash. I went online and typed in all my information that it asked for and it let me electronically sign. I got an email saying that I was going to receive the money the next business day and it went direct deposit. The whole process was easy and I liked that it was convenient for me. It helped me out a lot and it was a really good experience. Another process that might help is to provide a little more because the max is only $300. It’s best if I’m getting a payday loan, and I get paid $700, and they’re going to get their money back to less a little interest, it’d be nice to get a little more. I would also be willing to pay a little more refinance but pay a little bit at a time until it's paid off to ease a little stress off my paycheck.
I 've been cashing my check here for years! I can always depend on Check Into Cash. Olivia and Ellen has been great big help to me and never gave me a hard time. They're really dedicated to their jobs and the reason why I come back.
I like to come into this store because their customer service is real good. They go over and beyond to fulfill our needs and also they always recommend the product that fit our needs. They always help us as fast as they can in an efficient way. I always recommend their store to my friends and relatives.
I have used this service off and on for many years now it so much easier to get short-term loans online
I've been a customer for years and I've always been treated respectively and professionally. The staff keeps my info private and secure. The employees are friendly and I get helped quickly. I have recommended and will continue to recommend friends who may need help from time to time.
I always enjoy going to Check Into Cash. They know who I am and already have my file pulled before I walk in the door. If I ever have any questions, they don't hesitate with the answer. I will continue doing business with them as long as they are around!
My experience with Check Into Cash has been exceptionally great. Fast and reliable service, and response time is amazing as well. I was able to get my money the next day after approval of the loan. Would recommend to a friend or another person.
I really appreciate the convenience, and speed of the service - I get my money asap. Thanks!
Great people to work with. They helped me out last year. I got injured at work and I was in hospital. They worked with me to make my payment. The following month my brother passed away. It was more bad news. I had to help with funeral arrangements so money was tight but they were more worried about me and my well being before we worked out a plan for my next payment.
Since it was my first time using Check into Cash I was slower than any one else and it took me several times to get it all together before they closed for the night. That's why it took me two or three days to complete the process. All in all it was pretty easy. I'm satisified with them.
one of the better cash advance businesses
I would recommend this company to all of my family and friends you have been very helpful to me.
I like that you give options for repaying your loan,and discounts and and opts to raise your limit base on your repayment on your loan.
I took out several loans with Check Into Cash and always paid them in full. I reapplied today and was denied stating I do not qualify. Nothing has changed since I paid off my last loan 2 weeks ago. I am very frustrated and have not been able to speak to anybody to explain why they would now deny a loyal customer.
I had an emergency and needed extra cash, so I got a payday loan from Check Into Cash. I can do it online but I still need to call in and speak to someone. The process was completed in one day and I gave them my basic information, my job, address, name and how much I want, and got approved online which was helpful and convenient. Their reps were great, helpful, and explained the whole process and made sure I understood what I was going into. The experience has been great and I would refer them.
From the time that they had their stores in Washington state to now being on line, the service was and still is excellent service.
When I needed cash ,Check Into Cash is always there to help me.
I appreciate the professionalism and timeliness of this company. I always know what the status of my loan is, what I need to do to make sure they can proceed with my loan request, and have ample notification of when my loan is due. Everyone is customer service is professional and courteous. Thank you, Check Into Cash, you have helped me out of many a financial jam. And saved me HUNDREDS in overdraft fees.
Good customer service, always friendly and helpful. They've been awesome with all the changes lately and being patient for all of their customers to adjust to them. I will always come back to this center whenever I need money. The employees are awesome.
I went into some financial issues and I needed a loan and Check Into Cash helped me out. I've been to the office twice and the lending guy, Robert, was excellent, friendly and quick. I was in and out in 15 minutes. The process for getting a payday loan was efficient, however, they do a lot of paperwork and use so much paper and then do the electronic signatures. Other than that, it was great and I would tell others to go for it.
For over a month the website is not working for me causing me not to be able to apply and I have called several times and told it's being worked on. It still is not fixed. I have been using another company.
I got a payday loan from Check Into Cash and I had a very good rapport with them. They’ve been able to help me. There has been a few times that I was not able to make my payment on time and the person that I worked with was very helpful and assisted me on making my payment at a different date so I’m very happy. From the time that I applied to the time it gets approved it took less than an hour. Sometimes it happens right away. They help me with my emergencies. It’s been very helpful especially when I know that I can go and borrow the 250 or whatever and be able to get it right away without any hassles or anything. I would recommend them very highly.
I got a personal loan from Check Into Cash and the process was easy and convenient. It took about three minutes to do the verification. Overall, my experience has been great and I would recommend them.
No hoops to jump through, and a quick approval, makes this the perfect company to come to for emergency cash.
The service is great and convenient when in need. I recently reviewed my credit report only to find out that my credit is ran every time I ask to renew. Why check every time if I renew within a 2 month period?
Great attitudes. These women show good professionalism. Their services are outstanding! I would definitely recommend as many people as I know. I wouldn't rather choose a different location than this one! Definitely appreciate these ladies. Keeps up the good work!
Amazingly fast and helpful in time of need!!!! Awesome!!!
perfect Customer service experience.
I have been coming in for a while now to either pay my loan or get another one. I have the greatest time. They are so lovely. I always feel welcomed. I will recommend anyone and everyone if they are having a rough time or need a loan. This is the best place to be.
Easy and quick process.. Thanks for your assistance at my time of need.
My experience is always pleasant and easy. Always no hassle and great customer service. I been dealing with Payal and she always make my time here quick and easy plus she funny and easy on the eyes. I love coming here.
I mentioned to someone from my family that I needed some money and he said he got some from Check Into Cash so I tried it and got a payday loan. I did it online and filled out the information on a Tuesday night, sent my verification and the money was in my checking account on Thursday morning. I love them and I will use them again. If my friends ask about it, I will tell them that I got my money from Check Into Cash and did what I had to do. Everything was fine and as long as you pay, it would be alright. It was a great experience and I would recommend them.
Always receive good service.
These guys are awesome and I would recommend them to anyone who needs a payday loan to get them through.
Always have very knowledgeable and friendly associates at this locale. Always cheery and warm atmosphere. I will always use this locale for my business needs. There is other locations I could do, but I will travel across town to visit these lovely people.
Easy to use and quick response. I received my money the next business day. Any questions that I may have had was answered in a quick and professional matter. The operator was very friendly and made me feel like a VIP customer and not someone who was looking down on me because of my financial struggles.
They have always been there when I needed help. Thanks!
I have been a customer for a very long time. I always feel the associates have the most respect for their clients and enjoy getting to know them to service them even better. They are a pleasure to see when I'm in and I always walk away with a smile.
Got a payday loan. Money went back into my account. They gave me the option to refinance. So I did. When it was time for the next payment to come out, it didn't give me an option to refinance so I called them. They fed me some ** how they don't give refinancing in Alabama. I told her that was wrong because I ** already refinanced it. She just went on and on about it. Two weeks later, y'all took ANOTHER $117.50 out of my account and I HADNT EVEN GOTTEN A LOAN FROM Y'ALL BECAUSE YOU TOLD ME YOU WOULDNT REFINANCE ME and when I called you said, "There's nothing we can do."
The customer service is always very friendly, professional, and helpful! They don't mind taking the time out to go over things thoroughly with myself and customers regarding their loan services, etc. The most welcoming and best loan business I've done business with!
Always helpful and great customer experience. Smiles and laugh from the minute I walk in to the minute I walk up to the wind and to the second I leave. Every time I walk in always treated with respect and as is I’m with friends. Very quick and professional. Easy to set up payment plans.
Staff is always friendly and very helpful, Mayra is always here to answer questions I have. Fast super easy to make payments. No ever any issues. Love walking in and talking to all staff. Office is always clean. Nothing to complain about. I always hear people say that everyone here is super nice.
Check Into Cash is fast and convenient. I went online, applied for the payday loan, and they got back to me within the day or the next business day. It helped me financially and I would refer them. The only drawback with them was that, I had an account open already with them, but they did a hard inquiry for a loan most recently that I did, and I wasn't too happy about that.
I’ve used Check Into Cash at least twice a month whenever I needed to and usually for payday loans. I use them online mostly. I fill out the application and they run the check and decide if they’re going to approve me or not. After I’ve read the documents and satisfied with the rate, then I sign the documents. It’s a fairly easy and painless process. Some places are a little more particular about the information that you give. Check Into Cash asks you the basic questions and you put in the basic information, no more no less. The whole thing takes about ten minutes. They’ll let you know right away if you’ve been approved or not.Usually if I do it on a Friday by Monday morning the money will be in my account. I’ve used them so many times that the more I used them I got a discount the next day on how much I pay back. If I did it on a Friday afternoon before 5:00 pm by Saturday morning the money was deposited in my account. It is convenient. Doing it is also just as easy with an app on my phone. If I decide not to take the loan especially if the interest rate is too high I can call them right away and they’ll withdraw it. There’s no penalty against me. Plus their reps have been courteous and helpful. I’ve called and talked to someone where they actually moved my repayment day out and then gave me time to make the payment. It’s a good experience overall.
The cashier and manager that helped me were really effective and informative. The process was smooth and quick. The rates are better than most financial services. I would recommend Check into Cash to anyone who is needing funds on immediate funds. Thanks Check into Cash for helping me in a time of need.
Check Into Cash was wonderful. I really liked their rate and professionalism. I got a cash advance from them and the process was completed within 24 hours. I went online and gave them some information about my income and how often I get paid. And I’ve never had problems getting what I needed from them. I called one time to ask how the increase works and how I would go about doing the process if I wanted to borrow a little bit more or a little bit less than the approved amount, and they explained very thoroughly. I'd tell others to go to the Check Into Cash website and just apply. They have a 75% chance of getting approved.
The staff was helpful and I always feel welcome. I don’t usually like to go places like this, but they was friendly and I felt like home. It’s always clean and neat and so are the workers. I am always greeted with a smile. I would definitely spread the word about this Check Into Cash.
With Check into Cash I thought it was very easy to get the extra cash I needed without a lot of Hassel and even could do it on line
I always have a great experience as a customer. Everytime I call in and need anything the customer service agents are always courteous and very helpful.
Check Into Cash had a better deal and I knew exactly how to deal with them. So, it was kind of easy. I got online and then applied for a payday loan. Applying online was easy but when I went to pick the money up, I had a little problem. They told me I could go to the local place around the corner. But when I got there, they told me they couldn't do it and that was a separate entity. So I went back to Check Into Cash. I got the money the next day. Working with them was good. They helped me when I needed the money at that time.
I can count on check into cash to help during difficult times.
We're still dealing with hurricane Harvey down here and Check Into Cash came in handy. We got a title loan and a cash advance, and they gave us two schedules for those loans. Their process was easy and it took us five minutes to do the application. We went online, put the information in, then their website generated the amount and our pay date. It was pretty simple and the money was in the account the next day. You can also refinance or they'll take the whole amount out. It was a great experience as far as a loan has been these days and I'm referring somebody there now.
Excellent customer service. It was my first time at this location. As I came in I was greeted with a smile as well with a hello, from both ladies. I'm really pleased with the great customer services that I have received at your store. Thank you very much for the help.
Really friendly. Thank you. Good customer service and a good person always with a smile and helpful. I will recommend to all my friends and always be a client. I have been coming here every month for the last 8 years. And will stay with Check into Cash.
Customer service is excellent, never had any problems getting cash!
Check Into Cash has, over the past few months, making many changes to where if you get a loan through them, they will hurt your credit score each and every time. The documentation Check Into Cash has you sign now seems to always have another section on the same sheet where you need to print and sign your name to acknowledge what they are doing to you and your credit score, and ensure that the outcome will only be in their benefit. My recommendation to anyone whom is already a customer through Check Into Cash, or considering obtaining a loan though them, is to look elsewhere. Check Into Cash has over-complicated something that is a simple process. Avoid them. It is a complete, absolute and infinite waste of time.
The ladies at Check Into Cash are the greatest, they know their customers and the product they are selling very well. I always get fast friendly service when I'm in their store, when I have a problem they have a solution. I will continue doing business with them because they treat their customers with respect.
Quick, easy, always available for me.
I would recommend Check Into Cash to anyone. Y'all have been so nice to me. Whenever I needed extra money I could depend on Check Into Cash to deliver. They would also remind me when the payment would be deducted from my account. I found them by chance online.
I went to Check Into Cash on Bellevue, Atwater to send the money as in the past, and as always, I was impressed by the quality of the service, including how clients are welcomed, kindness, fast and excellent service during which the client express his or her requirement.
Very good customer service. I rate my experience a 10 out of 10. The employee was very helpful and very good at explaining everything. Very professional. I would definitely recommend this Check Into Cash to my family and to my friends. Definitely coming back.
Great customer service and friendly values. Always greeted with a smile. I would not go anywhere else for my financial needs. No other place even compares to Check Into Cash. Check Into Cash has them beat by a long shot. I love Check Into Cash.
quick, have and will continue to use check into cash
Since I been coming here for about 2 years all employees are awesome and well representable, and good customer service. I would recommend a friend. I always get great smiles from all employees and I will keep using Check Into Cash as long as I needed. Thanks.
Easy, fast and efficient way to get quick cash when you need it. Great customer service. Never had any issues. Staff is friendly and easy to work with. I am a long standing customer, and I prefer this company over others.
It was very easy to put in the application for a payday loan at Check Into Cash, the process was very fast and they answered very quickly. I did everything online and it took less than 10 minutes. I initially called and verified all the information, and the rep was very respectful and professional. Working with them helped me out tremendously, and I’m thinking about applying again.
I've applied for several loans with CIC, but never receive any promotional codes
I am very satisfied with your service
I enjoy working with Check Into Cash. They take care of my needs. I like to thank for being so good to me. I would like to continue working with Check Into Cash, so thank you again. I will let my family and friends know this is a good company to work with.
I just want I say thank you to the girl in the Maricopa Check Into Cash for all their help. My experience opening my loan was very good. They made me and husband feel very comfortable. It was a great experience talking to them and they were so attentive! Thank you so much for everything!!
My experience here has been fabulous. They're experienced and customer service is excellent and I enjoy doing business with the ladies here at Check Into Cash. Every time I am in need of a little extra cash on short notice this is the first place that I come in to do business with. Thank you.
The employees are very professional and efficient. I have always enjoyed working with them. They treat their customers like they matter. Never had any problems with the company. Their website is easy to use and accurate and in its information.
I used to deal with Check Into Cash in the office here where I live at and then they changed over to where you could do it online. I typically get a payday loan and I chose Check Into Cash for the convenience. The rate isn't too bad either compared to some of the others. The process is also very easy. Once you get approved, as long as you make your payment on time, you'd have no troubles re-lending. They're looking at your application again in the first 10 minutes after you figure the paperwork out, so the process takes 24 hours or longer.Overall I've had good experiences with Check Into Cash. Anytime, you can have a little cash flow to take care of some bills and it can ease your problems. A lot of people go to these places 'cause they have no credit or lending capabilities because their credit score's gotten so far up there that they can't lend from most lenders. If someone couldn't lend any other way, Check Into Cash would be the place to go.
The initial online application was simple. However I was not able to pick an amount to borrow. I was approved for more than I wanted. When going into a store I was asked for a lot of documentation when I was already approved and received money previously online. I went into a store because I didn't want to borrow as much as they chose online. I wasn't approved. I will not borrow money from there again.
The rep at Check Into Cash was very nice and he explained everything perfectly well. Getting a payday loan took 30 minutes to complete. It was fast.
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