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Upstart Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Upstart
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (650) 204-1000
Overall average rating of 4.9 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 96 %
This was the easiest loan I ever applied for it was all done online didn't have to go into the bank documents were easy to do I recommend this site highly
This was such a quick, convenient, and professional way to consolidate the debt that I have accumulated. I was worried about where I was at financially, but for once I feel like I am now on a good path. Thank you, Upstart!!
This is my first time applying for a personal loan for debt consolidation. I have had no experience with applying for a personal loan but Upstart made it very easy. I ran into an issue with a previous lender declining me which resulted in a delay for receiving my loan with Upstart. I had to provide documentation to proceed with the loan and I was worried I wouldn't have time due to the Thanksgiving holiday, however, Upstart was kind enough to allow me the extra time to provide the documentation due to the holiday and I was approved for the loan within the couple of hours from submitting the final documentation. The rates and low fees are reasonable and I hope this helps to manage my credit card debt easier and faster. I also love being able to pay earlier than the due date or more payment down without incurring a fee.
Everything was very streamlined with clear instructions and easy to use. I really appreciate the quick user friendly process.
Quick and easy application and approval process. Got loan to pay off my high interest credit cards.
Took 15 minutes to get approved for my loan.15,000 at 15.9 interest for five year. I wasamazed how quick and easy it was, I applied on my credit karma web.
Excellent choice. Just a few steps and you get your loan approved. Thanks Upstart! I am now able to pay my debt with a reasonable interest rate.
I was terrified to even take the first step, but once I did the process was smooth, efficient and fast. I would highly recommend this company as a first step to getting your financial future in order. Thank you UPSTART
I first heard of Upstart through Credit Karma. I was in need of a loan and there were three companies with whom I could qualify for a loan. I was not sure that I would actually qualify but I gave it a try and I am very happy I did. I did have a few issues when first applying and called the customer service line twice and got very nice representatives who were helpful, but I still had an issue with trying to put my bank information in. I then sent an email to the customer service and was able to get a reset and from that point everything went well. Thank you Upstart for helping individuals like me with a fair credit score.
The application process was streamlined, the approval was quick, the rates were very competitive and the employees were extremely professional and courteous. I would definitely suggest to friends and family.
The Upstart process was so simple, they practically walk you through it. I was approved with in seconds.
Very quick and super easy!!
So easy to use and fast approval! Would highly recommend!!!!!
Almost too easy getting this loan! Wow
A very simple process and great communication regarding status along the way.
I actually called about a loan earlier today from lending club and they had me convinced that the best rate was 34.5 percent ! I went to work and started freaking out and I came home to watch YouTube videos on personal loan reviews. upstart was the best so I thought I should go online for at least the rate. And guess what ? I got a rate of 16 percent and I could not be happier. Thanks Upstart !
Easy to work with, and very polite staff. Takes all the stress out of financial management and wellness!
Everything was seamless, quick, and secure. Upstart gave me a chance when no one else would and I appreciated that.
I had some questions prior to applying for my loan, I talked with a couple different people and each were very helpful and really took their time to explain their answers to my questions.
Upstart is amazing! The whole process was easy and they approved a loan for the amount I needed when no other lender would help me. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for financial help. They're a God-send!!
So easy to use!
Fast and convenient service.
Fast and smooth process, quickly processed application, customer service was very friendly. I was really pleased with this loan process and loved how it was approved within 24hrs. Great service as of now.
I have a thin credit file and they gave me a chance when not many other banks would. From start to finish the whole process took no longer than a day. Smooth process.
Quick. Easy. Straightforward--no gimmicks! 1. Front end: soft credit pull (I appreciate!) 2. No prepayment penalty (Awesome!) 3. Customizable payment terms (Hallelujah!) 4. Just before funding, hard credit pull to confirm I'm still honest. (Fair!) 5. I got to choose how to use the awarded funds--say whaaat??!?!! 5. Money dropped like rain into my account quick, fast and in a hurry! ("All I see is signs....all I see is dollar signs"! Thank you!)
Simple, easy process, clear description.
Process was the easiest I have encountered with any lending institute I have dealt with, including one I have banked with for 21 years. Everything was taken care of at my own speed and convenience at home. I will most definitely recommend Upstart for any financial needs.
My experience was great with you all you all were courteous and kind and quick.
Easy Loan Application and Approval This was incredibly easy to complete and the initial process of pre-approval was done without effecting my credit. The credit hit was done once the application was approved. This helps as my credit score will take a small hit for the inquiry but will improve greatly because of the credit cards being paid off.
Great service!
Fast approval even though my credit is not the best. It means a lot that they’re willing to take a chance on me regardless. Here’s to being credit card debt free in 5 years, yay!
Very easy experience. They consider many factors in their application. Very quick experience - all can be done online!
This is my first time applying for a loan to get out of Credit Card debt,I never knew I could do this and my Niece told me how and helped me...This was a very easy and pleasant experience!!!
This is the second time I have gotten a loan through Upstart. The terms are so much better than credit card companies, and the approval process is so simple. I just want to give Upstart a huge hug!
Fast and Easy I would recommend others to use Upstart. Also I will pass on to my friends and Relatives.
Great consolidation option to pay off high interest credit cards with an affordable monthly payment. Efficient and easy to apply.
Upstart was able to consolidate my loans for around 9% less than I was paying prior to them. They've really put thought into their web interface, it presents all the information you need about your loan, your payments, your accrued interest, and where your payments are going that you need. Couldn't recommend more.
I received an offer in the mail, which I usually ignore. However, in this instance, I decided to venture out just to see what the approach was. I was looking to consolidate my revolving charge accounts, into a single pay account, both to avoid high interest rates associated with cards, and provide a timely payoff for the amounts owed, which at minimum payment would have taken many more years. I was provided timely information and excellent response from Upstart, and feel very confident that I will be able to accomplish my goal, with the friendly and quality assistance I have had, during this process. I would recommend Upstart, to anyone wishing to consolidate, or rearranged monthly budget requirements
Near-instant approval at "fair" credit score, and the experience of choosing how much to borrow was gold standard. The approval loan screen has a slider bar that reflects how your rates and origination fee changes based on how much you're borrowing, and whether it's for 3 years or 5 years. The slider bar made me 100% confident in my final decision.
The process was so smooth! I loved how quickly everything went. It is really taking advantage of technology. A great experience finding and securing a loan.
Simple and easy to use
I am very pleased with service, professionalism, and communication with Upstart. I would recommend this company to anyone.
Looking to consolidate my debt into a lower interest rate loan. Upstart was recommended by CreditKarma. I actually had "fair approval odds" for Upstart vs. "very good approval odds" for others, but was denied other loans. This loan is a comparable interest rate. I have read on some review sites that some people been denied loans after receiving "approval." I am curious if these people are just confusing qualification with approval, or if Upstart's approval e-mail is not actually an approval. For example, they do not pull your credit report until after you receive the approval e-mail, which seems a bit odd considering their final approval likely depends on your credit report.
The complete process took very little time that made me very happy .
The process was quick, simple and painless. Definitely helpful and will be recommending this service to others.
Process of obtaining the loan was easy. Quick response from staff regarding questions!
Fast, easy approval. Had loan within 24 hours.
Incredible application of technology to verify and lend 5 figure loans in minutes.
The process was very very easy. I'm excited to start this journey to debt free!
This was the easiest loan approval that I have ever been through. I would recommend this company to anyone.
I am always skeptical when it comes to loans and Upstart really changed that perspective. This was painless and I would do it again!
We needed a small loan to help with college payments. I went through Credit Karma and was pre approved and the funds are to be deposited the next business day. Super easy to apply and upload the paper work needed.
Best thing you can do when you dont have any option
The process could not be easier and the length of time to complete was a total of two days - amazing! Excellent customer service.
Super fast and easy ty
This was an extremely smooth process. My favorite part, Upstart reps were in constant contact with me throughout the process. I started online, but they contacted me quickly by phone after. They were very friendly, and anytime I forgot to upload something, they would call me instantly, this helped expedite the process. The loan rate was also the best I was offered. I am so grateful! Thank you Upstart for lending me what I need to finally get my life in order financially.
It was so easy to apply and get approved, I applied for several other card companies before finding this one and was always denied.
The must convenient personal loan process I've ever had. I have no doubt in my mind that they deserve my 5 star rating.
The process was a breeze. But they gave me choices and really explained the kind of loans I can get. Would recommend it to someone as young as I am who is in credit card debt.
The process was very easy. They accepted my less than awesome credit without making me pay an exorbitant interest rate. Helped me when i needed it most. Thank you!
Upstart's customer service was prompt in responding to online inquiries, keeping me up to date on my application status, and always extremely competent. The only reason for a 4-star rating instead of 5 is that I could have used more thorough explanation of the company's security measures when I asked about them, and there was always an echo on the phone line, no matter the day or representative. I would highly recommend Upstart to friends and family.
Easy process. Fast and reliable. Like this company. Direct payments and good consumer service.
Very quick and easy
The loan process was very easy! Everything was done on-line.The entire process took less than a week (including weekends) but that was because I didn't check my email with the approval confirmation. I decided to call a rep as I had a few questions and they were beyond helpful. Upstart was the best option as they look beyond your credit score.
Quick fast and easy
Amazing! I applied the same day, and I got approved 30 min later. So easy! Would recommend 100%.
I had to submit a few more documents than I expected, but the process was easy. Overall, a very good experience.
I was happy that this loan process was quick and easy with low loan interest. I am grateful to Upstart that I am able to sort out my financial issue. Only thing is that charge was a bit high otherwise I am satisfied.
I desperately needed this loan to cover accounts receivable that I was stiffed out of RIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Webbank, who I usually fund thru my paypal account, turned me down even though I have had 3 loans thru them with no problem. THANK GOD FOR THIS OPTION.
Excellent for new lenders. Super helpful staff and very clear payment options.
Great experience. Easy process to navigate. Funds deposited to bank quickly
Great experience!!!! Loan was approved and I'm very happy. Excellent service as well, thanks a lot!
Quick and easy. Great company
The speed in which it was done impressed me. Extremely grateful
The process was relatively easy and straightforward. Upon submitting the app, I was asked to provide some documentation. After providing that documentation, I was asked to provide more documentation. I wish this could have been streamlined into one document request. But all in all the process was easy, the reps were very friendly and helpful. Response time was amazingly quick. The online application and interfaces were great. Nice straightforward layout. Easy to find what you're looking for and to check on the status of the application.
Was able to get the funding I needed to consolidate debt and feel more financially secure. The process was simple and fair.
The application process was quick and painless. The associate I spoke to was pleasant and helpful.
Friendly, helpful staff and easy to use loan application. Off to a new financial start!
Online application process was simple to navigate and received prompt notification of my approval
very fast and accurate. I know everything I needed to know about my loan and could compare any other loan offer I had.
A quick, and easy way to get out of credit card debt!
The approval was quick and easy, but the APR could’ve been smaller. Either way they gave me a better rate than prosper. Thank you!!
I finally found a reasonable loan to consolidate my debt. Great rate and payment. I will be saving 155 dollars a month! And debt free in 5 years!
Simple and easy to get a better loan for my credit card
Best company to work with, hands down!!!
Super Easy, Super Fast!
I haven’t gotten my loan money yet but the process was super easy! It’s suppose to be in my account in a few days. I bought a house a couple years ago and decided to furnish it with credit cards! Don’t do that! 2 years later I’m still paying them off. With this loan I’ll be able to pay off the high interest rates and actually get somewhere with my loan balances. You’d think I would have learned my lesson by my credit cards for me!!! I am not good enough with them to pay them off every month! Ahhhh thanks for trusting me upstart! If I actually get the loan money in a few days I will Give this company 10 Stars! Update. I got my loan money super fast. I’ve paid off my credit cards and now have one payment to make and a much lower interest rate!
Working with UpStart was simple and gave me peace of mind that what I was agreeing to was clear and concise allowing me to meet my obligations and make improvements in my credit rating.
The application process was thorough and efficient to navigate. Great, easy process.
From start to finish a very easy process.
They are heaven sent angels! I highly recommend them!
Quick, easy and convenient! Applied right from my phone. Got a response in deposited the next business day!
Best loan service ever.
Great customer service. Thank you!
Quick and easy loan process
Thank you for helping me to consolidate my credit card debt! New Year New Me! Super fast process! Great term options, would definitely recommend to my family and friends!
Hi my names is James. I just got approved by upstart .They really made it simple and painless to help me on my way to being debt free. I chose auto payments so it made my payment worry free. Thanks upstart.
Very streamlined, simple process. Provided some basic info online, followed up with a phone verification and uploaded 1 requested document. Only took 48 hrs to get final approval with a reasonable interest rate based on my current credit score! Would highly recommend Upstart to any consumer.
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